A Tale of Two Hanyous – An Inuyasha fanfiction based on the animated series
By Sandrock (sandrock@sandrockproductions.com)

Legal Disclaimer
Inuyasha do be the property of one Rumiko Takahashi.

Content Guidelines: Mild dialogue

As silent as the night, the wind wafted into the room, bringing with it the cold twilight air that lay just beyond the comforting, insulated walls. Glancing up, Higurashi Kagome suppressed a mild sigh, forcing herself out of her seat and crossing the short distance between her desk and the window. She reached out, shutting it tight.

For a moment, she stood there, her gaze fixated on the panoramic vista that lay before her - the stone paving and gardens of the house compound in the foreground, and the dazzling skyline of Tokyo lighting up the horizon. Gently, she shook her head, smiling - having to spend so much time away from home, and from modern amenities, had done wonders for the girl's appreciation for all things contemporary.

Her gaze wandered, taking in the sights of the city alive at night, and her hand came to rest on the windowpane, just next to the broken latch that no longer fulfilled its duty.

Her smile returned. The latch in question had been broken for ages now, ever since the first time a certain dog-eared hanyou had snuck into her time to fetch her. Not wanting to do things the easy way, he'd leapt up and tried to enter through her window, as he was apt to do. Unfortunately, the window had been locked, and his efforts to enter snapped the latch. No one had bothered to fix it since.

Allowing herself another quiet smirk, she turned back, steeling herself to face yet another intense bout of geography revision.

And a frigid gust of cold air burst into the room, sending her hair into disarray.

She frowned. That meant only one thing.

Her face already contorted with annoyance, she whipped around to face the one she knew would be crouching on her windowsill, ready to defend herself. In a voice that wasn't quite a yell, she glared at him, "What on earth are you doing here so soon?! I only left this morning and you promised me three days! I told you I've got a seriously important exam coming up, and I really have to-"

"I'm not here to take you back."

She blinked, "What?"

Golden eyes stared back at her impassively as the white-haired hanyou returned the gaze. Leaping off the windowsill, he landed deftly on the carpet, straightening up and stretching a little. He glanced at her again, and repeated himself.

"I said I'm not here to take you back."

Confusion set in as Kagome tried to make sense of his unusually cryptic remarks, watching him as he continued to gaze at her, "Then what do you want?"

The hanyou shook his head gently, setting flowing white locks into graceful, quiet motion, the loose folds of his bright-red hakama rustling softly, "There's no time to explain something's happened, and I need your help. Do you still have the shikon shards?"

Kagome raised an eyebrow, "Of course I do. You just saw them this morning they're on the desk."

He smiled, "Great. I'll have them back to you soon, then."

Faster than humanly possible, the white-haired half-demon swept across the room, scooping up the small container holding the few shikon fragments, before disappearing out the window in one swift motion.

Confusion morphed into alarm as Kagome dashed after him. What the hell is he thinking? Don't tell me he's gone off on one of his Kikyou tangents again and decided he doesn't want to see me again

Without thought, she leaned out of the window, still able to vaguely make out his form, speedily dashing away. Without care, she yelled out the one word that she knew would subdue him, awaiting the inevitable crashing sound that could only mean hanyou meeting concrete.

It never came. Slowly but surely, Higurashi Kagome felt the presence of the shikon fragments grow steadily weaker, before finally winking out. Unable to process all that had happened in such short a time, she slumped down in a heap, her head coming to rest just below the window.

What on earth's going on?


Poking an eye beyond the divider that separated dining from living room, Higurashi Souta swallowed nervously as he stared at the person immovably fixed to the sofa, her eyes blankly staring at the television and an English textbook carelessly dumped on her lap.

Swallowing again, he tried to work up the courage to speak, but didn't quite manage to get past a whisper, "Ne-chan, dinner will be ready soon. You should get ready"

When she didn't respond, he sighed, and tried again, louder this time, "Ne-chan"

Angry brown eyes whipped around to glare at him, "I heard you the first time."

Instinctively taking a step back, Souta gulped, backing off into the relative security of the dining room.

Kagome sighed, grabbing the remote and turning the television off. Three days and still no sign of that idiot. Getting up, she smoothed down her dress, textbook in hand, and headed for the staircase. Since Inuyasha's mysterious appearance and abduction of the shikon fragments, she'd gone to the well twice, trying to sense the shards, as she'd done once before. Fate, or luck, hadn't been on her side this time, however, and the shikon shards remained beyond her grasp.

Muttering under her breath about certain stubborn, mule-headed hanyous, she carefully placed her English textbook back in the pile of revision material before turning toward the bathroom to wash up before dinner.

And the window snapped open with a loud click, moments before a familiar, rather annoyed voice reached across the room.

"You're late. You asked for three days, and it's been four. Don't tell me you actually like me coming here to drag you back."

For a moment, she paused. Slowly turning her head just enough to catch sight of him on the periphery of her vision, she narrowed her eyes. Golden eyes frowned back at her, as the hanyou folded his arms, his expression a match for hers.

"What're you looking at?"

She remained silent a moment longer.


Inuyasha stifled a small grunt as the power of the charm necklace kicked in, sending him crashing to the ground. With practiced ease, he picked himself up, instantaneously leaping up and glaring at her. A low, vaguely menacing growl escaped from his throat.

"You've got two seconds to explain what the hell that was for."

She stared daggers at him, "I should be the one asking -you- that."

The hanyou's eyed narrowed further as he crossed the distance between them, staring down at her, "What the hell do you mean?! I just got here!"

She glared back, "Don't pretend you've already forgotten! You came here out of the blue the night after I left you guys, grabbed the shikon shards and disappeared as quickly as you got here! And I thought you were finally acting pleasant-"

He cut her off in mid-sentence, his face already contorted with anger, "You lost the shards again?!"

She clenched her fists, closing her eyes, "No, I didn't! You took them from me! Why are you making this MY fault?!"

He snorted, "What are you, stupid?! I haven't been here in weeks! Whoever you gave the shards to, it wasn't me!"

Growling again, he dropped to all fours, muttering under his breath, "I can't believe it! Now I have to go track some bastard thief down and"

He trailed off. Backing away to give him some space, she watched as he sniffed about the room, watched as his expression changed from anger to confusion.

Slowly, she ventured, asking the obvious.

"Well? You'll have to tell me sooner or later who was it?"

He looked up. Golden eyes met brown. Softly, he spoke.