'I will not panic, I will not panic', I repeat to myself. Most of these people are just as bad at social situations as you are and guess what, you aren't the only 15 year old genius, I told myself as I walked into my first class at MIT, Introduction to Computer Programming in C++.

I looked nervously around the room when someone sat down next to me. "You know you recite Fermat's Last Theorem under your breath when your nervous,right?" I look over in shock and HOLY CRAP! My Soulmate is TONY STARK! 'Quick, think of a witty reply.' "I started doing that because of you, you know." His eyes widened in surprise and he pulled up his sleeve to show me the words wrapped around his bicep, MY words. "Can I see your words?" He asked, almost shyly. I smirk, "You can but its not in a place that should be revealed in public and we're 15." I reply. He nods, "Oh...OH." I smile, "Maybe when we are older."


As the last person walked off stage at graduation, I yelled in glee then surprise when I was lifted off my feet and twirled around. "TONY STARK, you put me down right now before I puke all over your fancy shoes." I heard a gasp then, "Not the shoes... I would listen to Jasper, Tony. She can be a devil when angered, I have the glitter to prove it." Tony quickly put me down before he turned to man-hug Rhodey, his best man friend, but not before giving me a passionate kiss that left me a bit dazed. "What are you guys planning to do now that you've graduated before legal drinking age?" Rhodey asked us. I frowned, I had never really given much thought to what I wanted to do now. "I have no-" "Jasper, will you marry me?" I quickly looked over at Tony who was on one knee holding a ring out to me. "Um, okay." I replied in shock. A huge grin overtook his face and then he was kissing me, his lips rough against mine. "Congratulations? I'm going to go now..." I heard Rhodey vaguely say.