As the sunlight began to stream through the window in the room I rolled over slightly. I could feel Bucky's arm tucked underneath me as my head was gently resting against his shoulder. I yawned softly and peeled my eyes open. As much as I would have loved to stay asleep I realized that if the sun was already shining, it meant that we would be running late soon enough. Bucky was still laying at my side. He was already awake. He was looking down at me and running his hands over my arm. I smiled at him as his fingers briefly dipped down to the ring on my finger. There weren't many times that I bothered to take it off.

"Good morning," I chirped softly.

He smiled at me and pressed a hand behind my head. His other hand was still gently picking at the ring. "Good morning, fiancé," he responded, accentuating the word.

From time to time when Bucky had called me his fiancé, he seemed to really enjoy saying it. I liked hearing it. "I think that you like that word a little too much," I teased him.

"I like calling you that word," he said.

"So do I."

The two of us both smiled at each other. Bucky tilted my head back and pressed a long kiss against my lips. The sleepy haze was still in my brain from the lack of sleep. We'd been up until late into the night last night. Mostly because we'd been awake and amusing ourselves with the other. Bucky rolled me underneath him and I laughed as our legs tangled together. It had become too warm in the room last night for me to sleep in the robe so I'd - very daringly - only slept in my underwear with a thin silk robe. I hadn't been able to fall asleep for hours because of Bucky's thoughts. It made me wish that we could just go to the courthouse and get married tomorrow.

He was everything that I wanted. "You know..." Bucky trailed off, running his fingers along the sharp edges of the ring. "You have the ring now -"

"No," I snapped quickly.

Not necessarily because I didn't want to - I certainly did - but mostly because, if I thought about it long enough, I was sure to say yes. "I was just kidding," Bucky laughed, wrapping an arm around me and pulling me into him.

"No you weren't," I said.

His eyes narrowed at me. "Stop reading my mind," he said.

My jaws set as I nudged him roughly in the chest. "I'm not," I snapped loudly. He was a boy. It wasn't my fault that they always made what they wanted obvious. "I can just see where you're looking."

Bucky's face paled slightly. I noticed that his gaze turned slightly upwards so that he was almost looking at my forehead. "I was..." he trailed off, grinning and wrapping his arms a little tighter around me. "Yeah. I was," he admitted.

Smiling slightly, I raised my hand and pressed it against the side of his face. "It's okay. You can look for the rest of your life," I said honestly.

In fact, I would have been rather offended if he didn't look at me for the rest of our lives. Bucky nodded at me. "Trust me. I will." We both laughed softly as I nudged him. I definitely would look like this forever, so it would be fun for him, considering that one day he'd look like a raisin. "Especially considering that you'll always look like that," he teased, looking me over.

"What if I didn't?" I asked.

Bucky's face fell slightly. "What do you mean?" he asked.

It wasn't too often that I really got a chance to mess with Bucky. We were so frequently training or just enjoying our time together, I rarely actually got the chance to tease him the way that I used to when we were kids. So I decided to try something that I had been working on for a few months. Mostly with Steve, back when we'd been on the USO Tour and I'd had nothing better to do. I brought up an exact replica of an image of Chester, one that only Bucky and I could see. He was in his normal uniform with his arms crossed over his chest. It was so convincing that even I would have fallen for it - had I not been the one that had created it.

Bucky had yet to notice the illusion of Chester standing behind him. So I forced the illusion to clear its throat and speak. "What the hell do you think you're doing with my daughter?" the illusion of Chester asked, sounding just like the grouchy military man.

Bucky jumped so suddenly that he knocked himself from the bed. "Oh my God!" he shouted, landing on the floor in a heap. He quickly got to his feet, red in the face and out of breath. "We - We didn't do anything. She was just here sleeping. I swear that I wouldn't lay a hand on her. Not before we're married and we haven't even picked a date yet. I swear that nothing happened and..."

His voice trailed off slightly as he continued to ramble, looking like he might die at any given second. I let him go on for a few seconds before I started to giggle. He really was terrified of Chester. It was rather funny. I could have let it go on all day, but I figured that I should play nice. So I shifted Chester into a duplicate of Bucky. The real Bucky's face fell.

"Even though you know that you want to," I said through the duplicate Bucky, sounding exactly like the real one.

Bucky was staring at the illusion like he'd lost his mind. "What the hell am I looking at?" he asked me, not once looking away from my illusion.

Finally I decided that I should put him out of his misery. So I smiled and let the illusion drop. Bucky blinked a few times to ensure that he wasn't losing his mind. "I'm sorry. I couldn't resist," I said, drawing Bucky's attention back to me. "Telepathic illusion. I can force you to see things that aren't really there," I explained as simply as I could.

A few moments passed as Bucky merely sat and stared at me. But the moment that he'd gotten himself together, he whacked me roughly on the arm. "You're not funny! You almost gave me a heart attack," he growled, clutching his chest.

I rolled my eyes at him and said, "Don't be so dramatic."

Bucky dropped back into the bed and I smiled, leaning over him slightly. "I think that you're going to make me lose my mind long before I actually die from natural causes," he said, making me smile slightly.

But it seemed like his comment wasn't over. "But?" I prompted.

Bucky smiled and placed a hand on the side of my face, gently pushing the hair back out of my face. "But I don't mind," he continued.


The two of us both smiled at each other as I gently pushed him straight onto his back. He chuckled under his breath as I leaned over and kissed him. He laughed softly against my mouth as I slid a leg over his waist. I knew how wrong it was. It was practically scandalous - considering the fact that we weren't married yet - but I couldn't bring myself to care. Just as I hadn't been able to bring myself to care for the past few months that we had been sleeping in the same bed together. He was still underneath me as I dropped back onto my side, still keeping a leg laid over his waist.

The silk of the robe began to slowly slip off of my shoulder. It wasn't knotted in the front so it almost completely slid off of my arm. Bucky brought his bare arm up to my shoulder and gently began to rub his fingers over it. "Don't do that," I warned, pulling away from his kisses for a moment.

Bucky pulled back for a moment to stare at me. "Why?" he asked curiously.

Smiling softly, I threw my arm over his chest, keeping him pressed back against the bed. "Because we have things to do today and I already don't want to get up," I groaned, placing my head against his chest.

He laughed softly and pushed the hair back off of my forehead, placing a small kiss there. "I could think of other things to do," he said, grabbing me tightly.

Laughing under my breath, I gently shoved Bucky away from me. He was such a jerk sometimes. Mostly because he knew that I wanted to stay here all day and pretend that I didn't have another job that I could be doing. "Stop it. We have to go to the Hydra base today. We've been planning it for weeks," I said, gently tugging at the ends of his hair.

"That's not what I wanted to be planning," he said.

It wasn't what either one of us wanted to be planning. I knew that Bucky had been trying to get me to plan for the wedding over the last month, since he had proposed to me. But we had done almost nothing when it came to actually planning. The only thing that I knew was that we didn't really have a budget, but I refused to go that overboard. So I planned on making somewhat of a budget and sticking to it. Howard was not spending thousands of dollars for just a little wedding that wasn't even his own.

In the meantime, there were lots of little ways that he had tried to get me to talk about the upcoming wedding. Every time that he asked me who I wanted to come to the wedding I'd merely said that it didn't matter to me, as long as everyone from the base was there. I kept deciding that I didn't like any of the places that Bucky was suggesting for the wedding and I kept finding ways to get out of the dates that he suggested. I kept blowing off Peggy's offers to go shopping with her, since I knew that she was trying to get me to go wedding dress shopping. I hadn't thought about anything in terms of catering or an officiant. I wasn't even sure if Bucky was religious.

Any time that Peggy asked me about flowers I would merely laugh and tell her that it didn't matter to me. And every time that Bucky brought up the wedding cake I'd merely laugh and tell him that I'd shove it in his face, so the flavor didn't matter. I hadn't thought about who to put in the wedding party other than Peggy. Her being my maid of honor was really the only thing that I'd done so far. We hadn't gotten the wedding rings - which I hadn't even known were things. I wasn't even sure where I'd thought that the rings came from.

It wasn't that I didn't want to get married to him. That was the one thing that I wanted more than anything else. Perhaps it was just the thought that this was finally happening. For so long it had been something in the far off future. Something that I couldn't imagine. But now it was coming and I had a feeling that it would come much faster than I'd originally been expecting. Either way, I found myself incredibly nervous for what was to come. I wanted to married to him, but I didn't want to have to face the reality that things were changing. I would have to adapt to things that I had never thought would happen. I'd have to learn to be a wife and learn to share my life.

They were things that I had never thought would happen. But it was happening, and it made me nervous. I wasn't this kind of person. I was the kind of person that stayed out on the battlefield, not squeezing myself into thousand dollar dresses that I'd only wear once. "It's not what I wanted to be planning either. But it's our job. The one that we actually get paid for," I said. Bucky shifted slightly and I dropped my voice almost into a whisper. "We could always just go to the courthouse. Get the document and be done with it."

It would make things easier. I wouldn't have to make a fool out of myself, doing something that I didn't know how to do. But I knew that Bucky wanted a real wedding. "Is that what you want?" he asked me.

Immediately I knew that I'd hit a nerve. He thought that I didn't want to go through with the wedding. "It'll save everyone the money," I said, trying to save the moment.

But that was the wrong thing to say. "Howard already offered to pay for the wedding," he said.

What could I say to make it sound like I wanted to get married, but I didn't want the huge wedding? There wasn't really anything that I could say. "And it could end up being a lot of money," I tried.

"He's a billionaire," Bucky pointed out.

Having known Howard for so long, sometimes I did tend to forget that he was a billionaire. He was just Howard to me. "And I'd like to keep him that way," I said quickly.

Bucky shook his head and ran his fingers over the back of my knuckles. "A few thousand dollars is nothing to him." I nodded blankly, unsure of what to say. "Are you having second thoughts?" Bucky finally asked, speaking slowly.

"God, no. No," I gasped, grabbing his hand and pulling him into me. "This is all that I ever wanted."

It was very obvious that he was relieved to hear that I wasn't thinking about calling off the wedding. "So what is it? Every time that I bring up the wedding, you manage to change the subject or tell me that we still have plenty of time to think about it." He was completely right about that. I always found a way to skirt around the topic. "I don't want to rush anything, Vika, but eventually we have to talk about it," he said, pressing a kiss to the inside of my wrist.

There was a hint of hesitation the way that he'd said it. I knew that he didn't want to accidentally push me away from him. "I wanted to give you the chance to back out," I said honestly.

Bucky stared at me, letting out a deep breath and pushing back his own hair. "That was honest," he muttered.

"I don't lie."

My words were making things no better. I was in love with him, more than I'd ever thought that I could be, but it was impossible for me to make the change into future wife. I would always be the cold soldier. "Why would I want to back out?" Bucky asked me.

It made a tiny smile spread over my face. There were so many reasons that it wasn't even funny. "Should I give you a list?" I asked.

The look on his face told me that I probably shouldn't have said it. His hand tightened around my own as he pressed me directly up against his chest. "How many times have we had this conversation? I'm not backing out. I don't want to back out. I love you, Vika. I didn't think that it was possible to love someone this much. But I do. When I look at you, I don't see a mutant. I don't see Savage. I don't even see Sergeant Phillips. I see the woman that I'm so embarrassingly in love with," he said. I smiled softly as he pressed a kiss against my lips. "I see the woman that will be my wife. I see the woman that will be at my side forever. You're just Vika to me. You always will be."

His words made a warm feeling sink into my stomach. He was such a charmer, just like he'd always been. But I knew that it was different with me. He wasn't just saying those things because he thought that I was some pretty bird he wanted to take on a date, he was telling me those things because it was what he genuinely thought about me. And maybe that was what I needed. I just needed him to reassure me that he didn't care what I was. All that mattered was that we were together.

So I decided to try and push past the issues that were surrounding me. "After Christmas," I said quickly, making sure that I didn't have time to change my mind.

"What?" Bucky asked, considering that I'd given no context.

Laughing at his baffled face, I leaned onto my back and started twisting the ring around my finger. "That's when I want the wedding to be. Sometime after Christmas. After the New Year. That way your family can spend the holidays with their families before coming out here. I assume that you want them to be here?" I asked, trying to make an effort.

It worked. Automatically I could feel the air shift. An aura of happiness began to seep from Bucky as he smiled at me, leaning over to press a kiss against my bare shoulder. "Yeah. I'd like that. Maybe sometime in January?" he offered.

The beginning of the year had always been one of my favorite times. It felt like it was a time to start over. It would be a fresh start for us, as husband and wife. "Gives us almost a year to plan," I said. I turned over to Bucky and smirked. "You gonna manage to wait a year?"

"No," he said, making me laugh loudly. I whacked him in the chest as he smiled. "You wanted me to be honest," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

"I do like you being honest," I said.

The two of us smiled at each other as I leaned back against the bed. Bucky placed a hand on my shoulder and gently ran it down my arm. "Will you?" he asked teasingly.

"No," I admitted. We both laughed at my admission. "But I'll try my damnedest."

And that was the truth. I was already trying pretty hard to ensure that I kept my one promise to myself that I would wait until my wedding night. But it might be the one promise that I couldn't keep. "So we can just test your self-control," Bucky said.

For a brief moment I opened my mouth to ask him what he was talking about. But I wasn't left wondering for long. He leaned over me and pressed a long kiss against my lips. I smiled into the kiss as he placed himself in between my legs. His hands were on my hips as they slowly worked their way to my stomach, placing them up against the knot that was holding the silk robe closed. I wanted nothing more than for him to take it off, despite knowing that I shouldn't be thinking that way. Still, I found myself thrilled when he began to tug at the knot, slowly loosening it.

But he was dead wrong if he thought that I was just going to let him get away with it. "Or we can test your self-control," I said, briefly breaking our kiss.

It seemed that Bucky was about to open his mouth as ask me what I was talking about, but he never got the chance. I smirked into the kiss and used Bucky's weight to throw him off of me and roll myself up onto his hips, straddling his waist. We both laughed as I leaned down over him and pressed a long kiss against his mouth, gently running my nails through his hair. I could feel his blood pounding in his veins as we pressed ourselves together. My kisses slowly trailed down his throat as the knot on the robe came undone. I had just reached his throat when I felt his breath shorten as I trailed my hands down to his waist.

He placed his hands against mine, gently prying me from himself. "D - Don't," he stammered.

Fearing that I had done something wrong, I pulled back and looked at him. "Why's that?" I asked.

Bucky smiled at me once more, gently helping me slip the robe off of my shoulders. "Because we have to clear that Hydra base today, and if you keep doing that, I'm going to keep you here all day," he said honestly.

"They can handle it," I said, pulling him in for another kiss.

We both laughed as Bucky placed his legs against my waist, easily flipping us over so that he was now on top of me once more, pressing me back into the bed. I laughed softly as his lips left my own, pecking at the skin on my neck, making me giggle softly. "Should we just tell them that we have the flu?" he asked, his voice muffled against my neck.

"I can't get sick," I muttered.

And it was true. I'd never been sick before in my life. It was one mutation that I was very grateful for. "Damn you," Bucky snarled playfully.

We both laughed softly at him. I knew that we would both much rather be in bed with each other all day than out and about, destroying a Hydra base. Bucky leaned down and pressed another long kiss against my lips. I sighed into the kiss, slowly running my legs up his own. I really did wish that I could have the days back when I could lay in bed and not worry about a thing. Of course, there weren't many of those. I could feel Bucky's arms wind underneath me so that he could pick me up off of him. I laughed softly against his mouth as he picked me up, off of the bed, and pressed me back against the wall. I wound my hands back around his neck to keep myself pressed against him.

A few minutes had passed before I finally managed to peel myself away from him. "What time is it?" I asked against his lips.

"Probably way past the time that we should go," Bucky muttered back.

"Mm-hmm. We probably should go."


Despite the fact that neither one of us really wanted to get up nor leave the bedroom, we both knew that there were things that we needed to do. So the two of us pulled ourselves away from each other to begin getting ready for the day. I already had my training uniform in the bedroom that I had been wearing from training the boys the night before. I walked into the bathroom and changed out of my clothes quickly, leaving the door to the room open slightly. It was a little silly, but I really didn't want the first night that we spent together to be a total surprise. So we had seen little bits and pieces of each other. It made things a little easier. For me, at least.

There was also the fact that I knew that the wedding was coming faster than I was expecting. And now I had set a date for the wedding - almost a date. So I had been slowly leaving some of my things in his room. Not many things and nothing too large, but a few things. A hairbrush, my pair of boots, and a few hairpins. I wasn't quite sure what we would do or where we would go after the wedding, but I knew that if we were staying on the Army base, it would have to be with Bucky. Peggy was sharing my room so we wouldn't be able to go there.

It was only a matter of time before we would have to start figuring out what we wanted to do about the wedding and everything that would come afterwards. We had done almost nothing. So far, we had a time of the year. Not even an actual date. But I'd tried. Maybe we would get there eventually. It was times like these, when I really started thinking about the wedding that I found myself getting nervous about getting married to Bucky. I wanted it more than anything, but I wasn't sure what it would be like. I didn't know what married life would be like, or if it would even be any different. I just knew one thing, I didn't want to give myself up. I would always be the warrior. But it didn't mean that I couldn't be a wife, too.

Even though I had thought that we were being rather discreet about staying the nights with each other, I knew that, by now, everyone at least had a feeling that we were. Steve, Peggy, and Howard had already known, but I had been hoping that the men were clueless. Evidently they were not. They'd made passing comments about thin walls and whatnot over the past few weeks. Other than the few passing comments, they hadn't said anything, and I didn't want to push it. So I'd merely smiled and acted as if I was still staying with Peggy. Although I had been a little less discreet about my comings and goings at night and in the mornings. I easily finished getting ready and smiled at Bucky, who was waiting for me.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked, brushing back his hair.

I nodded at him as he started tightening the knots on his laces. "Head out to the air field. I'll be there in a few minutes," I said, heading towards the door. He still had his boots to tie into place.

Bucky glanced up at me. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"I need to see Howard before we go."

"What for?"

Not wanting to admit what I really needed - which was rather embarrassing - I merely smiled and waved him off. "He's got something that I need for the mission," I said, technically telling the truth.

Bucky looked very confused about what I was talking about. "Do we have a different plan this time around?" he asked me.

Smiling slightly, I shook my head at him. They wouldn't enjoy my plan once I told them what it was. "Sort of. We'll talk about it on the plane. I'll see you in a few minutes, okay?" Bucky nodded his head at me as I stepped backwards, getting ready to leave and head to Howard. "Get on the plane. Everyone else will meet you out there," I called after him.

"Okay. I'll see you soon."

Giving him a quick smile, I turned away and headed out towards the air field. I knew that Howard would be hanging around and getting the airplane ready for the attack. As usual, he would be the one that would fly us out there. Bucky turned away from me and continued to get himself ready. I sped up and headed out towards the field, walking far faster than anyone else could have. Save maybe Steve. I arrived at the air field quickly and smiled at Howard, who was standing in the fuselage of the plane. I knew that he was the one person that I could rely on to get me exactly what I needed. None of the men would have known where and Peggy would have asked too many questions.

"Morning, Howard," I chirped, coming to stand next to him.

He was currently checking the fuel levels. Howard turned to me and grabbed me in a quick hug, barely avoiding wiping some grease stains on me. "Good morning, darling." We pulled apart long enough for him to reach into his bag and pull out a small piece of fabric. "Here you are," he said, handing the thin material over to me.

Letting the fabric fall out of its fold, I raised my brow. That wasn't quite what I was expecting. "What the hell is this?" I snapped.

"A dress," Howard said carelessly.

Rolling my eyes at him, I nodded, laying it down on the floor again. "I know that it's a dress." I looked it over and cringed slightly. It was shorter than anything that even Peggy had given me. "Do you think that it could be any shorter?" I hissed.

The dress would be a few inches shorter than my knees. I wasn't even aware that they made dresses that were that short. "For the purpose that you want it? It's the perfect kind of dress," he said. He was right about that. For the purpose that I needed it, the dress would play its part perfectly. "It's not like you're going to be wearing it for that long."

Sending a dark glare at Howard, I brought forward a trick that I had recently learned that I could do. I'd been practicing it for a few weeks to see if it was something that I could use on the Hydra soldiers. And this would be the perfect time to test if it was debilitating. So I sent the psionic blast into Howard's head. It sounded like a terribly high-pitched ringing. Of course, it didn't bother me. It didn't really sound that loud to me. But Howard bent over and clasped his hands over his ears, shouting at the sudden noise.

Almost as quickly as I had done it, I let up on the blast, watching as Howard straightened out. "I meant because you're only planning to be in there for a little while! Jeez," he muttered, rubbing his temples. "What is that?"

Giving his hand, I allowed him to pull himself back up to his normal height. "I've been looking into things that I could do with my telepathy," I said, earning a startled look from Howard. Of course, I had told him before that I wanted nothing to do with my mutations. "That's a new one that I discovered. I call it a psionic blast. I can send out psionic volleys that are designed to damage the brain."

Howard was still rubbing at his head. He looked furious with me. "Thanks for that," he snapped.

"I didn't do it long enough to seriously hurt you," I argued.

He took a long sip of water and cleared his throat, leaning back against the pilot chair. He had gotten over my earlier psionic blast. "You've been working on your powers, then?" he asked, handing me over a bottle.

Was there a reason that he was saying that? "Um - Yeah. Why?" I asked curiously.

Howard hummed at me and walked around, sitting himself in the pilot's seat. He motioned for me to take the co-pilot's seat. "It's interesting. For so long you decided that you didn't want to explore the powers. Maybe because you thought that you just wanted to be completely human. I'm glad that you've finally realized that you're more," he said, laying a hand on my lap.

Smiling softly, I nodded at him. It was time that I stopped running away from that part of myself. It was time for me to grow up and learn that there was another, very important, part of me. "It's a part of me. I sat down and had a long talk with Bucky about it. He encouraged me to get to know more about myself. About the powers," I admitted, making Howard smile. "So I've been trying to learn. But with only so few of us in the world it's hard. I have to learn mostly by trial and error. And I have to be careful to not seriously hurt someone."

What I'd just done to Howard had been a trial. But I'd done it on strangers before and never had someone die, so I'd figured that it wasn't fatal. Although, judging by Howard's reaction, it probably could be. "So what have you learned? Besides the psionic blast," he said quickly.

"Sorry about that. I really didn't know how badly it hurt," I said, feeling a little guilty as I pressed my hand against the side of his head.

He smiled and pressed the cold water bottle against his head. "Trust me. It hurts. A lot," he groaned.

The two of us laughed and smiled at each other. We both knew that I hadn't meant to hurt him. At least, not that badly. "Sorry, I won't do it again," I promised. "I think I have some form of power detection."

Howard raised a brow. "What do you mean?" he asked.

It wasn't the easiest thing to explain. I wasn't even sure how I could manage to explain it. "Peggy and I were out shopping the other day and I'm reasonably certain that another mutant was in the center. I could feel it. I'm not sure what exactly to call his mutation, but it felt like he could control all forms of magnetism," I said awkwardly.

"Metal?" Howard asked, sounding shocked. "Like how you control fire?"

"Basically. He was young. Just a child," I said, remembering his fearful thoughts.

Peggy and I had tried so hard to reach him in time, but by the time we'd gotten to where his thoughts had been coming from, he'd been gone. "You didn't get to him?" Howard asked.

I shook my head. "Not in time. I heard his thoughts and felt his power for a moment before he was gone. Anyways..." I trailed off, not wanting to think about the child. "I learned this one when I was in Stryker's lab. He had me fight this mutant. I'm not sure what he could do but I know that he was weaker than me. I used telepathic negation against him. I could go into his mind and stop his powers. It's something that I can't really do unless I'm around another mutant, but extremely helpful if we're ever against another."

The day was clear in my mind. Stryker had actually fed me a normal meal. It wasn't much, just a turkey sandwich and some water, but it was more than I'd gotten in weeks. I could remember Stryker bringing the mutant into the room. He could teleport himself from one place to another, but that was about it. I remembered Stryker explaining the power negation to me and ordering me to use it. I had, and the mutant had been unable to do anything but run. And running was not an effective way to fight against me. I had caught him easily and beaten him until he could no longer stand. To this day, I didn't know what had happened to him, as he'd been taken away and never mentioned again.

The memory made me cringe and I was very grateful when Howard spoke again. "How long can you do it for?" he asked.

Shrugging my shoulders, I pushed my booted feet up onto the control panel. "Long enough. But I'm not sure if I can do it against a stronger mutant. Like I said, he was only a kid and he wasn't well trained. The question remains on whether or not I could do it with a more experienced one," I said, wondering if I could do anything to stop a mutant like Logan.

"Is there something else?" Howard asked.

A small smile fell over my face. "Yes. Telepathic illusions," I said.

"What's that?"

"I can force people to see things that aren't really there."

My explanation had done almost nothing to explain what I was talking about. Howard was looking at me, wondering what the hell I was talking about. Showing someone was so much more fun than telling them. So I brought up an illusion of six different Victoria's, each of them standing at different intervals throughout the room. Just like the illusion that I'd shown Bucky of Chester and himself earlier, the six Victoria's weren't real. No one would be able to see them, save Howard and myself. He took a step backwards at the sudden appearance.

"Which one is real?" they all asked.

Howard was staring back and forth, trying to figure it out. "How do you do this?" he asked, walking in between two of the duplicates.

"Projecting the image into your mind," they all said together.

In the meantime, I backed away from Howard. He was too preoccupied with the duplicates to notice me. I started sorting through his files in his bag. One of the duplicates walked over to Howard and touched him on the arm. "It feels real," she said.

"But it's not," a second one said as the first one vanished.

"I can even alter myself to make me look different," the third Victoria said.

Howard turned over to her as I forced the fourth Victoria to change appearance. I turned my own hair red and made my eyes green, looking almost like a real human. "Almost normal," she said.

"Normal is boring," Howard laughed.

All of my duplicates smiled as they faded from the room. Howard blinked and shook his head, probably trying to clear his mind from the sight of six of me. Howard turned back to the only Victoria remaining, myself. I was currently standing behind his desk and holding a confidential file, waving it in front of his face. His gaze narrowed at me.

"And you would have never known," I chirped teasingly.

"Aren't you clever?" Howard asked.

"I am," I said quickly, moving to open the file. "What is this?"

But I never got the chance to look at what it was. "Nothing," Howard snapped, taking the file and shoving it back into his bag. I smiled at him as he pushed me out of the chair, preparing the final flight checks. "Let's go. We need to get you up in the air. It's just under a two hour flight, but I want to be back for dinner."

"Imagine what it would be like if you were actually going in and doing some work," I shot back.

"I'm flying the plane," Howard barked.

"And you'll be sitting on your ass the entire time."

Which was completely true. As much as I loved Howard, he wasn't much for actually getting up and fighting hand-to-hand with someone. Howard narrowed his eyes and glared at me. "When's the last time that you took one of those pills?" he asked.

Thinking back on it, I couldn't really remember when the last time that I'd taken one of the pills was. "I don't know. A week or so," I said, reasonably certain that was the last time that I'd taken one. "Why?"

"You're getting homicidal again," Howard deadpanned.

Was I? Sometimes it was a little tough for me to realize if I was getting to that point. "That might be a good thing, considering where we're going," I said, motioning out of the window of the plane.

Howard chuckled under his breath and nodded, giving me a small nudge. "Take one when you get back," he said.

"Alright, Mother."

We both laughed at each other as we went about our business. Howard walked back up towards the front of the plane so that he could perform the final flight system checks. As I walked back towards the rear of the plane, I grabbed my things. The two throwing knives that Howard had made me a few months back were tucked into the belt on my waist. There was a gun on the counter but I didn't bother grabbing it. I could take something from one of the Hydra soldiers if I really felt the need. Once I had gathered everything, I spotted Chester and Peggy standing in the back of the plane. They were standing around a table with the rest of the men, looking over the plans for the base.

"Good morning, gentlemen," I said, walking over towards them. "Today we move in on the second Hydra base."

"What do we got, boss?" Gabe asked.

Smiling at the men, I gave a quick look over to Steve. He sighed before looking over towards me and laughing. "I told you that you'd be the boss," Steve said, nudging me on the arm.

It made me smile. Even though I came up with the plans, we did usually listen to whatever Steve told us to do. "Well we already knew that," I teased, making all of the men laugh. "The base we're headed to today is in Czechoslovakia. It's a factory disguised as an old farm."

I pointed down at the map, showing the men exactly where we were going. "Did we do air surveillance?" Bucky asked me.

"I did," I said quickly.

They all laughed once more. Dum Dum patted me on the back. "Not bad, darlin'," he chirped.

"Thank you." I smiled at him and looked back down towards the map, moving my finger along the pathway leading up to the base. "I'm not completely sure what they're doing in the factory. It looks like it's a parts manufacturing plant. It's out in the middle of nowhere. Hydra's gotten a little smarter. No trees to provide us cover," I said, knowing that we couldn't just storm it.

They would see us coming from a distance. We would need to be discreet heading into the base. "So how do we get in?" Jim asked me.

There was one way that I knew would work. "You will all be waiting for my signal. I'm going in first," I said, digging through my bag that I'd brought with me, taking out the dress from the bottom.

The men began to exchange soft conversations, probably wondering what the dress was for. "In a dress?" Bucky asked. "I know that we were teasing you about wearing one on missions but I didn't think that you would take us -"

"I'm not taking you seriously," I snapped, looking back down towards the map of the base. "If this is a parts manufacturing plant it means that they're developing something that they intend to use. Maybe the Valkyrie, since we destroyed the Austrian base. Or maybe something else. We can't just go in with guns blazing this time. I want to go in and find out what they're doing."

They were silent for a while before Bucky looked back at me. "By dressing up as a secretary?" he finally asked.

Rolling my eyes at him, I shook my head. They were so clueless. "It's a little more than that." I reached in and pulled out a photo of an older German man. The one man that was going to get me into the base. "This man is Willem Van Der Vegt. One of the Hydra Fortress Officers. I intend to go to him and ask," I said, pushing the photo back into its place.

"Won't they know who you are?" Jacques asked me curiously.

"Art of persuasion. They'll have no clue," I said confidently.

They were all clearly trying to figure out what I was talking about, as the men looked back and forth between each other. "And he'll just tell you?" James finally asked.

"If I ask nicely."

"So you go in there and talk to them, get to know what they're doing, then what?" Steve asked.

And that was where everyone else came in. "I'll cause some form of a distraction. We got that motorcycle for you last week so that you could use it to get ahead in missions. It's time that you used it," I told Steve, who nodded at me. "Everyone will come in on foot. Bring the bike with you. You'll be waiting for me to call you in. You come in quietly, where I tell you to come in. Once I know what I need to know, we can start the attack. I'll move in first. You boys will be behind me. I'll set off a psionic blast loud enough to keep Hydra neutralized for a few moments. You'll light it up when I do. On that signal, you'll ride in. Take out the exterior threats."

"Yes ma'am," Steve confirmed.

Everyone was nodding along to the plan, but Bucky still seemed stuck on the first thing that I had said. "And what is this 'some form of a distraction', you speak of?" he asked me.

"Haven't figured that out yet," I admitted.

He looked like he was about to tell me what a terrible plan that was, but James spoke up before he could. "What do you think they're building?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. That's what I intend to find out. I'll leave a bit before you land," I said.

"Be careful in there," Steve said.

"Always am."

Both Steve and Bucky narrowed their eyes at me. It was obvious enough that they didn't think that I was careful whenever we went somewhere on a mission. "No you aren't," Steve snapped.

Smiling at him, I nodded, chuckling slightly. "You're right. But I don't have to be careful," I said truthfully. "I'll be right back. Get ready. We'll be there sooner than you think."

As the men began to chat back and forth about what they needed for the attack - and the way that they were planning on fighting - I walked out towards the back of the plane with my bag. Slipping myself out of the uniform, I folded up the material and went back to my bag, pulling out the purse that I'd borrowed from Peggy. I slid the knives and uniform into the purse and pulled out the dress. I gathered myself and pulled myself into it, pushing on the black pumps that I had brought with them. The dress was incredibly embarrassing. It had buttons down the front and I left most of them on my chest open. There was one purpose that I needed it for. It was a deep green without sleeves, just a little something to hold it up on my shoulders.

It was definitely the most embarrassing thing that I'd ever worn. It showed even more skin than the uniform. I really didn't like how tight it was and how short it was, just a few inches above the knee. I disguised myself so that the men would see someone completely different. I adopted brown eyes and dark brown hair, letting it curl down my back. I looked just a touch like Jessica, Bucky's sister. That was who I had modeled myself after. Close enough that I looked like a normal woman, but not similar enough that I would accidentally put her in harm's way. I walked back out towards the table where the rest of the men were standing.

They heard the heels clicking and turned back to look at me. Their eyebrows shot to their forehead as they all tried to figure out who I was. Even Peggy looked shocked. "V - Vika?" Bucky finally managed to ask.

Nodding at the men, I came to stand with them. "It's me," I said. They all nodded, realizing that I might not have looked like me, but I did sound like me. "They know who I am and what I look like. So I'm going to ensure that they have no clue who I am."

The men all nodded, smiling and looking me over curiously. Bucky laughed softly. "You look like Jessica," he said.

I could feel his hesitance at the situation. He was attracted to me, but I currently looked like his sister, whom he definitely wasn't attracted to. The thought made me laugh. "That's who I modeled myself after. I remembered all of the boys at school really liking her," I admitted my reasoning.

"How did you do that?" Steve asked.

Smiling at him, I walked forward and gently touched his arm, just so that he knew that I really was real. "Telepathic illusion. I force you to see something that isn't really there," I explained. The men all nodded. But they still looked a little confused to see me as not really myself. "Bucky's already well aware of this little trick."

He turned over towards me and glared, as the rest of the men stared curiously. "Funny," Bucky snapped, brushing off the questions about what the two of us were talking about.

"I'll be disguised as..." I trailed off, reading over the papers that I had in reference to the attack, "Mallory Muller. A secretary that's supposed to drop by today to look at the work that's been done at this factory. I rifled through his head to check for her."

The others were all nodding along with me. But I noticed that Steve still seemed a little hesitant. I glanced over at him and glared, letting him know that he could spit it out. "And where is the real Mallory Muller?" he asked.

"On a date with some guy she met at the airport," I said. I had found her and enticed her to miss her flight, completely forgetting about what she had originally been at the airport for. Steve raised a brow as he stared at me. I rolled my eyes once more. "Relax, he's a nice guy. No Nazi affiliation. I saved her life. I didn't kill her."

"So what are you going to do?" Bucky asked me.

"Keep him distracted while I look through his things and see if I can find anything of importance," I said. Not that it meant much. I still wasn't exactly sure how I was going to manage it. "And to let you all know that it's safe to come through."

"Victoria!" Howard shouted from the front of the plane. "We're approaching your drop zone."

Could we really be there already? It seemed like hardly any time had passed. "How long?" I called back.

"Two minutes."

It gave me enough time to gather myself and give the men a few last-minute warnings. Steve patted me on the shoulder as I moved towards the emergency door for me to drop out of. "We'll be about ten minutes behind you," Steve said.

"Perfect. I'll see you all soon," I told the men.

They all gave me little nods and quick hugs as they tried to gather themselves in the few minutes before their drop zone. Bucky followed me over to the emergency door. "Be careful, alright?" Bucky asked me, grabbing my hand. "If you tell me that you can't die one more time -"

"But it's the truth," I interrupted him. He merely glared at me as I smiled and moved forward into him. "I'll be careful, okay? I'll see you soon. Be careful out there. Keep an eye out for anyone."

"We will," Bucky said.

The two of us smiled at each other as I pressed a small kiss against his lips. We stayed together for a moment before I pulled away so that I could get down to the Hydra base. Chester opened the door as Peggy and I shared a quick hug. The two of us pulled apart and I pressed a quick kiss against Chester's cheek before sitting at the edge of the door. The men called a few well-wishes after me as I pushed off of the edge of the plane and went into a dive back towards the ground.

For a while I merely stared up at the plane as I made my descent. The lights faded quickly from the plane as I finally turned away from the plane and towards the base. I had to get my mind in the game and make sure that I was focused. Particularly if I wanted to keep the illusion up. I soared towards the ground and landed about a mile out from the Hydra base. As I hit the ground I rolled forward and went into a dead sprint towards the base. I stopped at the edge of the road just outside of it. I walked up the road towards the guards outside of the base, forcing the men to imagine that they were seeing a car drop me off.

I made my way up to a man wearing one of the Hydra masks. His face was almost impossible to see, but I knew that he was glaring at me, mistrusting of who I said that I was. "Name?" he asked, speaking German.

Staring straight into his eyes, I watched as the tenseness of the man's stance faded. "I'm going to pass. You'll let me pass and announce to Officer Willem Van Der Vegt that Mallory Muller is here to see him," I ordered, staring him dead in the eyes.

The guard nodded. "Come with me," he said.

Nodding at him, I walked right behind him, keeping up the facade of the woman with brown eyes and hair. I wondered what Jessica would think if she could see me right now. I wanted to know if she even knew what I was. I still wasn't sure if the papers revealing what I was had run in the United States. And so many people still thought that it was a load of bologna. We walked together until we came to stand in front of an older man. He was probably well into his fifties, barking orders at a few lower-ranking men. He turned back towards us when he realized that there was someone waiting to speak with him.

"Yes?" the man that I assumed was Willem asked.

The guard motioned back towards me. I noticed Willem's eyes immediately start roving over me. Just as I thought that they would. "This is Mallory Muller. She is the secretary that is coming to look over the plans," the guard explained.

Willem nodded, motioning me away from the guard and sending the guard back to his normal duties. "Yes. Come, Miss Muller," Willem said, walking me down the hallway with him. The base was large and disguised like an old farmhouse. We were down on the first floor and there appeared to be offices on the second. "You are familiar with Hydra?"

"I am."

Far more familiar than anyone else was. I smiled as Willem placed a hand on my lower back, far too low for my liking. I would have liked nothing more than to break every bone in his hand. "And what do you think?" Willem asked, motioning around us.

Smiling at him, I nodded, glancing all around. There had to be something here that I could find that would help us out during the next attacks. Some hint of where to go next. "It's quite something," I said honestly. It really was amazing, everything that these people had come up with. But they were insane. "These are your new projects?"

I was motioning around to everything that sat in the room. Some looked like weapons and others looked like surveillance technology. "Yes. I can tell you all about them." He grinned once more and motioned towards one of the back offices, away from everyone else. "Shall we retreat to my office?" he offered, placing his hand far lower on my back than I would have liked.

Not that I wanted to go anywhere with him, but I knew that I had to play along with his games if I actually wanted a chance to read through some of the papers that were on confidential Hydra files. So I rifled through his head quickly enough so that he wouldn't catch on to what he was doing. It quickly became obvious that Willem lived here, just like many Hydra officers lived on their bases. Anything that would be of any importance would be locked away inside one of the cabinets in his bedroom. Somewhere that he deemed safe and sound. So I smiled and stepped towards Willem, pressing myself almost directly up against him. I knew that he was attracted to me.

"Is there somewhere more private?" I asked, smirking up at him.

Willem grinned, realizing what I was hinting at. "I can find somewhere," he said.


For once things were actually going exactly the way that I wanted them to go. Willem's hand was pressed gently on my back and I smiled softly, trying to keep the pompous laughter from escaping my throat. Men were so thick. The two of us walked through the facility and into the back hallways, which were full of offices and what appeared to be bedrooms. I took note of everything that we passed, looking for any places that Hydra soldiers might be able to hide when the attack started. I saw lots of plans that were laying all over the place, but they were mostly just pieces and parts of newly built weaponry. They were smart enough to not leave full drawings in plain view.

As we walked towards Willem's bedroom, I slipped into Bucky's mind. Bucky? I called.

Even from miles away, I could tell that I had startled Bucky. It almost made me laugh. Jeez. That's terrifying. Can you hear me? he asked.

It definitely could be a little bit creepy if you weren't used to hearing it. Loud and clear. Tell the others to come on over here. I've almost got what I need. Be quiet. There are a lot of people at this base. There's a corner room on the southwest side of the base. It's down on the first floor. Come in through the window. I'll unlatch it, I explained to him.

Okay. I'll let them know. We'll be there in a few minutes.

And that was all that I needed. Them, here, so that we could destroy the base. In the meantime we had walked into Willem's bedroom. "What do you think?" he asked, motioning around us.

It was a typical bedroom, lots of reds and yellows scattered about. The one thing that mattered to me was the desk sitting in the back corner. I dropped my bag on the floor near the desk and walked past it. Instead I focused my gaze on the bed, large and sitting in the center of the room. "It looks cozy," I said.

"The couch is comfortable," Willem said, motioning towards the couch sitting up against the far wall.

But I needed things to move a little bit faster. "What about the bed?" I asked.

The corners of Willem's mouth tilted up in a large smile. "Even better," he grinned.

Just like every other man, a promise of something happening between the two of us had let his guard down. And that was all that I needed. As he smiled at me, I smiled back, forcing the illusion of a replica of myself to stay standing in front of Willem. In the meantime, I returned to my normal state and took a step backwards, away from him and towards the desk. Out of the corner of my eyes, I watched as the replica of myself undid the buttons on the front of the dress and let it slip back off of my shoulders. The real version of myself quickly changed back into the uniform that had been in the bag that had been sitting by the desk. In the meantime, the replica had brought Willem over to the bed.

He was laughing happily as the replica of myself threw him back onto the bed, with barely any clothes covering it. I rolled my eyes at myself. I hated seeing it, even though it wasn't me. I quickly walked over and unlocked the window so that the men would be able to come through once they got here. As soon as I had the window opened, I turned back and walked towards the desk, quickly opening the files and scanning over them. There had to be something important here. Much of it was names of the Hydra members that lived on the base and funding paperwork. They weren't things that I was interested in. A few minutes passed before I found the exact locations of the bases. I folded up the paper to give to Chester once we were back on the plane. That actually was important.

It ended up taking me almost the entire ten minutes to find the pages that I had been looking for. It was an entire file devoted to some of the weapons that Hydra had been developing. I pulled them out of the file and began looking over them all. There were the simple technologies that they had, the ones that I had already seen. The Hydra Pistol, Hydra Assault Rifle, Hydra Heavy Assault Rifle, Hydra Cannon, and the Hydra Flamethrower. I had been up close and personal with that one. They were all the weapons that had been designed using the Tesseract. As I grabbed the last of the pages, I smiled. It was what I had been looking for. It was something called the Hydra Uber Tank.

It was nearly three times larger than every other tank that was outfitted for the war right now. The Uber Tank was fitted with almost all of the other weapons that Hydra had created. Not good... Definitely not good. I cringed as I continued to flip through the pages, realizing that this tank could do a lot of damage. Even more than the kind of tanks that we normally were battling against. Immediately I knew that we needed to find where they were keeping the weapon and destroy it. But the paper didn't say. It was the one intelligent thing that Hydra had done. Just as I was putting the papers back into place, I heard the window opening and I turned back.

The men were easily climbing into the base. Once they were all in, they barely looked over at me. They were watching Willem, who was on the bed, caressing me. Or, at least, the image of me. "Can he see us?" Dum Dum asked.

"If he'd actually look he could. But he's too interested in other things," I said blankly.

"Are you forcing him to see something?" Steve asked, walking over towards him.


"What?" Bucky asked curiously.

As I glanced over towards Willem and the replica of myself, I cringed. I didn't even want to see what I was forcing Willem to say. "I don't think that you want to know," I answered him.

The men all exchanged looks with each other, laughing at the put-out look on Bucky's face. I understood. Even though it wasn't really me, it was still weird. Willem chuckled in his place up on the bed, supporting himself on his knees, as I forced him to imagine that he was slowly undressing me. "Miss Muller..." Willem laughed through what he imagined was a kiss.

Glancing back at him, I cringed when I saw what was happening. "Really?" Gabe asked, giving me an 'are-you-kidding' kind of look.

I merely scoffed and walked back to the desk. "Men," I groaned.

Bucky walked over to stand next to Willem, who still hadn't noticed that we were standing in the room with him. "That might not really be you, but I still hate that," Bucky said, glaring at Willem, his hands twitching on the trigger.

Walking back over to him, I pressed a kiss against his shoulder. "Don't worry, I'd much rather have you," I whispered in his ear. I saw the corners of his lips tilt upwards in a smile. "Come here." All of the men walked with me towards the desk. "This is what we're looking at. They call it the Hydra Uber Tank. Three times the size of a normal tank. Fitted with every type of Hydra weapon. Definitely not good for us."

They were all looking over the plans, trying to figure out what it meant for us. "What do we do?" Bucky finally asked.

"We find out where it is," I said.

"How?" Steve asked.

The only way that we would find out for sure. "I'm going to ask," I said, earning strange looks. I ignored the men and walked so that I was standing behind Willem, keeping just a touch of distance between the two of us, allowing the illusion to drop.

Willem grasped at the illusion of me for a few seconds longer before realizing that it wasn't there. He glanced up and immediately saw everyone that was surrounding him. The men, that is. He hadn't seen me yet. "What?" He spotted the men and growled at them. "What are you -?" And that was when he turned back and saw me. I smiled brightly at him. "You!" he howled, switching to English, realizing that he had been played.

He was about to scream. I could tell that he was going to try and get the attention of the guards out in the main room. I moved forward, pressing my front against his back, and placed a hand over his throat. The men all held up their weapons and pointed them at him. "Scream and I break your neck. I'd like to talk," I hissed in his ear.

"What do you want?" Willem asked, his voice shaking.

"I want to know what this is," I said, showing him the picture of the Uber Tank.

He glanced down at it before looking back upwards. He was shaking against me, probably thinking that he was going to die. And he would. "The Hydra Uber Tank. It's a prototype. They aren't in mass production yet. It will be another year or so before they're out on the streets," he explained.

We all exchanged looks before I glanced back at Willem. "How many are they planning on building?" I asked.

"Many," Willem answered.

Well that's definitely not good. I couldn't imagine just how much worse the war would become if there were hundreds of those Uber Tanks wandering around the large cities. "Are there any currently operational?" I asked, remembering my other questions.

"One," Willem said.

Somehow I found myself believing him. Mostly because of the papers that I had already gone through. Most of them were still in production. It meant that we would only have to take out the prototype. "Where is it?" I asked.

"I don't know," Willem said, his voice cracking weakly.

"Where is it?" I repeated, refusing to believe him.

He had to know where it was, and I wanted him to admit it out loud. "I don't know, I swear," he cried out. But he did know, and I would get him to admit it. So I yanked upwards on his neck, putting pressure on it, and straining it with the sudden movement. Willem began to gasp and thrash around in my arms. "Athens! Athens!" I loosened my grip on him. "It's in the facility in Athens."

That would have to be the next place that we would attack. We couldn't wait and go to the Switzerland base. We had to take out the Uber Tank as soon as possible. "What are they planning on?" I asked.

"An attack. A few months from now. The Uber Tank is still a prototype," Willem continued.

"Is it the only one?" I asked.


Steve nodded at me and I nodded back, knowing that Willem had given us everything that we needed to know. "Thank you for your cooperation," I said lowly, placing my mouth at his ear.

Willem was sobbing softly as I briefly loosened my grip on him. He thought that he was going to live through the attack. But he wasn't. We left no survivors. This was just my way of making his death a little bit faster. So, keeping my arms over his throat, I jumped forward and rolled over Willem's body. As I rolled back upwards, jumping off of the bed and off of Willem's body, I twisted to the side. His neck broke under the strain in the process. He fell back onto the bed, dead, his neck twisted at a funny angle. I brushed myself off, pushing my hair back off of my face, and turned back towards the boys. They were all giving me a frightened look.

It was pretty easy to see that Gabe was rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at Willem's body. "Boy, you'd better never piss her off," Gabe said, looking over towards Bucky.

We all laughed, smiling at Bucky. "I'd make it much worse for you," I promised Bucky.

He merely laughed at me. "Trust me, I know," Bucky said, walking over towards me and throwing an arm over my shoulder.

We all laughed again as I nudged Bucky, shoving him away from me. We could have time to be together later. Just not now. "Are we ready?" I asked, moving to stand near the doors.

"Ready," Steve said.

I assumed that his motorcycle wasn't that far away. He would have to take out all of the spare men. There were a lot of places to run and we couldn't afford them getting away from us and warning the other bases. "Take out the soldiers inside the building and then move onto the outside. Take out any stragglers," I instructed him.

He nodded at me, pulling his shield off of his back and moving towards the doors with me. "Got it. Let's move," Steve said.

The eight of us moved towards the double doors that led into the hallway. Like before, there was no one there. They were all down on the floor, manufacturing the weapons or doing some type of paperwork. I motioned the men back into the shadows as I stepped forward. One Hydra soldier noticed me almost immediately, but they got no chance to say anything. I let off a loud psionic blast, high-pitched enough to keep the soldiers down on their hands and knees, crying out at the pain. The men all watched, stunned, for a moment before I shouted at them to move into place. As they did, I listened to the piercing shriek that was echoing through the compound, ensuring that my boys couldn't hear it.

"Ready?" I asked, turning back to them.

Each of the men was holding up their gun, save Steve, who had his shield in front of his face. "Whenever you are," Steve called back.

"Three... two... one," I counted down.

The moment that I had hit one, I let the psionic blast drop. The Hydra soldiers all hit the ground as they tried to gather their bearings once more. It didn't take long for the men to start shooting at the soldiers, taking down one at a time. But, to Hydra's credit, they were quick to regain themselves for the most part. The men were lighting up the building with the weapons, the shots echoing off of the walls and metal. Many soldiers were already dropping as the men spread out over the base. I turned back to the guards and smiled. It would be easy enough.

There were already two Hydra soldiers standing and running up towards me. I hesitated a moment to let them grab onto my arms. I heard Bucky shout my name - probably in fear that I wasn't paying attention, but I had a plan. As the man on my right put a hand on my shoulder and the man on my left put a hand on my wrist, I reached towards him and grabbed a shoulder strap. I brought forward my right leg and kneed the man on the left in the stomach before reaching my leg backwards and kicking the man on my right in the stomach. He was thrown backwards as I turned back to the man on my left. As he was still holding onto my arm, I brought my right leg up and over his arm, wrenching it free of my arm.

He was thrown over himself, landing straight on his stomach, knocked out from the hit. The man that I had knocked to the ground earlier got back up and ran towards me. I turned my back to him and grabbed underneath his chin, pulling his back against my own. I kept my hand underneath his chin and ripped my arm off to the side, easily breaking his neck. I let his body drop to the ground and I turned back to see a man running at me, pistol in hand, on the other side of a desk. Not hesitating this time, I pushed myself up onto the desk, swinging on my hands with my legs up in the air. My lower leg swung around first, kicking the gun out of his hand, as my higher leg followed, kicking him in the head. He was thrown backwards as I spun onto my hands and knees, glancing out.

Another man was running towards me from the other end of the table, also with a gun, and I spun around back over myself. I lifted up my right leg and brought it down over the man's throat. He was thrown down onto the table as I tightened my grip, suffocating him. The moment that I was sure that he was dead, I jumped off of the table, on the opposite end of a fourth man that was running towards me. He made his way to the other end of the table, about to jump over to my side, when I beat him to it. I jumped straight up and swung over and around myself so that I was parallel with the ground, sweeping my feet out and kicking him backwards so hard that he was thrown into the wall.

As I landed back on all fours, I slid forward and kicked out the legs of another man, flipping over myself. The man recovered surprisingly quickly, getting back to his feet. I jumped forward and turned in a circle, sweeping my foot out and kicking the man in the head. He stumbled backwards and made to hit me with both hands. I grabbed them both and wrenched them off to the side, jumping up - out from in between his arms - and landed back on the floor, behind him. I wrenched back on his arms, feeling them pop, as I leaned down and threw him over himself.

He hit the ground roughly as another man ran towards me. I grabbed his hand and wrenched it backwards and kicked him in the stomach before leaning forward - still holding onto his hand - and jumping forward into a front flip, releasing just in time to turn back to him. I kicked him back away from me and he stumbled once more, ducking down to run after me. I dashed forward before he could recover and stepped on his knee, throwing my own into his chin, as I back flipped off of him, sending him flying backwards.

Gathering myself once more, I stepped backwards and watched as two men came to stand back on each side of me. As they reached out to try and drag me away with them I reared back. I moved into a front flip and threw my legs out into a split, kicking the two men in the head in the meantime as I landed back on my feet. I moved into a windmill and kicked out at a third man that had moved forward, sending him crashing back into the floor. Suddenly two more Hydra soldiers came forward. I grabbed one of the soldiers across the front and turned the two of us in a circle, throwing him as I released him, and flipping over to another soldier, landing straight on his stomach and sending a rib straight back into his lung.

As I moved to check on the rest of the men, I realized that I wasn't alone just yet. There were a few more men that were coming after me. And I would take care of them. I ran after one of the men and jammed my hand into his throat, cutting off his air and making him drop to the ground. I jumped backwards and grabbed onto one man's throat, turning and kicking backwards at another, still holding the throat of the other. I kicked into the stomach of another advancing man before leaning down and throwing the man whose throat I was holding over himself. I turned backwards and went into a one-handed cartwheel, catching his neck in between my thighs and spinning down to the floor, throwing him over me. I stepped down on his neck, crushing it and any chance that he had of breathing.

With that, we had cleared out the back of the base. I ran forward slightly, now with the men in view, and spotted another Hydra agent moving towards Dum Dum. The man that was advancing on Dum Dum was clearly a specialist in close combat. But so was I. I ran after him and threw out a punch. He stumbled back but managed to catch my arm before I could throw another one. I jammed my elbow down into his, throwing his arm off of me, before throwing out my fist, hitting him in the face. He stumbled backwards before advancing on me once more. As I threw out two more consecutive hits, one connected but he managed to catch underneath my arm with the second.

Growling under my breath, I ran forwards and walked up the wall that we were standing near. The man was not smart enough to let me go. As I flipped over myself and landed on my back, I yanked him down with me and kicked underneath his chest, throwing him up and over himself. He went skidding over the floor and fell into a divot in the floor. I knew that he wasn't dead yet. As he attempted to get back to hit feet, leaning on his knees, I ran after him and slid forward on my knees. As I slid over towards him, I went flying off of the end of the platform, hitting the man around the throat. He was thrown back onto the metal floor as I leaned over his neck, rearing back and punching him in the face four times, crushing his skull.

In my irritation with the surprisingly well-trained man, I was unaware of the man running up behind me. He grabbed me around the waist and threw me onto the floor. I grunted and leaned up on a knee, throwing my knee into his head. He was thrown backwards as I laid a leg over his shoulder. He grunted as I turned backwards, keeping my leg over his throat and falling backwards. We went flying across the metallic floor as I leaned backwards and jammed my foot into his skull, crushing it.

A few more men ran towards me as I sprinted a little closer towards where the rest of the men were fighting. I wanted to draw the soldiers towards me and keep them away from the men. As one of the men ran towards me and grabbed my shoulder, I shoved him back away from me and dropped onto my back. I kicked him across the face before catching his neck in between my feet. I gave my legs a sharp tug to the side and felt as the bones crunched together, breaking his spine. I let him drop as I jumped back up to my feet and threw out a punch to a second man, throwing him backwards.

There was another man on the other side of a large cabinet and I ran towards it. I could see that he was trying to run after one of the men. Not on my watch. I ran forward and jumped over the cabinet, reaching my hands down and rolling forward off of the cabinet. The man wasn't standing far from me as I launched towards him, running straight into him. I slammed into his stomach and the two of us were thrown backwards as I jammed my knee down into his ribs. They broke under the pressure and I leaned upwards, throwing my hair back from my face.

"Vic!" Steve called.

He was motioning to three snipers that were attempting to take out the men. "Got it," I called after him, slipping out the two knives.

They would regret ever even moving towards them. There was a small desk in between myself and the other men so I moved forward and jumped upwards. I ran forward and jumped upwards. As I moved over the desk I spun over myself, landing on my feet after doing two full turns, and ducked forward into a roll. As I got back to my feet, I swept my knife out to the first man's knee, severing the tendon, before getting back to my feet and spinning around once more. I leaned down and swiped out my knife across the second man's stomach, gutting him. Tucking the knife back into my pants, I took out the spare knife and threw it underhanded into the third man's forehead. He fell as a fourth man ran up behind me, reaching his arm over my shoulder. I caught him underneath and ducked down, throwing him over himself.

Once I was sure that they were all dead, I moved forward towards the rest of the men. Standing upright on another smaller cabinet, I jumped forward and front flipped down onto a man that was shooting at me. I jammed the two knives into his chest before rolling forwards off of him. Another man was running towards me as I got onto one knee and turned on it to kick a second man in the head, denting his skull, and head-butting him, completely crushing the bone. Another man was behind me as I reared back and sent myself into a twirl upwards, using my second leg to hit him in the head and send him flying backwards into the wall. I hit the ground back on one foot and one knee, turning backwards and throwing a knife into a man's head that was advancing on Steve.

Two more men came after me a second later, sensing the danger that I was posing them. The first man was watching me as I reared back and kicked him in the jaw. He went stumbling backwards onto his hands and knees as I ran after him, standing behind him and wrapping an arm around his throat. He moved exactly the way that I wanted him to. He took my weight and threw me over myself. As I landed back on my feet, I used his momentum to throw him over myself, watching as he landed on the ground, the air sucked out of his lungs.

Another man was standing across from me as I ran forward, jumping onto him. I locked one leg over his arm as the other was caught in between his armpit and arm. I jammed my elbow into his throat before leaning backwards, placing my hands on the ground and throwing him over me. He was tossed back onto the ground as I pushed myself back into a standing position, completely upright. As a third man watched me, I flipped over myself and kicked him in the side of the head, throwing him backwards.

As one man stumbled back to his feet from an attack from Steve, I shoved my best friend away from him and launched after him myself. I jammed my knee into his stomach and locked my knee underneath his arm, jumping forward and sending myself into a sprawl forwards, holding the man and sending him flying backwards with me. He was thrown backwards as I jumped back to my feet and kneed him again. As the man reached up to kick me, I caught him underneath the knee and threw him backwards. He grunted as he went toppling down the set of stairs, breaking his neck in the process, paralyzed and useless for the remainder of his life.

Another man beat me to attacking him. He shoved into me and I was thrown backwards in surprise. Using the momentum, I rolled over myself and back to my feet. I kneed him in the ribs twice before reaching up once more. But he was able to stop that one. He grabbed my knee and I grunted, catching his own arm and throwing both of us over the desk that we were fighting by. I recovered first and grabbed the man by the waist, throwing him back into the wall. He stumbled as I recovered and slammed his head into it, crushing it. I let him drop and turned back to another man. I grabbed him underneath the arm and dropped into a split, never releasing him. I threw him over himself and jumped upright, sitting upright on his hips and beating in his head.

As I tried to get off of him, another man ran after me and shoved me off of him. I tumbled to the side and wound up underneath the guard. They had more hand-to-hand experts here. But they were still weaker than me. I reached up and locked my legs around his throat, jamming my elbow down into his head a few times. Once he was out like a light, I turned back and jumped upright. There was a man advancing on Bucky that I ran after, catching him around the back of the neck. Bucky watched as I ran the two of us forward, jumping forward into a roll. As I ran towards him once more, I reached out and punched him in the face, crushing his nose.

Before I could say anything to Bucky, I spotted another man. I turned and dashed towards him, hitting him in the stomach and knocking him back into the wall. He grunted as he turned back and threw a punch out at me. I ducked out of the way and sent one towards his face, easily connecting. I leaned down and punched out his knee, watching as he dropped to the ground. I got back to my feet and head-butted him, leaning back and kicking him in the chest, sending him flying backwards.

Another man was at my side in no time. I reached forward and punched him in the gut, sending him leaning over himself, before rearing back and sending a roundhouse kick into his spine. I grabbed him underneath the arm for measure and flipped the two of us forward, landing on him after two full rotations. My weight alone was enough to knock him unconscious.

Another man sent two consecutive hits that I deflected before I reared back and punched him in the face. He stumbled backwards as I kneed him in the stomach twice, jumping backwards as he attempted to hit me. I caught him around the back of the arm and threw my elbow out, jamming it into his throat. I kicked out at his knee, weakening his already limp stance, before jumping over his bent over back. My legs went over his neck and locked around his arm. One moved forward to hook around his chest and pull him down with me. We hit the ground with him underneath me as I ripped his arm out of the socket.

It didn't take long for another man to advance on me. A large man - over three times my size - walked up to me and grabbed me around the throat, throwing me back into the wall. It had surprised me, but I managed to right myself quickly. I grabbed him around the back of the neck and used his leg as a step. I leaned upwards and hooked one leg around the back of his neck, throwing the two of us downwards. At the awkward angle from the wall, we were both sent flying towards the floor. The man got to his feet and tried to run, but I was faster. I grabbed him by the back of the jacket and threw him across the floor, watching as he slid backwards. He got back to his feet and tried to wrap an arm around my neck, but I was faster. I jammed my elbow down to get him to release me before throwing it back into his ear, knowing immediately that I had deafened him.

He stumbled back from me as I grabbed onto the back of his jacket once more. I pulled him into me and threw him over me. He hit the ground as I leaned down and threw a fist down into his face. I flipped backwards off of him and watched as he got back to his feet. I blocked two hits before punching him roughly in the face, watching as he stumbled backwards. I grabbed his fist and threw a punch into his face, turning back and pulling his arm over my head, turning back so that he was painfully contorted. I kicked underneath his bent arm and grabbed the back of his head, punching him in the face. He went flying backwards and I smirked as he got back to his feet. I had to give him credit for attempting. As he ran towards me, I grabbed around his waist and literally threw him across the floor, watching as his head broke apart, whacking into a cabinet.

A knife had fallen out of his holster and I grabbed it, turning back and throwing it into the head of the man that was firing at Bucky, causing him to drop to the ground. "Watch it," I warned my fiancé.

"I had that," Bucky said breathlessly.

"So that's why you missed eight times?"

"It was only five," he defended.

I smiled and was about to comment on his very poor aim - which he really had quite good aim - when I saw another man running up behind him. "Duck," I told Bucky.

He did as told. I leaned down onto my feet and placed one hand on the floor, spinning on my right foot and sweeping my left leg out into the head of the man that had been approaching. He stumbled backwards as I advanced on him, Bucky rolling out of the way, and jammed my knee into his face. He was thrown backwards as I moved towards the next man. Dum Dum and Gabe were trying to kill two Hydra soldiers that were across from them, so I decided to help. I ran after them and moved into a front flip, catching one man's rifle and kicking it out of his hands. I ran forward once more and went into a sideways roll in the air. I kicked the gun out of his hand ducked as Bucky shot him. Another man ran towards me as I backed off and ran forward once more, jumping up and slamming my foot down into his head as I twirled in the air, turning back around and kicking him across the jaw.

As another man moved out to hit me, I caught him underneath the arm and shoved my foot into his hip. I heard a bone crack as he stumbled backwards. As he attempted to recover, I turned backwards and threw my leg backwards over his shoulder and behind his neck, pressing my back against his front. I used the momentum to roll the two of us forwards. The man was trapped underneath me as my legs caught him underneath me. I rolled off in time for Bucky to shoot him. As another man stood facing me, I ran after him. I threw out two punches with alternating arms before shoving my palm into his throat. I leaned down and flipped over on one arm, kicking him across the face with my leg as I landed back on my feet.

Just a few feet behind me was a man that was trying to shoot Bucky. Absolutely not. He was running up behind me to get to Bucky, but I grabbed him over the back of the shoulders and turned away from him, throwing him over himself with me. He hit the ground and I rolled over, throwing myself on top of his torso and rolling completely off of him. I landed back on my knees as I grabbed him under the arm and pulled him up to me. As I grabbed his arm, I pulled him upwards and shoved my knee into his throat.

"Thanks," Bucky panted.

I nodded my consent at him. "Behind you," we said at the same time.

Without checking to see what was going to happen to the other, we both went back to our fights. Grabbing the garrote that was tucked into the weapons belt on my hip, I unraveled it and looped it around the throat of a man behind me. I turned backwards and pressed his back to mine. Giving the garrote a strong tug, I flipped him over myself, watching as he hit the ground, flat on his stomach and knocking the wind from him. He got back to his feet as he grabbed me and I turned to him, jamming my elbow into his. I grabbed him by the arm and spun him around, ducking underneath his arm and throwing him over me. He hit the ground and wheezed in exhaustion.

The man seemed down for the count, but another one was running towards me. I ran after him and grabbed his arm, keeping him from punching me, and reached over it. I pulled the two of us backwards so that we hit the couch. I hit the couch as the man was thrown over me, hitting on his back. I spun around his body so that I was placed behind his neck. I had an arm wrapped around the back of his throat, suffocating him. He did manage to pull the two of us upwards, considering that I wasn't that heavy, but I merely placed my feet back against the wall to walk sideways across it. I pushed forward and sent the two of us into a roll, throwing us over ourselves before jumping onto his back.

He laid there for a moment so that I could shove my boot into his side, knocking him out from the blinding pain. Another man ran towards me and I ducked out of the way, spinning underneath his hit. I ducked onto the floor and caught him around the waist, pulling him down with me. I grabbed him underneath the shoulder, spotting that one of the men must have gotten in a graze. I kicked him in the ribs a few times, watching as blood began to pour from the wound. I finally spun around over his back, catching his arm in between my legs, and threw us forward, kicking him in the jaw and breaking it before allowing his body to drop.

Taking a deep breath, I looked around to see what was happening. "Victoria!" Jacques called out.

He must have been ready to detonate the charges. "Come on!" I called, running after him.

That was the only thing that we needed. The two of us went to running around the facility to plant the charges. I had to be there to ensure that no one shot Jacques. He was too important to our cause, and he was my friend. I protected him from the bullets that were still flying around the base. But I could tell that it was quickly emptying out. It wasn't long before I saw a number of Hydra soldiers running towards us as Steve's bike roared in the background. It was time for us to leave.

So I sent out a message to the rest of the boys. Get out. Charges are going off soon.

As the men all nodded at me and ran off towards the exit of the building, Jacques turned back to see the soldiers advancing on us. "You can handle them?" Jacques asked me.

"I got it."

Trying not to hesitate, I moved forward towards the rest of the soldiers that remained in the Hydra base. One man ran after me and I ducked out of the way of a punch. I grabbed his arm and shoved him down, wrapping one leg over the back of his neck on the other side. I leaned down onto that side and threw him over me, making another man that was running towards me tumble over himself. I stood upright just long enough to jump up and come back down, shoving my elbow down into the first man's chest, rupturing a lung.

Staying down on one knee, I moved forward and kicked one man in the jaw, sending him flying backwards. I spun around and stood up, ripping one man's arm off to the side, considering that he was holding a gun. I shoved his face backwards and punched the gun out of his arm, grabbing it and hitting him across the face with it. As he was leaning down, wheezing for air, I spun over his back and locked my legs around the back of his neck. I spun over, throwing him to the ground so that he was laying over me and my legs were laying over his throat. I yanked upwards, strangling him, before ripping my legs off to the side and breaking his neck. Getting back to my feet, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I immediately turned back and used his leg as a step, spinning so that I was sitting on his shoulders and spun the two of us around.

He toppled to the ground as I placed a hand over his throat, frying his vocal chords. Looking back up, I saw another man running towards us. "Knife!" I yelled after Jacques.


He tossed me the knife and I caught it, moving towards the man. I ran towards the man and threw the knife, watching as it soared straight into the man's heart. He fell to the ground, dead, as I dropped onto my knees and slid forward with my shins to kick out the legs of another man. He hit the ground, shins broken, as I ripped the knife out of the first man's chest and swiped it across the throat of the man that I had just kicked. I grabbed another man over the back of the neck and kicked him in the spine. He leaned over as I placed my legs on either side of his neck, rolling forward and throwing us over each other. I landed on his hips and punched him in the face, splintering the bone.

There were just a few men left. As a man threw out a fist, I caught it and wrenched it back, placing a hand on the back of his neck. I wrenched him back over himself and pulled us so that our backs were facing each other. My hand was over his neck, choking him, as my other hand was pulling back his arm, almost to the point of snapping it. I ripped him forward before throwing him into a sprawl. Another man came after me as I threw two punches at his face and kicked him in the ribs. He leaned over, wheezing for breath, as I spun over his back, putting my legs over his arm and throwing him forward. I placed my legs on either side of his chest before reaching up and kicking him across the face.

Spinning backwards, I rolled over myself and jumped back to my feet. I punched him across the face twice before grabbing his fist and walking myself under it, twisting it back painfully. I threw him forward and watched as he was thrown into a spin, hitting the ground on his back painfully. As he got back to his feet, I punched him in the face and stepped back to kick him in the jaw, watching as he fell onto his back.

Done with the Hydra soldiers in the immediate vicinity, I shouted out to Jacques. "Let's go!" I yelled.

That was all that it took. The two of us ran out of the building together. We had to leave before the charges set off to destroy the bases and kill the rest of the soldiers. The charges were almost down to zero as I grabbed Jacques by the jacket, knowing that we were out of time, and lifted the two of us into the air. Jacques let out a little squeak of fear as we went soaring out of the building. I spotted Steve riding away on his bike as the other men were just ahead of him in the field, out of the way of the building. Just as the charges detonated and the base started to blow itself sky high, I launched us towards the ground and let Jacques go.

He dropped into a weak roll, sprawling out on the ground. I let the wind columns fall from around me, tucking into a roll and sliding forward on all fours, standing back upright. "Nice superhero landing," Dum Dum told me, patting me on the back.

"Thank you." I looked over at Jacques and saw that he was a little dazed, trying to brush off the dirt and grass that had gotten on him from the fall. "We'll work on it, Jacques," I teased.

"How do you do that?" Jacques asked, sounding pained.

Smiling at him, I shook my head. "Bones made of metal. Doesn't really hurt when I land from a free-fall." He smiled at me as I turned to face the rest of them. "Well done, boys. I'm very impressed with you all." I turned towards Bucky and let the smile drop from his face. "Not you, Bucky," I deadpanned, earning laughs from everyone else.

"Why are you such a jerk?" Bucky asked, shoving me.

"Why are you marrying me?" I shot back.

They continued to laugh as Dum Dum wrapped an arm around my shoulders, our small group heading towards where the plane was landed. "The age-old question of which one of you will kill the other first?" Dum Dum asked, looking back and forth between us.

"Presumably I'll kill him, considering I can't die," I said.

Once more they all laughed. "You're in for a hell of a life, Bucky," Jim said, patting Bucky on the back.

"By the way, shouldn't it be superheroine?" I asked after a beat of silence.

They all stared at me like I had lost my mind. "What?" Bucky finally asked.

"Heroine. Like a female?" I asked them. They all continued to stare blankly at me. "You're all idiots," I sighed.

"We are not that stupid," Steve argued.

I rolled my eyes and brushed past them. "Yes you are."

Dum Dum laughed and patted me on the back once more. "Never change, Victoria," he chirped.

"I will try my hardest," I promised.

Our group of eight made our way back through the fields as we were laughing and shoving each other around, adrenaline still rushing through our systems from the attack. We'd be hyped up until we got back on the plane and got on our way back to the base. The plane was just a few miles away from the old Hydra base, so we would be able to make our way to it quickly. Steve was driving next to us slowly on his motorcycle, considering that we needed it back and I wasn't in the mood to levitate it back.

About ten minutes passed before we got back. "How'd it go?" Chester asked as soon as we walked in.

"Base is destroyed and we know where we're going next," I said.

"Where?" he asked.

"Greece," Steve said.

That caught their attention. Peggy pushed forward to stand with us and check out what was happening. "What for? I thought we were going to Switzerland?" she asked us.

"Check it out," I said.

Reaching down into the back of my pants, I pulled out the pieces of paper that I had taken from the base. Not only the one with the labels of all of the Hydra bases, but the ones that had the drawings and plans of the Hydra Uber Tank. Both Chester and Peggy crowded around us as Howard got the plane back into the air. I went to reading through them a little more thoroughly as Peggy sat with me. The two of us looked them over for a while before Peggy finally looked up at me. She raised her brows, obviously wondering how I had gotten them.

"How did you get this?" she asked.

"You might not want to know," I said.

"I do," Bucky interrupted.

I turned back fast enough to snap, "Shut up."

"Did you -?" Peggy started before I cut her off.


I'd known where she was going with it. "So tell me how you did it," Bucky said, popping up behind me.

Rolling my eyes at him, I shoved him away from me and grabbed him back almost immediately. "Shush. Come here," I told Bucky, pulling him into me. Peggy smiled and walked off, leaving us alone. "Go plan the next attack, okay?" I asked Steve.

He leaned down into my ear to speak soft enough for no one else to hear what he was saying. "Remember that you aren't married yet," he hissed, making me laugh loudly.

"Stop it!" I shouted, shoving him away from me.

"You heard me?" Steve asked Bucky.

A deep blush popped over my face and I was sure that my eyes were turning pink at the thought. "I'll keep this in mind when you're getting married," Bucky told Steve, punching his friend.

"Oh no, it'll be me threatening him when he's getting married," I butted in.

"You're both so wonderful," Steve said, wrapping his arms over both of us.

"You'd miss us," I chirped, leaning up to press a kiss against his cheek.

"And you'll miss us one day," Steve said.

Yes, I will. I would miss them more than anything and they both knew that. But I wouldn't say it. "No I won't. I'll throw a party," I argued.

"No one will come," Steve said.

Turning back towards the other men, I called out to them. "Boys! You'll all come to the party that I throw when we can be rid of these two, won't you?" I asked, motioning to the two of them.

"We'll help you plan it!" Jim called.

"Told you so," I said, turning back to Steve and Bucky.

"You're hilarious," Bucky deadpanned. "Come here!"

Squealing loudly, I ran off and away from the boys. I did not want to have to deal with them. But it was funny. They all started chasing me around the small centrifuge of the plane as I ran for my life to try and get away from them. They were all laughing at me as Chester and Howard began to shout at them to leave me alone. But we all knew that they were having fun too. After such a serious moment, it was nice to have a goofy one. Peggy was laughing too and eventually got dragged into the chase by me. We all laughed and collapsed onto the floor after nearly an hour of chasing each other.

The plane landed after nearly two hours so that we could all head back to the base. And that was all that I wanted. The adrenaline had finally worn off and I was well past ready to head to bed for a few hours, at least. We all headed inside so that we could get some rest. It was past the curfew for walking around the base - as it normally was when we got back from the longer missions. The men very clearly wanted to go to the bar. It was the only thing that remained open after the curfew. But I was a little tired and not quite in the mood for drinking after the fight. I was thrilled to have gotten the fight in, but now I wanted to head to bed.

So I waved them off so that they could go to the bar and I could go to bed. "You guys go ahead. It's been a long day and I'm tired. I think that I'm gonna head to bed," I said, motioning back towards the barracks.

"Yeah... I'm kind of tired, too," Bucky said.

Everyone laughed. It was easy enough to see that Bucky wasn't tired at all. All he wanted was to spend some quality time with me. "Have a nice night kids," Jim said teasingly, motioning us out.

We both laughed as Bucky wrapped an arm over my shoulder. "Remember that the walls aren't too thick," Dum Dum said.

A thick blush popped up over my face as Steve leaned into me. "Still aren't married," he teased.

Rolling my eyes, I laughed and shoved him away from me. He was such a brat and always there to embarrass me. "Shut up," I snapped.

"You heard me?" he asked Bucky, who rolled his eyes.

"Yes, I hear you."

Of course they were going back to this, the exact same thing that we had been talking about just a few hours ago. "Déjà vu. You two are ridiculous," I said, shoving away from the pair. "I hope you know that I'm going to make it miserable when you're getting married," I told Steve.

He merely smiled at me. "I know that. And, in the meantime, I'm going to annoy you," he said.

"Lucky me," I deadpanned. I turned for a moment before looking back at Steve. There was something in his eyes that told me that he really wasn't kidding. "Relax... There are still some things that I want to uphold."

"Good," Steve said.

"Thanks for looking out for me, brother," I told Steve, trying to break the tension.

"I always will, sister," he said.

We both laughed as the boys pulled me into them. I pressed a small kiss to Steve's cheek before walking over to say goodnight to the rest of the men, who were all going to the ball. "Goodnight, boys! Have a good time at the bar. And have a drink on me!" I called after them.

They cheered back at me as they walked off. Before I could turn and leave with Bucky, Peggy grabbed onto my arm and stopped me. "Before you leave for the night, I need to speak with you," she said.

"I'll meet you in a few minutes," I told Bucky, turning back to Peggy. "What's up?" I asked her.

"What are you doing next weekend?" she asked.

There was something in her voice that told me that she really wanted to do something with me this weekend. "Probably whatever you think that the two of us are doing next weekend," I said.

We both laughed as she nodded at me, grabbing my hand excitedly. Clearly there was something that she was extremely excited about. "We are! Clear your calendar. Because I know that if I don't force you out next weekend, you're never going to go out," she said, shoving me towards the barracks with her.

"And do what?" I asked.

"Goodnight!" she chirped after me.

She dashed off without saying another word, leaving me to watch. I laughed and smiled at her, shaking my head as I headed towards the barracks. "Night... Weirdo," I muttered under my breath.

It was something about Peggy that I loved. She was just as strange as I was. And that was something that meant the world to me. She really was a good person and I was so glad to have her in my life. She was a doll. And it would be nice to have her as my maid of honor. Which was good, considering that she was the only female that I knew. I walked into the barracks and headed down the hall, slipping into Bucky's room. He had already gotten ready for bed. He was in his boxers and I smiled at the sight of him, blushing softly.

"All dressed down for me?" I asked teasingly.


He walked over to me and grabbed me around the waist. It was rather funny as he pulled me into him. The only thing that I wanted was to get my uniform off. I was sick of the constricting uniform. I laughed softly as Bucky picked me up and placed me back down on the bed. We both laughed and I began to giggle childishly as he pressed multiple kisses against my face and neck. It was the little moments like these that I genuinely enjoyed. He leaned over me, pressing a lasting kiss against my mouth after a few minutes.

He finally slipped off of me, laying at my side and pulling me into him. "You sure that you didn't want to go to the bar?" he asked.

"No. I'm good right here."

Bucky smiled and pressed another kiss against my mouth. "Are you tired? We can go to bed," he offered.

"I'm not that tired," I admitted.

As nice as a trip to the bar would have been, what I had really wanted was to just go back and lay in bed with Bucky for a few hours before I really drifted off to sleep. "Good. Neither am I," he said, smiling softly.

Bucky rolled me over once more so that the two of us could share a long kiss. I breathed out softly as he laid himself over me. The uniform was still clinging onto me like a second skin and I had finally gotten to my wits end with it. I wanted to be in some form of pajamas. So I leaned up and gently pushed Bucky away. He watched as I grabbed his robe that was hanging at the edge of the bed. I slowly peeled the shirt of the uniform off and began to awkwardly shimmy out of the pants. I laughed as Buck's thoughts echoed in my mind.

"You should know that your thoughts are screaming right about now," I commented, not looking at him.

We both laughed at my comment. "And I stand by what I'm thinking," he said.

I smiled and turned back to say something, but the moment that I saw it, I lost my train of thought. Down on his ribs was a deep bruise, covering almost a third of his chest. What the hell was that? "What is this?" I asked, pointing at the small injury.

Bucky gently pushed my arms off of himself, knowing that he had gotten me panicked. It was just a bruise, but it could have been worse. "It's no big deal. I got into it with one of the Hydra soldiers. I fell and hit my ribs on the bar that was near me," he said, making me cringe slightly. He could have been shot during the fight. "I'm alright, Vika. It was just a little accident. Not like I was shot or anything."

"It's a big deal to me," I snapped.

Bucky pressed a hand against the side of my face. "It's alright, really," he said softly.

"It's not alright. You're hurt."

"It's just a little bruise. I've had lots of them before."

But there was something that I could do about it. I smiled weakly at him and pressed Bucky into the bed. "Lay back," I said. I jumped over his body and seated myself over his waist, looking down at the bruise.

"Well that's one way to make me feel better," Bucky teased.

I laughed softly and whacked him on the shoulder. "Shut up," I hissed.

But it was funny and that was the reason that I was laughing. I placed my hand down on his ribs and gently started to heat up his skin, letting the flames come to just underneath the surface. Bucky was shifting around on the bed uncomfortably. I knew that it wouldn't feel very good, but it would get everything healed much quicker. I pushed the blood back into the vessel and used a force field to seal the tears in it. It definitely wouldn't feel good. In fact, it probably felt terrible. That was half of the reason that I was using the heat. It would dull the pain. After a few minutes I finally pulled away. The bruise was smaller and now a soft green.

Bucky laid a hand on his ribs and pressed down. "Doesn't hurt anymore. What'd you do?" he asked me.

"You might not want to know."

"Right," Bucky said, laughing softly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." I slipped off of his hips so that I could throw a leg over his. "Feel better?" I asked.

Bucky nodded at me. "Much better. Come here," he said.

We both laughed once more as Bucky pulled me flush against him and rolled me underneath of his own body. My heart was pumping loudly in my chest as I stared up at him, pressing a kiss onto his mouth. All that I wanted was to be with him. I wanted to be with him in the way that unmarried people were never supposed to be. But I so desperately wanted to. And I knew that he did, too. It was obvious enough by the way that his hands were daringly moving over my thighs and making their way to my waist, making my toes curl and spine tingle.

It seemed like hours had passed when his arms wound underneath me and he pressed a long kiss against my throat. It made an almost animalistic growl escape my mouth. Of course, it came off as very animalistic when it came from me. Bucky continued to kiss against me before finally pulling away from me. There was something very startled in his eyes. I pulled back from him, wondering what the hell had just happened. He was looking down at my chest. I glared at him and glanced down before I realized what it was that had caught his eyes. It wasn't my chest - although that probably helped. It was the fact that I was literally glowing. My brows raised in curiosity.

"Are you - glowing?" Bucky asked slowly, and very unsure.

"Umm... Yes. I think I am," I said, poking at my own skin.


"I'm not one hundred percent positive, but I could take a guess," I said, feeling myself heat up with embarrassment.

He started to laugh at me. I could have slapped him. It wasn't that funny! I hadn't even known that I could glow when... Well, when that happened. "Ah, so you can hear my thoughts, but I can see you glowing!" Bucky cried, laughing hysterically.

"Stop!" I barked.

We continued to laugh as I leapt after Bucky and pressed him back into the bed. He was such a jerk and he was going to pay for laughing at me. But it didn't work. Bucky merely continued to laugh as the two of us rolled together in bed. We were somewhere in between trying to wrestle with each other and getting a little too friendly with each other. It eventually got the point that we went tumbling off of the bed together and landed in a heap on the floor. We'd wound up laughing hysterically, not in the mood to get back up.

So we'd merely grabbed the pillow and blankets and brought them onto the floor, continuing to wrap ourselves around each other. I was almost positive that things were going to go a little too far until we managed to retrain ourselves. I gathered Bucky's robe to pull it on, but he merely grabbed it and pushed it away, pulling me into him and tossing the blankets over ourselves. As wonderful as this night was, and as strong as we had been to stop ourselves, I knew that waiting another twelve months wouldn't work out so well for either one of us.

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