This is kind of my own spin on what I wish would happen on Shameless. I hated how the writers left them, so I am hoping this story will give me and anyone out there that is a fan of Gallavich some hope.

- This story will pick up where the show is now BUT there is a twist. Ian and Caleb are now living together, and it's been over a year. Mickey's charges were dropped within this year with the help of Fiona who has been secretly helping Mickey.

A/N: So I have never written anything remotely close to this type of story, I especially have never written anything Gallavich (always wanted to) but never have, so I definitely am open to any sort of positive criticism and any advice. This will be a little OOC but I tend to like to stay in character as much as I can. Please be patient with me updating since I do work full-time and have other stuff going on. I will try my hardest to update, okay enough of me babbling. I hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 1

"That's what you are going to wear?" Mandy's voice was so stern and disapproving.

He turned his face slightly so he could see her from the corner of his eye, where she was sitting with Fiona on his bed; technically it was now Yevgeny's room considering he was in jail for the last year and a half. He could see her eyeing his outfit and he fucking hated it. He knew she was not happy with what she was seeing and if he wasn't trying to contain his composure he would have told her to fuck off, but instead he gave her the finger which resulted in Mandy sticking her tongue out at him.

Fiona shoved Mandy slightly and raised her brow in a warning manner, she had become quite protective of Mickey, it wasn't a big deal but it was nice. Mandy just shrugged while twirling a piece of her hair, continuing to stare in a disgruntled manner at the outfit he decided to wear.

Mickey groaned loudly, enough to get his point across, finally turning to look at both women. Fiona was cocking her head to the side to get a better look at the dark navy blue buttoned down shirt and black slacks he had on. "What the fuck is wrong with this?" He pointed down with his hands, staring as he went down.

"I just think if you are going to be working with Fiona" Mandy pointed towards Fiona, giving her a half-smile before looking back at Mickey, which he knew she was going to continue saying whatever the fuck it was she was trying to say "you are going to be her...what exactly is it again?" Mandy said, now turning her body to get a better look at Fiona.

Fiona chuckled "Assistant Manager."

"Yes, if you are doing that, well then you look a little like an asshat" Mandy shrugged as she finished as if she was trying to make her point more important.

Leave it to her sister to turn advice into a fucking insult. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Now he started to question himself, he had this outfit already in his mind and now that both women looked to be on the same page it was definitely giving him anxiety. He never suffered from this disorder; thank god, but he was feeling a little under pressure. It wasn't like he was trying to look good for the job, he couldn't give two fucks about that minimum wage bullshit, but he had to care a little considering his parole officer would think otherwise; Fiona was his other reason, she was kind enough to even offer him a job. Hell, he would be forever thankful for her after everything she did for him. It wasn't the job though that was the point of how he looked and how he wanted to be looked at, it was Ian. Fucking Gallagher. He hadn't seen him in exactly 16 months, 6 hours and 23 seconds...but who was counting?

Ian only came to visit him once more after that first initial visit where Mickey had told him to wait for him, which of course Mickey knew was a lie; Hell he told him to do so, but Ian wasn't much of a liar. The second time, however, confirmed to him that Ian wasn't going to come back to visit him. It had been the worst feeling Mickey had ever experienced, it was as if someone punched him repeatedly. He knew they were over, but Ian never said those words, but he didn't blame Ian so much, he would've done the same but right now all he felt was sad; It was fucking stupid, and he hated it, but he wouldn't let anyone see that side of him.

His heart broke even more after Fiona visited him on the 8th visit. He had called her after his first huge fight that sent him to solitary and a guy to the hospital. "He called me a fag" was all he had to say to Fiona for her to understand why he did it. He hated solitary, it was the loneliest he had ever felt, it allowed him to think, way too much for his liking and every single time it landed on Ian. He knew he had gone a little too far with the guy he beat up, he broke his nose and definitely a rib, but he couldn't let any of those fuckers know it was okay to mess with him, after that no one called him anything.

As Fiona showed up that 8th visit, he was crying and she didn't say a word as she picked up the phone, placing it firmly on her ear. She had never seen Mickey this distraught, she had seen him upset and angry as hell, but this was a little scary to see.

"Did something else happen?" She opened her eyes a little wider, making her point across that she was here for him. She placed her hand on the glass, letting him know to open up.

He shook his head, and wiped roughly at the tears, for some reason he felt at ease with Fiona. She was like this protective angel, and he had always respected her for everything, including how she raised those kids.

"I just need to know the truth, and you have to tell it to me straight, no fucking lying to me to protect me, okay?" Her face looked even more worried and he shook his head "Yes or no?"

She nodded quickly, and he looked down, unsure if he wanted to look at her face because Fiona didn't have the best poker face and he knew he would get an answer from her before she even said anything.

"Is Ian seeing someone?" He looked up at her and closed his eyes as he saw the truth behind those brown eyes. He had expected that much, but it still broke him to know it was true.

"How did you find out?" She had already removed the hand from the glass but kept staring at him in a motherly fashion. If it was anyone else, he would have wanted to reach over that glass and fucking punch their lights out with the way she was staring, but it was Fiona; he knew he would never disrespect her if he could help it."

He shrugged, tugging softly at his lip and ripping away at the skin that had formed on his chapped lips. "There is nothing to do in here but talk, and I usually get the answers I need, and quickly." He looked at that face that read she was sorry but also that she understood his position. "Who is this fucking wahoo?"

"Mickey, are you really sure you want to hea-"

"Just tell me, please? He won't visit me, and I just need to know...something, anything."

Fiona just nodded, and told him as much as she knew; that he was a fireman, he was good looking and tried to make it seem that Mickey was hotter but it just made it a little awkward, she went on to say that he didn't seem too happy but that he became an EMT at that last bit Mickey seemed to cheer up.

"Wow, he fucking did something for himself then, huh?"

Fiona smiled, but it was barely felt, they were back to sitting in silence and being told that their time was up. She got up, but he looked to be scared.

"Get me out of here, I might have someone who can prove my innocence."

Fiona raised her eyebrow at him, but before she could respond or anything else, she was being escorted out, with a nod that she would be back as soon as she could.

When she came to visit him the next time, he explained everything, which Fiona, in turn, was not convinced "There is no way that they will buy that Mickey, you are guilty of this, and a judge will not forgive you so easily. On top of that, your track record Mickey is horrible, do you know how many times you have gone to juvie?"

He waved her off as if she was not correct "Screw the judge, I can get a witness and have them drop the charges."

"Okay, scaring the crap out of someone and making them testify with the deal of money or killing them is not an ideal situation for me, Mick. So unless you have an actual plan that doesn't involve either scenario let me know."

Mickey opened his mouth, quickly shutting it because she was right. "What if I said I could get that?"

"I'm listening."

He explained everything, by the end of his rant/speech, she was fully convinced they could drop the case.

"You're serious? You'll help me?" When Fiona nodded back, Mickey exhaled and clapped his hands together in excitement. "I have to get the fuck out of here, Fiona, I can't do another 8-10 years."

Fiona nodded in understanding but was still a little nervous about this whole plan to actually take place and to go to the judge and ask for what Mickey was asking for.

2 months later and here they were, in his room/Yevgeny's room staring at his attire.

"How about this shirt, Mick?" She held out the white long sleeved buttoned down shirt that he had on the bed as a second choice. He shrugged, grabbing it from Fiona's hands and placing it on himself to stare in the mirror.

Mandy clapped "Yup, that is the one."

He rolled his eyes "Fuck the both of you, now get out, I have to finish so I can get to work." He was half lying since he wanted to go visit Ian before he went there. Ian still had no idea that he was even out, and he kind of wanted to surprise him...even though Ian was with someone else.

Fiona had refused to give him Ian's address because she said the one condition was he stay away from Ian for at least a little while until he got everything squared away first and got settled in. It wasn't like he didn't want to follow her rules like he said, he respected the hell out of Fiona BUT on the other hand, he really needed to see Ian. That was all he thought about every day, it was the first thing he thought of when he woke up and the last thing he did when he slept. He hated how much power this kid on him. He fucking missed him, not just the sex, because that was fantastic, but everything, including the annoying things, even the damn bipolar disorder. He had gotten the address from Lip, Lip understood more than anything the reasoning behind why Mickey was so persistent on seeing Ian; that and the fact that he said he didn't like Caleb so much for Ian.

He had enough time to go to Ian's, and be there on time to work, which again was another condition that Fiona had placed on him; he must be on time, no exceptions. "I don't want anyone thinking I favor you or some bullshit like that. They already hate me as it is." Fiona had said when she explained his job title and what it entailed at the greasy spoon.

He put his hand to the door, and could feel the knot form on his throat. He had imagined this so much in his mind but actually being here in this moment finally after so long of thinking about it; it scared the crap out of him. He definitely lived in a better neighborhood than South Side, but it was not Ian's type of area, so it really made Mickey question why the hell he was living here. He closed his eyes and finally got the courage to knock, he did it twice and kept debating on doing a third one but the door swung open before he got the chance to do so.

"Yeah, how can I help you?" He was definitely good looking, he'll give Ian that. He was still in his uniform, only his buttons were unbuttoned and he had a beer in hand, which Mickey knew meant he was probably just getting home. "hello?" the guy said it again, he had a look as if he thought Mickey was an idiot.

"Oh, yeah, sorry man. Um, is Ian Gallagher here?" He wasn't even sure why he felt compelled to say his last name, but it didn't seem to phase him.

"Nah, sorry dude, he's at work." He was eyeing Mickey up and down, probably questioning who the hell this guy was, that or trying to decide what he wanted. "When will he be back man?"

Caleb shrugged "Hard to tell, his shifts are always different, same as mine." He shifted his position and switched his beer on the other hand. "I'm sorry man, I was rude, I'm are?"

"Mickey. Milkovich." He stated both clearly and precise, when Caleb didn't flinch or do anything for that matter when he said his name, he could tell that Ian never mentioned him. It stung, but why should he?

"Milkovich, cool last name man. You a friend of his?"

He nodded because he wasn't sure what the hell to say he was. Technically at this point, he wasn't even sure if Ian wanted to be in his life, but he needed to find that out. He was itching for a cigarette, but he promised Fiona he would quit that habit. Her conditions and promises were really starting to bear some weight on him.

"Well you are welcome to wait for him if you would like, or I could tell him you stopped by?"

"Nah, man, I would prefer to do this in person." He sighed, looking down at his watch and cursing under his breath, he really wanted to get this over with today, but he wasn't sure that was going to happen now. "I have to be somewhere in like 15 minutes, so I can't stay."

"Okay, well how about you come back for dinner then, I'm making Ian's favorite; lasagna with 3 cheese." Damn it, he was nice AND good looking, well shit no wonder Ian moved on. He had the urge to tell him that that wasn't Ian's favorite food, it was mac and cheese with burnt toast, but he kept his mouth shut. He nodded, but he wasn't sure that was the best place to let Ian know he was back. "Great, and I won't tell him you stopped by." Caleb winked at him, informing him it was nice meeting Mickey and with that he was off.

How was he supposed to get through work knowing he had to go to Ian's later, and see him for the first time AND in front of his new boyfriend? On top of that, he had to lie to Fiona which again was another condition. He was fucked.


"Why are there 3 plates out?" Ian grabbed Caleb by the waist from behind and kissed his neck. Placing his bag and jacket where they belonged, staring very confused at the table in front of him.

"Oh, I invited an old friend." Ian chuckled at Caleb's comment as if it was the funniest thing ever. "What friend?" He asked more serious when he saw Caleb turn around and he had a serious expression.

"I"m not sure, but mmm, how was work?" He ignored the question, which it seemed to Ian that he was doing it on purpose. Caleb walked over and kissed him on the lips quickly before retreating back to his food, he was a perfectionist when it came to his food so Ian didn't want to disrupt him too much.

"It was whatever..."

The knock made them both jump, and Caleb smiled quickly at Ian. "Sit, I'll get it, oh but could you grab the beers out please?"

Ian did as he was told, but liked it considering he had no idea what the heck was going on.

"Hey, Caleb, is this supposed to look this burnt?" He was bent over staring at the lasagna from the little window and has his nose all scrunched as if that would better accommodate how he saw.

"burnt doesn't sound good."

Ian jumped from the voice that echoed behind him, and stood up straight, adjusting his shirt and staring at Mickey's face from across the room. His insides twirling and he wasn't sure what exactly he was feeling. He saw Mickey's eager expression but that didn't make it any easier, and why the hell was he here in the first place? & why didn't Caleb tell him?

Caleb looked to be so not in the know, he just kept smiling as if he did something good by hiding that Mickey was going to come as if t was the biggest most amazing surprise there ever was.

But Caleb's mood changed when he remembered what Ian had said, the food was burnt. "Oh, crap!" He ran over, moving Ian to the side a bit and opening the door of the oven. "Damn it! It is burnt, shit. I didn't put the timer, I'm such a dumbass." Silence fell and Caleb looked at Ian "Ian, did you hear me?"

Ian shook his thoughts and finally broke the locked eye contact he had going with Mickey. "Oh?"

"Oh...I ugh, never mind. I'll just get pizza to go."

"I can go..." Ian said, hoping to get out and breathe in some fresh air before he puked. When he saw Mickey's face, it seemed to drop a bit.

"No, no, I'll go, you stay and stay here with your friend, It was my mistake, I will go."

Ian wanted to say no, that he didn't want to be left alone with Mickey for fuck's sake, but he couldn't without it looking suspicious. So instead he nodded and Caleb gave him a swift kiss on the cheek, smiling and nodding at Mickey and then departing.

The silence fell again, and they were both staring at each other once again.

"Surprise?" Mickey gave him a soft smile.

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