Chapter 3

The knock was quiet but loud enough to wake Mickey up from his deep sleep, he stirred, hoping it was just a dream but sure enough the knock came again a second later, this time, a little more forcefully. He groaned into his pillow as to not wake Yevgeny up. He turned his head and took a quick glance at the clock '6:00', who the fuck would be at his door at this hour? Mandy knew better than to wake him up after the night he had had.

The knock came a third time, this time making Mickey sit straight up and groan out loud as quietly as he could, but to get his point across. "Whoever the fuck it is, better quit fucking knocking on my door or I swear-" He swung the door open to reveal Ian's smug looking face staring back at him with a stupid grin on his face, Mickey swore if he wasn't so damn handsome and he wasn't so, well so damn Ian he would have kicked him in the balls for looking so damn stupid staring back at him.

Ian's smile continued on his face even after Mickey just stared shocked that he was standing here in front of him.

"You'll do what exactly?" He crossed his arms in a matter-of-fact sort of way and waved him off before Mickey could say anything else. He saw the way Ian swiftly looked down, Mickey wasn't sure if he was checking him out, but it had a weird effect on Mickey. "Get your clothes on." He said, pushing his jacket up to show he was ready to go.

"What the fuck for?" Mickey was still so incredibly confused, why was Ian here after everything that had happened last night, he definitely didn't seem to be in the mood for much talking last night, so why was he here in the middle of fucking dawn; not small talk, that was for sure, and it wasn't like Mickey wasn't glad to see Ian, hell he was waiting for a moment to able to be alone with him, but he hadn't been so sure that Ian would want anything to do with him after last night.

"I'm going to smoke outside, so hurry up." He didn't answer his question, instead retreated the way he came and Mickey watched as he shut the door quietly, as to not wake anybody up.

He dressed as quickly as he could, putting on a pair of dark faded jeans, a clash t-shirt and the first sneakers he spotted, placing on his oversized jacket considering Chicago had one of the coldest Winter's ever.

When he opened the door, he saw Ian leaning back against the pole leading up to the house by the stairs and doing as he had said he would, smoking. Mickey wanted to smile, watching Ian smoke was most definitely a turn-on but he wasn't about to let Ian know how much it did to him.

Ian didn't look at Mickey, he put the cig out on the final stair and said "Come on" quietly. Mickey inhaled and exhaled quickly, he still was unsure what was going on, but he did as he was told.

They stayed silent as they walked side by side, at this hour the cold felt like cubes of ice were being poured down your whole body and making your lungs collapse. He tried to hide the fact he was so cold since Ian looked to be completely fine with it. He cupped his hands and breathed in, letting his hands feel the warmth of it and feeling a little bit better.

"Man, times like this makes me miss smoking." He said, really fucking missing that nicotine taste and that burn when it hit his lungs.

He didn't need to look at Ian, but he could see him nod at his statement. They walked once more in silence and it seemed like forever that they did that, he grabbed Ian's hand softly and pulled back. Ian finally looking Mickey in the face "Look, man, I don't know what the fuck is going on, and don't get me wrong I am fucking happy you are willing to even talk to me again...but I really need to know where we are going or what is going on. I have to be somewhere at 8, and I really can't afford to miss it, so will you please just tell me" Mickey never begged, hell he never asked anyone for anything, except Ian to wait for him, and look how that fucking turned out, but he found himself needing to beg Ian or

at least ask him in a nice way what was going on or where they were going.

Ian sighed but nodded in understanding. "I hit a few rock bottoms when you were in jail." Ian looked away, and Mickey could tell that he was uncomfortable with talking about this. He shrugged as if it was nothing "I just needed to get away from it all, from the fucking stares I would get when I went off the handle or when my depression would get really

bad. No one liked to talk about it, not my family nor Caleb...listen, I was an asshole to you last night and I didn't mean to be. I wanted to show you where I would go, I think you could use a place like that too." Ian looked down, shifting in his place as if he was once again not comfortable with this whole topic, but he looked to be a little bit more at ease finally meeting Mickey's stunned expression.

"So, where is this place man?" Mickey didn't really want to say what he truly wanted to say, mainly because it would sound cheesy as fuck, but instead he decided best to go along with it.

Ian sighed in relief and nodded his head towards the direction they had been going.

Mickey hadn't been expecting much, he was just picturing something small or Ian-like, but when Ian opened the door to this weird looking shack, he was shocked by the inside. From the outside, this place looked like a shit-show, but once inside his mouth instantly hung open. There were drawings all over, ones that were of strangers and others were of his family, he even had one of Mandy. His smile appeared by accident when he looked at the one of himself, Ian looked to be a little embarrassed, but Mickey didn't care.

He continued staring in awe, this whole place had not only drawings but weird statues throughout that were actually pretty awesome.

"You made these?" Mickey said, still staring in shock.

"Yeah, sometimes the best thing you can do when you are having an episode is to try and be inspired by something or someone, you know?" He didn't allow Mickey to answer "This place really did save me"

Mickey stared back and forth between the paintings and Ian.

"Caleb taught me how to make the statue..." Ian stopped talking when he saw Mickey's smile disappear at the sound of Caleb's name.

"They are really good, Ian," Mickey admitted because he didn't really want to hear any more of how amazing Caleb was.

"Thanks, you're welcome to use it if you ever need to," Ian said shrugging as if it was not a big deal.

Mickey nodded a thank you but wasn't sure how else to respond. Mainly because it was awkward, he still was unsure if Ian being so nice was truly him wanting to be, that he had an ulterior motive, or if it was an episode that he himself wasn't even sure what was going on.

They stayed in silence, not uncomfortable but just silent, after a few more seconds Mickey said he really needed to go, he really didn't want to fuck it up with Fiona, he couldn't afford to do so.

"So where are you working at?"

Mickey turned his head quickly to look at Ian's face who had been staring intently in front of him at the road. He was scared that Ian knew and maybe that was why he was being so weirdly nice to him. Mickey shrugged "Eh, I really don't want to talk about that right now."

Ian chuckled, making Mickey feel a little squirmish, not from the chuckle but the way he felt at hearing that laugh again.

"What's so funny?"

"You've always been mysterious, Mickey, you don't have to be so closed off you know?" Ian admitted, putting a cigarette to his lips, but deciding against lighting it.

Mickey didn't need to respond to his question, mainly because he wasn't sure what to say or how he could go around that.

Before long, they were a few feet from Mickey's house. "Hey, I wanted to ask you...I have this thing, kind of like a party for my job, would you like to go?"

Mickey stared at Ian as they stopped mid-walk and now Ian was turning to look at Mickey. 'Damn he had grown a few inches, or at least it felt like it since the last time he had seen him. His jaw line made Mickey's heart start to beat faster and Jesus Christ the way he looked at Mickey right now could make any man go crazy. He hadn't realized that he had been staring at Ian so intently when he heard a "Mick, did you hear me?"

Mickey nodded as if he really had heard him and said: "Sure, that sounds good."

They said their goodbyes and Mickey closed his eyes as he shut the door behind him, feeling like an idiot teenage girl with a little cutesy crush. He felt stupid, especially because Mandy was now staring at him with a huge fucking grin on her face. He flipped her off and walked away, walking to his bedroom door and shutting it quietly behind him and smiling once more, but quickly stopping realizing he said 'sure' to something he wasn't even sure what it was. How the fuck was he supposed to go somewhere without Fiona finding out? He closed his eyes, this time from panic. How could he have told Ian no, though? This was definitely not good.

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