This work is a collection of one-shots of various members of everyone's favorite space explorers meeting potential romantic interests for the first time. This was really just me practicing writing different types of characters, but I thought it would be fun share. As of right now, it will just be Chekov, Sulu, Scotty, and Kirk since I sort of already did thisbwith Bones in Just Like Jesse James and I'm leaving the canon Spock/Uhura pairing in place.

First Meeting: Chekov

It had been six months since the destruction of Vulcan and the battle with the Narada, and three weeks since the start of the new Starfleet Academy school year. The crew of the Enterprise were assigned housing on the Academy campus, and those who still had classes to take were trying to pick up where they left off.

Ensign Pavel Chekov was no exception. This was the last semester before he was officially graduated. However, as he passed numerous other cadets rushing to their classes, he was not going to one of his own classes. With his numerous PADDs under his arm and in his heavy backpack, he was taking one of his free hours to head to Commander Leia's Intermediate Stellar Cartography class. The Endorian approached Pavel two weeks ago about giving a presentation on the term project the Russian had done for the class a year and a half ago. The small teddy-bear looking commander said that she thought it would be a good example for her class as they were all working on their projects now and would give her cadets a benchmark to strive for.

He arrived fifteen minutes before the class was to start, giving him plenty of time for him to set up his presentation.

"Many thanks for doing this for me, Ensign," Leia said.

"Eet ees no problem, Commander," Pavel replied. "I am happy to help." Students began to file in, several giving the seventeen-year-old questioning looks as they passed.

"Ensign, a small number of seats in the back have not been assigned to students," Leia said. "Would you like to be seated before class?"

"Of course, ma'am," Pavel replied with a nod, taking the hint. He grabbed his backpack and took a seat at the back of the room. Immediately, the girl in one seat up and one row over turned in her seat to flirt with him, in spite of the fact that she was a least four years older than he was.

"Just added the class, Cadet Cutie?" she asked with was supposed to a seductive smile.

Pavel shook his head. "I haff already taken zis class."

The blonde's bright smile faded slightly in confusion. "Retaking it, then?" she asked, sounding slightly hopeful.

"Nyet. I passed zis class a year and a half ago wiz flying colors," he said. "Commander Leia ees a vonderful eestructor."

She sent him a incredulous look just as the bell ran to start class.

"Good afternoon, class," Commander Leia greeted from where she stood on a chair so the class could see her over the podium, which had been shorten as much as possible in an attempt to make small enough for the child-sized instructor. "It is my hope that you did not comsume so much at your mid-day meal that you should fall asleep in class." She smiled knowingly around the room as low chuckles and giggles broke out amongst the student. "It would be a great shame, for I have made arrangements for a treat for you today. After our quiz, Ensign Chekov, previous student of this class-"

Just then, a knock at the door interrupted her. The door opened, and a hover-chair bound Admiral Pike entered, closely followed by a young cadet with chestnut brown hair. She looked about Pavel's age.

She entered shyly, tugging nervously on the skirt of her uniform. Vhy did zey make zee female uniforms so short? Pavel wondered. Zey don't necessarily look bad, but eef a girl ees uncorfortable een eet...

"This is Cadet Owens," Amiral Pike said, handing Commander Leia a file. "I have authorized her to join your class, Commander Leia."

The Endorian glanced through the first page or two of the file and nodded. "It all appears to be in order," she said. "Cadet, you may take a seat in the back with Ensign Chekov."

The girl nodded and glanced back at Pike. "Go on, Cadet," he encouraged with a wave of his hand. "Sorry to interrupt, Commander. As you were." He turned and left the room. Keeping her head down, the girl made her way to the back of the room and hesitantly slid into the seat beside Pavel.

"Hi, I'm Pavel," he whispered with a smile. Her brown eyes flicked up to his blue-green ones for a moment before lowering shyly again. "M-Millie," she whispered back. Hmm, Millie...Unusual name...

"As I was saying," Leia said. "Ensign Chekov, a previous student of this class, has agreed to present the term project he completed for this class three semesters ago."

Several student turned to gaze at Pavel in amazement, and a low murmur broke out.

"That is enough," Leia commented, bringing the class' attention back to herself. "You will have ample time to stare at him when he gives his presentation. Please, prepare for a quiz. Except for you, Miss Owens; I will excuse you for today since you are new."

The girl nodded, took out her PADD and stylus, laid them neatly in her desk, and waited silently, giving Pavel a chance to really look at her.

Her red-brown hair was pinned up in a odd way: the front section from each side was rolled up and away from her face and the rest was pinned in a knot at the base of her head. Her make-up was odd too. A thin line of black edged her long dark lashes and winged out at the outer corner. That was not terribly usual, but most girls wore more eye make-up than just a little eye liner. Her lips were tinted red, just a few shades lighter than her uniform. That was not strange either, but he had not seen girl wear red lipstick to class. Clubs and bars out on the town, sure, but not class. It all looked...old-fashioned, somehow. Like the way girls did themselves up decades ago or something. In fact, everything about her, the way she held herself, her choice of a antique leather satchel for her school bag, her appearance, all seemed to say that she was from a time when things were different. Pavel could not place it, but he was sure he had seen girls that her before, though where, he had no idea. He could not remember ever meeting a girl like her.

Despite it all, he decided that he thought it suited her somehow.

Where are you from? he wrote on his PADD in a blank document and showed her.

She paused for a moment, then, picking up her stylus, wrote a reply on her own PADD. Originally Devenshire, England, but I have lived most of my life Montana.

Isn't that what they call the "Big Sky Country"?

Yes. A smiley face was added by the affirmative.


The sky looks quite, well, big there. Especially at night when it seems you can see every star in the galaxy.

Sounds lovely.

Where are you from, Ensign?

Village near St. Petersburg.

As in Russia?


What is like there?

"Ensign Chekov? Are you ready?" Commander Leia asked.

"Da, I mean, yes, Commander." Pavel answered. Grabbing his PADD, he made his way to the front.

As he gave his presentation, he saw some students watching with thin-veiled disinterest. Some openly doodled in their PADDs or slept, but some listened politely, taking notes here and there. He glanced to back. To his surprise, he found Millie gazing at the example of star mapping he was using to illustrate a point in utter fascination and taking notes, almost ferverishly.

He finished his presentation, and slipped to back to grab his backpack.

"Thank you, Ensign. Just as flawless as when you first gave it."

He blushed slightly at the compliment. "Zank you, Commander." He looked down at Millie and offered his hand. "Eet was nice to meet you, Meel-lee."

She flushed a rosy pink and smiled shyly as she took his hand. Blondie from before class glanced back at them out of the corner of her eye and rolled them with a shake of her head.

"Nice to meet you too, Ensign Chekov." Millie smiled and shook his hand. "Your lecture was the bee's knees!," she added, her eyes wide in enthusiasm.

"Zanks," he grinned, hoping that was a compliment. "See you around." As he slipped out of the classroom and headed back to his room, he let out a sigh. Who knew how pretty a girl's brown eyes could be when zey were all sparkling and glowing wiz fascination and awe for an old presentation on methods of star mapping? he thought. Who knew zere were girls who are as fascinated with star charts as I am?

Hmm...sounds like a potential time traveler, huh? ;)

If anyone was wondering, I based Commander Leia on Ewoks of Endor from Star Wars, figuring that in a few decades they might be naming their descendents after their Battle of Endor comrades.