Love or Loss?

Serena, Bonnie and Clemont were watching Ash train his Pokemon hard for his next Kalos gym badge. "Come on pikachu use thunderbolt, and frogadier counter it with water-pulse!" the explosion covered the area with smoke and after it cleared Ash found pikachu and frogadier lying on the ground from sheer exhaustion. " Come on guys? Are you tired alredy?" " Umm Ash you've been training for nearly four hours with no breaks" Clemont pionted out while gestering to all of Ash's other unconcious ppokemon

" I guess we should take a break now..." he walked off with a frustrated look on his face. " I'm gonna brb" called Serena as she started to walk away. She found Ash further down the path sitting on a rock

"Hey Ash? I know exactly how you feel , it's just like when Pancham and Braixen sometimes don't get the routine don't worry you'll get them all trained for the gym battle before you know it" "Serena, you have no idea what I'm feeling so just go away, bug off I need time alone" Serena ran off tears welling up in her eyes while Ash sat there not noticing how mean he had been, he was to busy thinking of a new way to train his pokemon.