Jesse Wilson: Is the main character and the protagonist, she is starting her career as a model, but soon there will be 2 events on her life that will change all of her plans.

Aaron Daniels: He is the deuteragonist of the series and Jesse's boyfriend, he wants to start a career as a famous basketball player.

Jennifer Winston: Jesse and Jenny are friends since kinder garden, she has brown eyes and long brown hair, she is really pretty and it's not afraid to say what she thinks.

Lucy Winston: She is Jenny's older sister, she is a popular girl in her school and doesn't like to spend too much time with Jenny.

Annie Wilson: She is like a smaller version of her older sister Jesse. She is really smart, nice and pretty.

Mary Ulvaeus: A nice and kind girl, one of Jesse's best friends.

Joseph Barton: He is a really nice guy he has brown hair and is tall. We met on a party, he is a geek too.

Harrison Montheit: He is my best friend we met in kinder garden too. He has black hair and he also has hidden tattoos.

Hugh Marsh: Aaron's best friend, he also aspires to be a famous basketball player.

Blake Corman: Blake is the shy guy from the group, he doesn't too much just with his best friend Michael.

Michael Grendest: Michael is Blake's best friend. Michael is always talking to the rest of the group and tries to keep everything on a good mood.

Maddison Roves: She is the Athletic girl from the group, she is blonde, nice and she loves books and she is a lesbian.

Ben Garfield, Ronny O'Donnel and Christine Hutchison: Aaron's best friends that also went to the McKinley Festival.

Betty Jeisler: She is the geek girl from the group, she wears glasses and is always talking about super heroes and movies.

Elizabeth Muñoz: She is Spanish and a joker in the group.

Liz Franco: A girl that went to the McKinley Festival with her family.

Carol McCormitt: She is Jesse's best friend.

Vera and Jimmy Cloyd: A mother and kid that went to the Mckinley Festival.

Anna Marie Wilson: She is Jesse and Annie's mother.

Mr. Wilson: Mr Wilson died in a hotel explosion in 2006.

Alexa and Fred Michaels: Fred is a really tall and handsome guy with a big excitement for horror movies and with several tattoos, Alexa is the main cheerleader of the football team and just keeps with her friends


Wednesday, January 13 2009

Springfield, Mckinley

"Hey Jesse come on"

I heard my sister Annie screaming at me. I stopped to look at a poster for the movie we are about to see "Love Lays Dying" an action packed movie with some romance too.

I'm going with my Sister Annie, and Some friends. Alexa, Harrison, Betty, Joseph and my best friend Carol.

We entered to the mall it was big it had like 3 floors, the movie started at 3:00 pm so we had time to wander around.

"Let's go eat i'm starving!" Harry my best friend said to us, we all agreed and went to the floor upstairs

Carol: "Guys i can't believe we are finally going to watch "Love Lays Dying"! "Nancy Redkins is going to appear! she is the best!"

Betty: "Yeah Carol we know you're excited but calm down".

Joseph: "Hey they also just announced "Military Combat 3D" to be screening on 2015"

Jesse: "What 2015? we are in 2009"

Joseph: "Yeah i know but i love Military/Action movies"

Annie: "Hey Alex put the phone down you are going to hit someone"

Harry: "Yeah! put it down and talk to us"

Alexa: "Yeah.. Yeah ok"

We arrived to the 3rd floor

Jesse: "So what would you like to ea- OU"

Jesse accidentaly hits a woman and knocks her things, she had some books and papers

Jesse: "I'm sorry... "Patti Fuller?" (One paper said her name)

Patti: "Yeah... thank you... hey...-do i know you?"

Jesse: "Oh yes probably... i'm i- i'm a model"

Patti: "...No it wasn't for that..."

Harry: "Jesse Come on"

Jesse: "Sorry... Have to go..."

Patti: "Yeah...Thank you anyway"

Jesse: "You're welcome"

They arrive to the mall's food section, they sit and talk with each other.

Alexa: "Let's get some burguers guys"

Carol: "Cool yeah who else?"

Harry: "I want pizza"

Alexa: "Well i want a burguer so.. no"

Harry: "Ok..."

While they eat burguers from "Burned and Cooked" they sit and start playing True or Dare.

Betty: "Jesse... So you seriously like Aaron Daniels!?"

Jesse: "... Yes!... Oh god this is freaking... embarrasing!"

Alexa: "Wait..."The Aaron Daniels" the best basketball player at school!?"

Jesse: "Yes... that "Aaron Daniels" "

Alex: "Wow... i thought you liked Harry."

Harry: "huh? what me? i'm already friendzoned so cockblocked"

Jesse: "Hey my sister is here"

Harry "Your sister broke my heart she's a bitch"

They all laugh, Carol accidentaly dropped her soda on her jeans she turns her head and sees a platform being carried by a chain to a construction through a glass in the mall.

Betty: "I know you can get Aaron Jesse!"

Jesse: "You sure?"

Betty: "Of course! you are a really pretty and smart girl!"

Annie "I agree sister!"

Jesse: "Well i have to tell you something guys.."

Carol: "What is it?"

Jesse: "I'm already dating him..." (She blushes)

Alexa: "No fucking way... you are already dating Aaron!? why i don't get any!?"

Joseph: "You really want to know why?"

Alexa: "Hahaha"

Betty: "Well you make a really cute pair"

Jesse: "Thank you Beth"

Jesse looks up to a tv, while the rest keep playing and Carol went to the bathroom to clean herself.

"The Mckinley Speedway will be in re-constructions in June, the speedway is partially destroyed after a massive car crash, luckily the man "Nick O' Bannon" managed to save some people, but have died in mysterious, bloody and bizarre ways just like in previews disasters like the ones from "The Coral Clipper" involving "Sherry Pulanski" the bombings of a train in Los Angeles involving "Patti Fuller" and of course how to forget the explosion of Flight 180 involving "Alex Browning"

Jesse: "Patti...Fuller.. it was that woman..."

Alexa: "Come on guys let's walk around"

Annie: "I want some ice cream"

Betty: "Me too"

After buying the ice creams, they start looking around the mall and talking about their lifes, Jesse kept looking around.

In a Store

"Sales to the 80% try it now this could be a great chance!"

"Abigail "Cabernet" Foster's new book! : "Manipulated By Death" In this book i share my best friend Sherry Pulanski tragic life after she had a vision involving the incident in the "Coral Clipper Yacht"

Carol: "Jesse are you ok?"

Jesse: "Yeah"

Carol: "So come on join us!"

We entered a toy store, "Kimberly's Toy Chest!".

Carol was talking to me about a guy trying to flirt with her in school, behind her it was a man flying a Helicopter that almost blew her ear and also distracted me.

Betty went to the comic figures section she started looking at the "Guts" comic about zombies, the figure she wanted to buy had a zombie with his guts out and a man with a revolver blowing his brain.

Joseph looked at a "Bricks!" set for his brother about a construction, but the front of the box was bad printed you could see a drawing of a wrecking ball on top of a car, so he chose a better one.

"Guys we are going to the front store" Jesse yelled to her friends

Her friends ignored her

Jesse went out with Carol to a clothes store.

Jesse sees again the man controlling the Helicopter and pricks a brown haired girl then a racing car with a 6 on it distracts a red haired girl.

Carol: "So this guy was like: come on Carol... you have to go out with me I can invite you to this race it's awesome as fuck! And of course I tell him that he could go fuck someone else I'd rather die than go out with this dude"

Jesse: "A Race?"

Carol: "Yeah at the McKinley speedway...why?"

Jesse: "...There was a crash... a lot of people died that day..."

Carol: "Ha i'm really lucky then! come on let's enter this store"

They enter the store "Hey Jesse I think this looks awesome for you!" Carol said

It was a black t-shirt with an explosion on the back and it said "What you looking at sucker?!"

"I like it " Jesse said

"18.00 dollars... I can buy this for you if you want"

"Oh come on"

"No don't come with the "Oh you don't have to" I will buy it...for your birthday"

"My birthday was in February"

"Yeah but I mean next year"

"Well if you want to"

Back in the toy store

Harry is with Betty looking at comic book figures,

Beth: "So this is magma she burned Captain O'Bannon in Volume 290: No Going Bac-" Betty was saying to Harry

"Bullshit I don't care... can we go find Jesse and Carol to buy the tickets" Alexa dropped the figure and said to Beth and Harry

Harry: "Ok then... I think she went to a clothes store"

"Fuck it ... I'll be buying the Zombie figure!" Betty said

"Wait... Annie!" Harry yelled

"Oh! I'm going ... Oh shoot... I'm sorry sir" Annie said after she hit a man

"Oh don't worry sweetheart you must be more careful and see where are you standing"

"Yeah, thanks"

The man was African-American and was wearing black...a black trench coat, shoes and a hat and he also had white hair.

Jesse and Carol reunited with their friends and went to the Tagert Theatres in the 2nd floor.

While they are on the electric stairs, Jesse looks around her.

"The Red Ride Park will be opening the next month!"

"In May 13 there will be a ceremony for the incidents in the Flight 180 disaster, The Route 23 Pile-up and the accident of the yacht "Coral Clipper"

And on a TV...

"George Lanter, security guard of the Mckinley Speedway just died when an ambulance hit him as well Jonathan Groves, Groves who died when a bathtub fell from a floor to his room crushing the poor man.

In posters...

"Love Lays Dying screening today! Don't miss your chance and see the long awaited movie! You won't regret it!"

Carol: "Hey Jesse, stop looking around you are not listening to us"

Jesse: "Oh yeah... i was distracted"

When I was walking towards the theatres, I saw a man with a T-shirt that says "Do you know where are you standing? You are in a private place"

Then I saw a woman with a news paper it said: "It's still unknown what happened to Pam Smith and Officer Craig Perry who died in Joe's Hardware store, but apparently Ms. Smith was a victim of Flight 180... we are researching more."

"Umm 7 seven tickets for "Love Lays Dying" please " Harry said to the man

"Shure that would be 49 dollars.."

"49 DOLLARS!? SERIOUSLY!?" Alexa surprisingly said

"Calm down Alex... here" Jesse gave the money to the man

"Thanks... it's theatre: 8"

"Thank you... now come on"

They get in and buy the tickets and food.

"Guys get me some... "Slushee" I'll be going to the bathroom" Alexa said to the group

"Shure" Joseph said to her

Joseph went to the soda machine and picked Alexa's soda.

"So... there's , Pepsi... Clear Rivers Water, Ash 7... And... I think I'll go with water " Joseph was thinking.

Annie: "Are you seriously drinking water?"

Joseph: "Huh i don't know"

Annie: "I want some Slushee"

"Ok i have everything!" Harry yelled to the rest

"I have candy! it's spicy!" Carol said too

They all entered the movie theatre and sat on their respective seats.

The movie was about to start: New line cinema presents with Warner Bros... David R. Ellis and James Wong present...: "Love Lays Dying".

The theatre is under constructions for more theatres. The construction workers at the site had gone to break, leaving their equipment behind. The tarp that was used to shade the site had blown open, letting sunlight in. A worker left his safety glasses on a table, and the sunlight refracted through the lenses onto a pile of sawdust. The tarp continued to be blown by the wind, until it slid off and caressed over the giant fan in the room. One of the rings used to hold to tarp up had caught the switch of the fan, turning it on and it blew a wheeled cart with gasoline tanks and supplies on it across the room.

"Oh God they have to get out! it's gonna blow" Carol Said

"Fuck...Fuck they are going to die..." Harry said whispering

Betty: " ok? you look so intense"

Jesse: "Yeah i'm fine"

Jesse was watching the movie scared, she didn't knew why...the movie wans't even scary she was worried but she didn't knew why was she feeling that way. She looked to her sister, Annie who was paying all of her attention to the movie and didn't looked around, so was her friends.


"...Harry...what is it?" Jesse Whispered

"I didn't called you"

"Guys please silence! the bridge is about to explode" Alexa whispered

Suddenly a strange wind-force touches Jesse.

"...Annie... did you touched me?"


"I- i swear i felt something... touching me!"

"Jesse please!" Annie tried to calm Jesse

"Jesse it's okay..." Betty said

A Man comes into the theatre and starts yelling:


"FUCK OFF MAN SHE DIED!" A man in the back yelled

The man left the theatre and continued looking for that woman.

"...Carol...Carol that man appeared on the news... in the disaster at the Mckinley Speedway..."

"Jesse come on you are bothering the others please... let's just watch the movie... everything is fine... stop thinking about those accidents...ok" Carol said to Jesse as she tried to calm her.


In the constructions site... a cart rolled over some cables, and this bump caused a gasoline tank without a lid on to fall over, pouring gasoline on the floor as the cart rolled further. Eventually, the pile of sawdust caught fire, and the fire followed the trail of gasoline to some tanks of highly combustible fluids.


"What the-!?"

"Jesse!" Alex screamed

"Just watch the fucking movie! Jesse come on!" Alex screamed again to Jesse

Jesse turn her head to the scream and a man in the movie said:



A massive explosion suddenly initiated in Theatre 13, a worker from the theatres rushes and informs everyone about the explosion, Jesse took Annie's hand and went right to the exit. Everyone was running through the exit to the Theatre's hallway but Jesse fell so Beth, Alex and Carol went after her to help, Harry then comes and helps Jesse up.

But the explosion continues, the theatre explode and it manages to burn and kill Carol, Betty and Alex on the explosion.


Before the fire could get us, we were running right towards the stairs, as the fire rises more the floor starts collapsing. The floor collapses and it drags down Harry and Joseph, Harry pushed me so I didn't fell with them.

It was just my and Annie it was my responsibility to get her to safety but another explosion initiated and manages to launch through the air a piece of metal that dismembers Annie through her stomach.

"AAAAH! NOOOOOOOOOO! " Jesse screamed after witnessing her sister's death, she tried to run away to the stairs but puked.

Jesse runs towards the electric stairs but witnesses the death of the man that went to the theatre moments before the explosion. The stairs were broken and a red haired girl was mutilated there, the man was in shock he didn't move so the machine also mutilated him.

"Cough...Cough...Ah..." She turns her head and sees a game store there was a "Guts" themed game that said "DON'T RUN AWAY! It's your turn!"

The floor started to collapse and right when Jesse noticed she started running for her life with tears on her eyes, dirty of blood and vomit . The floor collapsed right where she was standing Jesse closed her eyes and fell to right to her death. Jesse fell in to the ground then a gigantic pillar collapsed and crushed her.

"Oh god they have to get out!" Carol said in fear.


"JESSE WHAT!?" Alexa screamed at me

"We are here?!"

"WHAT!? OH MY ANNIE!" she hugged her

The others were starting to ask Jesse what's going on, Jesse freaked out and said to the others: "THERE WILL BE AN EXPLOSION! I FUCKING DIED YOU ALL DIED AND I SAW IT WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!




"Guys come on! we need to get Jesse out she needs to calm" Carol said to her group

They got up, Annie started asking to her sister what was happening Jesse hugged her and pull her up and left the theatre with her friends.

"GOD GUYS SERIOUSLY!"? A annoyed Alexa stated

"HURRY COME ON!" Jesse left the mall with her friends.

"Jesse I'll get you some water" Harry said

"I go with you... " Joseph followed him"

Carol: "Alexa cut it ok...!"

Alex: "Yeah we... were waiting this for so long and now you come up with this Jesse!? What the hell"

Carol: "Go to hell! She is my friend and you are not going to intimidate her!"

Betty: "Jess is something wrong?"

Jesse looked down and saw a broken chain, Jesse was ignoring Betty, Jesse looked up front and saw Carol arguing with Alex in front of the street there was a poster of "Love Lays Dying" but a bus stopped in front you could only see "Dying".

Alex: "You know what guys screw it! I'm going back!"





A Platform fell and completely crushed Carol, her guts and blood splatter on Jesse and Beth and all around them.