August 10 2013

Jesse Narrates:

4 years has passed since we evaded death, the last time i was almost killed was the day Annie was killed, the gas at Aaron's house was out and his tv had a short-circuit we were lucky to survive, real lucky.

Today is McKinley's Festival we are celebrating the year in were James McKinley fought with Olaf Anderson and defended the town of McKinley. That's a big event the streets are closed there are plazas with stands that sell McKinley themed souvenirs and also Jhonny Fischer is going to play at the festival my favorite singer.

All my friends we'll be going: "Harry, Betty, Alexa and her brother Fred, Joseph, Maddison, Michael, Blake and some friends of Aaron: "Ronny, Ben, Christine and his best friend Hugh" we will be meeting them when we arrive at the event.

I was ready to go but Aaron was late and I fell asleep, I suddenly wake up I felt something strange and it was Aaron who was waiting for me in his car with Betty, Mary, Fred, Alex and Harry, I left my house and got in the front seat with him, I saluted my friends and gave Aaron a kiss.

Alexa: "Hey guys let's take a picture!"

Harry: "Cool…¿do I look cute? Beth?"
Betty: "You look cute as always"

Aaron stops the car and waits for the light to get green, then everyone strikes funny poses.

Alexa: "Harry you jerk you look horrible…hahaha…oh Jesse"

Jesse: "What is it? "

Alexa: "You have red eyes in the picture"

Jesse: "¿What? … no way….oh…but I'm the only with red eyes…"

Alexa takes another picture but Jesse keeps appearing with red eyes in every picture or she appears blurry, Fred falls sleep with her sister and Beth and Harry play a game in Beth's phone. Aaron talks to Jesse about a basketball game but she wasn't listening she saw a sign in the street that said: "Try the new flavor of Slushee! BLUE BERRY! NOW! IT MIGHT BE YOUR LAST DAY ON EARTH!"

Jesse ignores it and turns on the radio.

"A Disaster occurred today at Vancouver, Canada when two trucks crashed and caused a collision at the highway that came with explosions and at least 13 people killed. Here is the report of a girl that survived the crash, "I was with my friends on our way to our school when it happened, we were almost impacted the explosion but my friend Mickey was able to save us…he was the one driving…"

That was young Abigail Matherson report on the accident more information will be-"

Aaron changes the radio channel and leaves it on a music channel


"I got a lot to say to you,

Yeah, I got a lot to say.

I noticed your eyes are always glued to me,

Keeping them here and it makes no sense at all.

Crush. Crush. Crush. Crush, crush.

2, 3, 4!"

Jesse suddenly feels a bit dizzy and stays asleep she then has a dream of a school exploding and several people dying and then sees a girl getting crushed by concrete.

Jesse: "AAH!"

Aaron: "Hey…Jesse what happened?..."

Jesse: "I don't know it was just a really bizarre dream…"

Aaron: "Come on we arrived to the FESTIVAL!"

Jesse: "Oh…"

Fred: "Finally!"


Harry: "Oh don't worry Jesse…"

Harry as a gentleman opens up Jesse's door and helps her get down, then Betty and Alex.

Aaron: "Oh thanks for helping my GIRLFRIEND out"

Harry: "Don't worry pal…that's why I'm here!"

They all laugh, Jesse closes the car door and accidently hits her finger and bleeds.

Jesse: "Crap.."

Aaron: "You okay hon?"

Jesse: :"Yes…this is not nothing…"

Aaron: Well…let''s go then…"

Aaron puts his arm on Jesse's shoulder and enters the festival, there were kids running everywhere with creepy masks, people dressed as James McKinley and with other funny customs, there were also stands with little souvenirs and also with exotic food, Aaron then sees the rest of the group and they go towards them, Jesse then watches some kids painting a sign of the festival that said:


DEATH'S Festival

End Of Chapter 7: "McKinley's Festival"