"We could begin this like every other story, the heroes and villains all fighting in an epic battle that would lead to one being the victor and the other the loser...

But for our tale... we must begin our story with brief passage from The Book Of Oum."

-When the Child opened the second seal, I heard the second Nephilim say, "Come!" Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.

Now behold, the Red Rider will come forth in a ball of fire, and His Wrath will be like the whirlwind, His anger like a great inferno, with fury that has no end. For the Red Rider will execute judgment by fire and by His sword on all flesh, And those slain by the Red Rider will be many for none will know peace without the taste of war.-

Chapter 36 verse 10-16, Book Of Oum.

"War the Red Rider, Conquest the White Rider, Plague the Black Rider, and Death the Pale Rider.

But our story isn't about the four... it is about the one cast down to mortal plane. Born into mortal flesh. To know weakness and pain, to bare the scars that had once held the stars.

War has been changed Eons Ago for treason for starting the great War that had end long ago... for many to reborn by his brother's actions. And now... he must live his mortal life as punishment.

Thus is the story of Jaune Philíp Arc. The reincarnation of War."

"This should be a good laugh." Laughed a man with a skull bone mask as he looked over to his brother and sister as they looked down at their younger brother living his mortal life. Earning chuckles from the other two.


As a blond haired boy felt to his knees before his burning home, the loss of his mother, his father, even his sisters. Jaune Arc felt so helpless, like nothing he could do would mean anything now.

"Mama, Papa, Sarah, Clair, Catherine, Tiffany, Stephany, Alice, Kaicy..." The sixteen year old boy said in sorrow as he saw the chard remains of his loved ones. "Oh god... why..."

It was here when something snapped within the poor lad's soul.

Letting out a roaring of despair, as he unlocked what had been once thought impossible for him to unlucky in his human form.

Unlike the tales of the silver eyed warriors. His eyes burned a fury that was only seen amount a group of four. A group so ominous and so powerful only Oum himself ever stood on equal footing. He had eyes like burning coals and hot iron.

Though for the briefest of moments, a Winged demon knelt where he fell to his knees letting out a blood curtailing howl unlike world has ever seen or heard.

falling to the ground in an unconcensus heap, he would awake with memories that were not his own.

-few days later-

Jaune awoke in a hospital bed, he remembered everything both as Jaune Arc and as one of the many Nephilim offspring of Lilith and Lucifer. Even the thoughts of his family... the Arc family and his brothers and sister of his other life.

'So this is what I have become... is this my punishment for my just deeds to rectify those that cast blamed onto me? This is cruel even by my standards.' Jaune or War thought to himself as he looked down at his missing arm. Which was ironic as it was the same arm death had lopped off eons ago before he had the lumbering enchanted prosthetic arm that later replaced it.

"Ah! Mr. Arc, you're awake." The doctor said as he walked in seeing the boy had just awoken.

"How long was I asleep." Jaune said more as a statement than a question.

"A full week I'm afraid, Mr. Arc. What I am about to tell is very important and troubling news."

"I know... my family is gone. No need to tell me something I had seen with my own eyes." He said his mind reflected on the joyful moments he had with his parents and sisters. But he found it difficult to let go of the pain.

"I'm sorry. I wi-"

"Can I ask you something doctor?" Jaune asked cutting the man off.

"You already did, but you may." The man said in attempt to humour the boy.

"Is it possible to get a prosthetic, not one of the non-mechanical. I want something I bit more... much more robust than those ones."

"Well it is possible... but it will cost a lot of lein to purchase one, I-"

"Doctor, I know it will cost a small fortune. But with what I will get from my parents Wills. I believe I could cover what I need." Jaune said as he rubbed the nub where his shoulder should have been. "I would like to customize the item as well."

"very well. But come back after your parents wills have been settled."

-time skip-

Jaune was depressed. He stood at the nine grave stones of Charles Arc 45 beloved Husband and Father, Sonja Arc nee Seraphim 42 beloved Wife and Mother, Sarah Arc 25 Dearest Daughter and Sister, Clair Arc 23 wisest of Daughters and sisters , Catherine Arc 21 bravest daughter and sister, Tiffany and Stephany Arc both 19 twin Daughters and sisters, Alice Arc 18 trickster of the family always made everyone smile, Kaicy Arc 4 the youngest of eight; taken before she had a chance to shine.

"Brothers... sister, if you can hear me please fairy these innocent soul to the pure lands, they do not deserve the agony of the Phantom World or the Pit. ... I beg you... do this for me." Jaune beg as wore a jacket that had a sleeve tied off in a knot, he sat kneeling before the nine graves. His answer came when a raven sat upon his father's tombstone.

Caw, Caw!

Jaune looked at the bird as a disrespect from on high, until he took notice of the Ravens eyes. Unlike the normal raven's black and Nevermore's red. These eyes were ghostly green in color, even its black feathers had a greenish tint to them.

"Dust, it has been far too long." Jaune sat as he reached out with his remaining arm, stroking the feathers of his elder brother's familiar.

Caw Caw!

He watched as nine ghostly green orbs floated around the bird. Before Dust flew off with the nine following close behind.

"..." Jaune had no way to say how greatful he was for his other family to escort his mortal one to the new realm, thought he soon felt three phantom presences appear behind him, he didn't turn around as he knew his mortal form would not live if he had.

the first felt like a gentle hug, the sent of willow and pine. And the feminine arms told him it was his former sister giving comfort for his lost.

The second was felt like a few hard pats on the back, the smell of gun powder and cedar. which he took for his former big brother.

the final one as a strong grip of his shoulder, he felt the chill of death creep into him, the smell of decay and yew. Told him exactly who was behind him.

"Do not grieve. I will personally see to it they pass into the pure lands, just as i will see to it you will once again rejoin us. You have my word." Came a rough voice, it was also kind to an extent. But War could tell Death was showing his rare moments of sympathy. Until he felt something draped around his shoulders. "Be strong, this world will need you. Not as the rider of its destruction, but as its guardian."

"Take care brother, remember we always watching if you truly need help we will send what we can." Came a soft sultry voice he knew was Plague. "I hope you enjoy the gift I have given you."

"Don't cause to much trouble bro. We have other worlds to look after. But if you need us. Just use the call. Eh bro?" Came a juvenile and yet cynical voice of only one person he knew was like that, Conquest. He could keep a chuckle escaping from his lips.

"Goodbye brother." The three said before leaving.

Looking down, jaune noticed the short red cloak he had once worn. Turing his gaze skyward he saw three shooting stars against the twilight sky; white, deep purple, and a pale green. Standing and turning around Jaune left the Graves of his family on the hill where his family home once sat. In his mourning he would soon see that this happened for a reason.

-time skip 2 years later-

Jaune sat in a bar, Junior's to be accurate. He had long since settled his parents wills. Even some of his sisters that had good businesses. But since he was the lone Arc alive. He was left with everything. little more than 3 million lien. And even after the cost of his new arm. Which was much like his Original arm, the Arm of War. He upgraded it to have a few features.

One was that the Hand and Wrist where attached to a cable that acted like a grappling hook when shot. Each finger were razor sharp. A shifting mechanism that transformed his arm into a tri-barrel gun. The first barrel is a standard .45 pistol, second a 5.7x28mm, the last was .50 caliber high impact rifle. the first two can be single shot action or full automatic.

It also helped that he used Gravity Dust to build up his physic, he wasn't a a skinny kid any more, he was much closer to his old form, but instead of the overly build upper body, Jaune's new body was more a kinned to a professional athlete. He was not only fast but also nimble for his size.

As he stood 6'9 compare to his 10'0 horseman form. He was easily the tallest of his age, not that he assumed he was, it was a proven fact.

He was upset that his family's sword was destroyed in the fire, but he crated a new one from the the remains of Crocea Mors, while adding more metal he forged a sword with a long and wider blade. Using the sword steel of Crocea Mors as the core, and forged around it the outer layer blade steel.

In the end the sword was 4.5 feet in length and 1.5 foot in width. He renamed the blade Choaseater after his original blade.

But right now he was enjoying a nice drink. 17 year old Scotch, no ice. He came to enjoy the drink as he listened to the loud beat of the music, but when the music shifted, he couldn't help but lift his gaze from his drink to the blond that rolled in, it was as if the music was made just for her. Her long blond hair like golden flames, her lilac eyes a pale shaded Sapphires looking onto his pupililess Sapphire. But her gaze only lingered for a moment before she headed towards the bar.

Turning back to his drink, Jaune downed the last bit. He felt an on coming storm. A storm his ancient soul knew all too well. A war... conflict... battle.

'I guess I'm going to enjoy this evening.' Jaune thought with a smirk as he watched Junior being sent across the room with a shotgun powered fist. '... if I was to be reborn a woman... she would be it.'

Reaching over the counter, Jaune poured himself yet another glass of Scotch, downing that before he leapt into the fry with the blonde bombshell.

"You must enjoy music, Miss." Jaune said as he backhanded three of junior's men with a single hit. "Care for a dance?"

Seeing the hooded man's gesture towards the remaining thugs, the young woman gave a snorting laugh before nodding.

-Moondance by nightwish-

Jaune felt his blood boil with excitement as he and his dance partner fought the 20 or so thugs.

He didn't even bother to unsheath his sword as he fought, and only used the Arm of War's .45 concussion rounds. Which was similar to the woman's shotgun gauntlets.

"You two are going to pay for that." Jr. Said as he glared at the duo.

"After you, my dear." Jaune said bowing toward Jr, showing his temporary parter their corse of action.

"My what a gentleman." The blond said with a playful grin as she and Jaune shot down the rockets from Jr's missile-bat.

While Jaune and Jr. Locked their weapons together, the busy blond took on the twins that worked for frowned when he noticed that junior couldn't pushed Chaoseater back while Jaune applied little force behind the blade.

"You are begining to bore me." Jaune said as he thrusted his sword forward place junior off balance, before Jaune spun around and slammed the flat edge of his blade breaking junior's missile bat and sending the man flying into one of his glass pillars.

Walking out the back, Jaune had left the blond to enjoy her fun... until he heard a nasty explosion from the front of the club.

'Almost glad I wasn't there.' He thought to himself as he mounted his motorcycle, a custom Fenrir motorcycle done in black with deep red highlights, and a horse shape head on the front with its eyes as red headlights. And on long the side of the bike had -RUIN- done in bright gold with Jaune's crescent Moon/Omega mark on the rear of the bike. "Best get out of hear be the cops show up."

And with that Jaune rode out of there as fast as Ruin could take him.

-a week later-

Jaune had the most bizarre meeting he had in a long time just a few days after his little number with the blond girl at the club, which lead him to get a visit from Ozkar Ozpin. The headmaster of Beacon Academy, for hunters and huntresses. Now he was driving his was to the Academy, instead of taking the bulkhead.

Like he would ever get on one, even if he was War the Red Rider. He still suffered from motion sickness... and he hated flying.

"This is going to be long four years." He said as he rounded the last turn before pulling up at the Academy docking Bay.

As he walked towards the group of new comers he saw a glimpse of blond hair.

"Maybe this won't be so bad." He said to himself as he noticed he dancing partner, but his attention quickly switched to the loud explosion. "What.. the.. fuck."

Looking over the scene, Jaune noticed a crabby grill with white hair that would make his former sister Plague seem like a goody-two-shoes. Which to him was creepy at best. But the other girl in question wore his favorite color but wielded a weapon his own brother would envy.

'Death... you trade you soul to have this weapon.' Jaune said with mild amusement before the girl in white and the other one in black walked off. 'Me and my heart of gold.'

"Hey, the name is... Jaune." He said contemplating if he should introduce himself as Jaune or as War, settled for Jaune as offering the tiny girl a hand, a hand which was thrice the size of her own.

"Ruby." She said somewhat intimidated by his overall size.

As the two walked the courtyard, Jaune told of his miniature adventures he had before coming to Vale. Also teasing the poor girl over the fact she blew up on her first day at school.

"It's so hard trying to talk to people." Ruby said angrily as she was didn't mean to trip over the white haired girl's; who was named Wiess, luggage.

"Don't worry. strangers are just friends you haven't met yet." Jaune said with a sad smile, remembering what his mother had always told him back when he went to normal school, but now was glad he was able to pass on such wise words on to someone else.

"Yeah, thanks. So... I got this thing." She said as she had Cresent Rose transform and dug into the courtyard grounds.

"Scythe with high impact sniper. Nice." Jaune said with a smirk which made the girls eyes widen with glee.

"Yep! So what do you have?" Ruby asked looking at the overly large sword on his back.

"I have this sword..." Jaune said swing Chaoseater off his back and stabbing into the ground in front of him, and engaged his mechanism. "And this."

"Ooooooh!" For a small moment Jaune swore he saw the same look in her eyes as a Marker had when they saw some new technology or craft. "What does it do?"

"The hand and Wrist are attached to a carbon nano-tube cable, which actually as a grappling hook." He said as he shot his mecha hand across the field grabbing a rose from a rose bush before he retracted the cable and brought his hand back and offered Ruby a rose. "And it also has these."

Shifting the hand back, Ruby watched as three gun barrels appeared.

".45, 5.7x28mm, and a .50 caliber high impact rifle barrels. Oh my Oum!" She shouted with excitement as she looked over the Arm. "Ah... what are their names?"

"The sword is Chaoseater, and the prosthetic is the Arm of War. I still have some features to add, and fix some of the minor issues." Jaune said as he shifted the gun back into a hand.

"I recommend, picking a single barrel, I would say .45 or .50, because they offer more stopping power. But if you are looking for a suppressive fire I would go with 5.7x28mm you can have more ammo compare to the other two. But it wouldn't be as strong on bigger targets. If anything I say .45 is best, pack more ammo and as some stopping power. So a good balance between them." Ruby said thinking off the top of her head, before she got an idea. "Say... would you mind lending me your Arm of War? I could probably fit a few upgrades into it."

"Say... where is the auditorium?" Jaune said switching subjects, uncomfortable with anyone touching his arm. But he unstood what the girl was talking about. 'Maybe I should swap the guns for a smaller sword in the forearm and have the gun holstered in the bicep.'

Looking back to his new friend, Jaune felt a part of him felt guilty and pity. 'A Soul as pure and honest as her's shouldn't know the pain and hardship of war. But again fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.'

"Hey! Ruby over here, I saved you a spot!" Came a voice he knew from a week prior.

"Oh, hey I gotta go wanna hang out afterwards?" Ruby said in a hurry.

"Sure, don't mind me." Jaune said as he walked over to one of the many pillars, he fore using his grappling arm to pull himself up to the decorative arch ways, and sat down to watch the on goings.

-down the siblings-

"So how is your first day at Beacon, little sister?" Yang asked with excitement for her sister.

"You mean after you ditched me and I exploded?" Ruby asked with a rare cases of sarcasm, while glaring at her older sister.

"Yikes, meltdown already?" Yang asked not really knowing if her sister joking or not.

"No, I literally exploded a hole in front of the school, with fire... and I think some ice." Ruby said thinking back when it happened, above them Jaune let out a loud bark of laughter as he listened in on the two girls.

"Are you bing sarcastic?" Yang asked with some amusement, which was shared with a fellow blond above them.

"I wish, I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage and she started yelling at me and I sneezed than I exploded, she yelled at me again and I felt really really bad and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me." Ruby said sadly and rapidly, that even Jaune had a hard time keeping up with her. But he also noticed a girl in white, to which his eyes narrowed.


"Oh Oum! It's happening again!" Ruby cried out in dismay as she leapt into his sister's arms.

"You're lucky we didn't get blown off the side of the cliff!" Weiss said as she glared at the girl in the red hood.

"Oh my Oum. you really exploded." Yang said in shock as she looked at her little sister.

They would have said more if Jaune didn't jump down with a heavy thud, landing between them like a huge tiger baring his teeth.

"That is quite enough, what she did was an accident. You do well to remember that it was your fault for traveling with your cases of Dust, when it is against Academy Regulations to have your vails of Dust brought with you like you did. They are to be transported separately. Also is it not in your families pamphlet 'do not shake the products, avoid dropping dust products, avoid sneezing on exposed dust, keep away from flammable sources, do not mix different dust types into the same bottle, keep away from children.' Now with those safety tips. Which ones have you violated? I count four of six. Not only did you shake the vail of flame dust at Ruby who innocently sneezed due to your careless actions but there was residue from your frost dust still with in that same vails. you also had them in a mix array in each case which in its self seems safe, but you had flame, wind, Frost, and booster dust in the same case. Now I ask you miss Schnee. If say a random shot by accident and it your case what would be the extent of that explosion?" Jaune asked the white haired girl.

After going through several calculations, Weiss' pale face became deathly pale.

"You would be lucky to be blown over the cliff if the alternative was to be disintegrated to ash." He said as he turn to Ruby and gave the girl a court nod, before looking to her blond sister, and gave a playful wink. "Pleasure to see you again, I hope we can dance like before, some time in the near future."

Ruby would have asked if their head master's speech took their attention, which gave jaune a moment to escape questioning.


Jaune changed out his combat attire, even replacing his overly large left arm for a very skinny arm with only two long fingers and a long thumb joint. Or what he came to call his technician arm. As he worked away on his Arm of War. Removing the gun barrels and added a stronger grip mechanism, which the average grip of a human was 105-113 Pounds (48-51 kg) he upped the that to 350 pounds (159+/- kg). Even went as far as to make a .45 ACP long barrel, with suppressor and extend 15Rd magazine. Done up in white steel with a Cedar handle. The online name that came to mind was one of his brother's guns; Conqueror's Mercy.

"Eat your heart out Conquest." Jaune said as the nimble joints of his Technician arm worked away on the gun adding a small power supply into the gun which in case he ran out of rounds he could use energy bolts in place.

Looking around he noticed a girl was staring at him, amber eyes hidden in a blanket of raven hair. But he noticed a twitch in the bow on the girl's head.

"Can I help you?" He asked getting somewhat tired, since it was going on to 0200 am.

"Why are you working in the dark? You might make a mistake."

"A true warrior knows his weapons blindfolded, and I have been weapons of all kinds for a very long time." Jaune said with an amused gruff in his voice. (Liam O'brain's voice)

"Take so, if it not rube may I asked what happen to your Arm?" The girl asked.

"A Grimm tore it from it's socket." Jaune said as he lifted his normal hand up to the shoulder, feeling the difference between warm flesh and cool steel.

"Oh... I see. Sorry if I offended you."

"It is alright. No harm done. I am Jaune. Jaune Arc." He said giving the girl a small nod, before gesturing in a gentleman fashion. "Maybe I have the pleasure of your name?"

"Blake. Blake Belladonna." She said with a small smile.

"Can I ask you something since you asked me?" He asked looking at the girl, who had a neutral look on her face, but gave a nod. "Why do you hide your heritage? Are you a shamed?"

The neutral look had quickly changed to shock and than to wry.

"Do not fret, I do not judge on race or even species, only ones actions be they good or bad an action always has two sides." Jaune said as he leaned back resting against the wall, after he put his Arm of War off to the side.

"No, I am not a shamed. But I want people to judge me for who I am, not what I am." She answered looking at him.

"I understand, truly I do. You seek redemption for past sins, I know that all to well." War spoke as he looked over to Blake, who was looking at him as if she found a fellow kindred soul in the young man across from her. "But know this whatever sins you seek to redeem, if others are responsible than you truly are not at fault. Blake of the White Fang."

closing his eyes to sleep, he missed the look of horror and shock on the girl's face at seeing he knew who she was.

She was very tempted to wake the blond giant and demand how he knew, was he a victim of a pass deed? Was he one of the few that hated the Faunus? Or was he something more?

And Blake was a very curious Cat.

"Just who are you, Jaune Arc?" She asked as she took in his features, how his shoulder long blond hair hung loosely with a bit over laying the front of his shoulders, the horse shoe like tattoo which was drawing across his forehead and over his eyes. With a single line going from the center down to between his brows.

"Those that wage war... shall know my name." Juane muttered quietly in his sleep, unknowingly giving the curious cat a hint at who he truly was.

-next moring-

Jaune had switched his technician arm for his Arm of War, and placed his custom armor on along with the Cloak his former sister had given him, and the reforged Chaoseater mounted to his back, thanks to a Magnet located in the hilt and the corresponding on the back of his shoulder plate.

looking around, Jaune or War depending on who he was familiar with, watched as student hopefuls gathered around chatting among themselves.

"Hey Jaune!" Came the tiny red terror... irony was not lost on Jaune as he turned to see Ruby and Yang coming up to him.

"Fair morning to Ruby, and to you as well miss Xiao Long." Jaune said as he was in the middle of attaching Arm of War I to his connecting slot.

"Next arm there, looks strong... over Compensating for something there big boy?" Jaune gained a little blush at the girl's innuendo.

"No. Just better to have a second weapon incase the first doesn't work out." Jaune said as he flexed his mechanical hand, a hand which was big enough to Palm her head and crush it like a grape. "Even if that fail it's better to have a third one in place."

In a swift motion Jaune detached the hidden .45 from his holster in his bicep, and swung the gun around until the barrel was aimed between Yang's lilac eyes.

To her credit she didn't blink or flinch from his surprised attack.

'Definitely would have been her.' He thought with a smirk on his face, before he placed the gun back in its housing. "As you can see I need the extra size for the things I need."

"Does it tell time?" Yang asked a bit curious of the Arm.

"No.. why should it?" Jaune asked taken back by the odd question.

"Well it's pretty big and I'm sure you could have fit a watch or maybe a small TV into it."

"That would drain the power I have for some of the other functions for my arm." Jaune said as he and his new friends went about their morning before they were called to their initiation.

-Cliffside to the Emerald Forest-

Jaune felt a little uneasy when he looked at the little platforms.

'I seen one to many Saturday morning Cartoons to know what is going to happen here.' He thought to himself as he reached to the training weights, Collecting three cuffed and the chest crest he wore; one which was an arm band, and the other two were shin high leg weights. "This should let me move easier."

Not so far a young man in armor gave a condescending laugh. "Like those little weights would make -CRASH!- much difference..."

The Boy slowed his speech as he watched four huge creators were formed when Jaune threw the weights behind him. Everyone was shocked and a bit horrified at the young Arc's strength.

"Finally getting rid of 2 tons (1,000kg) after a year feels amazing." He said to himself as he bent his knees, and held the grip to Chaoseater. but in a moment of immature thought Jaune parodied a line from one of his favorite animes. "Red Rider, Ready for launch."

Before he was catapulted across the sky. Little did he know he would begin on of his greatest adventures of his new mortal life.

-To Be Continued