Chapter 4

From Krieg to War

From War to Arc.

Sunday morning wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for Jaune as his team look at him with both worry and fear, but he did what he could to ignore such things. Like fixing his Arm of War, cleaning Conqueror's Mercy, or sharpening Chaoseater.

But he could still feel their eyes on him.

Looking up with a raised brow, the girls quickly turned back to their own things.

Like racing throw last week's homework for Yang, drawing up new designs for Cresent Rose for Ruby, or back to their reading like Blake... an upside down book.

Feeling a twitch of irritance form at his eye, attached Arm of War into his slot with a loud Crack making the girls jump in their spots.

"If you have questions ask them... this atmosphere is passing me off." Jaune said as he flexed his fixed hand a bit working out the kinks.

"Um... Jaune what was that thing you turned into on Friday?" Ruby asked cautiously.

Looking at her with a questionable look, Jaune did understand what she was really referring to but chose to play coy.

"That thing that was covered in Fire, it looked like a grimm... but it wasn't." Ruby said describing the thing she saw even if it was for a second or so.

The others wanted to know as they felt wave of raw power sweep over them when the fight was halted.

"Don't burden yourselves with things beyond your understanding, I say this as a warning. What I am or who I am. Is not the person you believe you had known." Jaune said as he turned his focus on to the paperwork on his work bench, obviously homework from last week.

"I wish you could trust us more. War." Ruby said quietly, making Jaune's blood run cold.

"Where did you hear that name." Juane said coldly as he rounded on the girl.

"Professor Adawn... Abaddon, called you that making you stop from killing Cardin." She said scared but brave enough to look at him.

"You wish for me to trust you? I already do. But some secrets are ment to be carried to the grave." Jaune said as he relaxed in to his chair.

Blake watched how Jaune held himself, a true warrior. Honor in battle even if it was barbaric. He cared not if she was a faunus, which is why she started not to wear her bow in the dorm, but still wore it when she was outside.

"'The kingdoms of Heaven and Hell waged battle before the Seals were broken. But a lone Rider had answer the False call. Tried with treason, the Rider was sent to find the traitor to clear his name's honor. Only when he did he shattered the final seal. Bring forth his brethren." Blake said earning a look from Jaune who sat just feet from her. "So the riders of Red, White, Black, and Pale. Rode forth cleansing the realm of life only to seed a new kingdom in its dust.' Book of Oum chapter 45."

"You will find Blake, much of the stories that we tell... has an original of truth to them." Jaune said before looking at Yang, who looked at him with questionable eyes, they did not hold fear... or worry. Just questions.

"Are you really the horseman of War."

"I am and I was." He said but it showed his answer had two meanings. "The original War was a Nephilim, created from Dust of angel and demon. Stronger than both but none of there weaknesses. but in the beginning there were five. Absalom the king of the Nephilim race, then Mortis, Seifuku, Boală, and the youngest Krieg." Jaune said with a look of melancholy, remembering the days before they became the destroyers. "But they did not stay a family for long. Absalom wanted to find a world for his people to call their own. But in doing so they went from world to world killing the inhabitants of those world's making those world uninhabitable. Only Absalom's brothers and sister saw disgust with their elder brother's actions so they came before a being of untold power. A being of three heads like raging fire. This was the Chard Council, A being that held the balance. When they sought peace or even a world to call their own. The council tricked them into becoming their loyalty enforcers. The four became the four horsemen."

Seeing he still held their attention. Jaune continued his story.

"The eldest of the Four, Mortis became the Pale Rider... Death. Next came Boală who became the black rider, Plague, after her came Seifuku the white rider. Conquest or Conqueror. The last was Krieg who became the red rider. he became War." Jaune said telling them of his past early life. "But for Eons pass, War and his siblings kept the balance. but as Blake had summed up, he.. I was charged for treason, as the one who I stated the end war. He was a great angel of the Hellguard, by his hand he broke the Seals and fixed them so the end war will happen to rid the realms of his cousins. But he did not count on Me to answer the call. Thought false it may have been I answered it all the same. Only when I failed, did I appear before the council. They charged me with treason but offered me a chance to clear my name. But I found out the truth. And confronted my cousins and killed most. But I cared not. But when I found out the angel became the destroyer, I slew him. And his name was Abaddon."

This drew gasps from the girls, that their professor was the former angel.

"But when my brothers and sister and I rode forth once more the cleanse the lands. My brother Death. He did much for me. He searched for away to aid me, and in his journey he used our race's collective souls to return man to the balance and sacrificing himself to do so. But when I broke the final seal. the horsemen shall ever be four."

Rubbing the joint were flesh met metal, Jaune knew he had to tell them.

"When all was done and the Seals reforged as the kingdom of man returned. I was cast in the well of souls. Forced to live as mortal as punishment by the councils orders." Jaune's look took a look of bitter sweet. "I was born as Jaune Arc, seventh born of eight children. My new mother and father loved and treated me fairly. my older sisters... they were a qorky bunch. But my baby sister... was pure and innocent as snow, for a four year old she was undeniably smart and cute for her age. But everything changed when they were all killed. Ripped apart and eaten. They didn't died quickly. Much to my own sorrow. I could not protect my little sister as she was bitten in two. In my anguish I ignored the pain from my torn arm and slayed the grimm that were present, Ruby what you have seen was not my Seblance... that was my true self. it's is a form I take only when my rage and bloodlust reaches its peek, I become a monster."

The girls began to have tears form in their eyes as he told his story.

"Judge me if you wish. But I do consider you allies. To you I'm Jaune Arc. But to anyone else I am War." Jaune said as he stood up and left leaving the girls to think on what they had just learned.

It had taken the girls little more than half an hour of silent thinking to process what Their friend and secret crush Had told them.

But it was Blake that was the first to break the almost unending silence.

"I don't think it changes anything, Jaune is still Jaune to me. Even if he is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He didn't judge me because I am a faunus only by my actions." Blake said voicing her thoughts.

"Yeah, I mean it was scary but I didn't feel anything directed towards us only toward Cardin." Ruby stated as she put on her red hood.

"... Alright let's go, let's go find that handsome lug." Yang said before Ruby teased her once more.

"Yep and let go get Yang her crush back."

"Yes let go get my crush back." Yang said without thinking only for her lilac eyes to widen at what she had just said. "Damn it Rubes!"

They would be searching for most of the day before finding Jaune.

-prior to the girl's search-

Jaune only made it out of the dorms before he was swallowed up in flames and taken to a realm he had not seen for most of his mortal life.

"Where am I?" Jaune asked glad he had his weapons with him.

"Is that anyway to greet your father or your mother?" Came a deep voice from behind him.

"Lucifer!" War growled out, reaching for his sword only to find it missing, choosing to go for his other weapon only to find that missing as well. Even his Arm was missing.

"You didn't think I would summon you here with your weapons did you?" Lucifer said as he appeared before war... no Jaune like he had when he did in Ozpin's Office, a tall man with a black suit, and a white coat with a faint rainbow effect. "But than again, it would do me no good if you choose to attack without hearing out your mother's request."

"Then why are you here."

"To ensure you won't upset her. After all for all the birthdays gifts and yule presents we have missed out on. She thought we should give you a gift she had given you once before." The man said as he sat down in a black throne.

"For all your birthdays, we give you what the chard council tried to take away." Lilith said as she walked up to Jaune Carring a large box that was long and wide as herself. Before Lucifer brought another it was not as long as the first, but it was twice as wide.

"And for all the yules we missed out on as family." The dark prince said as he offered the box.

Wry of what the beings claiming to be his parents, this could just be a trap to kill him or even enslave him.

But when he opened the box Lucifer offered he was shocked that inside was his original enchanted arm. But it bore the mark of the Arc family; the double Cresent moon raised proudly on the shoulder in bright gold, while on the back of the hand had the four Horsemen seal.

but when he moved on to the box Lilith had he found the original Chaoseater, but instead of it being marked with demonic faces of Agony. showed a caste mural of his brother's and sister near the hilt, followed by the Arc family in the middle and the other members of Team RYJB at the top.

"This is no longer Chaoseater. But has been reborn as Heartedge." Lilith said offer her youngest the weapon who took the blade with shacking hands. "A blade worthy of a Defender... not a Destroyer."

Jaune didn't know what to say as he lifted the divine blade with his right hand. It was so light unlike Chaoseater which weighed him down.

"That is not all, my son." Lilith said as she gained the awed look from her youngest child. "We have an old friend of yours."

Looking from his mother to long dark hallway behind her, Jaune heared heavy hooves stomping the tiled floors. The sounds of snorting flames glowed In the dark. Than came the heavy wailing of a horse.

"Ruin." Jaune said as the horse came galloping at him at a dangerous pace, but Jaune only stood there unflinching as the horse neared, Lilith turned her head I fear of what the horse may due to her child.

Lucifer looked on with a bit of worry, though he hid it better than his wife.

As the horse passed through Jaune, Jaune felt the familiar heat of his old friend. As the horse slowed to a trotting pace, before stopping before his master.

Jaune stroked the horse long it's snout.

"It's is good to see you old friend." Jaune said truly happy to have his friend and horse back.


Looking up, Jaune sword Dust flying around the halls, before e he heard the thunderous sounds of hooves slamming into the tiled floors.

"Brother!" Came a joyful voice from the darkness only to show the other three riders arriving.

"Conquest, Plague, Death. What are you doing here?" Jaune asked truly confused as to why his siblings were here, but as to why they where in hell.

"Brother, I bring ill news." Death said as he dismounted Despair. His eyes held regret and sorrow in them. "I failed you, I was unable to see safe passage for your mortal family. Dust and I were intercepted by these "Grimm" on our way to the pure lands."

For a moment the throne room of Lucifer's kingdom was illuminated by War's Wrathful pulse.

" was Curruption, using Salem as a medium it had learned of my mortal family and is now using them as... pawns against me." Jaune's anger was growing, his new are seemed to be glowing an unholy red like hot iron or steel. parts of his outfit were catching fire but his flesh remained unharmed. "The Coward. I will rip the blasted being limb from mismatched limb!"

Like a great inferno, Jaune had fully morphed into his Chaos form. a bipedal demonic beast with large angelic wings, large grotesque horns, with a face like a human skull. All lit a flame.

"And an Arc never goes back on his word." The demonic being said as it snarled out the words.

"... OK... I seen War pissed off before. But I haven't seen him this pissed." Conquest said resting his hand on Redemption.

"Pissed would be an understatement, I do believe livid is the more accurate term." Plague said as she thumbed her whip.

Death dare not meet his brother's gaze, he knew he failed him. He had promised to personally see to the mortal souls safety.

"War... I am truly sorry. I know no words I say will ever make up for this blunder." Death spoke softly his guilt evident in his voice.

Rearing its head towards him, the chaotic form of war snarled but unlike the wild beast they had known for so long, this was... controlled... restrained... focused.

"I do not blame you brother. I blame the Coward known as Curruption." War said as his form began to wane and become Jaune once more, his black hooded no longer wear able, heck his whole outfit was ruined. Bring his normal hand up to his forehead, Jaune tried to fight off the headache that was growing. "... and I need a new set of cloths. This is just Great."

Stifling a giggle, Lilith watched her youngest truly act like a child once more. She lost out twice now on raising a child... but she had hoped she could aid Jaune in his new life.

"Give me a moment, Jaune. I will have a new outfit for you soon." Lilith said before she disappeared into the darkness.

Using his new enchanted arm, which he had named Arm Ageddon. He covered what dignity he could save infront of his siblings and his "father".

"War, I didn't know you were so... hung." Plague stated off handedly, with a bit of pink forming on her cheeks.

"Hung like a bull... you sure Lilith didn't use dust of Bull instead of demon when forging you?" The white rider said jokingly as he twirled Mercy and Redemption like an old cowboy.

"Ease off, our brother has enough to worry about, without your taunts. There is much we need to do to aid him from the other side." Death said glaring at his younger siblings.

"... they are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, yet they acted like children..." Lucifer muttered to himself, before turning his gaze upward. "This is cruel and unusual punishment father. Even by your standards."

It was not long before Lilith returned with folded garments, offering them to Jaune, who took them a bit hesitantly, Jaune dressed himself in an old suit of armor. That was much like his old rider armor. But not a big or as bulky.

His new outfit consisted of a large breastplate, bigger than his old one (Skyrim; Nordic Chest armor), with a huge paladin on his right which had a lion's head sculpted in a Roar. His right Vambrace had five forward curved blades, while the band that wrapped the back of his hand had two long and narrow forward blades. (The new TMNT shredder vambrace)

his boots were not light, but also were made from Bone. The large overlay of bone plates made the armor very strong since it was made from the bones of a black Dragon. Dragon's which were only found in hell. (Skyrim; Dragon boon boots and leggings. But in a dark black almost ebony color)

The last thing he put on was the red and gold hood, which did well in making Jaune look like his old self.

"Thank you... mother." Jaune said before he mounted his Defender onto his back, and claimed up onto of Ruin.

"War, Catch!" Conquest yelled as he tossed War the true Mercy. "Ride forth and show them that the Horsemen ain't someone to fuck with."

Nodding his head to his older brother, War looked to the others.

"You will be needing this." Plague said as she gave war the Abyssal Chain-Gauntlet.

"And this... maybe that speeder on your team will like this." Death said as he gave Jaune Harvester.

"Thank you brothers, sister. These mean a lot." Jaune said as he took off with Ruin. The trail of fire in their wake before Jaune sank beneath the tile floors.

-hours later-

Ruby, Yang, and Blake had searched the school district grounds for the late six hours or so and still found nothing of where Jaune could have went. His cycle was still in the academy garage.

They were just about ready to give up until the felt the ground shack, and the sound of a thunderous trumpet sounding in the distance.

Turning their gaze skyward, the three and a long with everyone else outside that day saw a comet, comet made of blazing red. Rushing toward the academy. With a tremendous crash, just infront of the school.

The ladies of Team RYJB saw a gaint of a horse made of stone and fire, and on its back was a Rider dressed in red and black armor. The only peace they had was the double Cresent moon on the large left shoulder.

The rider of War had returned, but even if he is now the defender of the realm, will the kingdom know on going peace or War?

Only time will tell.