Stiles isn't sure what to expect when he knocks repeatedly—okay, and maybe rather louder than necessary—on the chipped, wooden door of the burnt down Hale house. The least he expects is that Derek (the big sourwolf that he is) will probably tear open the door hard enough to break the hinges, and face him with his usual Mr. Grumpy face.

The one where his (light-green-blue-hazel?) eyes will glare in that way that has Stiles thinking oh my God over and over mentally in his head, and the way his lips will press down into that firm, hard line, added with the tight lock of his jaw, which, really? It kind of gives him the sourwolf impression in the first place.

Well, Stiles doesn't have much time to think about all that because a few seconds later the door opens and there, standing in the doorway, is the big bad alpha himself, casually dressed in tight black jeans, a black tank top and the usual black leather jacket. Yep, the seedy drug dealer look really suits him.

"What do you want, Stiles," he deadpans. Wow, gloomy much?

"What, no 'hello Stiles' or 'hey Stiles, how are you?'" Stiles snorts, throwing his head and shoulders back in a teasing manner. The look Derek gives him makes him stop, coughing lightly before smiling sheepishly. "Just wanted to hang out. You know, bond with the pack alpha. I even brought some movies." He holds up his school bag that he had stuffed movies in before he had left the house.

Derek sighs, glare softening, if only a little. "Seriously Stiles, you came all this way just so you could offer to watch movies?"

"Well… yeah? I asked Scott, but you know he's hanging out with Allison. No shock there, right? Anyway, so I wasn't going to ask Isaac, Erica or Boyd because those guys just peeve me off at the moment. Couldn't have made them much nicer, could you? Also, Lydia wasn't free since Jackson was over and believe me, I don't think that jackass would want to be interrupted from 'Lydia time' all because of some silly movies. So, well, basically, the last person I could think of was you. 'Cause you know, you seem to never have any fun and you've always got that sourwolf look on your face and I thought that maybe we could hang out and chill because seriously you need to—" Stiles realises he is rambling as soon as Derek growls. "Yep. Okay. Shutting up."

Derek just rolls his eyes, standing to the side. "Hurry up and get in then," he grumbles.

Stiles blinks. "Wait, you're serious? Really? Sweet." He grins, wandering in quickly and dumping his bag on the ground before opening the zipper and taking out around ten movies. Derek closes the door and turns around, staring at the movies in dread.

"Please tell me you actually took at least some consideration before just dumping those in there," he groans. Stiles just looks down bashfully. It's enough for Derek to know the idiot had just stashed the movies in without even looking at the titles.

"Hey, it's not my fault Dad has the worst movie collection on the planet." Stiles goes through the stash of movies, picking one up and pointing to the cover. "The Howling Reborn. This was the best I could find that was actually made in my time. Like, really? The old movies are just crap," he complains.

"Remember that I was born before you, Stiles. Some of the old movies aren't that bad as you think they are." Derek smirks. "Plus, the best movies are always the classics."

Stiles just shakes his head. "You're crazy if you think that this," he holds up a copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula, "Is a good movie. Why would you want to watch this? It's stupid."

Derek just chuckles. Yep, the big bad alpha werewolf chuckles. Stiles actually curses himself for not having brought a camera with him.

"You kids nowadays really are blind. You seriously think all of that fake blood and murdering spirits and time traveling crap is real entertainment?" he snorts.

"Hey, don't diss The Matrix! The Matrix is awesome!" Plus, time travel rocks!" Stiles pouts.

"If you say so." Derek shrugs, sitting himself down on the old, beaten leather couch in the middle of the room.

Stiles catches himself staring at Derek from the floor as the alpha rests his head back against the back of the couch, eyes lingering on Derek's chest where his abdominal muscles clench against the fabric of his shirt. A clearing of a throat makes him jump, and his heart flutters faster when he sees Derek staring at him with furrowed eyebrows.

"Well, are you going to choose a movie or not?" he asks... Well, more like growls.

"Uh, y-yeah." Stiles looks back down at the movies, cheeks flushing. He picks out Interview with the Vampire. Yeah, so? It's a crappy old movie but hey, it has Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in it so it isn't all bad. Right?

"Interview with the Vampire, huh?"

Stiles nods and stands up, walking over to the TV and setting up the movie. When the movie is in and the beginning credits are rolling, he gets the remote before sitting down on the floor in front of the couch.

Derek raises an eyebrow, looking down at the boy. "What are you doing sitting down there?" he asks gruffly.

"Uh, I don't know. Thought I'd give you some space." Stiles feels himself flushing in embarrassment again at the heavy gaze the alpha has on him.

"Don't be stupid, Stiles. Get up here." Derek pats the spot next to him, rolling his eyes. "I don't bite," he chuckles softly.

"Yeah, but you seem to always threaten to rip my throat out with your teeth," Stiles mumbles half-heartedly.

Derek actually laughs. Not dark or sarcastic, either. This one is a true laugh. Damn. Chuckling, now laughing? Of all the times the alpha has to choose to act abnormal, it's the time when Stiles has no camera in hand.

"Okay, well, if you don't come up here and sit on the couch with me then I will rip your throat out… with my teeth," he growls.

Stiles is up in a matter of seconds, shuffling his feet nervously before he sits down. Derek smirks, eyes cast ahead in front of him at the TV.

"You were bluffing! You were, weren't you?" Stiles yells, catching the alpha's smirk out of the corner of his eye.

"I'm not saying anything," Derek chuckles, not glancing away from the screen. Damn that stupid wolf!

"You know, you shouldn't make false threats, 'cause people just may grow to be less scared of you." Stiles feels Derek's hard, cold gaze on him without even looking to the side.

"Is that right." Derek inches closer to Stiles, enough so that Stiles can feel the alpha's breath on his neck. "So this isn't scaring you? Not even a little?"

"Nope. Not even a little," Stiles whimpers. Yes, and if only that whimper had been hidden more easily.

"Well, then, you might want to watch what you say in case your fright gets the better of you," Derek whispers lowly. Before Stiles can say anything back, the alpha has moved back to his original spot and is watching the screen again.

Oh. Okay. Fine. If Derek wants to be like that, then so be it. Stiles can easily deal with it and rise up to the challenge. No problem-o. He crosses his arms, staring blankly at the TV screen and trying to act casual. It is all going well until…

"Okay, this is a little more boring than I expected."

Yep. Let Derek Hale be the one to complain about the movie first.

"Okay then, so you want to watch another? The Howling Reborn sound better, huh?" Stiles makes a move to get up but is stopped by a tight grip, fingernails digging into the skin of his arm, before the grip is pulling him back down. He turns to see Derek staring at him, eyes blazing. For a minute, Stiles feels like running for the hills… or home. Yeah. Yeah, home. That is a much better option.

"Hmmmmm… maybe. Or we could do this."

Derek leans over, this time way closer than the last. Stiles is sure his heart is about to burst out of his chest. The alpha's lips are so close to his, so close that he can feel the warm, crisp breath on his lips. It smells like peppermint and… chocolate? Wow, he wasn't really expecting that.

"Derek l-look… I…" Yep, and that is the last word that can escape his mouth before they are consumed by the alpha's in a surprisingly gentle swoop of the lips.

Stiles's heart is officially beating faster than a damn rabbit's. He is pretty sure Derek can hear it too, but even if the alpha does, he still makes no sign that he is going to stop what is happening, let alone what he is doing with those oh-so-scrumptious lips of his. And Stiles really doesn't have a care in the world.

None whatsoever.