This is mainly set in the Naruto verse with fem Naruto whom I've named Reina gaining Ryoko's abilities due to a 'failed' jutsu of Orochimaru's letting him gain some of Ryoko's blood as she's bleeding on Ryo-Ohki as of right now i'm unsure if Reina will be going to the Tenchi Muyo universe or not.

{Line Break}

Orochimaru looked over his notes for his Space Time jutsu he was trying to create mostly to steal jutsu from high security location and to get more 'volunteers' for his experiments, after checking over his notes Orochimaru starts going through the handseals before he finished the sequence of handseals before it backfired and caused him to slam into the wall a good 10 feet behind him.

"Another failed attempt" Orochimaru sighs before he notices a small amount of blood near where he had just attempted his jutsu and looked himself over by extending his neck and frowning once he saw he didn't have any injuries.

"Hmmm no injuries yet there's blood on the floor...oh well a new experiment for me now then who to use the blood on" Orochimaru says to himself as he collects the blood before heading to his lab in a happy mood despite his failed jutsu, his happy mood also had the side effect of his subordinates releasing sighs of relief as a happy orochimaru meant he wasn't going to use them for one of his projects.

Orochimaru spent the week after his failed jutsu looking over his spy reports and smirks at a file from one of his spies in Konoha about a possible Uzumaki who's still a child and the child's birthdate makes him smile even more.

"Kukukukuku, Uzumaki Kushina who knew you was so sly as to hide being pregnant but who's the child's father I wonder" Orochimaru says as he looks at the photo of the 4 year old violet eyed redhead as his smirk grows wider before writing up orders for his spy to adopt the child and bring her to him before sending it off with one of his snake summons.

{Line Break}

Uzumaki Reina looked up at the strange man that was adopting her and tilted her head as she was sad to be leaving her friends but also happy to be getting a new family and after saying good bye to her friends and the orphanage staff she walked alongside her new father happy to have one, as due to her temper any possible adoptions was canceled something that had made her sad though she was also hailed as a budding prodigy due to how fast she learned.

It was shortly after they had turned off of the main streets and onto a now unused street due to it leading to an area that was left in ruins after the kyuubi's attack due to lingering chakra from the kyuubi's attack that Reina felt a cloth go over her mouth and nose causing her to struggle before she passed out from the chloroform on the cloth.

{Time Skip: Reina age 6}

Orochimaru looked at the tank filled with green liquid and at the still body of Uzumaki Reina who had been for the last 2 years kept sedated as he worked on her and smiled.

The young girl had changed a lot in the last 2 years due to the unknown blood he used on her the most noticeable was that her red hair gained teal highlights in her hair along with the bangs framing her face being teal in color along with her ears lengthening giving them a rounded rectangle look and she appeared taller then normal being maybe around 4'3" tall but he would have o wait till she was out to confirm it, it was also a shame that the blood he collected was only enough for a single subject as he had found out shortly after Reina was injected for the unknown blood that the girl help the kyuubi thus making her unsuitable as a host body.

"Soon you will be out and I can do more testing then just waiting around to make sure your DNA is stable with the added Unknown DNA little Reina kukuku I might even let you lose on Sarutobi sensei just to show him my scientific greatness" Orochimaru says as he stares at the Uzumaki girl before walking away never noticing that Reina had opened her eyes slightly with a Violet/Amber eyed glare her left eye having turned a amber color from it's old Violet, the DNA that had been merged with her own had also made her slowly immune to the sedatives used to keep her sedated.

It was a month later that Orochimaru had the tank holding Reina drained and the young Uzumaki girl removed from it before he had data collected on Reina.

Subject Name: Uzumaki Reina

Gender: Female

Clan: Uzumaki

Blood Type: O+

Parents: Mother: Uzumaki Kushina, Father: Unknown due to unknown DNA replacing the paternal DNA

Species: Human/Unknown Hybrid

Height: 4'3"

Hair Colour: Red with Teal highlights and teal bangs framing face

Eye Colour: Right Violet left Amber {Side note: This is a very interesting side effect and I wonder if her eyesight has changed}

Also noted is that her ears have also elongated in a rounded rectangular look meaning possible hearing increase

Chakra Reserves are already high Chunin level suggest subject have heavy chakra control training

Orochimaru looked at the page with a small sigh it was the bare basic but he would have a more detailed report for his own personal oversight but he did have a small smirk on his face as he had run a DNA test on her from a blood sample he got before he had the unknown blood injected into the girl, and he was VERY happy to say that the Namikaze brat that took his spot as 4th Hokage was not only dead but now h is line was to.

"Kukukukuku this is a happy day for me as I got revenge on that upstart that took what was rightfully mine all because of his Uzumaki girlfriend helping him make a battle ready version of the 2nd's space time jutsu" Orochimaru says before he has the girl moved to a cell he would see what abilities the girl has later but right now he had plans on getting the Uchiha clan prodigy Itachi as his next host all he would need to do is figure out how to get him alone so he could take his body.