A/N: Hey… for this particular fic, I'm going to have it to where Lee never cuts Clementine's hair. It's not going to really affect much. The reason for this change is because I haven't done a fic where Clem keeps her hair long… in other words variety. The rest of the story picks up after Lee's death.

Also, this story is going to be told in the perspective of Clementine and an OC's.

Clementine whimpered as she left the jewelry store through the back exit. She was covered in muck, her eyes stung from crying so much, and her whole body shook in fear. Two of her greatest fears have happened. She was alone, and she was surrounded by walkers.

She took in heavy breaths before she started to make her way through the heard. She just had to hope that none of the creatures would notice her. It was a good thing that she had been to Savannah with her parents enough times to know which way to go.

She thought of her parents. Seeing them as walkers made her very depressed. She loved them. She loved Lee. And now they were gone. She felt hot tears form in her eyes before she continued forward. Her vision was becoming blurry so she wiped away the tears with her free hand. Despite how sad she was, she had to keep going; otherwise, Lee's sacrifice would be in vain.

Clementine trudged through the field of tall grass. It had taken her all night to get through the herd and get out of Savannah. She tried to get to the train, but there were walkers all over it. To make matters worse, she had no idea where Christa and Omid were. There was no way that they would have went to the train when it was surrounded by walkers.

Her legs ached for rest. She finally obliged and she sat down on a nearby log. She looked down to the ground and noticed some used shotgun shells. She picked up one of the shells and examined it. She didn't know of anyone from within the group that used a shotgun, and even if the shells were useful, she couldn't use them. She didn't have a shotgun, and she was unable to use one.

Suddenly, she looked up. Something caught her eye. She looked up to the hill; there were two figures on it. Clementine got up from the log with wide eyes. She dropped the shotgun shell and opened her mouth to say something. However, nothing came out. She didn't know if the two figures were Christa and Omid. Upon further examination, both figures weren't too far apart when it came to their height. Omid was significantly shorter than Christa. This meant that they were strangers.

Clementine has had a mixed record with strangers. Lee was the best and the man that kidnapped her was the worst. She looked back up and was horrified to see the figures getting closer to her. They spotted her. She wasn't sure what to do. She was too exhausted to run and there was almost nowhere to hide. She had to stand her ground. She brought the gun up and was ready to shoot if these new strangers were dangerous.

Soon, one of them came up the hill. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He wore an orange long sleeve shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes. He had a harness on which had a machete attached to it. "It's alright." The man said as he showed his hands. "It's okay. We don't want any trouble."

"S-S-Stay back." Clementine said with evident fear in her voice.

A woman soon joined him. She was a tad overweight. She wore a white long sleeve shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes.

"Luke… she has to be bit… There's nothing we can do for her." The woman said.

"Hold your horses, Tavia. Let me talk to her." The man, Luke, said. He turned back to the girl and he said, "Are you alright? I know you're covered in muck, but… are you bit or scratched?"

Clementine shook her head in response. Luke noticed that the child was afraid so he took out his machete and placed it on the ground. "Alright sweetie. I'm going to walk towards you very slowly and take the gun from you. No one's going to get hurt." Luke said in a calm tone of voice.

"N-No!" Clementine said. Her grip was becoming shakier.

"It's okay. We're not going to hurt you." Luke said. He approached the young girl slowly as her grip got shakier. She wasn't sure if she could trust them, but she knew that she couldn't shoot them. Lee had told her that taking a life changes everything.

Clementine lowered her head and accepted defeat. Luke took the gun from her grasp and he said, "It's alright." Despite her being covered in muck, Luke pulled her in for a hug. She whimpered in response. "It's okay." Luke said.

"No… it's not…" Clementine whimpered. "My mom, my dad, my friends, my group… they're all gone."

"Aw… I'm sorry." Luke said as he patted her on the back.

After crying for a few minutes, Clementine could hear the woman, Tavia, speak up. "Get her back to the car, I'm going to see if there are any other survivors in Savannah. That's probably where she came from."

"No!" Clementine exclaimed as she got out of Luke's hug. "Don't go to Savannah. It's completely overrun. There are hundreds of walkers there!"

"Walkers?" Luke asked. "You mean the limping corpses that eat people, right?"

Clementine nodded in response.

"That's impossible. It can't be that bad." Tavia said.

"It is." Clementine said. "Being covered in muck was the only way I got out of the city."

The two adults looked to each other with a questioning stare before they looked to Clementine. "Now hold on." Luke said. "How does getting covered in muck keep lurkers from attacking."

"My guardian, Lee, cut one of them open and covered me with its… blood and stuff." Clementine said but she trailed off. She shuttered at the thought of being smeared with entrails as well as the pain of losing her guardian. "When you're covered, they think you're them. They don't recognize you as food."

Once again the two adults looked to each other. "What do you think?" Luke asked.

"I'm going to go check it out. See what the city is like." Tavia said. "You get her back to the car."

"Alright… sounds fair." Luke said as he stood upright.

"Alright… See ya in a while." Tavia said. She went in the same direction that Clementine had come from. The girl couldn't help but feel that it would be the last time that she would see the woman, and she knew it would be the case, if Tavia didn't heed her warning.

"Let's go." Luke said as he took her hand and led her to the vehicle. "I bet you're hungry and tired."

"I am… a little." Clementine said.

"Don't worry. I'll give you something to eat in the car and then I'll let you sleep… but that sweatshirt's got to go… No way can we clean that up and it ain't healthy for you to wear it." Luke said.

"Okay." Clementine said.

They continued to walk in silence as they went through the countryside. Clementine felt like she was going to doze off at any minute.

"We're almost there." Luke said.

Clementine trudged further along with the man. Eventually, they reached a car which was on the side of the road. Luke pulled the sweatshirt off of her and went to the trunk of the car. He rummaged through the trunk while Clementine opened the door and crawled into the backseat. She laid down and closed her eyes. "Someone's sleepy." Luke said. Clementine could feel him tuck her in with a blanket.

She didn't open her eyes. She was too exhausted. She knew that her hair would be a mess when she woke up again, but she didn't care. It was time for sleep.

Someone's POV

A teenage boy walked into an abandoned town as evening got closer to night time. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a red hooded sweatshirt with a black shirt underneath, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of boots. He had a compound bow with a quiver full of arrows and a knife which was holstered to his belt.

At the moment, he was outside of Savannah. He was hoping to go into the city after hearing of a survivor's camp within it, but his hopes were dashed when he saw that the city was overrun with walkers. He was now in a nearby town. It was too late to go looking for anywhere else to stay. He would be at a disadvantage by going back out there to find somewhere else to sleep.

He went into a nearby house and crouched down as he entered. His bow was in hand and he had an arrow lined up. He was ready in case the house was occupied by unfriendly people or walkers. He went inside and picked up on two voices.

"We're going back out there tomorrow." A woman said.

"I know… We'll find her." A man said. The teenager went to the source of the voices and saw a young couple talking to each other. The woman was wearing a purple and white coat, light blue jeans, and grey shoes. The man wore a brown coat, blue jeans, and black shoes. Although they were sitting, the man appeared significantly shorter than the woman.

"I just hope… wherever she is that… she's okay." The woman said.

"Yeah me too…" The man said with a frown. "Who knows… Maybe Molly found her and they're trying to find us."

"I hope so." The woman said.

The teen figured that they were possibly talking about a lost daughter or something similar. All that he could tell was that they were distraught over a missing girl. He crept away and went upstairs. He could tell that they were decent people so crashing in the same house as them wouldn't be a bad idea. He made his way up the stairs and went into one of the rooms. He went over to the nearby bed and laid down to rest. He had his compound bow in hand as he slept.

Clementine's POV

Clementine's eyes opened and she yawned. She sat up in her seat. "Hey you're finally awake." Luke said.

Clementine looked up to the front of the vehicle where Luke and Tavia were. Tavia was in the passenger seat sleeping while Luke drove the car down the road. "Thanks for the heads up yesterday." Luke said. "Probably saved Tavia's life… She told me the whole city overrun. Also said that you weren't joking. I guess we ought to give you more credit from now on."

Clementine shrugged in response. "Where are we going? How long was I out?" Clementine asked.

"We're going back to my and Tavia's community. Our leader, Bill, sent us down to Savannah to check on a supposed community that was in the middle of the city… but I guess it fell." Luke said. "As for how long you were out, I'd say almost twenty-four hours."

Clementine's eyes widened. "That long…" She said.

"You were tired." Luke said. "You needed your rest. By the way, there's some animal crackers and a cheese and cracker snack back there for you. Go ahead and eat."

Clementine looked down to the food items and she picked them up. She kept wondering if Omid and Christa were alive and safe. She wanted to cry since she probably would never see them again. However, that was the case for everyone that she had ever met.

Her stomach growled for food. Clementine had to oblige. She was very hungry. She opened the cheese and cracker snack first and started to eat it in silence.

"So… what's your name?" Luke asked. "I'm sure by now that you know that I'm Luke and that's Tavia."

"I'm Clementine." Clementine said.

"Clementine? That's a pretty name." Luke said.

"Thanks. Took me forever to spell it right in preschool." Clementine said.

"I bet." Luke said. "Was that the last grade you were in?" He had a smirk on his face.

"What? No, of course not. I was in second grade. I would be in third grade right now if there were no walkers." Clementine said.

Luke chuckled and he said, "I'm just joking with you, kid."

A small smile formed on Clementine's face. Luke didn't seem too bad. Maybe she could trust these strangers especially since they were going to a community. She just hoped that it wasn't in a city. Lee had told her that going into the cities was too dangerous. She ate the cheese and cracker snack rather quickly before she started to eat the animal crackers.

"So… can you tell me everything that happened?" Luke asked.

Clementine sighed and she said, "Okay… but… I might cry at the end."

"You don't have to if you don't want to." Luke said. "Though I'm sure Bill will want to know everything… and he's not as sympathetic as me."

Clementine sighed and she said, "I was eight when all of this happened… My babysitter, Sandra was looking after me, but then this crazy guy busted in and attacked her. I didn't learn until later that he was a walker. I… I got scared, so I ran outside and hid in my treehouse. I didn't come down for a couple days after that. The whole time that I was up there, I kept hearing people scream, walkers groaning, and even another crazy guy that wanted to get in my house to steal the tv. This time he was a human."

Luke chuckled and he said, "What use would a tv be nowadays?"

"Not sure? I don't think he thought a lot of it through. He tried to bust down the back door with a rock… when it was unlocked." Clementine said with smile.

Luke scoffed and he said, "I guess some people are just born with nothing up there."

Clementine giggled in response before she continued. "After a couple days, I heard a gunshot in the forest behind my fence. It was pretty close. I checked it out and saw this man. He was yelling for help. I went back inside my treehouse since I knew what would happen next. He was different though. He somehow got into my backyard and he went into my house."

"Hopefully, he knew how to use the door." Luke said.

"Yeah… he did… thankfully…" Clementine said. "He seemed alright, so I talked to him with the use of my walkie-talkie. I told him to be careful since I believe that Sarah was a monster by that point… but he got attacked by her anyway. I ran down from my treehouse and helped him by giving him a hammer. After he got the hammer, he started to bash the walker's head until he finally killed it."

"Who was this man?" Luke asked.

"His name was Lee. He took care of me after that. We met some more people along the way. At some point, there was ten of us, but then… people happened." Clementine said.

"What do you mean?" Luke asked.

Clementine frowned. "Three months after all of this madness began, these people who owned a dairy farm convinced us that they could help feed us… but they ate people and they made everyone in my group eat our friend."

Luke jumped from the front seat. "You're kidding?"

"I wish I was. Lee got downstairs in time to prevent me from eating Mark… who was a member of my group." Clementine said. "We eventually got out of there, but not before we lost another person. He was kind of mean, but he was trying to look after someone."

"Damn…" Luke muttered.

"A week later… everything seemed normal, but then we got attacked by bandits and all the noise attracted walkers. My friend, Duck, got bit, and after we pulled over… the adults started fighting over who was working with the bandits. Once the fighting stopped and we looked over to Kenny which was one of Lee's friends, I heard a gunshot and a thud. I looked back over to see that Carley was dead. Lilly, the leader, had killed her."

"My gosh… just like that… out of cold blood?" Luke said. "Right in front of you?"

"Yeah…" Clementine said. "It just got worse from there. We drove down the road a little more until we found a train. We met the owner of the train… I think… His name was Chuck. Anyway, we got in the train since it was faster than the RV until… well… Duck was ready… He was done… I was scared and sad at the same time. Kenny and Katjaa took Duck into the woods so I wouldn't see him die while Lee talked to me… but then we heard a gunshot. Lee went into the woods to investigate. And while he was gone… Chuck told me that I'll become just like Duck."

"Now why would he say that?" Luke asked. He seemed shocked and angry.

"He said that since I didn't know how to use a gun yet. I told Lee about it and he went to talk to Chuck. After that, he taught me how to shoot and we made a plan." Clementine said.

"Well… I guess it all worked out then…" Luke said.

"Yeah… eventually we made it to Savannah and fought this place called Crawford." Clementine said.

"Crawford… That's the place that Bill wanted us to go check out. So your group took it down?" Luke asked.

Clementine shook her head and she said, "No, they had already fallen by the time we showed up. The place was crawling with walkers."

"Oh okay…" Luke said. He sounded a bit more relieved that her previous group wasn't hostile. "So why were you there?"

"We needed stuff for the boat that we found." Clementine said. "Crawford picked the city clean so it just made sense."

"I see… and you went along?" Luke said.

Clementine nodded and she said, "I thought it would be where my mom and dad were."

"Still that's really dangerous. Try to be a bit more careful in the future. People are typically ten times worse than lurkers." Luke said.

"Sorry… I didn't care at the time… I wanted to get to my parents." Clementine said. "So once we got everything, we met up in a classroom in the school. The walkers were trying to barge in… Things got crazy but we got out."

"What happened after that?" Luke asked.

"Well… by this point, I was talking with someone on my radio. He said that he had my parents. I figured since I trusted Lee and that turned out well then I can trust him… but I was wrong…" There was a whimper in her voice. "He kidnapped me and locked me in a room."

"Did he hurt you?" Luke asked with a worried tone of voice.

"No… but he… he lied to me. Got me away from Lee. Lee saved me but he was bit… I didn't find out till later that he was dying…" Hot tears rolled down her face. It hurt to talk about all of it.

"Hmm… that's rough… I'm sorry that happened to you." Luke said.

Clementine nodded before she laid down on the backseat and curled up in a ball. She just wanted to cry to herself.

"Listen Clementine, where were going, there's some really good people. I won't lie. Some of them are a bit difficult to deal with, but they are few and far between. You stay away from them and stay close to the good people and maybe you'll be happy again." Luke said.

"I can't forget what happened." Clementine said with a whimper.

"You won't… but we'll try to provide you with a happier life. Just give us a chance." Luke said.

Clementine contemplated over his words until she finally said, "Okay…"

To be continued.