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Summary: Buffy takes a trip to England, but when Joyce and Dawn decide to see the sites Buffy stays behind at the hotel where she meets a sexy blue eyed guy who's willing to show her around. But what happens when he turns out to more than a tour guide? B/S pairing

*ATTENTION: Joyce never died, and Spike never came to Sunnydale (duh!)*

Chapter One

"Ladies and gentlemen we're approaching London, if everyone would kindly return to their seats and put their seat belts until the seat belt sign has gone off then we will be landing shortly, thank you."

Buffy looked out the plane window and smiled to see that they were finally approaching London. She was just glad to get her family and herself away from the hell mouth for awhile. They all needed a relaxing trip without the chaos of vampires and demons haunting them.

"Hey earth to Buffy? Are you gonna let me look?" Buffy looked over to see Dawn practically bouncing in her seat with an eager face.

"Oh 'm sorry Dawnie." Buffy said with an apologetic smile, while leaning back on her seat so Dawn could lean across her and see London for the first time. She smiled at Dawn's face, full of amazement and curiosity. She looked over at her mom, Joyce looked the same; full of excitement. And for the first time in a long time, Buffy felt happy.


"Finally, I thought we'd never get here," Dawn complained throwing her suitcase onto the nearest bed.  After going through customs, and trying to find their luggage it took them nearly 2 hours to get out of the air port. Then it took them another 30 minutes to find a cab, and get to their hotel.

"Well, now that we're here who wants to have a look about?" Joyce asked throwing her suitcase next to Dawns.

Dawn jumped up and down clapping her hands, "Oh I do! I do"

Joyce smiled at her youngest daughter, then she turned to Buffy, "How about you Buffy, are you in?"

"Nah, I'm actually kinda tired, I think I'm gonna crash here, maybe have a look around the hotel. Don't worry about me though you guys go, have fun!"

"Well, if you insist." Joyce said hesitantly eyeing her. "Okay Dawn grab what you need and lets see what Giles was rambling about for all those years!" She held her arm out and Dawn looped hers with it, "And we're off!" Buffy smiled at her mom and sister. She was glad they were happy, and just seeing them skip out of the room laughing like they didn't have a care in the world brought tears to her eyes. Wiping her sleeve across her eyes she realized how tired she was and laid down for a light nap.

After she rested for awhile, she made a quick phone call to Giles telling him about her flight and checking up to make sure he was okay with handling her patrols while she was away. After Giles assured her that if anything remotely screamed "apocalypse" he would call her, but since that was most likely not to happen he told her to relax and enjoy her stay in his mother country.           

After she hung up she decided that her mom and sister were probably going to be out for a little while longer, so she decided to check out the place where she was to call home for the next 3 weeks. After writing a quick note to her mom, grabbing her C.D. walkman and her room key and walked into the hall, only to bump into someone and land on her butt. *Great*, she thought, *my first step out and I'm already acting like a klutz!* When she looked up to see what she hit, she saw the most beautiful blue eyes she ever saw in her entire life.

"Oh, 'm sorry pet," The owner of the eyes told her holding out his hand to help her up, "I wasn't watching where I was going."

When she took his hand and he pulled her up he was struck by how gorgeous she was. Long golden blonde hair, deep hazel eyes, and the most perfect skin he'd ever seen. "The names Spike," he said holding her hand still, not showing that he wanted to let go anytime soon.

"Oh, I'm Buffy", she said taking him in all at once. *Damn,* she thought, *now if the rest of London is like this than I am REALLY going to enjoy my stay!* The man in front of her 'Spike' had of course the sexy blue eyes that seemed to look straight threw her, and he wore a tight black shirt that showed off his 6 pack oh-so well. She looked down at his hand which was still holding hers, and she couldn't help but notice his muscular arms. She found herself wondering what those arms would feel like wrapped around her.

"Ah, pet?" Spike asked snapping Buffy out of her daydream. "Sorry to hit and run, but I really have to go."

"Oh alright, bye." Spike finally let go of her hand and jogged down the hall. Buffy turned to go in the other direction and she slid on her head phones. She started to walk down the hall when a hand grabbed her shoulder. Slayer instincts kicked in and she grabbed the hand flipped the hand owner over her shoulder, without thinking she straddled the assumed attacker and gave him a couple shots to the head, when she realized who it was. She looked down only to be caught in those deep eyes once more. *Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit* "Omigod, Spike I am really sorry I though you were a vamp—err, stalker."

Spike lay on the ground no really wanting to move at the moment, but when he looked up and saw how much worry was in Buffy's eyes he let out a groan and sat up. *Well mate, this is getting off to a great start.* Buffy moved and she was now crouching beside him, looping his arm around her neck and trying to get him to his feet.

"I'm really sorry, here my room's right here why don't we go in and you can lie down and put on some ice." When he nodded, she felt him lean on her as she pulled him towards the room and fumbled with the plastic key card. "Stupid key," she mumbled to herself when it didn't work for a third time. When she tried it out for the fourth time only to have that stupid red light start blinking again. Spike gently took the key from her hand, turned it around placed it back into her hand and guided her hand with his to put the key properly into the key slot. Buffy felt her skin start to burn up from his touch, she opened the door and helped him to the bed without her mother, and Dawn's suitcases on it.

"Um," she looked at him nervously, finally clueing in that she had a sexy British man lying on her bed in a hotel room, "I'm gonna run down and get you some ice." She grabbed the ice container and dashed out the door and down the hall.

He took the time while Buffy was away to take a look around him. Three suitcases, two laid un-packed on the other bed while the other looked like the owner was in the process of putting the belongings into the dresser. He guessed the almost un-packed one was Buffy's and the other two looked to be either her friends or family. He silently hoped it was friends. He heard someone running back down the hall and looked up to see Buffy slightly out of breath with the bucket of ice in her hand.

"Okay, now all I need it a bag," She started to look for one and found one in the bathroom; she filled it with ice and went to go give it to Spike. When she walked out she saw him smirking slightly, "What's so funny?"

"You luv," he said looking her straight in the eye smiling. "You're just so damn cute."

Buffy felt her face start to burn up, "Oh here you go," she handed him the bag of ice; "Again, I'm really sorry. You just snuck up on me, and I reacted."

"Don't worry you pretty little head about it, luv," he smiled when she blushed again, looking at her for a minute he decided tell her why he snuck up on her in the first place; "Listen the reason I came back is I wanted to know if you've found someone to show you around yet?"

Buffy looked up at him startled by his question. "No my mom, sister, and I just got here a few hours ago. My watc—err school librarian used to live here and he gave us some names of places where we should go." She eyed him, she hardly knew this guy for 10 minutes!

He laughed lightly at her unease, "Well pet, I just so happen to be here in the flesh, and ready and willin' to take you to see the real London."

Buffy was just about to answer when the door opened and Joyce, and Dawn walked in laughing and reciting little events that happened on their adventure. They stopped short when they saw Spike.

"Oh hello, Buffy are you not going to introduce us to your friend?" Joyce asked as she walked over to Buffy curiosity filling her eyes.

"Oh beg your pardon, ma'am the names William, but everyone calls me Spike." He stuck out his hand and Joyce shook it.

"Spike, well there's a name you don't hear often. How did you get it?"

Spike smiled, and leaned to whisper in Joyce's ear, "I would tell you but it's a little improper in front of the nibblet." Joyce laughed lightly shaking her head. "I was just asking Buffy here if she would allow me to take her on a tour of merry ol' London tomorrow."

Buffy started to decline, but stopped when both Joyce and Dawn gave her twin looks that said 'are you nuts?' She sighed; "as long as it's alright with you guys then I'll go."

"Great, I'll see you here tomorrow around noon." He walked over to Joyce raised her hand to his mouth and gave her a light peck on her knuckles, then started to walk out. As he walked past Buffy he leaned over and whispered, "Don't worry pet, this is one decision your not going to regret later on." And with a smirk and a wave he left the girls staring at the door.

"Okay," Dawn started, "is it just me, or does anyone else here think Buffy works fast?"