Evil peered from corner of a cave wall on the recluse behaviour of one of their inhabitants, Nerd. He'd only come out his room for food and bathroom breaks he noticed but every time he'd go back to his room.

Lech joked about his situation, "He's getting to be of age, maybe Nerd-linger is finding' himself.' Evil shook his head, he knew better considering he saw flashes of light under his door. He just needed to-

"What are you doing?" He heard Prozac behind him, he leered at him annoyed.

"He's been in there for weeks!"

"I know he's so dedicated! Evil scoffed grimly in response to his ignorance.

"Maybe he's dead." He stated grimly.

Prozac got into Evil's face and berated him, "Just leave him alone!" Evil pouted in response as he left to the living room leaving Evil to his own devices...

Nerd was working in his room soldering the final piece of metal to the machine he was working on. He had finally done it, after all his hard work he was finally going to have a new friend that appreciated him, someone that cared about him. He could finally be understood. Or mocked for his interests.

He pulled up his welding helmet and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"At last! It's finished! Now to create the ultimate roommate!"

"What's it do?" Evil popped in from behind him and stared at the device. The device was a cylinder shape with a console to the side of it. Nerd jumped back in shock while holding his chest, the sudden movement knocked his glasses on the console to the ground.

"How'd you get in here?!" He picked up his glasses and put them back on.

Evil pulled his drill as Nerd stared at it, then he realized what happened.

"What you do to my door?" He asked fearing the worst.

Evil smiled satisfied at his work as Nerd took his drill.

The door was open. Not my fault he forgot to lock it. Although in hindsight I'm really dumb for not checking till now. He thought as he went to the machine.

Nerd noticed no damage to his door, but he noticed his cardboard cutout with a hole in it's head. He gasped then shouted, "How dare you- Ack!" He dropped the drill. Evil was inside the machine inspecting it. He paused as he looked at the big red button on the console.

"Hmm…." He looked at Nerd, then back to the console, "What's this do?"

Nerd ran to the console to stop him. "Evil! Wait! No!"

Evil pressed the button only to have the machine zap him in response while letting out a blinding light.

Nerd shielded his eyes from the blinding light, as it subsided smoke came from the machine and two shadows emerged from the fog. The silhouettes were oddly similar to one another. The bear fell to his knees, bewildered. "I—What have I done!"

"Created perfection." One of them replied.

It was time for Discord, and Evil too.


Death rested on a rock outside the cave. The bear had always been an observer, never meddling with things. It was his choice for obvious reasons. However, after discovering Lech beaten on the grass and seeing Evil cackling at Gimp due to his prank. That's when he had to step in.

"Ah ha ha! The look on your face." Evil pointed at him continued to laugh, tears forming from his eyes.

Gimp was befuddled at the makeshift explosive in his first aid kit, he turned to him and gave Evil an annoyed look. "I can't even-" He then noticed Death looking at him as well sharing the same fed up expression.

Evil feigned shock as he held his face with both paws. "Imagine the level of immaturity and thoughtlessness that would go into planning such a-"

"Brilliant and effective prank?" The other Evil spoke from behind him.

Death was shocked as noticed a similar voice from,

"I've never been one for humility." The other Evil strolled beside him.

Death looked at the both of them, each give a satisfied smile. At least he could tell which was which but… "Who are you?" He narrowed his brow at the unmarked one.

The unmarked one gave a blank look. "I'm not afraid of you." He said.

Death was surprised even Gimp shared the same notion.

"Well, I still am." Evil stated rose his hand.

Death giving the thing a perplexed look. Evil pulled his duplicate with him as he waved goodbye to Death. "C'mon! there's lots more animals to terrorize! What are your thoughts on Giraffes? Ooo, and there's this jerk Lion I've been meaning to put in his place." He smiled giddily as they strolled off.

His clone spoke up first. "Actually before that, there's someplace we need to be first." Evil nodded in response as he let him lead the way.

Death sighed as Gimp gave a pained gasp. What is going on? He thought as he face-palmed. "DEATH!" He gave an annoyed scowl as he narrowed his brow knowing who was shouting his name. Gimp grimaced due to how loud it was.

Gay stomped angrily toward the two, he was wearing an odd ensemble: A brown cap, Purple shades, a purple scarf and what looked like a blue bathrobe. All obscuring his body but his now green fur was still visible despite the effort. "I can't believe this." He said.

"I can't go out in public like this. You need to get Prozac out-" He paused as he realized something was off. He rose his shades to see the aftermath. Lech was on the ground holding his head in pain. Vanity was inside of a bag, he could see his foot. And what greeted him as he got closer was an amused look on Gimp's face along on the lines of: Whatever your problem is it's nothing compared to what's happening right now.

He walked to the beaten blue bear. "Ha! Every cloud has a silver lining after all!" Lech groaned as he got back up slowly.

"It's not funny Gaylord!" He gave a pained look, "There's two of them!" Gay looked back at Death confused.

"What?!" He replied in shock.

Death swiped his paw to open the bag and Vanity rolled out of the bag. He let out a large gasp before passing out on the ground. "There are two of them now." He stated calmly.

"Two Evils?!"

Gimp nodded as Lech reached in his mouth and pulled out a tooth. Death responded to Gay as he picked up Vanity's bag.

"I don't think so. The new one is...More evil."

Gay gasped, "Triple Evil?!"

Death questioned Lech. "If Evil had lots of help and free rein, what would he do?"

"Uh, I don't know," he pondered. "Actually he's rather fond of the word 'Immolate' And 'spontaneous combustion.' Death frowned annoyed at him as he continued. "And 'incendiary"

"Hold on! Hold on! There's two Evils?!" Gay interrupted.

The three of them glared at him with a condescending look, the type of look you'd give to the guy who was slow on the uptake or just plain dumb. This was the opposite for Gay as he asked an important question."Seriously? How did this happen?!" Gay pleaded.

They all gave confused looks. Lech scratched his head unsure. "Anyone see Nerd lately?" Then they all then winced at the newest member of the group, Tanked came to them with an enlarged head and bloodshot eyes. Today was not a good day.


I wish I could have seen this coming. But there's no turning back now. I laid my head down on the rails of our exhibit watching the animals run for dear life to safety. Fires had been set in multiple exhibits

"What's going on is something burning?" Vanity chimed in, he couldn't see over the exhibit wall.

Lech "Well..."

This all happened so fast….

A little bit earlier.

"Great! Just Great!," I heard chatter outside my door from the tone of voice I could tell it was Lech just because he was whining about something. "The one time we need the bastard and he's gone!"

"Honestly, he's been too flakey for my liking." Gay replied,

"I don't think it was of his own volition." Death stated. "We can't worry about him now, what matters is finding Nerd. He can explain what's going on."

Uh oh.

"Oh my god is that-" Gay sounded shocked.

"Yeah…It's raspberry jam." Lech responded.

"NOOOO! Not my sugar-free organic raspberry coulis! Bastards!" I heard sobbing, Priorities Gay, you clearly don't have them.

"It's good!" Lech said, I assumed he licked the jam of the door, ew, I rolled my eyes.

I heard the door crack open as I saw my rescuers barge in my room. It was in shambles to say the least. The first thing they saw was my cardboard cut out defiled by that wretched drill.

Death retracted back at the sight of it, Gay was the first to comment. "What is that hideous thing?"

"I'll have you know he's very commanderly", I muttered, but the tape obstructed my mouth saliva building up.

"Your mama." Lech replied, he walked into that one.

"That makes no sense!" He replied hoarsely. I saw my plastic friends were thrown aside like trash, mismatched and rearranged into deformed amalgamations on the floor as they gathered around the pile.

The group meandered for a bit before Prozac finally entered the room. "Um—What's going on?" He sounded disoriented, I sniffed the air and I almost threw up at the smell.

Gay folded his arms, "Nice of you to show up! Anyway...Do you think the new Evil is more or less sane?" His nose twitched.

"Wait...What." He sounded concerned, as if someone died. He wanted answers. As he got closer to Gay he gave him a stern, intimating glare.

My saliva finally dripped out of the tape, whether it be my luck or Crack's misfortune it landed on his head and the result was to be expected. He looked up to the source frightened, "AAAAAAH!" And let

out a blood curdling scream as the rest of them looked above to see my form: Tapped from head-to-toe on the ceiling. Not my finest moment, I was honestly scared out of my mind.

After some awkward maneuvering and painful removal of the duct-tape I was finally on the ground as I sat on my bed with bits of my fur missing. "What were you thinking?!" Prozac yelled. I was ashamed, I deserved this.

"Do you have any idea of the evil you've unleashed?!" I nodded,

"Some." I replied not bothering to look at him.

"What about the evil unleashed in the bathroom?!" Lech replied crudely as he held his nose childishly.

Prozac snapped around and grew to the size of my ceiling, he pointed to Lech. "You can clean it." He voice was grew deeper and threatening.

Death spoke up, "Yelling is going to help." And then the shouting contest began, I couldn't discern most of it.

"This...is all my fault." I look down at my hands, I couldn't do anything right. "Just like last time."

I remembered my mother, she used to be a famous animal actor on a TV show. I was always fascinated by her work, she was always so grand and gentle while she worked with the children. Her roles were varied she told me about how most of them involved in a consume of some kind. She loved her work, but she loved me more. Mom wanted to see me on the big stage too, but I was content to watch her and cheer her on from afar.

I wasn't ready yet.

Mom's long hours on set did often lead me alone though. Fortunately, there was an editing bay outside my pen. Make it so! Yes captain! I remembered saying those words fondly as I would here the various clips. I loved to listen to them, I always lost track of the time when I was engrossed by the voices. I'd remember taking the props from the sets for re-enactments and pretended to have my own little adventures...However, that didn't last long.

The producers of the show wanted to boost ratings for their show. They had my mother and a bunch of children on set one day. And while before they started filming the head producer had a brilliant Idea: bring another animal to the show.

At first I was ecstatic I had a chance to preform with my mom. It warmed my heart. But—the children crowded over me in groves, grabbing me from all sides. It felt like I was being ripped apart as the pulled me from side to side. I couldn't do anything I- I was to scared. I felt like I was going to cry. But then she stepped in, she lost it, she loved so much but...From the joys of my childhood came tragedy.

I saw her after everything happened she...Had a smile on her face before…They put her down.

The news covered the attack the next day. I was alone without a mother, so they shipped me off to the nearest Zoo. And that's where I met Prozac and Crack...Things are better now then back then at least, but the memory still lingers….

"It's my fault she died." I said quietly.

Prozac was the only one to notice my plight. I heard him come closer, "Who died" he inquired. "Nerd?"

No. This won't happen again. I won't sit here, as long as I can help it.

I'm not alone anymore.

"You're right! I made this mess and I'll fix it." I rose from my bed renewed with vigor. "I'll need your help though." I placed my paw on his shoulder. "It's nine against two!"

Crack fainted on my floor and I frowned annoyed, "Okay then, eight. How bad could it be?"

Irony, why do you always have to be such a buzz kill?


I heard the crackle of a walkie-talkie on the ground, next to an unconscious zoo keeper security member: "We need all hands at the African Pavilion now! Wait-What's—AAAAHHHH-" Click.

We all grabbed our weapons of choice, a club, bat, a loofah and a frying pan. Prozac spoke first "Well. Now we know where to go."

This was it our final stand, I wonder were Fighter is now, He might of enjoyed this...

A moment before.

The forest was oddly quiet, "Where the hell is he?!" Except for the loud mouse currently annoyed he was stood up by his pupil.

"Maybe, he's busy?" Jimmy smiled innocently.

He's...busy with his new pals, right? Mike sighed in response and rested on the tree stump beside him. He laid back closed his eyes.

"Damn it! this oaf is heavy." He heard a loud thud off in the distance.

They both stared at each suspiciously and walked where they heard the sound.

Evil dropped the bag he had on the ground, out of the bag came out another bear, a black bear rolled out snoring. "Good he's still asleep." He paused as he looked over his form cautiously he noticed his ears twitching 'aaaaahh'. Fighter yawned.

Crap. He saw him began to stir. He looked to a bush pensively but remained calm. The bear stretched his arms out. Then wiped his eyes, as he got his bearings he looked around the forest, then to Evil. He looked oddly composed with his hands behind his back.

"D- did you drug me?" He looked around cautiously trees surrounding him.

Evil scoffed, "No, Fighter. You were out like a log."

Fighter gave a dubious look as he rose his brow. "Right..." He looked at him again with a pensive look.

"I have a question for you." Evil stated,

"Shoot, what's on you mind?" He leaned back on a tree his hands behind his back. "You come here nearly everyday, what do you do here?"

"I train...nothing more." He kept his answer as vague.

Evil rolled his eyes, "How boring, at least you self sufficient. I couldn't say that for the rest of them."

Fighter narrowed his brow at him and gave a hard look.

"The rest of the bears are just hanging on to what little freedom they have left. Quite sad, honestly."

"And you care, why?" Fighter responded as he inspected his face.

"Again," He scoffed. "Life is short, why should we try to pretend it isn't? We live in captivity with insufferable idiots not by choice, but because we have to. We both know this, so why bother? I'd rather be alone." He gave a conceited smirk.

"Well, congrats that's not happening." Evil frowned annoyed at the bear's response.

"And what of you? You come here every waking moment here, why shouldn't I think differently? Life's to short for such a tedious past time."

"Why the doom and gloom, sunshine?"

Evil paused, "What do you think about life, Fighter? Personally, What matters is leaving a mark." He smiled ominously.

The bear gave a pensive stare. "You aren't wrong. Life is short, It's easier to think that way..." He clenched his fists but not in anger. "But I'm not going to pretend that it's the better alternative. This 'idiot' has always had doubts, I will not apathy rule over me."

Evil looked bored. "That's your answer?" He grasped for the weapon he placed behind him.

"It's far from it." Fighter closed his eyes as Evil approached him blade in hand, he drew it back stab him. "It's dull, but has it's sharp moments." He grinned sadistically at his choice of words, the blade descended onto it's target, sinking into it—Evil growled annoyed as he missed his by mere inches.

"I have a question—What the hells come over you?" He gave an iron glare as slammed his fist into Evil's gut knocking the wind out of him.

Evil jumped back from his opponent, he needed some space to beat his pugilist counterpart. "Oh, and it's nice to know that wound healed up..." He narrowed his brow knowingly. Both bears gave fierce glares, one intense, but pensive. The other cut throat with viscous intent.

Damn, that last blow stung. Evil had confidence in his own ability, he just needed bait him, he kept his paws open and his claws out. He needed him to make a mistake.

Fighter glanced at the sword embedded in the tree behind him. He shook his head, he needed to stay focused on his opponent, he had to close the distance. He tucked his arms to his chest and balled his paws into fists and charged forward dauntlessly meeting him in the middle of the forest stopping inches away from one another.

Evil kept his claws outward to keep him line. Fighter swung first, Evil barely dodged it as he ducked down and rose back up with an elbow to the nose, he staggered backward, his eyes shut.

Evil grinned satisfied at the result as he ran forward to get his weapon—Only to be put into a choke hold by his opponent. His arm firmly around his neck. He scowled annoyed as he leaned forward, then struck his thigh with his foot causing them both to tumble to the ground.

Fighter laid flat on his back and shook his head, he heard the blade being pulled out of its resting place and he rolled out just in time to see the blade where he was prior. Evil pulled it from the ground.

Fighter rose up and quickly went into his stance. His gaze shifted back to his attacker, he looked pleased as he waved the blade around testing it. He gave a content sigh. "Ahh, You might as well give up now, save the effort."

"No thanks. I'll make you work for it." He gave a bitter smile.

He grasped the blade in his paws, holding the blade over his head as she charged at him. Then, Suddenly jabbed towards his foe's head only for him to evade swiftly as he weaved. Fighter tucked under the blade as Evil slashed at his head with his sword. Evil growled annoyed at his persistence.

He jabbed the blade forward making him back up slowly to the rocks, a large one and a small flat rock.

Fighter felt something scrape his foot, his adversary grinned at him taking the opportunity. His opponent narrowed his brow pensively as Evil lunged forward to stab him again.

He dodged the blade causing Evil to drag it across the large stone to pursue him as sparks flew from the it. Leaving a visible line across the rock. Evil furrowed his brow and aimed his the blade downward to his knee, Fighter stepped over it and placed his foot on the blade jumping off it, twirled in the air with his leading his foot.

Let's see if he goes for it.

Evil scoffed as he dodged the blow with ease and readied his sword to impale him, his back was toward him his leg curled inward, he wanted to see his face when he did the deed.

He rushed forward, only to be greeted with an unexpected turn punch knocking him on his back. And what did he see? The same confident smile Fighter had on his face—He was going to die, he just didn't know it yet.

Evil paused and pulled back the blade, his stare focused, pensively waiting for him he let the tip of the blade drop to the floor.

Fighter darted forward to strike him with an uppercut, his eyes wandered as saw his opponents hands just as he reached him. He may not know how to use a sword but he could tell instinctively something was amiss, Evil tighten his grip suddenly.

He instinctively tucked under the blade he saw it's shadow on the ground.

Evil drove the blade down diagonally, only for his strike to be cut short due to Fighter striking his wrist mid swing, it stung fiercely as he still grasped his blade. Fighter leaned forward and punched his opponent's knee, "Gak, fff-"

He dropped the blade behind as he his held knee. Fighter climbed onto Evil swung around his neck using his weight to pull him down, face first into the ground. He rolled toward the blade. Resetting the position.

Evil spat out dirt and shook his head, he felt a dull pain but managed to keep his composure. Back to square one. He saw a grin on his opponent's face as got back into his stance. He narrowed his brow in disgust, "Your enjoying this?"

Fighter pounded his fist together. "I just pulled off a spiral DDT, I'm pretty excited."

"Moron. Do you understand what's happening?" He lunged forward and tried to give him a left hook, Fighter stopped the blow with punch of his own to his face. Then laid two more strikes in succession to his body. They were as quick as whip.

"Yea, this is a fight." He gave a condescending smirk, "Aren't you slow on the uptake, I'm glad there as slow your swings at least." He's was having fun for the wrong reasons. Fighter stepped forward to swing with his front leg extended.

Evil glanced at his leg, Fighter went with a left cross, he ducked the blow and grasped his front leg with his claws digging them deep enough to draw blood. Then he swept his other leg causing his opponent to fall flat on his back. He placed his knee into his chest firmly placing it to be as painful as possible. "Ack."

Evil cracked his knuckles, then proceeded to lay a beat-down as rose his fists."Having, "His head turned to the right violently, 'Fun." Then to left he winced as he left a claw mark on his face, 'Yet?" He kept the assault going each hit making him light headed. "You get it now, imbecile? I'm trying to kill you!" He rose his fist again.

'But I suppose this is the best way to get through your skull," He brought his claw down to his face, Fighter grabbed the paw and gave a tired look, I didn't want it to come that. Evil felt a small rock hit him in the back of his head he turned his head. The hell was- "Buzz, off!" Fighter punched him in his jaw.

Evil growled frustrated at his resilience and kicked him toward his sword. He then cursed as he saw Fighter grab the blade. He gave his foe an annoyed scowl. "Damn it, just drop the blade, It's useless in your hands anyways." Fighter looked at him, then to the blade he looked conflicted. He lobbed the blade forward.

It was a weak toss but he could still grab it, the blade just reached knee level as Evil watched it and spoke. "Common sense, your learning-" He didn't expect what came next;

He lobbed the blade, letting it drop and reach his feet and without hesitation he kicked the blade forward by its hilt, launching it towards his face. Evil barely had time to react as it cut his cheek, he saw it stuck into the tree with the bushes bellow it.

"Impudent-" He noticed the bear disappeared from his original spot than felt a strong sharp pain in his gut. He glanced down to see Fighter pulling back his fist from the hard blow.

Evil gave a pained growl as he slashed at his head he stopped the blow with forearm then gave three rapid rhythmic blows to his gut finishing the combo with uppercut sending him tumbling back to the tree.

Fighter sighed relieved.

Now, he could warn the others about this, If they didn't think he was crazy- Shnnk. He felt something prick his butt. He felt drowsy he remembered this feeling. "Shhhhi-" He felt knees buckle and fell to the ground.

Evil held the tranquilizer gun in his paw. "Should... Have done that sooner-gak." He got up with a pained groan as he dropped the gun went for his blade.

He struggled with the blade in the tree till he pulled out the troublesome thing. Walking to the unconscious foe dragging the blade across the ground, Mike was about to jump out of the bush when Jimmy stopped him. "Wha-"

Evil's ears perked up as the bushes rustled, he threw away the blade. "Hey I'm done with the holes!" The original Evil spoke as held a shovel. He looked at the unconscious bear then to his duplicate. "Couldn't take on the mook without the gun, huh?"

He nodded annoyed. "Just tell me you dug them deep enough." Evil nodded in response. "Good, I'll carry the oaf." He looked at him quizzically. "Don't worry he be able to breathe just fine. We'll have a laugh and then dig him up when we're done having fun." He grinned. The original nodded hesitantly.

The bushes rustled again, The clone's ear twitched. "You Remembered the X right? We have to know where he is."

Evil frowned at his lack of faith, "We're, I mean, I'm not an idiot!" The clone smiled as he walked with Evil to Initiate his plan.

The onlookers watched them leave, the raccoon was the first to speak. "Come on, we gotta follow em." Jimmy was about to run ahead. "Wait, I got an idea. Find Clyde, there's no way both us could dig him out fast enough." The mouse sighed worried. But for once he needed to use his head.

Jimmy nodded and ran through the forest.

"Damn it." He always hated this feeling, it felt like a knot twisted up in his stomach.