Fighter woke up feeling stiff, "Ugh. Again? If this is another muffin induced dream-" He his rose head only to bang it against a hard surface. He held his snout.

"Okay, OW." He tried to move around but he soon realized the current space he occupied was small, constricting and darker, he could at least see his hand in front of his face.

He pondered for a moment remembering the fight but blanked out after that.


He heard a buzzing noise he recognized the sound, "Well, it sounds like your finally awake. How do you like your resting place?"

His shoulders kept touching the edges of the object, but his feet weren't touching anything, it was also cold. "It's a coffin if you hadn't noticed. Fitting, I'm also surprised they make them that small too."

"What is going on, Evil?" He asked with a snarl.

"Your funeral, although, I would have loved a Viking funeral. But time and all. hm hm." He chuckled mockingly.

"Time for?" He replied. "Ah-ah-ah. Dead bears, tell no tales. " He could feel the snark from there, "By that logic, I should've been offed by now. What's the matter cold feet?"

Evil sighed, "If you must know I have plans for this place, I want to leave a lasting impression after all." Fighter tried to push the lid open, "struggling is futile, oh and I filed your claws. They were really dirty."


"Which is what you will be when die down there!" He laughed maniacally, which lead Fighter to follow suit with his own blusterous laughter: "Hmm hmm...ha ha ha HA HA HA!"

"I—I just don't get you." Evil growled annoyed, he wanted some reaction but this wasn't what he was expecting. It ruined the mood.

"Laughter takes the edge off. The more you laugh at something the more it loses its punch, if you will...That's how someone can become a joke." He continued to laugh.

"I guess the deaths of your friends will be the best punchline, by that logic." He mimicked.

Fighter stopped laughing immediately.

"There it is, when I'm done with this zoo everything will burn to the ground."

He heard shuffling from walkie above his head. "Well then, I hope you enjoy your stay."

"Wait." He said his voice was oddly calm.

Evil responded, "Final words? Oh, are you pleading for your life? Beg for me, I want to hear it before I go." His voice had a psychotic glee to it.

"Touch them and I will break. Every bone in your body, fake." His tone didn't change.

Evil scoffed, "Honestly, I don't know why you care? You hardly treat them as friends to begin with. You're the distant relative that nobody likes...Now lay there and die. After all, you have a front row seat to friends demise. A shame you won't die with your family."

He furrowed his brow confused. "They're not my- "

"Ah, we're out of time. I hope the worms enjoy the food!' He heard footsteps trailing off than a small thud leaving him alone.


It was pure chaos; The sky was pitch black, the sounds of the panicked animals filled the air, and multiple clouds of smoke emerged from each of the exhibits. Many of the inhabitants ran away from their homes among the discord there was one mammal, a yellow mongoose guiding some of the small animals to their packs.

"Run away from the flames lemmings! Hey! Rabbits go with the mice to the parking lot!" The mongoose waved them to their destination, a Jackal ran out of the chaotic crowd of animals.

"Tali, come on! We need to go! Gah, the humans are bloody stupid." He spat at the ground annoyed, the smell of smoke was irritating.

Tali scowled at him, "I have to make sure they're not trampled or killed."

Hmm, he pondered, this was odd to him, he shook his head. 'Fine."

They ran to the parking lot filled with animals of all shapes and sizes, but something was off. Something was missing; elephants, monkeys, wolves, a few mongeese, the polar... then it hit her.

"Where are the bears?" She exclaimed.

"Right there." He pointed to the polar bears.

Tali glared at him fiercely she was restraining herself from strangling him."Oh, crap them!"

"Thank you for proving you have a brain." He scowled at her. She sighed, he saw her tapping her feet. 'Clyde can you-"

"You don't even need to ask, sweetheart. I owe him."

He turned around quickly toward the Zoo. "If I don't come back, tell 'em I died like a badass!" He yelled at her.

She face-palmed in frustration.

Clyde ran past the various exhibits, each becoming a blur as he darted past them. Lemurs, Monkeys, Birds, and the polar bear preserves. He passed each of them as his heart was racing. He needed to find them. Where the hell is the exhibit? He saw a raccoon on a railing above an exhibit as he ran past. He immediately broke his pace.

"Jimmy?!" he said.

The raccoon kept running past him not stopping, he had a determined look on his face. "Oi! Jimmy!" He didn't notice him.

Ugh this, this is happening right now. He ran to catch up with him, jumping on the railing and pulling him down with his teeth.

"Hey, let me go!" Jimmy looked up at his captor realizing who it was and smiled sheepishly.

Clyde dropped him on the ground. No words were exchanged, they knew what was happening. They arrived at the bear exhibit thanks to the Raccoon's knowledge of the Zoo layout. "Damn it! They're gone!" Clyde growled as he lurched over the exhibit.

"Aaaaahhhh!" His attention was caught by a screaming green bear with a foul-smelling substance on his face he could smell it from up there.

"Hey, you do know where the bears are its matter of life or death!" Jimmy chimed in. Crack cowered as he looked at the familiar animals. He kept shaking avoiding eye contact.

"He's useless." Clyde scowled.

"Wait. Hold on." The raccoon jumped down to the exhibit and walked carefully to the shaking bear. "Look, we'll be out of your hair. But please if you could tell Tali were the other bears are." Crack shuddered in response.

"W-w-why should I tell you? What are going to do to me?" He recoiled back on the cave wall.

"Nothing, I'm not going to do a thing. But please consider what I said." He sighed as he walked back to a tree to climb out. He stopped as he heard a voice.

"They probably went to the African pavilion...I heard them talking about it while they armed themselves."

Jimmy gave a genuine smile. "Thank you."

Now they just needed to find their friend.


Evil held his stomach and burped. His stomached rumbled. "One of those pigeons isn't sitting well." His clone laid back on a tree and replied. "You really like to complain a lot, don't you?" Evil paused and looked at his clone oddly.

"Well… I usually refer to my meat cooked." He coughed. "And these feathers are so scratchy!"

The clone snorted in response. "You've been catered for too long. You've lost some edge." He jeered, then smiled contently while he closed his eyes. "I have big plans for this place." He opened his eyes. "I'm wondering just how committed you are."

Evil paused again and looked at him annoyed.

"Don't forget who you're talking to! I am the master of this zoo." He stood on top of a rock and continued. "The true alpha male! The leering ghost that haunts the dreams of lesser creatures!" His clone was unaffected by the awe-inspiring speech. "No really." Evil continued, "The Otters think I'm an evil spirit that comes once a month and must be appeased or their tanks tuns dry. They leave out a week's worth of fish and cower in the mud."

He rubbed his chin, "I wonder if those hyperactive little morons will ever figure out what a drain is?"

"Pre-killed Otter-fodder. Am I supposed to be impressed."The cloned jeered him again, Evil looked shocked. He laid back closing his eyes. "And that's your problem. You could run this place… but you think too small. One petty quarrel at a time a silly giraffe feud here... Lion taunting there… Grand plans indeed. But luckily sometimes the copy is better than the original! Enhanced in every way!"

Evil looked shocked as he saw him hold his power drill. "My precious!"

"Who are you talking to?" His clone appeared from behind the rock holding a gas canister. He saw Evil cradling his drill like a child holding a toy. He looked at him then look down anxiously.

"No one."

"Okay, then. Time to start phase two!"

"What's that?" He asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know? " He strolled off with the canister, Evil reluctantly following him, He looked at his fanny pack.

The mouse waited until he heard their footsteps go off in the distance. "Good, time to save my bro." He ran into the direction the clone buried his friend further in the forest.

As Mike headed deeper into the forest the duo ran through the forest, they couldn't let any more time go to waste. Jimmy told Clyde about the situation on the way. He seemed more determined now than ever. Jimmy felt the same but he was currently almost out of breath. "Ah ha aahhh. Can we just wait a moment?"

"You can wait here. I'm going ahead." He pushed forward.

Jimmy sighed as he was alone. 'What...good am I if can't keep up?" He wiped the sweat from his brow.

Fzzt. "Jim-" Fzzt. He heard an odd noise.

"Fighter where are you?"

"Over h—Fzzt-Grab the walk-Fzzt." He walked to a bush and grabbed the source of the noise: a barely functioning walkie-talkie. It had claw marks on it, and a dent small foot mark was on it. "Please listen care-fzzt. Dfzzt the X." He pondered for a moment. "I should give this to others, He's trying to warn us about something." He walked in the same direction Clyde went.

Mike already started digging where the X mark was on the ground, he had to start somewhere. He saw the jackal run up to him. "Hey, Mike! You're sure he's here?!"

"You Remembered the X right? We have to know where he is." He nodded.

"I'm sure." They continued to dig further dirt flying around. Jimmy entered from a clearing and ran to them.

"Come on, help us!" Mike screamed.

"Wait, Fighter was talking through this thing!" Both of them looked at the device, Fzzt. D-fzzt. They ignored him as they continued to dig.

"I'm not leaving him down there to die!" The mouse said concerned.


A moment prior...

Below, In the coffin Fighter panted heavily as he struggled to open the coffin, he was wasting energy. He then heard something above him: 'What...good am I if can't keep up?"

He paused was that… "Jimmy!" He shouted the walkie blared with an annoying fizzling sound.

"Fighter, where are you?" He asked.

At least he could hear him. "Please listen carefully, don't dig up the X! It's a trap!" He heard the device being picked up. There was shuffling and a lot of panting but he heard some familiar voices, "Come on, help us!"

"Wait, Fighter was talking through this thing!" Jimmy said.

"Don't dig me out!" It fizzled again, "COME ON!"

He panted out of breath, shutting his eyes.

There not my-Family…What are they to you, then?

He shuddered for a moment.

"I..I'm-" He paused unsurely.


Outside, Mike dug at the ground aimlessly.

"Damn it, this is taking forever he'll die down there!"

"Guys!" Jimmy shouted. He had enough, "He said not to dig!"

Clyde growled at him, "Are you sure? It sounds like a trick from Evil?" He glared at him stopping his task.

"Well, what else would he be trying to say?" He looked at perplexed but still adamant.

"He doesn't deserve to die alone." Mike cried as he kept throwing dirt above him hitting Clyde in his face. He shrugged it off.

Clyde glanced at the mouse as his ears drooped, he took off his hat and placed it on the ground. "Just relax all right- I'm sure he's-"

He saw a fist clawing its way from the earth a few meters beside him holding a round device.

"Holy shit! Zombie, run!" He looked terrified as the paw threw out the device from its paw. Another hand reached out from the earth dirt falling inward from the hole. And from the grave Fighter rose coughing, breathing the sweet fresh air.

Why was it filled with smoke? Oh right, Evils'.

He shook his head clearing the dizziness he felt. He walked toward the group slowly. "Woah." Was the general reaction from the group seeing him lumber over to them.

Clyde was the first to say something different, "Are you OK?"

Fighter smiled in response, "Yeah, I was just buried alive, nothing big."

Clyde frown annoyed but had a more relaxed look on his face. All while Mike wiped his face and climbed out of the hole. Fighter stepped forward as Clyde walked toward the forest.

"You scared me." He smiled comfortingly picking up his hat, he started to walk closer to him.

Fzzt kzzzt.

"Gah," Jimmy cried as his ears were being assaulted by the noise the broken walkie-talkie was making.

Fighter looked down to see the device he stepped on. Then saw Jimmy throwing away the talkie out his hands and into the hole. At that moment, everything became slower for him. He knew something was in the hole, something that could hurt them all. They were inches away from the blast radius.

Clyde had already made it a decent way past the small hole.


An explosion went of Clyde flew forward into Jimmy. The dog's ears were ringing, his head was spinning and the smell of smoke worsened along with the smell of burnt fur…


The group made their way to the African pavilion. Walking past the carnage of the twins chaos; A broken sign, destroyed cart and hot-dog vendor on fire to top it all off. Prozac looked around for any sign of life. "At least it looks like the animals got out."

"It's so quiet." Gay replied, "Can we just call for help with the radio?"

"Yeah! Leave the channel open. Will someone come?" Lech exclaimed.

As the group grew apart Nerd inspected the area he noticed an odd marking on the ground. Is it from the cart? He kneeled down, swiped his finger across the ground and sniffed it. He recognized the smell and went wide-eyed. "It's a traaap!"


He shouted in vain as saw the area covered in flames, effectively separating the group as a whole.

Gay and Vanity cowered together in the middle of the inverted pentagram of flames and screamed. Gimp held his first aid kit closer to him away from the wall of flames. Death seemed unamused by the fire itself. Lech and Prozac were occupied with the threats in front of them. "Now what?!" Lech exclaimed. Prozac scowled at the perpetrators.

The clone spoke first, "Well now, Evil thought I was underestimating your collective intelligence. And yet, you walk right into it." He gave them a condensing look as Evil gave him a tranq dart out his fanny pack, "I've gotta say the last few days have been kind of boring. Or day rather, everything's been so fast."

"What do you want Evils?" Prozac gritted his teeth and continued to glare at them.

"We'll start small this zoo for one. I'm not greedy. Although, you could argue that in itself is greedy but it's a small step toward domination." He loaded the rifle and looked at his captives. "I think we all know who the real alpha is."

Lech looked at the clone gasping in anger. He's stepping on my turf.

"Co-Alpha." Evil chimed in.

"Right. And anyone who doesn't agree can go on my kill list." It read in order: Lions, Tiger, Polar bears oh my. Evil looked at the list as his counterpart continued.

"Though it's getting pretty long. Anyways, things will be changing around here. And if you don't like that, then you have one option-" They all stared at him in confusion, anger, curiosity, fear all were present. Then they heard a small explosion from the woods. "You can die. Just like him." He smiled wickedly as Evil rolled up the list and looked at him confused.

It didn't take long for him and the others to realize what happened. "Oh no..." Gay spoke up as he placed his hand over his mouth.

"S-Shit..." Lech looked down distraught.

Tanked whimpered as held his bear tighter. Death remained indifferent but he looked angry all the same. Not another...Nerd frowned as the rest of the group pieced it together.

"No, he's lying?" Vanity remained skeptical.

"Why?" Prozac growled.

"Wait. What?" Evil stated flatly. The clone looked back at him knowingly, "C'mon Evil, that was always a part of the plan" He rolled his eyes. Evil looked at him dubiously at him, "We've made quite a mess. And I've eaten a few lesser exhibits. The king of the Zoo does not abide fish heads or common pigeons. Eating my way thought endangered species list has an exotic appeal." He waved to the group "And here my perfect scapegoats."

The group looked tense. Each tried to be intimating but it fell through. Nerd held his hands to his face scared at the clone's malicious intent. "Perhaps we'll stage a mass murder/suicide! There's enough enmity between you… Who wouldn't believe it?" Evil held his chest looked away from him hesitantly, was this what he wanted? "So who's up first? I promise I'll make it look good."


Evil spoke up and looked at his clone, "Figures. I wonder how long you can say that while knowing whose blood you've shed." The clone looked disappointed at him. Evil looked shaken for a moment, he took this opportunity to shoot someone, Blam! Evil snapped out of it when he saw Tanked shot first the dart hanging out his head. Vanity gasped.

"Tanked!" Nerd ran to him hopping over the fire.

Evil glared at him and went for his gun. The clone saw this and pivoted his body to his right with his gun and bashed it into the back of Evil's head with the bud of it. "Who's next then, Evil? Your simpering purple friend?"

"Good luck with that!" He threw the rest of the dart's out of his fanny pack into the fire.

"Damn." The clone sounded disappointed. "I was hoping to get to use you a little longer Evil." He dropped the gun aside. The placed his two fingers around the edges of his mouth and whistled.


There was silence everyone was looking around for something, till an ominous rumbling sound started to approach louder. Then a loud booming crash came from the wall of the pavilion, a mad rhino had entered the fray and stood beside him. They all were dumbfounded as the clone climbed the rhino."But this was inevitable. There can only be one!" He rose his sword as lightning stuck behind him, The fight was on.

"Where'd he get a sword?!" Lech whined the others looked on worried. Tank groggily got up.

"Time to bow down Evil! The clone kicked the rhino to get to charge "Ha!"

Evil threw down his pack and readied his claws.

"Evil!" Nerd exclaimed.

The clone smiled as he heard him and directed the rhino to him. Nerd looked on surprised. The rhino came toward him faster and faster, thunderous thuds marked its approach. Nerd stood frozen in fear. "Nerd, Look out!" Prozac shouted, Evil had already ran to his friend, The clone looked at his victim in glee, but luckily Evil made it in time and pushed him to the side. The group looked at Nerd worried, Prozac walked to him to see if he was all right and picked him off the ground.

"Evil?!" Nerd shouted.

Evil had climbed unto the side of the rhino with his claws slowly inching forward to his adversary till he grasped his leg. They both fell off the beast slamming unto the ground. The rhino charged off making another hole in the wall. The clone slammed his fist in Evil's stomach, he winced in pain. Then got a blow to his jaw, followed by a kick and clawing his arm. Evil tried to fight back the struggle was getting tiresome between the two, but he held him down with his arm.

One of them reached for the sword then, Shunk!

He saw the blade enter his stomach. The bear held his mouth as blood spilled from his mouth. The wielder grinning with delight as pushed the blade deeper watching him hack out blood. The spectators cheered."Yay!" But then realized something, "Wait? Who won?" Gay and Lech both said.

Evil fell back on the ground, lifeless. The clone licked the blood-covered tip of the blade, a disturbing sight that Nerd recoiled from as Gay was the first to speak. "Oh. That can't be good."

"We have to put out his fire!" Nerd exclaimed.

Lech responded annoyed, "How?!"

"Stop, drop and roll on it."

"What?! You do it!" He pointed to Gay, he scowled at him as he folded his arms.

"Get Prozac angry!" Nerd suggested, "You do it!" Lech folded his arms and looked away.

The clone walked forward bloodstained blade in hand. "Looks like we're doing this the hard way." Fear clouded their minds, they all screamed at Prozac,

"Just change already!"

"So we all need to die?" Nerd pondered.

Prozac shouted back at them, "There's still a wall of fire!"

"How many of those pills did you take?!" Lech questioned.

Nerd noticed Evil crawling to his pack blood trailing on the ground.

"Such heartwarming family ties. Hey, Evil! You want to burn with your family?" He looked back at his Victim but was stopped by Nerd. "Wait!" An annoyed expression formed on the clone's face. "I challenge you- To single combat!" The clone's expression changed quickly he was dumbfounded "What?" he asked.

"Are you cray?" Gay replied to Nerd. "We have to keep him distracted! Toss me over the flames!" Nerd pleaded.

Prozac growled channeling his rage. It was time Pro-Hulk joined the fray.

"Do you know what you're doing?" Lech questioned.

Nerd started to laugh crazily, "Ha ha ha ha! Nooooo!"

Prozac threw the bear over the roaring flames toward the clone. Nerd landed on his face with an ungraceful splat. The clone looked over at him. Is he dead? I wanted to do more. He thought as Nerd got back up.

The clone stuck his sword in the ground. "I'm already bored, Nerd." He folded his arms.

"I am your creator!" He pointed at him accusingly "And I order you to stand down!" He shouted at the Clone. He slowly began to realize he wasn't going to listen to him. His expression was blank. "Please?"

"Not likely." He slapped the clone across his face. The group looked surprised.

"Nice one!" Gay shouted.

The clone grew angrier his horns started to grow larger. Nerd tried to run away. But he caught him with a choke hold. Gay gasped worried, "Nerd!"

"Throw me!" Lech told Prozac,

"Hey!" Evil spoke out his clone looked over to him. 'Drop him fake." He held a voodoo doll of himself in his hand over the fire as he clutched his wound. The blood dripping on the floor. "Now." The clone looked shocked while still holding him. He loosened his grip on him.

"You wouldn't dare!" He clutched his fist as well as tightening his grip on him. Evil looked at him sternly.

"Try me."

"You're not that selfless!" The clone pointed at him. Evil remained adamant, undeterred.

"Well fine then." The clone wiped out a gun and place it to Nerd's head. "But this one'll join him in death as well."

"Now where'd he get that?!"Lech said as he climbed on Prozac's head.

"Choose. Evil!" He cocked his gun to his hand as scratched his the side his victim's head. "CHOOSE!"

Nerd?!" Evil asked worried, The clone smiled in response he knew he wouldn't do it. Nerd smiled at him with no fear in his eyes, he was content as he raises his hand and closed his eyes. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Evil smiled at the bear, he knew what he had to do, he threw the doll into the fire.

"NOOOO!" The clone shouted as he rose his gun only for it to be smacked away by Lech with a baseball bat. As the doll drooped in the fire the flames engulfed it, as it did Evil as he looked calm and at peace. Juxtapose to the clone which shouted in agony away from the others. "AHHHHH!" He screamed cause the others to wince. It was finally over, but at what cost?

In the aftermath of the struggle, Gay brought his friends, the elephants over to put out the flames with water and put out Evil at least. Ellie, Gimp, and Prozac looked at his body as he was sprayed by Ellie. "Is he going to die? Vanity said as Evil remained on the floor his fur charred, the stench filling the air. "Eww! That stinks!"

Prozac looked at his body dubiously. "I guess we'll need the Zoo vet for this?" Vanity heard a groan coming from Evil, he preceded to hit him with his frying pan. Prozac glared at the panda. "What?! it was merciful!"

Nerd looked at him knowingly there was more to it than that.

Then laughter started coming from the other side of the field. "Heh ah ah ha ha HA HA!" The clone cackled in glee. "Really? he's alive! Can I kill mercy kill him, Pleeeease?" Vanity whined.

"At least I know one thing- HE wont be coming back." The clone chuckled to itself. As the others glared at it, Death and Gimp stepped forward shielding Evil's body.

"You want to bet! Ya fraud!" A loud voice came from a mouse from one of the holes made by the rhino. They looked at the mouse dubiously. The clone laughed again, "Well, out three out of four isn't bad."

Then came Clyde sang from behind but still kicking. "T-Two out four." The group looked and back and sighed in relief. While the clone's eyes went wide, he couldn't fathom the outcome of this,"HOWWWWW!" He screamed.

Another figure loomed behind them using the jackal as support for them to stand. He was burned from his left side all the way up to his stomach. He had a raccoon on his shoulder leaning on his head and spoke, "Sorry to keep you waiting." Fighter grinned from afar showing his teeth mockingly.

"Suck it, Evil!" Jimmy the raccoon said as he stuck his middle fingers up and waved them up and down.

How the hell is he alive? The clone eye twitched.

"You talk too much clone boy." He sighed grasping his chest. His body stung, but he needed to see if they were okay.

"Man, that was brilliant dude. Diving into the hole and pulling me in just as that bomb went off, too clutch." Mike grinned as he gloated.

No...No one here deserves a happy ending! Evil got up from the ground adrenaline flowing through his veins as he picked an axe.


"Oh come on!" Lech said as he went for Nerd.

Nerd shut his eyes, he heard spurting noise then a large thud. When he opened his eyes he saw a blood stain on the ground in front of him. The clone disappeared and the axe embedded in the ground close to vanities legs. He looked shocked at how close it was. The group looked on quizzically Prozac being the first to speak. "What happened?!"

Nerd went wide-eyed in shock as he came to a realization. "Uh I- kind of forgot… I programmed a… Time limit self-destruct..." he laughed awkwardly and placed both his palms in his face. The rest of them looked on annoyed at this little detail. Gimp turned his to Evil's body and noticed something... off, something absent. He gasped, he got death's attention as he gestured to his heart. Death realized it and immediacy ran to him

He paused and sighed. "What's he doing?" Lech exclaimed.

Nerd gasped "He stopped breathing, his heart stopped!"

Gimp nodded. "Huh, ironic," Gay said earning a few glares, he smiled awkwardly. Death focused as he placed his fingers toward his heart. An eerie blue faint light came from them. Fzt Fzt. "Ah hah huh." Evil gasped. Death saw his chest move and smiled, At least he was useful.

Fighter tilted his head intrigued as he saw the light… He felt his eyes grow heavy, "Well looks I'm done. Oh crap." He fell forward onto the ground unconscious.

More Zoo staff eventually arrived as the situation died down. The animals were quick to melt away. But not before leaving a few misleading clues… However, the media focused on the rampage escaped rhino. Everyone was coping but there were others that had Fighter waddled into his room as he felt like a truck hit him.

His first order of business: Pass out again, into a non-pain induced sleep. At least they carried him back.

"Okay, time to have the best sleep eve-" Fighter noticed an odd scent in his bedroom, "Either a can of Banang exploded on my sheets or Evil was very petty." His pillow had turned yellow and stiff. It was the latter and he sighed.

Second order: Get Prozac to find him a bed and lastly...Steal Evil's bed for now.


Evil stayed in the vet compound for a few weeks before being unenthusiastically welcomed home. Prozac wheeled the bear into the living room, "Hey Guys!" None of them bothered to answer. "So how are things? They ignored him, Uh guys?" Everything was almost back to normal.

Evil sat on the couch along with Tanked and fighter watching television. Tanked engrossed by the wrestling on the TV while Fighter sat on the floor pondering, Crack also decided to rear his head behind the couch nosily.

Nerd walked up to the trio near the couch. "Here." Nerd placed a bowl of popcorn on the bandaged Evil and sat down beside him. He held his arm and looked away from Evil. Evil looked at the bowl oddly. "You're welcome." Evil said. Nerd narrowed his brow in response.

"Well, I guess it was a little my fault."

"You know if you'd just told me about the movie thing none of this would have happened." Evil used his tongue to grab the popcorn and throw it in his mouth."Really? You still want to know?"

"Sure." He went on and on about the show in great detail Evil was a bit overwhelmed but he did hear some of the things he spouted.

"I'd watch that."

"What?" Nerd sounded annoyed.

"Sure, it has an evil twin." He gobbled more popcorn down.

"You know if you'd let me copy myself… You would have had two of us to pick on." Evil had a dumbfounded look on his face, Fighter, however, broke the silence.

"Was—Was that a sex thing?" He squinted unsurely.

"NO!" They both shouted. It seemed things were things were starting to get better…

Many of the exhibits harmed by the chaos were fine. The African pavilion was repaired and none of the animals were severally hurt. At least not physically. A lion rested on the grass gazing up at the sky, it had a longing look its eyes.

It almost happened again, I will not stand idly by while a demon runs rampant. He narrowed his brow. He was going to do something he just needs time, It was a good thing he was a patient Mammal. A feline Spoke from behind him his mate.

"Leonard, please come back to the den."

"Coming, Serena."