"Well? What artifact have you brought to prove your validity as the daughter of Alexander the Great?" demanded the old wizard.

Alexandria frowned at his tone, but reached into her bag to pull out...a book made of gold.

"Is that it?"


Several eyes turned to the old historian, who looked to Alexandria first for permission before practically salivating over the book.

"The legendary Book of the Living... said to have been lost when the Library of Alexandria was sacked along with the Book of the Dead. According to historical evidence, it contains all the ways to counter such creations as horcruxes without harming the container, and how to properly destroy a liche when they appear."

"Liche are a myth," scoffed the wizard.

"Actually they're just smart enough to keep quiet. Most of them were destroyed centuries ago, and after a while the knowledge of how to create or become one was lost. For good reason," frowned the Greek Unspeakable. "If this truly is the missing Book of the Living taken by King Alexander himself, then she must be directly related to him. Only his descendants knew the location of dangerous artifacts such as this."

"The Lunar Temple. It exists?" whispered the historian.

Her frown turned to a scowl.

"I'll not claim whether it exists or not. If it does exist, then my father will have hidden it's location for a very good reason. Somethings are not meant to be found, just as some secrets are better kept lost."

She did have the Book of the Dead in her bag, but that was more of a contingency plan in case they didn't accept the validity of the first book.

And the orb she recovered now sat around her neck on a string long enough to hide it's presence in her rather large chest. The fiery red orb was one artifact she knew was meant for her alone to find.

News that the mighty Iskander had a descendant spread like wildfire throughout Greece. Particularly what was left of Macedonia. The fact she could identify every room of what little remained of her father's mighty castle and open every sealed door only reaffirmed her claim as the King of Conqueror's daughter.

Only someone who could speak the ancient language and knew the correct passwords could open a good portion of the basement levels, which were all that were left intact by the time the looting started. Some of the traps were positively deadly, and it was only Alexandria's blood that allowed such doors to open.

Among the Greek magical society, the name "Queen of Conquerors" was being spread like a tiding of good fortune, as Alexandria's first act (once she had access to her gold) was to restore the castle to it's ancient glory. With access to her memories, those in charge of the restoration were able to do so with accuracy.

Alexandria was also kind enough to share her memories of the Parthenon before it fell to ruin, greatly speeding up the restoration efforts.

Having a detailed, accurate image of what it looked like before the great temple fell apart helped the historians figure out what the original artwork looked like, as Alexandria had spent extra time memorizing it. Almost as much time as she had taken memorizing the statue of Athena and the materials used to make it.

Old documents and drawings couldn't do justice to visual memory.

What was interesting to note was that the Greek Ministry was more than happy to work with Alexa to bring Greece back into greatness.

The Persian and Egyptian Ministry were less pleased, but they got over it very quickly when Alexandria handed over several tomes and other artifacts from the many hidden caches her father left behind that belonged to them. Age old rivalries were hard to keep up when handed such a massive gesture of goodwill.

Apparently when the original library in Alexandria was sacked and burned, it was only the copies that were lost. The real one, which held countless scrolls and handwritten spells had been hidden by magic, and the location was left behind in the Lunar temple for safekeeping.

Iskander knew his daughter loved books, and thought leaving behind the originals was a nice present.

He loved to spoil her rotten, and she was very much a "daddy's little girl".

Alexandria glared at the red bauble she took from the temple. It held a tremendous magical power...anyone with the ability to sense magic (a common skill back in her father's day for mages, now only prevalent in "curse breakers" and others exposed to magical items regularly)...but no matter what she did, she couldn't figure out the way to access the artifact.

Alexandria was nothing if not stubborn as a mule. She would figure out how to use this red bauble even if it meant destroying it.

"Work, damn you!" shouted Alexandria.

What happened next had her hitting the wall with her head repeatedly.

~You could have just asked, you know.~

Alexandria (once she was done abusing the poor wall which had several cracks in it since it was ordinary wood) glared at the jewel.

"You can talk?"

~I am an intelligent device, designation Conquering Heart.~

Alexandria beamed.

"Tis a fine name!"

The 'device' was silent.

"So why did my father place you in his most sacred temple?"

~Designation Iskander left me inside the bounded fields of the temple so that designation Alexandria could fulfill his dream of seeing Oceanus and placing his marker there.~

"So you are to be my companion whilst I complete my father's dream?"

~You have a sufficiently large enough linker core to utilize most functions,~ announced the jewel.

Alexandria didn't get the linker core, but she mentally translated it to her having enough prana to use the jewel to it's full capability.

"So how do I use you?"

Conquering Heart was silent, before it spoke up.

~Registering new user. Designation Alexandria, Queen of Conquerors. Linker Core access...fully established. Barrier Jacket confirmed. Optimum configuration for weapon form...confirmed. Stand By Ready... Set Up.~

Alexandria was in a rather large shirt she had purchased "online" as it was called bearing the title of "Admirable Tactics".

One of Fleur's many successful tactics to keeping Alexandria from starting her conquest of the magical world was to introduce the girl to war simulation games. In the spirit of giving her friend some 'experience with modern warfare', in her words.

All she was doing was delaying the inevitable, but she planned to be either with Alexandria or firmly away from the chaos the red head was almost certain to cause when the mundane people realized what she was up to.

This shirt, plus the rather large pair of 'jeans', were the clothes Alexandria had taken to wearing as "casual wear", since her armor was far too noticable.

She didn't mind what would have been considered men's garb...she had a long-standing love-hate relationship with the dresses and skirts common in her father's time.

She loved to wear them to balls and social gatherings, but hated wearing them every day because they were so easy to rip and tripped her repeatedly.

Which was really the main reason her father commissioned a set of armor that looked almost like a feminine version of his own, save the longer skirt.

One moment she was in her shirt and jeans, the next she was in a slightly modified version of her armor. On her feet were a pair of red-colored wings, that upon experimenting, allowed her to fly.

A wicked grin appeared on her face, as she held her new weapon in her hand. The unholy cackle she let loose sent shivers down the spines of the spies in the city. And that was before she found out about the fact she could launch massive beams of blood red magic that obliterated anything and everything in her path with her new 'cannon'.

In the Clock Tower...

More than one high and mighty Magus fled for their life/sanity hearing the evil cackles of the infamous Zelretch. The genuine mirth spoke of only pain, humiliation and terror that would soon occur, and no sane person wanted to be on the wrong end of his rather vocal amusement. That way spoke of only doom.

In his office, Zelretch was laughing his fanged ass off at the sight of Alexandria playing around with what was commonly called the "Befriending Beam" from another magical girl who was called the "White Devil".

He knew handing Iskander the precursor to Raging Heart (renamed before he handed it over) would be downright hilarious.

He couldn't wait for her to use it in the battlefield, especially against the Golden King Gilgamesh when he finally pissed her off.

Alexandria Looked at the aged wizard who had sent a team of people into her recently updated castle.

As much as she loved the old ways, even she wasn't foolish enough to dismiss the idea of upgrading the palace to allow electricity.

Well that, and she refused to forgo her new addiction to internet war simulation MMO's just to cater to the delusions of the old blood families.

Albus Dumbledore was apparently of the belief that she fit some sort of prophecy involving her and the 'Dark Lord Voldemort'. As such, he was determined to convince her to fight in his war, despite the fact she had absolutely no reason to do so.

Well, no reason to fight for him anyway.

The issue she had was that instead of sending an envoy to broach the topic and see if she was open to delegations from England, he brought several members of his "Order" with him and acted like he had every right to intrude on her residence and make demands.

Beside her, Fleur looked downright livid and even Luna was frowning in disappointment at her former headmaster.

She had gladly take up Alexandria's offer of private tutors, and had no love of her former school.

Besides, with the revelation of the true Library of Alexandria (now in Greece with guards to insure no one tried to steal the priceless tomes and scrolls when it wasn't open to the public) Xenophilius had been more than happy to dive right in with the hopes of finding if there was any information on the creatures he was always writing about.

So far, the prospects in that direction looked rather promising.

If Dumbledore picked up on the disapproval and slight hostility at his attempt to strong arm his way into the palace, he showed no sign of it.

Good manners and hospitality dictated that they at least offer tea and possibly small snacks.

Alexandria however, felt that his actions did not warrant such manners.

"You have made your case, however I fail to see why this information warrants such terrible manners on behalf of the English."

"After the tournament, Voldemort found a way to resurrect himself. Once he realizes your identity, he is likely to target you directly in an effort to either recruit you or kill you. The prophecy points at you as the one who will end him once and for all," said Dumbledore, as if that settled matters.

Alexandria's eyes were as hard as rubies. One did not train to take up the mantle of one of history's greatest war strategists and miss the blatant subtext Dumbledore was keeping to himself.

Fleur wasn't that far behind catching what the old wizard wasn't saying to their face.

"You wish for her to come back and clean up the mess you refused to deal with the first time around. You offer false security and plan to dictate her actions simply because of your inflamed legend," stated Fleur flatly in a cold tone.

"I have studied your tactics when this...Voldemort...first started making his name. I have also studied why it took so long for you to act on Grindlewald's attempts to tear the world apart. I have no patience for idle pacifists that promote false redemption, and even less for those who openly toss their own forces into battle with half-assed tactics that result in their deaths. If I conquer England, it will not be by using stunners," she said in disgust.

Dumbledore's surprised expression did not bode well for his attempts to 'protect' Alexandria.

The idea she might be powerful and influential enough to protect herself did not occur to him. He had been the most powerful wizard in England for so long he had forgotten what it was like to be around equals...and never around one so young.

Long had Dumbledore planned to train the Potter heir when he found her after she disappeared from her home. The knowledge of the prophecy weighed heavily on him, and he had the foreboding feeling this war would be the death of him.

If he could train a protege to take over in his stead, he felt safe in the knowledge that the magical society would be in good hands.

Then Alexandria Black returned to her rightful time, and suddenly all those plans were thrown right out the window and into the dust.

She was powerful, well trained, and not afraid to start a fight she would do everything in her power to finish. She was raised (and this had been confirmed repeatedly) and trained by the Greek king Alexander the Great, or Iskander as he was also known.

In short the chance she would follow him blindly were so remote it wasn't even funny.

"Let me put it this way, Albus Dumbledore... the next Englishmen to enter my kingdom in force will result in my return to your country...and this time I won't be so nice. Any of your countrymen coming here in groups will be considered an act of war, and I will not hesitate to bring my forces to conquer your society. From what I can see, it's long overdue for a reminder that they are not the center of the magical community like they believe," said Alexandria flatly. Her tone was dead serious, and something in the way she said it made him shiver in fear.

He did not want to see what she would do if any more English came to Greece trying to force her into their war.

He had no idea that the entire matter would be taken out of his hands by the incompetent man they had elected as Minister.

At least Sirius wouldn't bitch and moan about being stuck in his house anymore. He had been granted asylum by the Greeks along with Remus. He would have a chance to possibly reconnect with his recently found goddaughter...if he could convince her of giving him a chance of course.