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"Congratulations it's a boy." Lily took the infant into her arms and smiled. The doctor of the small private magical clinic stepped out of the room to give the new parents some room.

"Hi there little guy I'm your Mommy."

James leaned into the view of the baby and gave his usual mischievous smirk. "And I'm your Daddy."

"Sadly daddy dearest is not that smart." A tall handsome man joked getting chuckles from the two men on his right.

"Shut up Padfoot!" James laughed still high on the fact that he had a son. Holding out his arms to Lily she carefully placed their new born baby into his arms. "What's his name Lils?" he asked cooing over the small baby showing a gentle side most people would be surprised existed.

Lily opened her mouth to respond but she was cut off by a flash of fire. James quickly turned his back to the fire intending to use himself as a shield for the infant incase it was an attack, his paternal instincts already strong. Meanwhile padfoot and the man in ragged clothing immediately pulled their wands pointing them at the ball of fire while the third member stepped back and hide behind the two his wand drawn. When the fire vanished it revealed Dumbledore and his familiar Fawkes who immediately over the adults in the room and landed next to the newest member of the Potter family who started to giggle and reaching for the colourful bird.

"Hello James, Lily I see there is a new addition to the Potter family." He greeted as if he did not have a worry despite the wands pointed at him.

"Prove to us you are Professor Dumbledore!" Padfoot demanded his guard not dropping.

"When Sirius came into my office in your fifth year and I reprimanded you for your panty raid as you called it, for stealing the undergarments of the Hufflepuff girls you laughed and it said it was more than just Hufflepuff."

Sirius dropped his guard and laughed. "Yeah the Slytherins were just too embarrassed to admit we got them too." He then turned grimm once more. "Is something wrong?"

"Not that I know of." He said with a kind smile his eyes twinkling as he watched Fawkes play with the young Potter heir. "It seems Fawkes want to meet the newest addition to your family as well and decided to drag me along as pet owners are known to do." He said continuing his long running joke of him being Fawkes' pet rather than the other way around, which was probably fairly accurate. "Now what is this young man's name?"

Everyone turned to Lily who glared at everyone for interrupting her earlier and held her arms out to take her baby back. Handing the infant over to her she smiled at him and started cooing. "His name is Hadrian but let's call him Harry, Because Hadrian is a grown up name and you are my little baby aren't you? Yes you are! Yes you are!" She smiled at the giggling baby. Who had taken to playing with her hair to entertain himself. His bright green eyes shining like emeralds.

An explosion suddenly rocked the small hidden clinic causing all the men in the room to run to the window only to see several death eaters attacking the building the wards quickly falling. "James take Lily and Harry and run! Remus, Peter and I will hold them off." Sirius ordered rushing outside to meet the attackers Remus following behind him while Peter lagged behind.

"You can't expect me to run!"

"I don't! I expect you to do what you have to, to protect your family!"

James looked like he want to object but Dumbledore put a hand on his shoulder. "Do not worry James I will help them." Gone was kind old grandfather in his place was the man who had seen and personally ended the second world war. As the Potter family fled leaving moment before the burning building collapsed on them, their allies fought to give them a chance to escape aware this would not be the last time they would have to run. But through this all young Harry Potter looked at the fire in amazement his eyes wide with wonder for it was from fire he was born for the first time.

Lily rushed around Harry's room as sounds of her husband's battle with Voldemort raged below. Picking up a feather she attached it to the middle of Harry's mobile this was the most important part of this ritual without this would never work,when she came up with this ritual she had panicked because nothing she could find could deal with the magic necessary to block the unforgivables that was until Fawkes showed up giving her one of his feathers. From there she made the ritual to protect her baby.

Turning around she saw Voldemort force his way into the room have been so focused on the ritual that she didn't notice the fighting downstairs had stopped. It was from this moment on that shaped the history of the wizarding world for centuries to come.

"Step aside girl." Voldemort offered despite know she likely would not take it.

"NEVER YOU MURDERING BASTARD!" She yelled standing tall where others would have cowered. Voldemort smirked he could see why Severus want this girl so badly she had a fire in her.

"As you wish, Avada Kedavra." Voldemort said so calmly and casually one could almost doubt he was committing murder. Turning to the baby he raised an eyebrow "You are supposed to defeat me?" reaching out with his magic he sensed the boy did have quite the amount of magical power more than the average first year at hogwarts which was quite impressive given he was not even one yet. "You would have made a wonderful servant sadly I can not allow one to be capable of defeating me to exist. Avada Kedavra!" and in a flash of green the killing curse struck the forehead of Voldemort's prophesied defeater. At the same moment the phoenix feather Lily had Placed on the mobile burned bright, and a red barrier appeared absorbing the spell before letting loose a torrent of fire with the song of the Phoenix being heard. As the fire came at him Voldemort could not help but notice the lightning bolt scar on the Potter Heir, he noted that he now marked the boy as his equal but he did not know the effects the phoenix fire would have on his horcruxes given that they were invented centuries by those who a phoenix would never even come with a hundred miles and he was not stupid enough to test his horcruxes to see what would happen. That was his last thought before the fires of a phoenix consumed him.

Mere minutes later Sirius Black forced his way into the burning building, "James! Lily!" he called out hoping to hear a response despite already knowing what had happened. He was surprised there was no dark mark over the house already given that Voldemort was clearly already here. Waving his wand he was surprised when the fires did not vanish. The spell he used was made to put out magical fires and nothing short of fiendfyre would remain unaffected by it. Forcing his way up the stairs. He was once more surprised when Harry's room remained untouched, the room while burned had only superfluous damage, looking around the room suspiciously he froze when he saw a black robe lying on the ground. Stepping closer he was nearly paralyzed when he saw the wand next to the robe. He had faced Voldemort and seen him fight often enough to recognize his wand. Looking at the ashes in the ground he half expected them to reform once more into Voldemort but nothing happened. He was snapped out of his amazement by the sound of wood crumbling reminding him that though this room was not on fire everything else up Harry and the wand he rushed out of the burning building moments before it collapsed the sounds of a portkey brought his attention away from the infant in his arms. "Sirius wha' 'appened?" Hagrid asked getting up from the ground. He had expected everyone here to be dead it was a sad truth but at this point in time more often than not the death eaters had already killed everyone and left.

"You-know-who Attacked, James and Lily are dead but Harry, he survived." Sirius said grieve evident in his voice. He then seemed to remember something. "This was found on the ground next to His robes."

Hagrid looked close and gasped he recognized that wand. "Ye don't mean?"

"Yes, Lily and James might have died but it seems they took You-know-who down with them." He handed the wand to Hagrid. "Give this to Dumbledore he will keep it safe."

Hagrid nodded carefully grabbing the wand as if it would explode at any moment. "Dumbledore also sent me here because he wanted me to take Harry to him." Sirius nodded handing over the infant to Hagrid the child not even taking up the half-giants palm.

"Take care of him Hagrid," Sirius ordered walking off a determined look in his eye. "And take my motorcycle, I won't need it." With that said he vanished in a crack.

Petunia was having a horrible day from what she could tell her freaky sister's kind was affecting the perfectly normal people, she knew halloween was one of her freakish holidays. Hearing a knock on the door she frowned for a moment before putting on a smile despite the late time it would not look good if her neighbors saw her being rude to a guest. Opening the door she smiled. "Hello how may I help- You!" she said her smile disappearing as soon as she saw who it was.

"Hello Petunia may I come in?" Dumbledore asked with a smile, Petunia thought about refusing but realized that would be pointless, if he wanted to talk there was nothing she could do to stop him.

"Please come in." She said through gritted teeth stepping out of the way letting in her unwanted visitor. Dumbledore just entered with a smile seemingly oblivious to the hostilities aimed at him. "Vernon come down please. We have a… guest." She said disdain in her voice when she said the word guest.

Thundering down the stairs the overweight man enter the living room. "Who is it Pet?" he asked with a smile, he had seen Dumbledore but the old man had enough respect for her wish to be normal to wear a normal muggle suit so while his beard may have seemed out of place he still looked fairly normal.

"This is professor Dumbledore," she introduced before grimacing. "He taught my sister and her husband." Vernon's eyes widened and he shot Dumbledore a wary look, realizing who was sitting in his family room.

Vernon cleared his throat nervously, "Er- well -ehem may I ask what you are doing here Mr. Dumbledore was it?"

At this question the light in Dumbledore's eyes seemed to dim. "I regret to inform you Petunia your sister has passed." Petunia froze she always said she hated her sister and wished she was dead but this, well she never expected her to actually die.

"Pet are you alright?" Vernon asked his wife with a worried look, despite all the complaining she did about her sister, he knew she still cared for her. After all he cared for his sister and he complained about her dogs all the time. Petunia then seemed to realize she was crying.

Wiping away the tears she nodded. "I'm fine dear just a bit surprised."

Dumbledore then smiled. "Do not worry my dear some good has come out of this your nephew remains alive." It did not take a genius to figure out where he was going with this.

"But isn't your world at war?" she asked she was perfectly willing to take in the boy even if she did not like magic. She remember that her sister for all the arguments they had was always there to help her out. But she would not be willing to put her own family in danger.

"That is why I need you to take him in the war is over, but it is because of your nephew it is. I can set up powerful protections around your home but he will only be safe here. As his last living blood relatives you have a higher claim to him than anyone else and there are many who would wish him harm."

"What do mean he is responsible?" Petunia asked slightly alarmed.

"When the dark lord tried to kill young Harry the magic was reflected back at him by Mr. Potter."

"Even if we were willing to take him in we can't afford another baby at this time." Vernon said, he was not a religious man but he did feel uncomfortable around magic it was something that science could not explain and he could not control or even influence it and the thought of a child having that kind of power. How would they punish if he did wrong according to his sister in-law this dark lord was so powerful that he overpowered a hundred magical police officers with ease. If the boy was powerful enough to do that how could he possibly be able to discipline him.

"Do not worry the Potters were very well off, they set up allowance for each month around £2300 a month." Vernon nearly choked at that, that was more money than some of his employees made.

He nearly agreed right there and then before he remembered the dangers, that there were people after the boy. "What about these protections?" he asked he would not put his family at risk.

"They are some of the most powerful protections in the world, it will stop any major harm from befalling you or your family so long as he calls this place home."

"Why didn't you put these up around my sister than?" Petunia spat surprising herself with the venom in her words.

"It is because of Lily I can set these protections up." Dumbledore told the young mother understanding why she would be angry that her sister died if she could have been better protected. "She used a complex ritual to save her son at the cost of her own life." Petunia was stunned at this she would like to say she would give her own life for her son in a moment but to actually to do so. "Her sacrifice can be used as a basis for the protections."

Petunia seemed to consider it for a moment before nodding. "We will take him in."

It was three months after they took in Harry Vernon saw the protections in action, Vernon got up ate breakfast kissed his wife and son goodbye before getting in his car and driving to work when the petrol truck one car ahead hit a pothole and tipped over hitting the ground petrol immediately started to leak from the truck Vernon had frantically hit the brakes as did the car in front of his but they were almost too slow as they both stopped just before the truck. Vernon pulled at his seat belt as soon as he had stopped and opened his door, but the car behind him slammed into Vernon. The abrupt jerking forced his head into the steering wheel lifting his head up he saw the gas from the truck had finally caught on fire and there was no time for him to escape. As the fire reached the truck his only thought was of his wife and son and how he hoped they would be okay.

As the truck exploded he looked away not wanting to see his demise however to his surprise after a moment of nothing happening he opened his eyes and looked around to his surprise though there was fire all around him nothing was actually touching him as he cautiously looked around he noticed an almost invisible red barrier surrounding him he froze when he saw no less than an inch in front of him a piece of shrapnel stopped by the barrier. Deciding not to see how long this barrier could last he forced his way out of his car having to use his business suit jacket to cover his hands and allow him to push stuff out of his way. Exiting the flames he saw the shield immediately vanish, suddenly he was overwhelmed by smoke coughing he held his jacket up to his mouth luckily for him the moment he left the flames a fireman saw him and helped him to an oxygen tank to clear his lungs of the smoke.

"You are lucky to be alive sir." a medic said as she looked him over. "Those flames were incredibly close to your car if you hadn't gotten out when you did you might not have been so lucky."

Vernon was stunned into silence when he found out about the boy moving in with his family he had always assumed if he did die early it would be because of him. He ended going home early for once, taking the tube until he was within a couple blocks of his home. Entering his house Petunia rushed up and gave him a hug. "Oh thank God you are alright Vernon when I heard about the accident on your way to work I was so worried and when I called they said you hadn't come in yet today and oh I was so worried." she said before taking a deep breath to calm herself. "I'm just so glad you weren't caught up in that terrible accident."

Vernon cut her off there. "I was." he mumbled.

Petunia looked at him strangely believing she must have misheard him. "What was that dear?"

"I was in the dead center of the accident Pet." He said in a bit louder tone this time causing Petunia to gasp.

"But I saw the news everyone with twenty feet of the explosion had died. How did you?"

"Survive?" Vernon finished for her surprisingly calm about the whole thing. "It was the boy."

"Harry?" Petunia asked in disbelief she knew enough about wizards to know not even they could effect someone from so far away at least not with months of planning something she doubted the boy who's diaper she just changed was capable of.

Vernon took a deep breath before explaining what happened. "I was trapped in the car I-I couldn't get out when the explosion happened and I closed my eyes to wait for the end." at this he shuddered the memory of waiting for death easily the worst thing he had ever experienced. "But nothing happened I opened my eyes and there was a-a-a red something around me keeping me safe it vanished as soon as I was out of the fire."

Petunia hugged her husband close finding out how close he came to death the fact that this would have happened regardless of whether or not the boy was here made her reconsider her stance on her nephew.

Two years had passed since Vernon's near death experience and in that time many things had changed instead of Harry being treated as an unwanted guest. He was instead treated more as a visiting family member they weren't quite fond of but did not hate, which was essentially what Harry was. He and Dudley had shared a room until the last month or so when he got his own room and Harry was moved into the smallest room in the house. Currently they were on there way to Japan Vernon was going to the annual company meeting this year it was being held in Fuyuki City. Not unusual given that it moved countries every year to show that they appreciated all branches of their company equally. They had even brought Dudley and Harry along given that this was supposed to be a retreat and only about 50 people were supposed to be here for the meeting and it was all expenses paid.

Vernon entered his room in great mood. He had made a great impression on his boss and now he was up for a promotion. Walking in he saw Petunia on the couch reading a tourist manual while Dudley watched cartoons and Harry played with one of those weird animal pillow things. He gave Petunia a kiss and went into their room to relax. Honestly he needed time away from Britain his sister Marge had come with them on the vacation her and her husband were having a row and he got caught in the middle, she had decided that maybe the other side of the world may be far enough away from that man, and followed them on the trip luckily she was in a different part of the building plus their neighbors were being nosy and rude about young Harry while he did not love the boy, he didn't like the rumors circulating about him honestly just because he was not from the area they immediately blamed him for anything that went wrong. The boy was less than 3 how could he possibly do any of the things they say he did.

Laying down he smiled when he felt his wife join him. "Vernon dear, there is this beautiful temple at the top of the largest hill in the city from there you can see the entire city. Can we see it tomorrow?" Vernon gave a small smile.

"Sure thing Pet." giving her a kiss he turned off the lights and rolled over to go to sleep.

Petunia was pulled out of her peaceful slumber by the sound of the fire alarm for the building going off. "Vernon! Vernon! Wake up!" slowly waking up Vernon rubbed his eyes and yawned.

"What's wrong Pet?" he asked stretching.

"There's a fire!" Immediately Vernon sat up all sleep gone from his eyes.

"What?!" getting out of bed Vernon moved as fast as his admittedly overweight body could carry him rushing into his son's room he picked him up with Petunia grabbing Harry both of them started to grab some essentials their passports and other such things throwing it all into a small bag before rushing to the door. Only for fire to block them. Backing up quickly an explosion blasted into the room, however just as last time when Vernon was in danger as red barrier appeared protecting the entire family. As the flames grew higher the barrier flashed red and seemed to absorb the fire. Yet despite the fire vanishing neither Petunia or Vernon moved too afraid of what would happened. There fear was proven to be correct when another wave of fire entered into the room only for the shield to once more absorb the fire. Several times this happened, a worrying thought was that each time it took longer and longer for the fire to absorbed soon the fire just kept growing not even being absorbed. Eventually the surrounding building collapsed dropping them over 4 stories before the protection slowed them down dropping them gently on the ground. For hours the fire raged and Vernon and Petunia had trouble keeping awake believing the events of the had exhausted them Dudley had already fallen asleep. But in truth the wards that protected Harry Potter were running out of power and was slowly draining them to keep him alive, because while Dumbledore was telling the truth about it protecting the family even he did not know everything about the wards. They ran off sacrifice to protect its charge and if people had to be killed for it to do so than the wards would do so they were not sentient but they were aware enough to know how to prioritize normally they would be able to protect both the family and Harry but no one could have predicted the rise of a god happening. Soon the wards were forced to convert even the bodies of the Dursley family into fuel for it. Petunia and Dudley giving the largest boost as they were directly blood related and the wards ran off the power blood held.

Soon nothing remained of any of them their clothes falling to the ground and the fire quickly consuming them. Slowly the fire changed color becoming less of fire and more of darkness. As the darkness attacked the child the protections slowly faded away, the wards were powerful but not even they could stand against the power of a god even an incomplete one. Forced to act the wards reached out and grabbed the nearest source of magic to help fuel it. It just so happened that this body belong to a magus one who had been sent by the Einzbern family to watch over their chosen fighter in the grail war. As it turned the body into energy it found something strange with in the body what seemed to be a magical version of a circulatory system, deciding it would be useful to protect its charge it tried to add it to it's charge but it could not afford to sacrifice any power to add this magical circulatory system. So it did something that may have seemed counter productive it weighed the options and decided this MCS was more valuable than the fragment of power within Harry's scar given that all this fragment did was give him a single ability to where MCS gave him several abilities at least in theory sadly for the fragment of Voldemort this meant it would be sacrificed to give Harry Potter this MCS. the only way the fragment had been able to avoid being destroyed by the wards was by staying passive and actually helping, giving him an ability he would not have had otherwise, thus fooling the wards into believe it was helpful. But now it was deemed obsolete the wards quickly removed it using it's energy to give young Harry the MCS. Doing so had given young Harry a long term advantage but he might not live to see it through as the darkness was quickly overwhelming the shield.

Just as it seemed the darkness was going to consume the boy a blast of light so powerful it lite up the night sky flew through the air banishing away the darkness. But before being banish the darkness left within the child a sliver of it's power something that would remain dormant for years to come. For with the removal of the fragment of Voldemort it had left an opening in the boy's soul for something else to take its place.

Kiritsugu Emiya ran through the flames hoping, praying to find someone, anyone who had survived. Reinforcing his body despite the fact that doing so was most likely taking months off his already greatly reduced life span. He amplified all his senses trying to find any sign of a survivor, just as he was about to give up hope he saw one of the bodies on the ground move. Dashing to the spot where he saw the movement he felt his heart soar, checking the boy over he noticed that he was horribly burned and would not survive and like that his hopes crashed. But maybe he could, it was completely insane but Avalon could in theory heal him. Reaching into his own being he pulled out the sheath of Excalibur before transferring it to the dying boy it was a sign of how powerful the heal properties were when the boy showed signs of immediate improvement. It seems the sheath did live up to the legend the only thing he could think of that could heal faster than that would be phoenix tears and those were so rare you could buy a small country with just a single vial. A smile blossomed on his face, one happier than anything that had ever appeared on his face before. "I saved him! I saved him." Kiritsugu said crying tears of joy. Only for the cry of a baby to draw his attention. Kiritsugu knew logically that the odds of him saving the baby were slim, but damn it! It was his idiotic actions that started this fire the least he could do was risk his own life to save one of the victims of his foolishness.

Running over to where he heard the cry, he got there just in time to see a red barrier vanish. 'So a magus baby.' he noted rushing over and picking up the child before heading back to the young boy he saved from earlier. Holding both of them he held each with one arm and he ran to the nearest relief station that had been set up to help survivors not that their were many of those the only be to survive were those who had been just outside the fire so the fireman were quite surprised when a man ran out of the fire with two children in hand. Handing them off to the nearest medic he laid down on one of the gurneys and closed his eyes, he needed to rest.

Dumbledore looked around his office and sighed Harry Potter was dead, pieces of the instruments that monitored him all over the room. But he could not bring himself to care, he knew logically there was nothing he could have done to stop his death. It was not because of the Dursleys neglecting him or a death eater finding him and killing him. It was the rise of a god. Even his greatest of political enemies were having trouble spinning this one against him. The Dursleys had taken him in raised him as one of their own and his death happened because of that ironically. They had taken him on vacation with them just when the holy grail war had began and it had caused the near rise of a god they could not tell if the rise was because of the grail in and of itself or because a wish someone had made on it but in the end it did not matter Harry Potter had died but god was stopped. The wizarding world was already saying the boy-who-lived last act was to defeat the god which had caused him to gain the same status as Merlin in the eyes of several members of wizarding world. But Dumbledore knew the truth as powerful as those protective wards were they were just that protective they would not have acted until he was already under attack and whatever destroyed the god was most certainly an attack not a ward, but Harry was gone let the wizarding world remember him as a hero there were certainly worse fates.

As he sat down at his desk he felt the full weight of his many years and failures press down on him. A burst of fire signaled the arrival of his familiar Fawkes, flying over him the phoenix dropped something into his lap before landing on his perch. Picking it up Dumbledore noted it was the instrument he used to monitor Harry's life force it may have been a bit illegal but it was useful to keep track of him. However what surprised him was that it had a weak but steady pulse. "He is alive!" Dumbledore got up to call the order of the phoenix back together but to his surprise Fawkes flew over him and blocked him from grabbing the floo powder.

Fawkes let out a trill of discouragement. "But the prophecy!" Dumbledore said trying to convince Fawkes to see reason. But the phoenix remained firm over the floo powder and while Dumbledore had other ways to contact the order he had no doubt Fawkes would sabotage those as well. "So than I must truly leave things up to fate?" Dumbledore asked and Fawkes gave what could only be called a smug trill. Dumbledore often tried to manipulate things to his advantage and while he always did so with the best intentions, Fawkes still found it amusing to watch the old man be forced to sit on the sidelines for once. As dumbledore headed up to his room to rest after a stressful day the second half of the prophecy came to mind, even the hall of mysteries had only half of it the rest was known only to him. 'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies… he will be born thrice from fire once from a mortal neither purely good nor evil… once from one who is both immortal and not, that is purely light… and once from an immortal filled with nothing but darkness.' the second part of the prophecy had always confused him till now. But now he understood the first time he had been born of fire had been his mother Lily someone who was fire natured and the burning down of clinic at which he had been born. The second time was when lily used the feather of fawkes to set up a protective ward, a being of pure light that was both immortal and not. As a phoenix could die but never permanently as they always regenerated and the last time must have been the god that caused the great fire that took the life of his relatives. As he went to sleep Dumbledore could not help but wonder what the power he knew not was originally he had assumed it was love but this changed things.

1) as of the first scene peter has not yet joined Voldemort 2) Voldemort attacks before Harry's fist birthday meaning he attacks one year early. 3)One thing I want to cover, the dursleys were more fleshed out less of just straight up evil monsters and more of people.

Rant zone: ok something that has been getting on my nerves is the goblin cliche they are either super nice and good because Harry remembered their name or super evil and want to rule the world there is no middle ground. One of my favorite stories does the goblins perfectly while yes eventually they come like and respect harry originally they helped him out to screw over the ministry.