Bella stared over her raised glass into the bright green eyes she loved so much.

"We did it."

Edward grinned. "We sure did. Not sure which 'it' you're talking about, but it's definitely done."

Bella laughed, clinking her glass to his. "Touche. I was referring more to the running a successful country for the past eight years this time, though."

"That was impressive, but..." Edward grazed the back of his fingers over his wife's newly protruding belly, "not nearly as impressive as this little nugget."

Bella rested her forehead against Edward's. "About that... you're gonna need to start saying nuggets."

Okay friends. It was requested by my fellow potatoes that I wrap this sucker up. If anyone hadn't figured it out yet, us potatoes were (still are) with HER. Writing this after the election has been difficult. The inspiration and excitement is gone. The air of uncertainty surrounding our country right now is anxiety inducing and downright frightening. I can't speak for my fellow potatoes, but I adore when we come together to write these silly stories and I've dreaded even thinking about this one since November 8. Please accept my deepest apologies that we couldn't come through for you guys this time. I imagined a whirlwind affair where Bella and Edward got caught having kinky sex somewhere insanely ridiculous and their approval ratings plummet before soaring to the highest of any president ever and then other leaders in other country are so in awe of their awesome sex life that the entire world declares peace and we all live happily ever after singing kumbaya and watching Stranger Things together on Netflix.

Again, I'm so sorry, guys. I wish all of you Happy Holidays, and I really hope we can get another one of these going eventually b/c I'd hate for us to end on this disaster. Love you guys to the moon.