Dr Luke Stone walked up through the swinging double doors of the Holby City ED. Luke had rucksack slung over his shoulder. He brushed his brown hair off his forehead.

You can do this Luke.

He looked at his hands. They were shaking furiously. He was nervous he couldn't deny that. He put his hands back down to his side. This was Luke's first job in a hospital, Luke had worked in the army for the 5 years previous as a medic before he got injured. The army had been her home he had known no other life.

What the hell am I doing here?

He clenched his shaking hands together and walked towards the reception desk. "Hi I'm Dr Luke Stone. I'm starting work here today."

"Are you a trust doctor or an F2?" The receptionist asked.

"Trust Doctor." Luke replied.

"Ok then so you'll be reporting to Charlie Fairhead. I trust you've met Charlie before?" The receptionist told Luke. Charlie came around the corner. "Ah! Charlie I have one of your F2's here, Luke Stone."

"Dr Stone." Luke shook Charlie's extended hand.

"I'll give you a tour once the other's arrived. I'll show you the locker room and you can get scrubbed in." Charlie took Luke into the staff room and he changed into his scrubs leaving a long sleeved on underneath. Charlie showed Luke along with the two new F2'S Toby and Ruth. Toby seemed a lot nicer than Ruth. Toby however, seemed to, lacked common sense.

Charlie put Luke to work in the cubicles, Luke enjoyed working in here it kept him busy and that was all he wanted. When he went through the cubicles and he had a drunk man, a bike accident, a trampoline accident, two men would have been fighting with each other and a woman who was having breathing difficulties. Luke worked through all of his patients and was soon reporting Tess Bateman, the ward sister.

"The trampoline and bike accidents both need a casts apart from a few facial lacerations their fine. The drunk man needs a hostel for a night or two, I also had to give him a couple of stiches for his head. The fighting men are both fine to be discharged they aren't as bad as they looked and the lady with breathing difficulties needs to see someone in the cardiac department." Luke explained to Tess.

"You work fast. Done the notes for them?" Tess asked.

Luke presented them on the desk which Tess was sat.

"That's army medicine for you."

Just then, the paramedics pushed open the doors. Luke and Tess both turned to look and see who had come in.

"This is Maisie. 14 years old who was found assaulted in Greenview Park. She has a broken radius and tibia with trauma to the head and stomach. Possible neck and spinal injury. She's been given 10mg of morphine. BP is 90 over 60. SATS at 96% and heart rate is 60. GCS at 12 or 13." Josh, one of the paramedics, said as they pushed her into one of the cubicles in resus.

"Do you mind if I get in on this one?" Luke asked.

Tess shrugged. "I don't see why not. Charlie! Dr Stone is going to help you with this."

"Luke please. Dr Stone is far too formal." Luke called as he walked into the cubicle. He pulled on a pair of gloves.

"Hi Maisie, I'm Dr Stone, but you can call me Luke. I'm going to be looking after you today."

"Hi." Maisie said dazed. That would be the morphine numbing her pain.

"What we are going to do is take you for a CT scan to see if you have hurt your neck and spine. Then I'm going to send you for an x-ray to see what is wrong with your arm and legs as well. If everything is ok, we can take off the blocks around your neck and get your arm and leg plastered. Is that ok?" Luke explained.

Maisie lightly nodded and the porter took her away. Luke waited in the ED for Maisie to return and for her parents to arrive. Luke sat reading over her notes. The receptionists who Luke saw earlier brought in a man and woman that he assumed were Maisie's parents.

"This is Mr and Mrs Connor. Maisie's parents."

"Thanks. Hi, I'm Luke one of the doctors looking after Maisie today. She is currently having a CT scan to determine if she has any neck or spinal injuries but we will then be spending her for an x-ray to asses her leg and arm injuries."

"I'm Dave and his is my wife, Claire." The man said.

Maisie was wheeled back into cubicle and her parents both got up to see if she was ok. Luke stepped outside to check the results of Maisie's injuries. She had no neck or spinal injuries which was a relief to him. But her arm and leg were both broken.

"So basically, we can take these blocks because nothing is wrong with the neck or spine which is a good thing. No internal bleeding from your attack on the stomach which is also good. Just need to clean up your head and put a couple of stiches into it to stop any infection. However, we do need to put a cast on your arm and leg but no need for surgery as they aren't majorly displaced. So, I'm just going to take these off, sit you up and stitch up your head and refer you to orthopaedics to get your casts in place."

Luke turned to Maisie's parents. "She will be placed on a ward and kept in overnight just to make sure that there aren't any problems that were picked up on by the CT scan or x-ray.

Luke removed the blocks from around her head and neck and her sat Maisie up right. Luke sat on the edge of Maisie's bed to look at her head whilst her parents went home to pick up some of her things.

"How did this happen if you don't mind me asking Maisie? Small scratch" Luke asked as her cleaned her head wound.

"I was jumped whilst walking through park. They had masks on I didn't see who they were. I wish I did but I didn't." Maisie winced as Luke put the suture in.

"Did no-one see what happened. No cameras or anything?"

Maisie shook her head, while Luke finished stitching her head shut. Maisie was put onto a wheel chair and Luke wheeled her to orthopaedics whilst they chatted.

"See you later Maisie. I hope you feel better soon and you find your attackers." Luke turned and walked back to the ED.

Luke sat on a chair in the staff room checking his phone. When Tess came running in.

"Bus explosion. We can't be sure how many casualties but it's not looking good. We need your help."

Luke got up and ran straight into the ED and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the floods of casualties were already coming. Luke at his hands, they were shaking like mad. He took a deep breath.

You got this Luke. Just like old times. Except this time you're not being shot at.