Chapter 1

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There was a flash of green light and a piercing pain in Harrys scar, "you deserve pain" said a high cold voice "Crucio!" Harry rolled round in agony until he was clipped round the ear and fell to the ground with a thud.

Harry woke abruptly; he had fallen on his bedroom floor, his throat was sore from screaming. It was only a dream but as he looked up he realised who had clipped him around the ear it was a beetroot red Vernon Dursley. Harry's heart sank, he knew what was coming.

"Boy!" he yelled. "If it's not that ruddy owl (pointing at Hedwig's empty cage) then it's you screaming the house down! It's 3 o'clock in the morning! You have not only woken me up but Petunia and Dudley too! This has to stop NOW!" He bellowed his last word into Harry's ear making sure he heard him. "Now if you don't mind, I'm going back to bed, I will deal with you in the morning"

Mr Dursley turned around and opened the door "and clean yourself up, look at the mess you are in" he then slammed the door. Harry sat in silence for a few moments, his scar still throbbing. He then made to get up but his leg collapsed beneath him. Harry had been having trouble with his injured leg since the Triwizard Tournament; he had been bitten by an acromantula with poisonous fangs which had also dropped him awkwardly on his leg.

Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix had healed the initial cut but the venom had spread down his leg a week after he had left Hogwarts. It was getting hard to walk on, the swelling around his knee was getting worse and it had turned a funny purple colour. His knee collapsed underneath him at least three times a day as if there was nothing holding it together and it was really sore to walk on, he was trying to hide his limp. He didn't want anyone to know, he thought he deserved it. Harry thought it was his fault Cedric was dead, he could have saved him.

Harry finally managed to stand up; he slowly made his way to the bathroom picking up a spare pair of pyjamas on the way. He could hear the snores from down the hall meaning everyone was back asleep. He looked at himself in the mirror; a pale, messy, black haired boy looked back at him. His hair was damp as if he had just come inside from the rain, though Harry knew it was from his sweat. He quickly changed into his spare pyjamas and looked back at himself in the mirror

He had bags under his eyes which were worsening by the day. Harry didn't want to sleep anymore as his dreams were laden by Cedric's dead body or everyone surrounding him, blaming him for the Voldemort's return or seeing Ginny's body in the Chamber of Secrets whilst Tom laughed at him. Harry was getting bored of them but also knew they were true and it was his fault.

Harry then made his way back to his room, making sure he could still hear the snores from down the hall. He closed the door, dumped his clothes in the corner of the room and curled up on his bed wishing tomorrow would never come.

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