Chapter 24

Harry woke drenched in sweat as usual after a few hours of sleep, his dream laden with Tom and Cedrics dead body. Looking at the clock on the wall he decided that he had time to make a journey to the astronomy tower and back. So, under the invisibility cloak he went, fully dressed in his robes and bag with his notes and parchment he left the common room.

The journey was short since he had made this journey many a time at night. At the top the moon was absent, and the stars only seemed to shine very dimly. Looking around before taking the cloak off and pocketing the silky material. The wind was bittering since it was November but still Harry stood at the edge and spread his arms. What would it be like to jump he thought, life would be so much easier. But he couldn't, it couldn't look like an accident then.

He could imagine what the prophet would say "Harry Potter, the boy who LIVED, commits suicide" ah suicide he thought, how good it would feel but no he couldn't, so he reached inside his pocket for his blade and rolled up the sleeve of his robe then his white shirt. He then added another few cuts to his scared arm it felt good, but as the sun rose he knew he would have to go soon so he wrapped an old bandage round his arm, fastened the long sleeve shirt over it and rolled down his robes.

Harry went back under the invisibility cloak and made his way down to the great hall to eat, he too the invisibility cloaks off as soon as he was in an empty corridor since the school was getting busier and that was very difficult to move about under the cloak. Harry sat down at the table which Ginny was already sat alone, she looked up and couldn't hide a smile. Harry piled some fruit into a bowl and started to eat, he knew he had to try but at the same time he felt sick

"So, are you going to tell me what is going on with you?"

"Umm" stuttered Harry "Its complicated and rather a big shock for me if I'm honest"

"Why? What's happened?" replied Ginny keeping her voice down just in case there was any ears droppers nearby.

"So, I'm assuming you know I went with Remus yesterday at lunch" Ginny nodded letting him continue "We heard from Padfoot for the first time since he has been on his mission. He has found the Dark Lords secret, the Dark lord has made horcruxes, 7 of them, the diary from the Chamber of Secrets was one of them, Ravenclaws lost Diadem, Hufflepuffs cup, Slytherins Locket, Gaunt ring, a Snake, and well me" Ginny gasped, it was not what she was expecting from Harry.

"Oh Harry?! What are they going to do to get it out?"

"They will start with a muggle method to weaken my immune system, then after a month of that treatment they are going to do an operation to kill the other piece of soul in me" Ginny just stared, she was so shocked that she has no words but took Harrys hand and squeezed it gently. "Gin, I'm so scared" that was the first time he had said something like that to anyone

"Shhh its okay Harry, we can get through this together, one day at a time and if that Malfoy gets in the way I won't be afraid to give him what he deserves"

"Thanks Gin"

"Don't be afraid to come talk to me either, I wont judge or anything just an ear to listen okay?" Harry nodded, if he spoke he would break down, but for the first time in a while he thought he could trust someone and he was very grateful. He pecked a kiss on the red heads cheek to say thank you. "Your welcome Harry" she replied.

The pair finished their breakfast and went back to Gryffindor tower to get a few things before lessons started, they then walked together to their classes Harry dropping Ginny off outside transfiguration and he walked by to go to Care of Magical Creatures.

As he walked up to Hagrid's cabin he spotted Hermione and Ron but before he could get there Malfoy stood in his tracks with Crabbe, Goyle and the rest of the Slytherins behind him. "Ah isn't it pathetic Potter. Have you come to catch a little mouse for your big friend to eat?"

"Fuck off Malfoy"

"Oh, its angry, can we poke it with a stick to see if it rawrs?" Malfoy went on

"I said Fuck Off!" replied Harry calmly as he walked around the Slytherins to stand by Ron and Hermione. Malfoy was about to say something else but was interrupted by Hagrid Harry was grateful.

The lesson went too fast and so did the rest of the day, and soon Harry was sitting in the common room with Ginny by his side playing chess with Ron. When the game ended Ron went up to bed leaving Ginny and Harry alone in the common room, Harry was rather relaxed, especially as he had a pit of anxiety deep down in his chest. The pair were very tired since they were both up early, the accidently fell asleep on the sofa.

Harry awoke very peacefully the next morning, the sun was shining through the common room windows, Ginny was still sound asleep, her beautiful sleek hair dangling onto the floor. Harry yawned and ran his hand through her hair, she started to wake up. When she opened her eyes she smiled and pecked Harry on the cheek, they then locked lips quickly.

"We had better get up before Ron sees us" yawned Harry "He might have a fit if he knew we slept down here together"

"Yes, you are right, I'm going up to change and I'll meet you down here in 30mins." Replied Ginny as she got up and made her way to the stairs. Harry held her back.

"Uh, I just wanted to thank you, I haven't been sleeping well and well that's the best I've slept in months"

"You are most welcome Harry"

They then went upstairs, Harry changed into his robes and had a shower before waking Ron up as he was sleeping in and it was getting late. Once the pair were ready they met Ginny and Hermione down in the common room the four went down to the great hall for breakfast. After a good sleep Harry felt like he could eat more this morning, Remus seemed to notice and nodded at him happily.

The lessons went too fast again today the meeting with Dumbledore creeping ever closer, his anxiety was taking over, he hardly ate at dinner before meeting the wise old man. He walked as slowly as he could to the office, he didn't know the password, but Dumbledore must have known he was outside because the griffin jumped to one side and revealed a spiral staircase. Harry walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

"Come in" replied Dumbledore. Harry opened the door and walked into the room he had come to recognise well by now. "Take a seat, Harry" Harry took the seat opposite Dumbledore. "I am assuming you are aware why we are meeting tonight" Harry nodded "We need to work out where the rest of the Horcruxes are, I need your help Harry" Harry nodded again.

"How can we find the other Horcruxes though Sir, they could be anywhere?"

"I believe that the lost Diadem of Ravenclaw is still in this castle, there is no evidence that it has been removed, this is why I need you over the next couple of weeks while you are receiving treatment to go and find it, I'd like you to go to the room of requirement, it is on the seventh floor across from the tapestry of Barnibus the Barmy you must walk past this section of wall three times thinking of finding something lost, once there I would like you to look for it"

"So that is my task?"

"yes, it is, I will be on the hunt for the others, I will be sending Sirius a basilisk fang, so he can destroy the snake, hopefully now we know what Voldemort is after. Once we remove the horcrux from yourself we will go to the ministry of magic to take and destroy the prophecy, there is one final task you will need to do Harry, however that will have to wait until we make progress."

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"Because circumstances change, and the final task might change you see"

"Oh right, I understand, Sir"

"Also, I have had word from Poppy earlier and she would like to start tomorrow evening for your first dose"

"Okay sir"

"Harry, you know everyone is here to help you and you don't have to do this alone"

"Thanks Sir" Harry replied as he turned his back and started to walk out the door. He walked out and closed the door softly before breaking into a run, his legs running as far away as he could, faster than he has ever went, he ran out through the castle doors and into the grounds. Past Hagrid's and down to the tree by the lake, there he finally stopped and sat down, knees into his chest and cried.

Suddenly all that built up emotion over the last few weeks was coming out and we couldn't stop now the guilt over Sirius going on the missing and the worry about everything upcoming was all pouring out as the sun was setting. Harry knew he had to go inside soon otherwise there would be a school wide search for him if they haven't already started, but it was cooler out here, the icy air whisking through his hair the coldness painful on his skin but satisfying all the same.

Once the sun finally set Harry cleaned himself up, recast his glamour charms because they had fallen. He then made his way up to the school and the common room, his leg aching, he shouldn't have run. When he said the password, he went into the common room, told Ron and Hermione that he was having an early night and he went upstairs, closed the curtains on his four poster and drifted off very peacefully, but deep-down dreading what was to come tomorrow.