Curious how Ciel would handle someone similar to him, but more blank-faced about everything... He hates him... :P Warning: mature themes, and rape/suicide triggers

I sighed, wiping the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand, covered in grease and standing up to appreciate the work I had done on a client's motorcycle. Looks good enough to me. Tossing the wrench I had back into the tool box, I grabbed a dirty red rag and cleaned my face as I headed up to my boss's office window and knocked on the glass, distracting him from his newspaper reading.

"Hey, the bike's done. I'm heading out now."

The man gave me a dull look, waving me off before returning to his reading. I tucked the rag into the pocket of my dark blue jumper and went into the back room to change out of said atrocity. Once dressed in my torn denim skinny jeans and white dress shirt, I rolled up the sleeves and put on the black vest and fingerless gloves, grabbing my coat and heading out to my other job. As I walked, my hand twitched for a smoke, but I didn't have any on me, nor did I have the cash to get some, so I threw the urge aside and settled for chewing on my lip ring.

"Hey, faggot! What's up?" An older kid laughed with his friends, purposefully stopping me with a rough hand to my chest.

"Piss off." I grumbled, trying to get past him.

"What? Boyfriend dump you or something?"

I ignored him and walked on, used to this kind of issue. I mean, so what? I'm gay. Doesn't mean everyone in the world has to be an ass about it, but there wasn't anything I could do. My uncle already disowned me and my parents were killed in an accident. I worked three jobs just to pay rent, and hadn't had a decent meal in a few days because the landowner is a jerk and makes my rent far too much. Hell, I was lucky to still be in school, though sometimes I wish I wasn't. The problems there were far worse than what had just occurred. At least I'm alive though. I'm not going to let something like this stop me when I could show those idiots just what I'm capable of. One day, they'll be working for me. I smirked slightly as I strolled into the bar, waving a lazy hello to my coworkers as they begun to set up for the evening.

"Hey, Alex, you're in charge of the tables today."

I mentally groaned as my smirking coworker threw his towel at me, and I pulled the rag off my head with a glare. Working tables was the worst. It meant dealing with drunkards and people coping feels, which I did not want to deal with. I was a guy, for Pete's sake! Just because I had a girly face didn't mean I liked the drunks doing what they want. I had no choice though and reluctantly took my position as the evening began. Hours went by with only a few minor incidents, but the evening went pretty well and I soon headed home to my ratty apartment and slowly smiled upon remembering what awaited me at home. My cat and the Black Butler series. Those were my only two possessions and I was definitely glad they would be there when I got home. I'd rather live in shitty 19th century England with them than in this place. I thought, when a shiver racked down my spine.

I pulled my coat tighter around me, breath fogging up before me in the chilly November weather, but I still had this feeling of being watched. Looking around cautiously, I saw no one yet the feeling remained. I don't like this. I turned around and immediately my eyes widened as two bright headlights were coming right at me. Desperately, I tried to jump out of the way, but the car was aiming for me and I didn't stand a chance. Bones shattered as I was hit by the grill and launched up and over the car, coming back down onto the cold, unforgiving concrete with a sickening thud. The pain was excruciating and I struggled to open my eyes, a deep burning anger boiling in my stomach as the car drove off, leaving me there to bleed out. I tried to move, anything, even getting my mouth to work would be nice, but already everything was going dark. I was freezing and it wasn't just because of the chilly weather. The pain was fading too. My body was going numb and I blinked extremely slowly, finding my cat suddenly in front of me. I'm sorry…Looks like you're going to need someone else to take care of you now… As my eyes closed for a final time, I swear I saw my cat's eyes glow a bright blue, but it made no difference now. Now, I'd finally be released from the hellish world I'd been living in.

"Life is a cycle, a great wheel that turns throughout time: we are born, we live, we die, and (if we are lucky) we are reborn"

-Robyn Bachar

I wasn't expecting to wake up after that, but I did. My eyes opened to a hazy, dirty smelling alleyway and, assuming I just somehow survived what had happened, I sighed to myself and got up. Dusting the dirt that clung to my clothes, I frowned at the stains on them as I left the alley. Aw man. This was my favorite shirt and vest! Now I'll have to scrounger up some left over change for the laun…dro…mat? My mouth dropped open at the sight before me and the concern over the state of my clothes all but vanished.

"W-What the hell…"

Horse drawn carriages traveled down the streets as men and women alike walked around with canes and umbrellas, all dressed in Victorian style clothing. My mind, unlike others, didn't panic. I had been through enough crazy things and something like this wouldn't really sink in until later. So for the moment, I stood there on the sidewalk frozen as I watched the ongoings of, what appeared to be, 19th century London. It took maybe half an hour before that finally sank in, and I flopped back onto the cobblestones in blatant shock.

"N-No way."

If I'm in 19th century London, how the heck did I get here? I thought I died! I-I was hit by a car so…how?! I shook my head, sitting cross-legged on the ground and cradling my face in my hands. No wait, that's not what I should be worried about. How I got here doesn't matter. What matters is what I do next. I took a deep breath and steeled myself for now. While there was nothing but misery for me back where I was before, that didn't mean I wouldn't miss things. My cat, for one thing, and the books and other things I had at home. Things that I had earned. I took a deep breath, and set off down the sidewalk, ignoring the occasional odd looks I received from passerbys who were staring at me and whispering.

First thing's first, I'll need some cash. I need to get rid of these clothes too. They're too modern for this time, if I am even correct as to what time period I'm in. I guess that's actually the first thing on the list. I pulled a hand through my striking red hair, feeling a bit out of place because of it as well, before tugging on my rat-tail. Luckily, I spotted a newspaper boy and quickly headed his way.

"Hey, kid. What's today's date?"

The kid, dirty and rugged, blinked up at me. "It's March 10th, 1888, sir."

I paled, feeling sick for a moment and stuttered out a broken thanks before walking further. A-Alright. No need to panic. What kind of jobs can I find in 19th century London? Butcher, baker, newspaper boy, dock worker, blacksmith, shop assistant, waiter maybe… I sighed, and checked my pockets for anything I could sell for some immediate cash. I reluctantly pulled out a small silver ring I had kept for years for emergency, it being extremely cheap in my world, but perhaps here it could be worth something. I headed for a jewelry store and showed it to the man. He furrowed his brow and offered me a small amount of money, but it was more than I expected and quickly I pocketed it and headed back out in search for a job.

I mean, technically, I could become a thief or beggar, but I don't want to degrade myself in order to make some money. I need to earn it doing something I enjoy. I scanned the streets, when I found something interesting. There was a horse drawn carriage that was pulled off to the side, the owner in a panic and I decided to be a good Samaritan and headed over to offer my help.

"Is everything alright?" I asked, and the short, portly man turned to me, a handkerchief being held to his sweating forehead.

"N-No. I apologize if my fretting has bothered you, sir. Don't mind me."

I was a bit surprised, seeing how everyone called me 'sir' here, but I quickly assumed it was because of my nicer clothes and continued to push the issue.

"I'll be more than willing to help you, if you want. Don't let my clothes fool you, I've only got a few silver to my name right now." I gave him a small smile and he returned it.

"W-Well, if you insist…My clients are currently inside the store right now, however another carriage bumped into mine in passing and k-knocked the wheel out of alignment. T-T-They're very important people and if I can't return them to their home, I-I'll lose my job!"

I nodded and gestured to the carriage. "May I take a look?"

He returned the nod and I walked over, eyeing the wheel. It was indeed off, pointing off to the right instead of straight, but it didn't look completely broken to me. I knelt down to get a closer look and after a moment, I was forced to crawl underneath the carriage to see where the damage was. I could hear the driver panicking as I dirtied my clothes, but that wasn't important and I soon found the problem. I poked my head out and gave the man a look.

"Do you have any tools for this? A, uh, wrench possibly?"

He nodded and clambered about the back of the carriage before handing me the tool. I pulled my gloves off with my teeth and took it, loosening pieces and moving things before tightening it and crawling out from under the carriage. I then adjusted the alignment of the wheel, using a bit of effort due to the size and weight of the thing, before crawling back under and finishing. As I handed the man the tool, I gave him a smile.

"There ya go. All fixed up."

He looked close to tears and thanked me profusely while I just nervously chuckled, replaced my gloves, and tugged my rat-tail. It wasn't a big deal. It was far easier than working on the vehicles back in the 21st century.

"What's going on?" A young voice called out, and the driver who was still thanking me, froze and hurried off to apologize to whoever called out.

"I-I'm very sorry, sir. The carriage was broken a-and—"

"I don't want to hear your excuses. I should have you fired for this."

I felt bad for the driver and, against my better judgment, I went to confront the person. And by 'confront' I mean apologize instead.

"I'm really sorry, sir. It was my fault. I apologize for delaying your trip." I said, bowing deeply in front of the person.

"And who are you?"

"I am Alexandre Lawrence. I saw the driver was having trouble after a carriage hit his wheel and came over to help." I stood straight and looked at the person I was speaking with, only to go wide eyed.

You've got to be kidding me. Ciel Phantomhive?! The Ciel Phantomhive?! And that can only mean…I looked behind the boy and spotted none other than Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji standing before me, stern looking as he stared back. I swallowed thickly at his intimidating gaze and instead returned my focus to the blue haired boy in front of me.

"I-It is my fault, Mr. Phantomhive. I sincerely apologize for any issue I may have caused." I apologized again, bowing once more.

"Hmph, at least someone knows his place." Ciel muttered, waving at the driver as I straightened. "Hurry up. I wish to get back quickly."

"Y-Yes sir!" The man stuttered out, preparing his carriage to leave, and I just watched as the butler helped the boy into the back.

I knew better than to try and get involved in this plot. I wasn't from this world and me interfering might cause more bad than good, so I was willing to let them go. One look was all I really needed, besides, I still needed to find a job here. Starting a new life is harder than it looks, after all. Sighing, I turned away and fiddled with my rat-tail before hurrying across the road. Today was going to be a long day.

I groaned, slumped over in a dirty alleyway as the sun shined brightly in my face. I stretched with a yawn, wincing at the pain from sleeping awkwardly, and I stood up and remembered what had happened the day before. That's right…I died. I looked down at my hand and flexed it, confirming that I was now indeed alive, before sighing and stepping out of the alleyway and onto the already crowded sidewalks.

I couldn't find a job anywhere and there's only a few more places to check before I'll have to switch over to other means of survival. I heard my stomach growl and begrudgingly pulled out some of the money I had received from selling the ring and went to the nearest bakery. The bread here was surprisingly really good, far better than what as served in my old life, and I settled for people watching as I leaned up against a wall and ate the loaf of bread I'd bought. I wonder where I'm at in the plot though. Not that it matters I already said I wasn't going to get involved. I closed my eyes for a moment and listened. Meditating almost. I wasn't super upset I died or anything, it happens to everyone sooner or later and my life wasn't exactly pleasant either. There wasn't anyone who would miss me or that I would miss other than my cat, but she was just a stray I picked up, so it wasn't a big deal. I couldn't say dying was fun though. Getting hit by a car, purposely trying to run me down, wasn't exactly the best experience but I was fine now. The only thing I worried about was how I was going to make a living here after starting with nothing.

I sighed and opened my eyes, tucking the rest of the bread away for later and resuming my walk in search of a job. Despite my appearance, I was very formal with people and couldn't really see why finding a job would be so hard here, but it was definitely proving to be difficult and, as the sun rose higher in the sky, I was forced to come to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to find a job with the way I looked. Looks like the lip ring has to go and I need to get a cap or something to hide my hair, plus new pants and shoes. Those are what make me stick out the most. I frowned distinctly to myself and made my way into one of the back alleys in search of some street kid I could possibly buy a cap off of, as I removed my lip ring and tucked it away in my coat pocket. Running my tongue over the hole in my lip, I frowned a bit more. It's going to be hard to get used to. I chew my lip ring when I'm nervous, but I suppose I could do with getting rid of a bad habit. I suddenly saw a kid running past and called out to him quickly.

"Hey! Hey kid!"

He stopped, but stayed cautious, looking as though he would run at the slightest movement.

"You want to make some quick cash?"

His eyes brightened then and he came a bit closer. "Whatcha need, mister?"

I pointed to his newspaper cap. "How much for your cap?"

He took the cap off his head, revealing curly brown hair and looked up at me. "How much you got?"

Smart kid. I reached into my pocket and pulled out some money. "How about three pieces?"

He frowned. "No way. Seven."

"How about five and the rest of my bread?" I said, holding out the morsel.

The boy, obviously became conflicted, but the growling of his stomach decided for him and he nodded, taking the bread and the money before hurrying off. I smiled a bit and put the cap on my head, hiding a majority of my hair aside from my rat-tail, and left the alleyway five pieces and a loaf of bread short. Once I appeared mostly normal, it was far easier to get a job. I managed to find one working at the local blacksmith, as well as running a few occasional errands for some people down at the docks. And by people, I really mean Lau. The Chinese man found me curious and even let me wear my lip ring while working. He wasn't a super important person in the plot so I figured working for him as some messenger underling wouldn't be too bad.

A good month or so had passed and I hadn't seen any sign of the main characters, so I focused more on my work. The blacksmith job went pretty good. The pay was decent and I got to learn how to sword fight during my breaks. It was hard work, but it kept me in shape and reminded me a lot of the mechanics job I had back home. The work with Lau, although a bit more secretive and sketchy at times, proved enjoyable and had me learning the ins and outs of the London docks and back alleys. What's more, I quickly learned where everything was in the town and had some of his other underlings show me how to fight better. I knew a bit from my past life, but they helped me improve and protect myself in the rougher parts of London. I was pretty much used to my new life here in the 19th century, but fate decided that I had had enough fun and threw reality back in my face.

"Why are you taking me along with you again?" I asked the smirking Chinese man who sat across from me in the carriage without Ran-Mao, oddly enough.

"You've been such a good help lately, Alex! It's only right I get to show you off."

I cringed, glancing at him from under the brim of my cap. "I don't have to be all proper, do I?"

He laughed. "Oh no! Far from it! You're not passing along messages today, Alex. You're just here to be my little body guard."

I sighed, placing my chin on my hand and looking out the window. "Isn't that what Ran-Mao is for?"

"Of course!"

I glanced at him, but he didn't say anything after that and I rolled my eyes. Typical Lau. I still don't understand why he had to drag me here though. I thought as the carriage pulled up to none other than the Phantomhive manor. Guess I'll figure out where in the plot I am though. I exited the carriage behind Lau and the three of us were greeted by Sebastian before being led into the billiard room where Madam Red, Clause, Azzurro Vener, Arthur Randall, and some other nobleman were already waiting. Ciel, of course, sat perched in one of the chairs with his pool stick off to the side and greeted Lau.

"Took your time, Lau. We were about to start without you."

"I just had a few things to take care of, Earl. I got carried away."

"Hm." Ciel huffed, waving a hand for the others to go ahead and start the game while I moved to the shadows to just watch the ongoings of the room.

"I see you replaced your bodyguard." Ciel noted, glancing at me as I glanced back.

"Oh yes! Alex is quite the prize I found!" Lau said, dragging me forward with an arm around my shoulders and poking me in the cheek with the hand holding his billiard stick. "I'd be willing to let you borrow him, if you want, Earl. You would surely be able to use his skills more than I shall."

Lau, you little snake. I thought, slightly annoyed. I'm trying to avoid dealing with Ciel, not get closer.

Ciel hummed. "I might just take you up on that offer, Lau."

"Hu hu. You won't be disappointed. Found him only a month ago and already he's one of the best."

Lau got up off me and went to take his shot when a commotion could be heard coming from outside the doors.

"They're quite boisterous." Randall said, giving the door a glance as Azzurro went to take his shot. "Somehow, there seems to be a rat in here, too."

I scooted back to my shadowed area against the wall and watched the door as well. This is when Azzurro kidnaps Ciel, if I remember right.

"How long do you intend to let that harmful animal that scavenges for food and spreads disease around do as it pleases?" The noble said, eating a sandwich.

I wrinkled my nose a bit turning my lip up in a snarl. Disgusting.

"Shall we let it do as it pleases? Or shall we make it swim?" Lau said, drawing my attention back to him just as Madam Red spoke.

"Yes, he always aims for the nine-ball. Will you pass again, Lord Phantomhive?"

Ciel smirked, closing his eyes. "Pass. The ball that you can't help hitting is an un-hit principle."

Azzurro went up to hit again and Randall scowled. "That's good judgment. When will the rat be exterminated?"

"Soon. I've already received the ingredients from Clause." Ciel said. "We will eradicate the rat that finds its nest after we break a few of its bones. When can I receive the compensation for it?"

"You vulture." Randall growled.

Ciel stopped smirking and grew serious. "Do you possess the right to insult our crest? You, a bloodhound that can't even catch one rat?"

The man grit his teeth and I watched him cautiously as Lau made his shot.

"Billiards is hard…" He complained.

"Next is the Lord. What will you do? Will you put an end to this waiting game?"

Ciel stood and stopped by Randall. "And? When will you be able to prepare the compensation?"

"T-This evening." Randall said begrudgingly.

"That's fine." Ciel replied, climbing up onto the table and preparing his shot. "Afterwards a carriage will come to pick you up. Please wait for high tea to be prepared."

The man clenched his teeth as Lau spoke. "Will you aim for the nine-ball with the remaining three-ball?"

"Of course."

I smirked slightly at this. I knew a good thing or two about billiards and it was a pretty decent shot. Difficult for amateurs, but a good billiard player could do it. Which is probably why Lau didn't have me doing any of his shots. He may want to show me off, but not to the extent of insulting business partners.

"Greed sets the body on the path to destruction." Randall said, but Ciel just smirked devilishly as he took his shot, sinking all of the balls and ending the game.

"Greed, huh?"

With the game and the conversation over, everyone made for their carriages, but Lau and I stayed behind.

"So what do you say, Earl?" Lau said, placing an arm over my shoulders. "Want to try him out?"

I stayed silent, though my lip twitched in annoyance as I looked down at the boy. Please say no. I really don't want to get dragged into this.

Ciel looked up at me and a smirk slowly began forming on his face, as though he knew exactly what I was thinking and was going to go out of his way to make me miserable.

"Very well, Lau. I will take him in for a while. Perhaps he'll prove useful on our little mouse hunt."

Lau chuckled while I mentally groaned, and he said his goodbyes to Ciel and I, before getting in his carriage and leaving me to my doom. Looking down at my new—hopefully temporary—master, I watched as he looked up at me with a dull expression before sighing.

"Follow me. I have a few things to clarify with you before we get started."

I followed silently as we headed down the hall and Ciel pulled out some paperwork as we met up with Sebastian and the servants, who were having trouble dealing with some mice.

"Young master?" Sebastian said, curiously, eyeing me for a moment.

"Tonight, escort Duke Randall by carriage to his mansion. Will you take care of the carriage? Leave tonight's plans open."

Sebastian smirked. "Understood. Then when I finish the preparations for the carriage, I will bring up some afternoon tea to your room. I have prepared apple and raisin dip pie for today's snack. I will bring it to you when it's baked, so please wait just a bit."

"Okay. Oh, and this is Alex, Lau's bodyguard. He will be working with us for some time as we go about hunting the rat."

Sebastian nodded and smiled. "It's nice to see you again, Alexandre Lawrence."

I nodded as well as Ciel looked back and forth between the two of us.


Sebastian nodded. "Yes, my lord. Don't you remember? A few months ago when we picked up your cane. He fixed the carriage we were using."

Ciel glanced at me with a small frown. "Is that so… Hm, I'll be in my office speaking with him, Sebastian."

Sebastian nodded and the two of us left, though I could feel Sebastian still watching me. When we got to his office though, I grew nervous. Should I stop him? But how? He doesn't know me and if what I say proves right, then I'm going to have to explain how I know. Perhaps I should just go in first? I looked down, but Ciel had already entered the room and was waiting for me to do the same.

"Are you coming or not?" He grumbled, when I saw a man behind him.

I hurried in and punched the man in the face, knocking him back, but he wasn't alone and another man grabbed Ciel, holding a cloth over his mouth. Gritting my teeth, I punched another man who went to attack me and turned to pull the man off Ciel, but the first man had gotten up behind me and a gunshot rang out.

"Mm!" Ciel called out from behind the cloth as I grit my teeth due to the pain now radiating from my shoulder.

I continued trying to stop the men, but they had the advantage and when they had Ciel unconscious, they managed to take me down as well and tied me up, gagging me, and stuffing me in the back of a car with him. I continued to struggle, in the hopes of being able to grab my knife from the back of my pants, but the pain from my bleeding shoulder was excruciating and it only took one good hit from one of the men to knock me out.

When I had regained consciousness, I was not pleased to find myself tied up with belts of some sort. Just what I needed. A bullet wound and kidnapping and I've only been involved with the Phantomhive's for maybe an hour. Wincing at the pain in my shoulder and the headache that was now forming, I sat up and frowned at the blonde haired man who was staring at me.

"Oh? Looks like the other pest has woken up first. Good. Gives me something to play with." He said with a smirk, while I just glared back.

He swung a kick, but I purposely fell over before it could land and made him look like an idiot as he nearly fell. Of course, that only pissed him off and I was in for a terrible beating until Ciel decided to finally wake up.

"Hmph, it's about time. I was beginning to get bored." Azzurro said, kicking me once more in the stomach before kneeling down in front of Ciel and holding his head up by his hair. "Wakey, wakey, Phantomhive."

Ciel wearily opened his eyes and upon seeing Azzurro, he spit in his face with a smirk. Seeing that this was going to tick the man off, I managed to get my legs under me and, although they were chained up, I was able to push off of them and tackle Azzurro before he could hit Ciel.


Azzurro, thoroughly pissed, threw me off of him and into his desk before slamming his heel down on my shoulder wound.


"You little bastard!"

"Enough." Ciel said, stopping Azzurro for now.

"Hmph, I suppose you're right. We have better things to talk about." Azzurro said, going to get a cigar. "The backside of England's public, 'The Order'. Traitors will be bitten to death by our power, by the Queen's watchdogs. I have come to take over the dirtied part of the government that has spanned many generations. The evil royal family. How many street names have they been burdened with, and how many families have been crushed? Who would've thought that the president of the world's best toy factory is just a boy? Right, Ciel Phantomhive?"

I spit some blood off to the side and struggled quietly to reach the knife in the back of my pants.

"Looks can be deceiving." Ciel said, watching me before returning his gaze back up to Azzurro.

"Well, it's oddly understandable that the king of a toy palace is a child."

"It really was you, Ferro Family, Azzurro Vener."

The man gave Ciel an annoyed look. "You know, little Phantomhive, the Italian mafia finds this country bothersome. It's really a pain. All of the English and their goddamn tea stained heads! Think about it! What's the most beneficial market for people like us? It's not cleaning up, carrying things, nor women, nor spare parts. It's drugs, ya know? Even so, we came to this country, thanks to the successful glares of the watchdogs, we haven't been able to catch a single relaxing scent."

"It was an order from the Queen not to let the dealers do as they please with their drugs." Ciel replied.

"Ah, come on, don't be so stubborn. This is why I hate the English. The Queen! The Queen! That's all they ever talk about. In the end aren't we two sides of the same coin? So I just want us to cooperate a bit."

"Sorry, but I have no intentions of conspiring with a filthy rat."

I mentally sighed. Ciel, you're going to piss him off again. But I had finally gotten my knife and I just needed to cut through my bindings. Although, I'll probably die trying. Azzurro has his gun, then there's the two men already standing in here who have guns, not to mention the dog and the men hidden behind the photo. Maybe I should just sit back and watch? But I don't want Ciel getting hurt. I frowned, cheek pressed into the carpet under me. He reminds me a lot of myself before I met…

"You may say that, but what about the others? Right now it might be only the watchdogs who are scared and obedient. I guess Ciel Phantomhive is someone who cleans out corruption. Even though I specifically made it so that I wouldn't sell in Italy, I didn't expect to be tracked this early on." Azzurro laughed. "Who would have guessed that guy Clause would go to such lengths to obtain it. It's because of that that I only got half my share." He then grew serious, placing the cigar in his mouth. "Now then, do you understand this business yet? If you're lying about where the goods are kept, you'd better run home while you're neck's still attached, little runt."

Ciel smirked. "If I do return, evidence will soon make its way to the government from Clause. It's a shame, huh?"

"Don't mess with adults, little mister!"

Azzurro reached into his jacket and pulled out a pistol, just as I pushed myself up enough to launch myself in front of Ciel and sit up, glaring defiantly.

"We're already keeping your servants waiting." He said, ignoring me for the moment. "Where are the goods? If you don't spill quick, I'll kill your servants one by one, starting with this one here!"

The gun was aimed my way, but it didn't matter to me. I had died once already and if I died again, at least it would be for a good reason.

"It would be nice if cute little puppies were able to play fetch." Ciel said, most certainly with an innocent smile.

Azzurro scoffed, but came over and kicked me hard, knocking me to the ground, before reaching for Ciel, but I sat back up quickly and bit into his hand.

"Argh! You little shit!" He shouted, hitting me again in the head before heading to the phone. "Didn't you hear me? Negotiations are over. Kill him."

I laid on the floor, a bleeding mess, as my vision spun dangerously and black spots began to show up. My breathing was ragged and my whole body hurt, but I was used to this. I often got beat up back home for what I was, but the gun shot was new. Coupled with the adrenaline though, all the pain was hardly anything to worry about. Ciel was more important.


I opened my eyes and glanced at Ciel's blurry figure.

"There's no need for you to continue putting yourself at risk. You're Lau's bodyguard, not mine."

I shook my head as best I could and turned my gaze back to Azzurro, near done cutting through my bonds.

"You don't need any more pain." I muttered quietly.

"You failed?!" Azzurro suddenly yelled. "You useless bastards! This is why you're worth less than shit! I'm through with you. Return at once!"

There was a moment's pause, before the phone practically vibrated as the person on the other end shouted.

"What the hell?!"

"What's wrong? Did a bear show up or something?" Azzurro chuckled, but even I could hear the slightly nervous edge to it. "What's with you guys? Is it something you can't handle?… Cut it out, you bastards!"

More screaming came from the other end of the phone, before it all finally ended.

"Hey… hey! What's wrong?!"

Ciel then began laughing. "It would appear that 'go fetch' has failed."

"Shut up! You stupid brat!" Azzurro went to kick Ciel, but once again, I got in the way.


I huffed there, on the ground, but gave Ciel a small smile as Azzurro continued to yell in the background.

"Hey! If you don't answer, I'll kill you, you mongrels! Hey!"

There was quiet, until someone spoke over the phone, the person frightening Azzurro enough that he dropped his cigar and it rolled away from him on the ground. There was a bit of talking before Ciel suddenly barked. The person on the other end of the phone spoke louder so we could hear.

"Understood. Right away. I'll come for you and Mr. Lawrence soon. So please wait a bit longer."

Ciel smirked and even I managed a small smirk of my own before we suddenly began hearing gun shots and screaming coming from outside. It went on for a while, but then it got deadly quiet and even Azzurro was beginning to panic. He pulled out his gun and went to pick me up, but I had just gotten lose from my bonds and used my knife to slash him across his cheek.

"You little… Lupo! Attacco!" Azzurro shouted, and I was suddenly forced to remember the Doberman who was also in the room, as it came and attacked me.

Even with the knife, I had trouble dealing with the dog and once I had finally finished it off, I was too exhausted to even move, let alone stand. So I just crumpled against the wall, clothes in tatters and body covered in wounds. I was saved though, by the doors opening and a dark presence making itself known.

"Pardon the intrusion." Sebastian said as he walked in. "I've come to retrieve my master and our temporary bodyguard."

He bowed, and then stood upright as Azzurro stared at him in shock, chuckling madly.

"Haha. I'm surprised. You managed to kill all of those people by yourself. You got us. I was wondering what kind of giant would come, but you're just some tail-coated Romeo."

"S-Sebastian." I gasped out, my head lolling to the side as I struggled to stay conscious.

"Oh dear. Seems they did a number on you, Mr. Lawrence. Yet not a mark on my young master." Sebastian knelt down to me, covering my face with his hand. "You did well." He said, brushing his fingers over my eyelids and closing them. "Now rest. I'll take care of the rest."

And somehow, those words comforted me, allowing me to slip into unconsciousness knowing that Ciel would be alright because now Sebastian was here and, demon or not, he always seemed to make things turn out alright.

When I finally regained consciousness, I winced as all the pain hit me at once. Groaning, I sat up, placing a hand to my head as the blankets fell off my shoulders, revealing my bandaged shoulder and bruised and scratched abdomen.

"Ah, you're awake."

I cringed as my body involuntarily jumped, jarring my injuries, and I looked over to see Sebastian smiling at me; a cart with medical supplies behind him.

"We were beginning to think you were going to miss dinner. It's a good thing I came to change your bandages, or you might have missed out."

I nodded and moved over to the side of the bed so Sebastian could change my bandages, a slight blush on my cheeks. Why does he have to be so good looking? Of course, Sebastian, being the sadistic jerk that he is, had to make it worse by brushing his gloved finger along my back and shoulder, tracing the Chinese dragon I had tattooed there.

"Quite an interesting design… and this, I'm guessing is a totem to your working with Lau?" He asked, tracing a pale scar that ran just under my ribcage, which had me holding back a shiver.

Rat bastard's toying with me! I pushed his hand off me with a small frown, not the least bit pleased when he smirked.

"I would like my clothes returned to me now, Mr. Michaelis." I said, sternly.

"But of course." He said, picking up a folded pile of clothing from the bottom shelf of the rack. "I will have you know though, Mr. Lawrence, that I do not follow your commands out of obligation for you, but for my master who asked to make you comfortable for the moment."

I nodded, figuring as much, and took my clothes from him; a bit surprised to find my cap there as well. Getting my pants and cap on was easy enough, but I knew that with my shoulder the way it was, things would be a bit more difficult with my shirt and vest. Begrudgingly, I glared at Sebastian, who smirked, knowingly.


He's so teasing me. "Could you help me put my shirt and vest on please? It is proving to be difficult with my injury."

He chuckled and took said clothing from me, helping me into them before buttoning my shirt.

"I could've done that." I muttered, rolling up my sleeves.

"Yes, but it's much faster to let me do it, is it not?"

I said nothing as he stood and gestured to the door.

"Now that you are dressed, perhaps some dinner is in order, and the young master wishes to speak with you as well."

I frowned slightly and forced my aching body to stand up off the bed, wincing as my injuries ached in the process, but managed to follow Sebastian out and into the dining hall where Ciel was already sitting in wait, food sitting on a plate before him.

"Young master, I have brought him as you asked." Sebastian said, bowing as I took my seat next to Ciel.

Food was placed before me and I tried not to scarf it down like I wanted to. Just because I worked for Lau didn't mean that I got lavish meals like this. Using what manners I knew, I cut and ate my food piece by piece when Ciel suddenly spoke.

"Hm, for a street rat, you have decent manners."

I glanced up at him, deciding to take what he said as a compliment, and resumed eating. I could tell Ciel was frowning, but I had no idea why until Sebastian chuckled from beside him, refilling his tea.

"Seems he's not one for much conversation, my lord."

"I speak when necessary." I said, not turning my gaze away from my food.

Ciel sipped his tea, eyeing me as I ate, setting the cup back on its saucer calmly.

"I… appreciate what you did."

I nodded. "Welcome."

His eye twitched. "You do understand that you could've died, correct?"

I nodded again and the twitching grew worse before Ciel put a hand to his face.

"Are you an idiot or something?! Does dying not mean anything to you?!" He half-shouted, slamming his hands on the table.

I calmly looked up and then back at the half-finished food on my plate.

"Dying… is not something I enjoy, but I will risk it, if it means saving someone else." I responded, going back to eating.

"But you hardly even know me!"

"You're a 12 year old boy who Lau wanted me to assist. I don't need to know you to want to protect you." I said, a bit harshly, but I needed to get the point across.

I was not doing this for my own personal gain. I was doing it because I wanted to help. That was that. Ciel just seemed to be having a hard time understanding that not everyone is out to get something from him, and I was one of those people.

"It seems as though you have been beat, young master." Sebastian chuckled, quietly.

Ciel frowned, practically glaring at me. "And what about Lau? Would you do this for him as well?"

I nodded. "I would do it for anyone if they were about to be hurt or die before me. I believe there are very few people out there who actually deserve to be physically abused."

Ciel then began laughing and I glanced at him, curiously.

"You're kidding! You're telling me that there is no one to there that you hate? No one that beat you or abused you? Bullied you? Tortured you? Attacked you or anything? That everyone out there deserves to live at the risk of your life whether they've done something horrible or not?!" Ciel shouted before calming himself, hands fisted in the table cloth. "You're telling me you've lived a perfect life your entire life when it's damn obvious you've been through hell and back?!"

I stayed silent, hands clenched around my silverware and eyes cast in shadow.

"Well?! Say something!"

I grit my teeth, baring them in a snarl. "They… They've beat me. Every day they beat me and every night I was attacked. Every bone in my body has probably been broken at least once. My parents are dead, my uncle disowned me, I've been alone the past nine years. I've lost my home three times, I've lost my job fifteen times. I've been sexually harassed by men thirty years older than me, and my only friend killed himself two years ago… I wanted to end it… I wanted to end it so badly." The old scar on my right wrist ached painfully, even as I set my silverware down and stood up from my seat, turning to face Ciel with a furious glare. "But I found something to live for. I will live for others. If they are in danger of being hurt, I will take on that pain and if they are going to die, I will die for them as well. So don't act as though you own me, Phantomhive. The only person who owns me is myself and not you nor your butler will take that from me."

With that, I turned and left the room, heading back to the room I woke up in and leaving the stunned boy and his servant behind.

Sebastian stared down at his master, curiously, wondering what he was going to do after their latest guest had left the room. Oddly enough, Ciel just stood and began walking off.

"Young master?"

"I'm tired, Sebastian. Prepare my bath and get this cleaned up."

Sebastian bowed, but gave the door an odd look once Ciel had left. He had been expecting something a bit more… dramatic. Perhaps Ciel yelling and getting frustrated over what the young bodyguard had said. Even a small chuckle would have worked. But it was apparent that the elder boy's words had some effect on him. Not only that, but Sebastian found this new temporary servant curious in his own way. Sure, he was just another human, hardly anything special. But the way the boy had stayed silent until now made the demon almost want to make him speak. Not speaking when one was mute was one thing, but keeping yourself from speaking simply with willpower was something else entirely. That, and the boy had an odd scent to him. Something different that Sebastian couldn't exactly pinpoint. He seemed unaffected by most events as well. The boy's expressions were carefully schooled into one neutral expression and Sebastian had only seen a hint of emotions cross the boy's face. He managed to tease a light blush from the boy earlier, but even when he was most furious not moments ago, there was only a slight furrow to his brows and a hard edge to his gaze and nothing more.

"He certainly is an interesting human." Sebastian muttered, having just finished drawing Ciel's bath and ordering the other servants to clean up after dinner. I should check up on him though. He'll probably need help getting out of his shirt again.

Sebastian let out a slight snicker as he remembered earlier and how he managed to fluster the boy, but returned to his usual butler persona as he stood outside Alex's room. He went to knock lightly, but heard a quiet sniffle from the other side of the door. Being the curious demon he was, he opened the door slightly and looked inside to find Alex sitting up on the bed and looking out the window, a hand brushing a pale white scar on his wrist. Seems he did attempt to take his life once before. Sebastian took a deep breath then, inhaling the boy's curious scent and the scent of despair that had been mixed in, feeling his eyes glow crimson as he did so.

A delicious scent indeed. He thought, opening his eyes to find a hint of moonlight glancing off a tear that trailed down the lone boy's cheek. Sebastian frowned unknowingly, before closing the door and walking off. Even as a demon, Sebastian knew when it was best to leave someone alone to deal with their human emotions. He may prove useful however. I wonder what the young master will do.