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My Chinese Ghost


She remembered the anger and pain first. She wasn't sure why. The memories of running through the forest while being chased by men intent on defiling her before killing her and coming to a ledge, which she jumped from preferring death to what she knew was behind her, was just easiest thing for her to remember.

She remembered terror too. Not just of the men or of fear of death, but of where she realized she would land. She prayed that her soul would one day be freed from the trap of the springs, even as she felt the water surround her body.

She sensed as her memories came back, that she had been trapped for a very, very long time. Her soul so alone until another presence came. He, she was sure from the start it was a man, had a hole in His heart that welcomed her mindless, desperate search for freedom.

Then she slept. She knew, somehow, that she could steal the man's energy if she wished to, but she didn't want to take anything from the man. Even though doing so would allow her to be awake and to think, the small part of her mind that was aware refused. It was enough for her to just feel another so close to her.

Time passed, an unconscious heaven after an eternity of a semi-conscious hell, but her heaven was temporary it seemed. She had felt the Mans anger many times along with his other emotions, and knew he was a warrior from the power of his fighting spirit. It grew almost constantly until a fight where he felt rage, terror, desperation, and even hatred.

She felt Him use all the Chi energy he could without passing out, and she felt His pain, even as He fought through it. Then, as His desperation grew to a point to break most men's spirits, she felt Him call up everything He had left, including the power of His own soul. It could destroy Him, she knew that, and she also knew He didn't care. He KNEW He had to win.

She awoke just long enough to lend her own souls strength to Him, in payment for the peace she had finally enjoyed.

He won, and they survived.

She slipped back into her spiritual coma, feeling satisfied as her companion felt joy. She felt Him recover over a short time, eternally amazing her at resilience as He reached His former peak and passed it.

She didn't realize that she was also growing stronger, not until she awoke! At first it was just her self-awareness that returned, but that was more then she had had in so long and it was more then enough for her. Still to her joy and amazement she soon began to sense the world around Him. Vague impressions came first, then more detailed and constant, and she suspected she shared with Him His senses.

She also, on several occasions, found herself standing above a boy, a man really, close to her own age when she died. She spent entire nights just admiring Him, even when a woman so similar to herself she knew it was Him. She admired the defined features of his face, and wondered if her own blue hair would have looked as good in a pig tail.

She soon learned how to leave His body for periods of time. She was tied to Him, bound, but she didn't mind. She was also very careful to never appear when He, or the family around Him, was awake. She couldn't stand the idea of Him fearing the ghost living inside of Him.

On her nightly trips, once she started venturing away from Him, she learned she could, with effort, form physically for short times. She happily used this ability to help around His home, straightening shelves and removing dust. She once startled the longhaired girl, who she hadn't known was awake, by giggling at her surprise at finding dishes put away. To her relief she didn't seem to scare her, and she even said thank you to the 'house spirit'. It was nice even if she was wrong about her identity.

Her nighttime jaunts had a price, early on. They caused her to 'sleep' through the days in the beginning. She grew stronger with time, though, and after only a month was able to run on a 'normal' sleep schedule.

Then something happened. She was asleep through the events themselves, but was quickly aware of a wedding that had gone wrong. She felt anger and depression from Him, and spent the whole day suffering silently with him. Weeks passed until one night he climbed on the home's roof, where he often went to think, and curled up around himself and stared at the sky.

He wouldn't cry, she knew that He wouldn't allow Himself to cry, but He begged to know why! Why everyone treated Him as a thing. A possession and not a person!

She cried for Him. She knew how those around Him treated Him, and the pain it caused. Even she, who shared His body, thought of Him as something other then a man. True to her He was more akin to a god, but it was still, strangely, unfair and she knew it.

She willed her self out of His body, visible and solid. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug no one else offered him even if He'd fear her later. She apologized for not being fair to Him, though He didn't even know she had been using Him.


Ranma Saotome, man among men, legendary warrior, heir to the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts, sighed. "I just want to know why no one treats me like a person anymore!" He demanded of the stars. He felt arms wrap around him, hugging him gently.

"I'm sorry." A soft, feminine voice he didn't know said. He heard her sniff, and knew she was crying.

"Hey, don't cry! It's not like you did nothing!" He said, turning his head. He froze in amazement when he found a familiar looking woman holding him in her translucent arms. "Who are you...and WHAT are you?"

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