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"I didn't know what to think at the time they introduced Neil Caffrey to me. He was supposed to be my "American" husband. We were supposed to be happy, in America. But things often turn bad when you're supposed to."

"It happened when I was little, I had no parents or relatives in the Sovjet Union. So Mary Margaret took me in. She had an American name and accent and she raised me to be American. Little did I know it was all for one purpose.

To Spy."



"A couple of years later they told me I had to go live in America with some guy I just met. We needed to gather intellegence, and we needed to be convincing Americans. Well on my part it wasn't that hard, I was blonde and I had a perfect accent. There were days Russia didn't feel like home. But he was always doubting, always concerned."

"When I found out I was pregnant, I was at home waiting for Neil to come home."

"He never did."

"Then finally Mary Margaret came to America she comforted me, and helped me get on my feet. They gave me seven years to raise my child and to find my place, but after those years I needed to get back to what I always did."



Seven years later…

"It's time Emma." Mary Margaret whispered leaning against the sink. "I know" I said with resentment, I got used to being just a mom, or just Emma the American supermom that works at the grocery store and has a nice house with her mom. But that bubble was about to burst when the files were coming in my line of view.

"Here are the files for your mission, are you sure you're up for this on your own? The Centre can give you another partner you know?" Mary Margaret looked with pleading eyes.

I gave the files a once over; Extraction new source, Regina Mills. Works at a secret CIA base located in a small town. Her cover job is as the town's Mayor. Her superior is Mr. Gold, he owns the town and a pawn shop. There's more to that town than we know so far.

"I'll be fine." I said with a stoic look on my face.

"I was sure things were going to be fine, I believed in it. But there was this nibbling tiny bit of guilt. Because I never felt home in Russia. Maybe the KGB recruited the wrong person for this."

Sneak Preview Chapter 1: Home is where the hardware is.

"Why are we moving again Mom?" Henry asked me looking with eyes that were expecting a full explanation that I couldn't give. "We're moving hun, it's for my new job as a deputy." I answered and smiled politely, the kid's smarter then he looks.




Hey everyone! New story, so exciting. This story is very loosely based on "The Americans" really good show about the cold war and KGB. I wanted to work with the concept. But I'm not going too much into the historical things. I just like the story and the dynamic of the time. I am trying out a new writing style, so bear with me. English is not my native, so mistakes are bound to happen. Updates will not be regular, because sometimes writing doesn't come easy :).