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Chapter 1: Missing Brother

Drip, drip.

Lovino stifled a yawn as he trudged his way back home just after dawn. The warm morning sun and the smell of fresh dew was a great reprieve to the heavy thunder and showers at night; to anyone but him. He loved the night, with its cooling atmosphere and serene nature. Where the stars and the moon shone bright, bathing everything in a soft silvery light that is not glaring to the eyes. He could not stand the sun, literally.

Yes, Lovino was a night owl and slept through the day and woke up in the evening to start the day. He would have been home by now if he were not held back by the mud and the rain, and the early morning traffic of people starting their day bright and early.

He grumbled under his breath as he slinked in the shadows provided by buildings, wondering why anyone would wake up at such an ungodly hour and bear the heat of the unforgiving summer sun throughout the day, when they could just relax in the soothing coolness of the night. It would always remain a mystery to him, even at the age of 21.

Lovino heaved a sigh of relief when he finally, finally, stepped through the threshold of his house which he shared with his 18 year old brother, Feliciano. The sun was already high in the sky. The Vargas household was not an extravagant and lavish home, but it was comfortable. "Feli! I'm home!" He called. His brother should have been awake by now, preparing to go to school. Feliciano Vargas, was a high honors art student at a very prestigious art school that only the most talented people can attend. All paid for, by the inheritance that their grandfather left for them. Lovino, did not work a day job to sustain their inheritance. He worked a night shift, as what some would say a guard of sorts; an unappreciated, unknown and unpaid duty more like. He simply had ways and means of sustaining their income. However, that was a secret which he refused to tell his brother. Actually, can't was a more appropriate word, he can't tell his brother. They practically lived in two different worlds.

There were no signs that his brother had been home at all, as the drapes were still drawn and the house was plunged in total darkness. Just the way he liked it, but his brother was a different story.

As Lovino made his way around the house, rummaging in the fridge for a snack before he went to bed, he checked his phone, surprised to see that his brother had messaged him just before dawn, when he had been busy ending his shift for the night.

Ciao, Fratello~ I have a project that I have to complete with a friend for my class in the day. So, I will not be back home in the morning so do not wait for me, Ciao~

Lovino huffed, "Damn that idiot brother of mine," He muttered. "Always forgetting his projects."

He threw his phone onto the coffee table and switched on the television as he munched on a tomato, flipping through the channels until he reached the news. Right now, the news was reporting on a missing person's case found just this morning at dawn. As he chewed lazily, he leaned back on the couch and cast the channel a bored glance.

The Police has just identified that the blood on the scene belonged to both the deceased Anderson Crock, as well as another who is currently missing from the scene who goes by the name of Feliciano Vargas-

Thud. Splat.

The half-eaten tomato hit the ground with a squelch, and Lovino's breath hitched in his throat, causing him to choke mid-swallow. As he pounded his chest, coughing, Lovino's mind was wrapped in a haze, the news reporter's voice muted in the background as the name repeatedly swam in his head. 'Feliciano…blood…missing?' His thoughts were whirling in his head, getting more jumbled up by the second. Tears threatened to spill from the corners of his eyes. 'No, Lovino', he thought. 'Be calm, control yourself. DO NOT let your emotions get the better of you; it's unbefitting although you are alone right now…' He held his head as his breathing became labored, his mind racing a mile a minute, imagining all the worst possible scenarios that could have occurred to his brother. Feliciano could have been hurt, injured, lost and afraid, or worse…de-

Knock. Knock.

The knock on the door pulled him out of his slowly darkening thoughts. Slowly, dazedly, his mind still swimming, he dragged his feet to the door and opened it.

He blinked.

And blinked some more.

"Hello. I am Sergeant Thomas and this is Lieutenant Lenard from the Local Police Department. Are you Mr. Lovino Vargas? Brother of Feliciano Vargas?"

A nod. "Yes, I am. May I ask as to what you may want?" Even though he had a pretty good idea what they wanted. His face was schooled into a perfect poker face.

"My partner and I wish to question you with regards to the disappearance of Feliciano Vargas. May we enter?"

Lovino stared.

He was still trying to comprehend the fact that Feliciano was still missing, and here was the Police, the freaking Police, having the audacity to want to question him on something he clearly does not know?

"No." He replied curtly and slammed the door in their faces.

He sighed behind the door and elegantly pinched the bridge of his nose in mild frustration. Perhaps he should look for his brother himself, not trusting the competence of the police.

Knock. Knock.

Knock. Knock.

He growled. "Ugh, what?!" He cried, flinging the door open again. He then remembered where he was and who he was dealing with, therefore immediately morphing his face into a stoic and expressionless one, not betraying his emotions.

"Please, sir." Oh, great, them again.

"We really need your co-operation." The Lieutenant speaks up this time.

Lovino sighed, "Look, I wish that I could help you, but I can not." He continued in a monotonous voice when the Police looked about to retort, despite the annoyance he was feeling. "I do not know where my brother was before it happened. All he did was sent me a text saying that he would not come home as he was tied up by a school project."

The Police look interested at this point. "Oh? May we see your phone, sir?"

He sighed and shrugged, why not? He handed his phone over to the Police and stood by the doorway as they perused his phone for information. In his head though, he was thinking of all the possible ways that he could use to track down his brother.

"Thank you, sir"

He came back to reality and nodded, taking back his phone.

"May we know if your brother had any enemies in the past?"

At this, Lovino scoffed lightly. "Enemies? Of course not! My brother was the most popular guy in school and generally well-liked by everyone!"

The officers nodded, jotting this down. "Thank you for your time, sir. We will contact you if we find anything. Have a good day, sir."

As Lovino closed the door, he could not help but think, 'Like you would be able to find anything.'

With a sigh, he cast one last glance at the television, switched it off, cleaned up the tomato mess and with one last frustrated sigh, went to bed.

When he woke up, it was almost evening. He climbed out of bed, showered, freshened up, and had breakfast. Yes, breakfast in the evening. To him, it was the start of another day.

By the time he was done, the sun was just setting on the horizon.

He sighed as he stepped out of the house, the moon having just risen. "It is time to see what I can find out." He muttered as he made his way towards the scene where his brother went missing.

The park.

He arrived at the area of the park, now abandoned and cleaned up. Lovino looked around him cautiously, checking to make sure that he was alone. He clicked his tongue in slight irritation, for most of the evidence and trails would be cold by now. He frowned as he surveyed the area, catching sight of the dried up patches of blood and based on what he knew from the news, tried to imagine what had happened with his brother, to no avail.

Rustle. Rustle.

His keen hearing immediately picking up sounds of movements from behind him, his face instantly became an emotionless mask as he turned around slowly.

He scanned the dark bushes, his hazel-green eyes better attuned to the darkness than others. His eyes narrowed imperceptibly as he caught a flash of red hidden amongst the shrubbery.

"Come out." He called; his voice calm and collected. "I know you are there."

The leaves of the bushes rustled some more before a tall, tan man stepped out of the bushes.

Lovino's lips straightened into a thin line as he observed the man coming towards him. The man had tanned, sun-kissed skin, was of a slightly tall stature, was of a lean build, had eerily glowing emerald green eyes, and chocolate brown tousled hair. He was not too bulky or too lanky, having muscles faintly showing through his blood-soaked shirt-

Wait, what?

Lovino did a double take as he momentarily had a lapse in control and his facial features revealed shock. He quickly regained his composure and watched warily as the man came closer while grinning, showing his red-stained sharpened canines and incisors.

No, those were not incisors, those were fangs.

In spite of his calm exterior image that he held, inside, one thought jumped out above all the rest.


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