Being honest with himself, he should have expected something like this to happen sooner or later, being knights was dangerous, and things weren't anymore as easy as when they were younger... It wasn't anymore Jestro's was something entirely different, and not thinking about it had brought horrible consequences to them.

Clay found himself feeling extremly ill when he had finally managed to fully process what had happened, and it was probably just luck that he had managed to still show himself as the strong leader the others needed... he was really surprised he hadn't ended up breaking down right there in front of everyone

Once alone with no one to see him, his legs finally gave up on him, the weight of his armour and even his own body suddenly proved to be too much, making him fall onto his knees, it almost felt like an invisible force was pushing him down.

He really had tried to stop himself, even now that he had let himself fall to the floor he was holding back his emotions, but it was getting far too hard and a sob escaped his mouth against his own will and then another, and before he could do something about it he was unable to stop anymore, the knight crying as he let everything sink in after such a long time.

He remained like that until his tears had dried. Now just laying on the floor, not finiding in himself the strenght to at least move to the bed, he felt numb and completly drained after all this, ending up falling into a dreamless sleep for that day.

Aknowledging his mistake, Good knight Clay Moorington wished the next day would never arrive so he wouldn't have to face all of this again, wishing for once that he could run away,wishing he hadn't made that mistake out there...wishing he hadn't failed his friends and himslef...wishing he could go back and change everything.

He just wanted all of this to be a bad dream from which he would wake up soon.

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