Morning came merciless,reminding the knight of what he would have to do. Still on the floor Clay stared at the ceiling. He felt numb, guilt and regret overflowing him, finding that he would much prefer to stay on the cold floor.

It was only a while later when Clay finally gathered the strength to get up, a quiet groan filling his room. He took careful steps towards his helmet that somehow had managed to end up quite far, he could remember throwing it away from him before passing out.

Gripping it till his knuckles turned white, he stared at the door almost in fear. He knew he would have to leave the room soon, sighing quietly he walked slowly to the door, just to notice that at some point he had started to shake slightly.

Clay let out a small curse,closing his eyes and finally opening the door,holding his breath for a moment before he opened his eyes...there was no one in the short hallway...perhaps they decided to stay on their rooms,Or maybe they were already waiting for him.

He knew he preferred the first option,he was not prepared to face the others yet, but he had to,he was their leader,he had to do this.

Making his way to the common room had never felt so wrong, the only sound being his own steps,it was maddening, he hated the silence that filled the usually quite lively place.

Looking up he had finally arrived,he was met by the sight of his three friends,sitting together in the silence that Clay hated so much.

He walked slowly towards them,the first one to look at him being Macy, her lips curved in a frown that had the knight almost stopping on his track.

He definitely was not ready for this