Betty and Cheryl

An Archie Fanfic Series
Chronicling Freshman - Senior Years

Chapter 01:
"Welcome to the New Age"

Written By
Mark Moore

Author's note: Welcome to my new fanfic series. I decided to write a series that chronicles the Archie characters' (primarily Betty Cooper, Cheryl Blossom, and their friends) journey through high school from beginning to end.

I'd previously written two Betty fanfics, one in 1999 and one in 2011, but those had gone off in their own direction from the comics. What I want to do here is rebuild the characters from the ground up, not being held to any kind of "continuity" from the comics. As such, I'm playing loose with the character relationships and the "established facts".

This is going to be a 45-part series. Each chapter will cover one month. Each school year will consist of nine chapters, and each summer vacation in between will consist of three chapters, chronicling the characters' lives from incoming freshmen in September of 2016 to graduating seniors in May of 2020. Well, that's the plan, anyway. Goddess willing, I'll see it through to the end.

For those of you that might be interested in my other ongoing contribution to Archie fandom, search for my Riverdale Reviewed blog. I'm attempting to review every episode of the new series, "Riverdale", as well as every episode of "The New Archies" and "Archie's Weird Mysteries" - plus the various movies and a sampling of the other series.

Be warned that this is a mature series that explores, in unabashed detail, what it means to be a teenager of the 21st century and a child of the third millennium. Strong language, blunt talk, political incorrectness, and heavy underage drinking and drug use are here for you to enjoy...if you dare.

Thursday, September 1, 2016, 5:00 PM - 5:35 PM; Friday, September 2, 2016, 7:53 PM - 8:17 PM; Saturday, September 3, 2016, 8:01 PM - 8:35 PM; Monday, September 5, 2016, 4:17 PM - 5:19 PM, 5:46 PM - 6:08 PM, 7:04 PM - 7:46 PM; Friday, September 9, 2016, 8:00 PM - 8:15 PM; Monday, September 12, 2016, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM; Friday, September 16, 2016, 5:52 PM - 5:58 PM; Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 5:18 PM - 6:29 PM; Thursday, September 29, 2016, 4:50 PM - 6:30 PM; Friday, September 30, 2016, 3:50 PM - 5:19 PM, 5:48 PM - 6:30 PM, 7:00 PM - 7:55 PM

The following story is copyright © 2016 by Mark Moore.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016, 6:03 PM
Cooper Household
Riverdale, New York

Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper walked into the living room, carrying two bags. Her mother, Alice Cooper, followed and closed the door behind her. She locked it.

"I'm gonna put these away." Betty started walking up the stairs.

"I'll start dinner."

Betty reached the second floor and walked down the short hallway to her bedroom.

She walked inside, closed the door, turned on the light, put the bags on her bed, and took out the contents.

Her cell phone rang. Betty took it out of her front-right shorts pocket and checked the caller. It was her best friend, Veronica Lodge.

Betty answered the call. "Hey."

"Hey, bitch, what's up?"

"Not much. Just got back from some last-minute back-to-school shopping."

"Me, too. I just got back from Saks Fifth."

Betty was surprised. "You went into the city for last-minute back-to-school shopping?

Veronica made no response.

"Right. I forgot who I was talking to."

"I got some Rag & Bone, some Theory."


"Where'd you shop?"

Betty straightened her new clothes on her bed. "Walmart."


Betty didn't like Veronica's tone. "Fuck you. You know I'm poor."

"Anyway, wanna come over?"

Betty selected the clothes that she planned to wear tomorrow and hung them on the back of her desk chair. "Can't. Mom's making dinner."

"I'll rephrase it. Wanna cum over me? You'll have plenty to eat."

"I'd love to, but Mom's picky about when I can leave the house. Mostly, it's for church - and now school."

"C'mon, it's been a week."

"Sorry." Betty took the rest of her new clothes and put them on shelves in her small closet.

"Wanna have phone sex?"

"Sure." Betty walked over to her door and locked it. Then she started taking off her clothes and dropping them on the floor.

"Hey, I've got an idea."

"What?" Betty asked, sitting on the bed.

"You stay home alone in the afternoons still, right?"

Betty lay down and started fondling her breasts. "Yeah."

"Maybe you can talk your mom into letting you come home with me every day, and I'll have you sent home when she gets home."

Betty moved her free hand south. "That might work. I'll bring it up at dinner."

"Cool. Anyway, you ready?"


"I lie down between your legs and gently kiss your pussy."

Betty rubbed her pussy. "Mmmmm, that feels good."

"I gently lick you."

"Ooh, baby, I -"

There was a knock at the door. "Betty, dinner's ready."


"That's pretty blatant. You sure don't waste any time."

"No, I mean my mom's at the door. Dinner's ready."

"Aw, too bad. We'll continue this later."

"Okay. Love you."

"Love you, too."

Betty ended the call. "Coming!" She stood up and frowned. "Not."


Betty and Alice were sitting at the kitchen table, eating a dinner of pan-cooked pork and onions.

"Hey, I've got a proposal."

"Oh?" Alice asked.

"What if I go home with Ronnie after school and then come after you get home?"


"Well, so I won't be by myself every afternoon."

"Is it okay with Ronnie?"

"She proposed it."

Alice thought about it. "What about on days when you have homework or have to study for a test?"

"I can do it over there. Ronnie and I can even quiz each other."

"What guarantee do I have that you'll actually study over there?"

"My grades will let you know."

"Okay, fine, but I don't want to see a C or lower."



Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 7:50 AM
Riverdale High School

Betty got off the school bus, having spent an hour riding to school and not recognizing anyone.

She made her way to a back entrance of the school, since the buses parked in the lot behind the school. She wondered what the interior of the school was like but guessed it wouldn't be much different than Riverdale Middle School.

Upon entering the building, her theory was confirmed. She looked at the schedule in her left hand and made her way to her homeroom.

Betty arrived at her homeroom, entered it, and sat in an empty chair. She looked around. So far, she hadn't recognized anyone.

Soon, Veronica walked into the room. Betty noticed the black-haired girl was wearing a new designer outfit, a gold necklace, gold bracelets, and pink lipstick.

Betty smiled. "Ronnie!"

Veronica smiled, walked over to Betty, sat next to her, and kissed her on the lips. "Hi, sweetie!"

"Have you seen anyone yet?"


Soon, Forsythe Pendelton Jones III, better known as "Jughead", and Reginald "Reggie" Mantle walked into the room. The girls waved at them. The guys came over and sat by them. Betty and Veronica each kissed Reggie on the lips.

"Where's Archie?" Betty asked.

Jughead shrugged. "He was with me when we got off the bus."

Reggie shrugged. "He's probably running late. Watch him be late on his first day at a new school."

The warning bell rang. Betty looked at the clock on the wall. It was 7:54 AM. Archie had one minute to show up.

Soon, the final bell rang, and Archibald "Archie" Andrews ran into the room at the same time.

The teacher, an old, white-haired woman, looked at him. "You're tardy."

Betty looked at Reggie. "You called it."

"What?!" Archie exclaimed in surprise. "I totally made it! I came in at the bell!"

The teacher started filling out a tardy slip. "That reasoning won't work here, young man. Name?"

"Archie Andrews."

The teacher finished filling out the tardy slip and gave him his copy. "Try to be on time from now on."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Take your seat."

Archie walked over and sat next to Jughead. Betty and Veronica each kissed Archie on the lips.

Reggie smiled in amusement. "Great start to the year, Arch."

Archie ignored him.

The teacher held up an iPad. "I'm going to take attendance. When you hear your name, please say 'Here'."

After attendance was taken, the intercom speaker turned on.

"Good morning, Raccoons. This is your principal, Mr. Weatherbee. I wish to welcome all of you, both returning students and faculty as well as new. And now here are today's morning announcements."

The students collectively tuned out the announcements.

"Let's make this school year a good, safe one. Welcome to Riverdale High. Thank you."

The teacher smiled. "Okay, now that that's over with, my name is Miss Grundy. I'm also the English I and American History teacher, so some of you will have me throughout the day."

The door opened, and a girl walked into the classroom. Everyone looked at her. She was tall, had long red hair, and wore a stylish white ensemble. Betty stared at her.

The girl walked over to Miss Grundy and offered her a slip of paper. "My name's Cheryl Blossom. I just moved here this morning. I had to go to the office to get things straightened out."

Miss Grundy took the paper and read it. "Very well, welcome to Riverdale High. Class, please welcome Cheryl Blossom."

The other students offered various forms of welcome. Cheryl waved generally at them.

"Have a seat."

Cheryl walked over and sat in the only empty chair, next to Betty.

The bell rang.

Most of the students stood up and walked out of the classroom. So did Miss Grundy. Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Archie, Jughead, and Reggie remained in their seats.

Betty smiled. "We all have Miss Grundy for first period."

Veronica smiled. "One less trip to make."

Betty gave her an impish grin. "You're so fucking lazy." She looked at Cheryl. "I'm Betty Cooper. These are Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, and Reggie Mantle."

Cheryl nodded and looked at Veronica. "Who's your dealer?"

"Huh?" Veronica asked.

"Where do you get your weed?" Cheryl clarified.

"What makes you think I do weed?" Veronica asked.

Cheryl rolled her eyes. "Oh, please, I see it in your eyes. You're high as fuck."

Betty looked at Veronica in surprise. "Are you really?"

Veronica smiled. "What do you think?" She kissed Betty on the lips and then shoved her tongue into Betty's mouth, french-kissing her.

Finally, their lips parted.

Betty smiled. "Breath mint. Nice try. I can still taste it, though."

Veronica shrugged. "Oh, well, guilty as charged."

"So where'd you get it?" Cheryl pressed.

"My dad. He often goes on business trips to Washington and has one of his assistants bring back a nice supply."

"What does your dad do?" Cheryl asked.

Veronica laughed. "What doesn't he do? He's the richest person in Riverdale and owns plenty of businesses in this town."

Cheryl chuckled. "You mean he was the richest person in Riverdale."

"Huh?" Veronica asked, surprised.

"My dad's loaded. He's a billionaire."

"So's mine."

"Net worth?" Cheryl asked.

Veronica smiled. "$17.9-billion."

Cheryl smiled. "$18.1-billion."

Veronica frowned.

Cheryl looked at the guys. "So are you three involved with anyone?"

Archie tried to think of the best way to phrase his explanation. "Um..."

"Trick question. I don't care."

Betty smiled at Cheryl. "Archie and Reggie are involved with Ronnie and me, but we're kinda open. Have at 'em."

"What about you?" Cheryl asked Jughead.

"Not interested."

Cheryl frowned. "Luckily for you, I have transcended taking offense."

The warning bell rang. The door opened, and students started coming into the classroom.

Miss Grundy walked back into the classroom. She started setting up for her class, but then she looked at Betty and noticed something. "Betty, you've smeared your lipstick."

Betty was confused. "I don't wear lipstick."

Veronica smiled in amusement. "It's mine. Sorry, I got a bit carried away."

Betty smiled. "Don't apologize."

Veronica sucked on her right thumb, and then she wiped her lipstick off Betty's face.


The English I class consisted of Miss Grundy handing printed outlines to each of her students, assigning a textbook to each student, and going over the topics that they'd cover throughout the school year.

When the bell rang, the students stood up and left the classroom.

Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl headed for their lockers, which turned out to be next to each other. Veronica was to Betty's left, and Cheryl was to Betty's right. They deposited their English books.

"Well, I've got Geography next. Give me a kiss."

Betty kissed Veronica on the lips.

Veronica headed to her next class.

"What do you have next?" Betty asked Cheryl.

"Science with Mr. Flutesnoot. You?"


The two girls headed to their next class together.


"Welcome, students!" Professor Flutesnoot exclaimed. "I'm Professor Flutesnoot! Are you excited to learn?!"

The students didn't quite know what to make of him.

"I teach not only science but also algebra, so some of you will have me twice per day."

Betty and Cheryl quickly checked their schedules. "Fuck."

"Excuse me, ladies?" Professor Flutesnoot asked.

Betty quickly smiled, nervous. "We said 'Fun'! We've got you for fourth period, too."


Cheryl looked at Betty and smiled. "Thanks."

Betty smiled at her.


The Science I class consisted of Professor Flutesnoot handing printed outlines to each of his students, assigning a textbook to each student, and going over the topics that they'd cover throughout the school year.

After class, Betty and Cheryl went to their lockers, deposited their textbooks and folders, and headed for the cafeteria.

They each grabbed a tray and stood in line. They each got a slice of pizza and a carton of chocolate milk.

Betty presented her student ID at the register. The cashier scanned it.

"No charge." The cashier offered the ID back to Betty.

Betty took her ID back. She waited for Cheryl to pay, and then they looked for a place to sit. They found an unoccupied table in the middle of the room and sat down.

Betty spotted Veronica and waved to her. Veronica walked over to them and sat to Betty's left. She kissed Betty on the lips.

"What do you have?" Betty asked, looking at Veronica's meal.

"Filet mignon. Gaston sent it from home." Veronica looked at Cheryl and gave her a teasing smile. "What's the matter? Can't afford to have your lunch delivered to school?"

Cheryl felt irritated. "I can afford anything. I simply choose to spend my money wisely. Besides, it's fun to have just a plain old pizza every so often. It makes the expensive stuff that much more of a treat."

"So how was Geography?" Betty asked Veronica.

"It was okay. Taught by some older guy - but not too old. How was Science?"

Betty laughed. "Oh, my fucking God! The teacher is batshit insane! He reminded me of Doc Brown in the 'Back to the Future' movies."

"Wow, I count myself lucky."

"What do you have next?" Betty asked Veronica.

"American History with Miss Grundy."

Betty smiled. "Us, too."

"Then I have French I."

"We're not doing our foreign language classes until junior and senior year."

Cheryl nodded. "Yeah. With any luck, they'll add more variety by then. French is stupid with all of its silent letters, and Spanish just sounds so fucking ghetto."

Betty sighed. "We've got Professor Flutesnoot again for Algebra for fourth period. Fuck me with a knife."


After lunch, Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl went to American History class, and then Veronica went to French I class while Betty and Cheryl suffered through Algebra I with Professor Flutesnoot.

When the final bell of the day rang, Betty and Cheryl stopped by their lockers one more time, and then they went out the front entrance of the school and over to the student parking lot.

Two limousines were parked there. Veronica was waiting in the back seat of one of them.

Cheryl smiled in amusement. "Cute little ride."

Veronica frowned. "Shut up. Get in, Bets."

Betty got into the back seat of the Lodge family limousine, and Cheryl got into the back seat of the Blossom family limousine.

Betty smiled. "See ya tomorrow, Cheryl."

Cheryl smiled. "Sure."

Betty closed the door. Immediately, Veronica pulled Betty close and kissed her soundly on the lips.


3:00 PM
Lodge Manor

Betty and Veronica walked into Veronica's bedroom. Veronica turned on the ceiling light. They tossed their bookbags onto Veronica's bed.

Veronica closed her bedroom door and locked it. She and Betty took off their clothes and dropped them on the floor. Betty sat on the bed.

Veronica walked over to her mini fridge and opened it. "Whatcha want?"

"Whatcha got?" Betty asked.

"I got some seasonal beer in. In the mood for some pumpkin ale?"

"Ooh, yes, please."

Veronica got two bottles of pumpkin ale out of her fridge and closed it. She opened both bottles and offered one to Betty.

Betty took the bottle and sipped her beer. "Mmm, this is nice."

"Yep." Veronica sipped her own beer. "So wanna fuck?"

Betty laughed. "God, you're insatiable. In a bit. Let me get drunk first."

"Want some music?" Veronica asked.


Veronica turned on her laptop and started her main Pandora station. Music started playing.

Veronica picked up her laptop, sat on her bed, and started browsing.

"Hey, check it out. A new store just opened in Riverdale."

"What is it?" Betty asked between sips of her beer.

"Some kind of metaphysical shop. Wanna check it out later?"

"I dunno. My mom thinks I'm staying here after school."

"Oh, come on, I go out all the time."

Betty thought about it. "Okay."

Veronica grinned. "That's my girl."


6:00 PM
Downtown Riverdale

Veronica and Betty got out of the Lodge family limousine.

"Shall I wait here, Miss Lodge?" the driver, a young British woman with short, light brown hair asked.

Veronica thought about it. "No need, Jamie. I'll call you when we're ready to leave."

Jamie got out of the limousine, locked it, and went to explore the downtown area.

Betty and Veronica looked at the storefront. The shop was called A Touch of Salem, and it was subtitled "New Age Gifts". Some candles, incense sticks, crystals, books, decks of cards, and figurines were displayed in the window.

Betty opened the door. A bell rang. Veronica walked inside, and Betty followed her. The door closed behind them.

Immediately, the scent of incense hit both girls. They inhaled it and found it pleasant. The store was somewhat dimly lit, but it wasn't difficult to see anything. They explored the tables and bookcases.

"Hi. Need help with anything?"

The girls looked toward the sound of the voice. A young woman with long red hair was standing behind the counter.

Veronica smiled. "We're just looking, thanks."

"Okay, let me know if you need anything."

Betty and Veronica browsed for a while. Betty flipped through some books that caught her attention.

"Would either of you like some water?" the woman at the counter asked.

Betty and Veronica looked at her in surprise. "Um..."

"It's free, or I've got some complementary tea in the reading area."

"Which is for paying customers." A woman with short black hair came out of a back room, which was obscured by a curtain. "You've got to stop giving away our tea."

"Didn't you just open today?" Betty asked.

The black-haired woman smiled. "Here, yes, but we've been in business for a few years if you count back home."

Veronica looked at Betty. "I could really go for some tea."

Betty thought about it and then took the book that she had been flipping through over to the counter and set it down.

The redhead scanned the book. "$21.60."

Betty took out her wallet and paid. She got forty cents back in change.

Veronica brought a book over to the counter and set it down. Betty walked over to the reading area and sat on the couch. She poured tea into a glass and took a sip.

"What flavor is this?" Betty asked.

Earl Grey - with a hint of nutmeg."

Betty smiled. "It's good."

The redhead smiled. "Thanks."

Veronica joined Betty on the couch, sitting to her right, and poured herself a glass of tea. She took a sip.

Betty and Veronica opened their books and started reading.

Suddenly, the door opened and closed.

"Hey, welcome back."

"I just couldn't stay away. This place is awesome."

Betty looked up at the sound of the voice and smiled. "Hey, Cheryl."

Cheryl looked at Betty and smiled. "Hey, Betty." She twisted her smile into a mischievous grin. "Hey, Veronica."

Veronica didn't look up. "Hey, Charlie."

Cheryl frowned, but she bit her tongue. "Transcendence and all."

Betty grinned. "Buy a book and join us for some tea."

"Hmmm, okay." Cheryl quickly scanned the books, picked up one that looked interesting, and took it to the counter.

Veronica looked at Betty. "Did you have to do that?"

"Do you have to be such a bitch?" Betty replied.

Cheryl arrived and sat to Betty's left on the couch. She poured herself a glass of tea.

Cheryl sipped her tea. "Mmmm..."

Veronica rolled her eyes. "I think it suddenly got too crowded."

Betty smiled. "I'm sandwiched between two beautiful girls, so I really don't give a shit what you think."

"Fine. You must be in heaven. I've seen you making fuck eyes at her."

Betty shrugged. "I don't deny it." She looked at Cheryl. "Don't mind her. She's drunk and high."

"And you aren't?" Veronica asked her.

Betty looked at her. "I did not follow up my three beers and weed with a bottle of Alsace."

"No, just a full glass."

"Fuck you."

"Fuck you."

Cheryl took a deep breath. "Let's all just read our books in silence, please."

Betty nodded. "Agreed."


7:00 PM

Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl walked out of the store. Each of them held a paper bag with her respective book and a business card inside.

Veronica took out her cell phone and made a call.

"Yes, Miss Lodge."

"I'm ready, Jamie."

"Very well. I'll be over shortly."

Veronica ended the call and put her cell phone away.

"So what did you get?" Betty asked both of them.

Veronica shrugged. "Some book about stones and crystals. They look pretty."

Betty smiled in amusement.

Cheryl smiled. "I bought a book on the dawning of the Aquarian Age. You?"

Betty was a bit hesitant. "A book about Wicca."

"That sounds cool. Why the hesitation?"

Betty felt embarrassed. "My mom wouldn't approve. Ever hear the term, 'more Catholic than the pope'? Well, that's my mom."

Cheryl looked at her sympathetically. "I'm sorry. Well, I won't tell."

Veronica smiled. "I won't tell either, and you can actually trust me."

Cheryl rolled her eyes, pulled Betty close, kissed her passionately on the lips, and shoved her tongue into her mouth. The two girls french-kissed for a while. Finally, Cheryl ended the kiss and released Betty. Cheryl looked at Veronica with an impish smile.

Veronica frowned. "Game on, bitch."

"Excuse me, I couldn't help overhearing."

Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl looked toward the sound of the voice. A girl with short, platinum blonde hair was walking toward them. The sun was setting behind her, casting an orange glow on her. Betty noticed she wore a silver necklace with a silver pentacle pendant.

The girl stopped in front of them. "Are you interested in the Craft?"

Veronica shook her head. "Saw it. Wasn't that great."

Cheryl looked at Veronica. "Witchcraft, dumbass." She looked at the new girl. "I am."

Betty smiled. "Me, too."

The girl smiled. "Then you should come by again sometime. We can discuss it."

"You like this place, huh?" Betty asked.

"You could say that. My aunts own it."

"Oh, neat. So you just moved here?"


Cheryl smiled. "Me, too. I just moved here from NYC, because my daddy's got domination plans. So be honest. What do you really think of this sleepy little hamlet?"

"I like it. It reminds me of Salem."

Cheryl grinned. "I've been there. It's nice - and not too far away."

The girl turned and faced the setting sun. "I just love magic hour. Don't you?"

Betty smiled. "It's nice."

There was a moment of silence.

It was too awkward for Veronica. "We go to Riverdale High."

The girl turned and faced them. "And I suppose I will, too, starting tomorrow. I helped my aunts set up today."

Veronica smiled. "I'm Veronica Lodge. These are Betty Cooper and Shirley Bloom."

Cheryl frowned. "Cheryl Blossom."

The girl smiled. "I'm Sabrina Spellman. Well, I best be going."

Betty looked at Veronica. "Yeah, I gotta get going, too. My mom's gonna be home from work soon."

Veronica looked. "No prob. Here's Jamie."

Jamie arrived and unlocked the Lodge family limousine.

Cheryl stared at Jamie and smiled seductively at her. "You've got one hot chauffeur, Harmonica."

Veronica frowned. "Fuck you, and she's mine, so don't get any ideas. Anyway, I don't see your ride."

Just then, the Blossom family limousine arrived and parked. A male chauffeur exited and opened the back, passenger-side door for Cheryl.

Cheryl looked at Betty, smiled, and kissed her on the lips. "Gotta go."

Betty smiled. "See ya at school tomorrow."

Cheryl walked over to her limousine, got in, turned on her iPod touch, and started her main Pandora station. "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons started blaring from the speakers.

Jamie walked over and opened the back, passenger-side door for Veronica and Betty. "Miss Lodge? Miss Betty?"

Veronica stared at Cheryl for a moment and then got into her limousine. Betty followed. Jamie closed the door.

Betty looked out the window and watched Cheryl close her door. Then she watched Sabrina walk into the shop.

"I'm waking up; I feel it in my bones, enough to make my system blow. Welcome to the new age, to the new age. Welcome to the new age, to the new age."

Betty looked at Veronica and smiled. "Well, I think the school year's off to a great start."

"Oh, shut up."

Betty smiled. "Welcome to the new age, to the new age..."