"Ahh," Dipper sighed peacefully as he slid into the yellow loveseat in the Mystery Shack. "Peace and quiet."

"But I thought you loved these parties," Mabel said as she ate yet another piece of cake with way too much frosting.

"Don't get me wrong," Dipper said. "I do. It's just that do they have to have party thrown for us every time we come back to Gravity Falls?"

"Uh, duh," Mabel replied. "We're heroes, remember?"

"I thought heroes were supposed to be humble," Dipper said sarcastically. "How did you become one?"

"Shut up, Dip dop," Mabel said, playfully punching her 16-year-old twin in the shoulder.

"Anyway, I'm going to bed," Dipper said as he got up from the chair and ascended the stairs.

It was the twins' fifth summer in Gravity Falls. The Stans were still on their epic ocean adventure, so Dipper and Mabel were staying at the Mystery Shack with Soos and his newly wed, Melody. When they really wanted to return to Gravity Falls for the second year, their parents did not like the idea of their children staying with someone that they did not now. So they took a family vacation to Gravity Falls together. The strange thing is that nothing strange happened while their parents were there. After a week, they decided that Soos was a good man and entrusted him with the twins for the summer. As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Pines left roadkill county, all the monsters and ghouls emerged to greet their young friends. To this day, Dipper's Parents still don't know about what happened in the sleepy town that summer.

Dipper flopped down on the scratchy old bed and yawned. His eyes were about to drift off to sleep when his phone rang. It was the theme song from Return Backwards to the Past Again, which meant that it was from Great Uncle Ford.

Dipper tore off his sheets and picked up his cell phone. "Hey Great Uncle Ford," he said. "We're back in Gravity Falls."

"Dipper, listen to me carefully. Time is of the essence!" Ford's gruff voice said through the speaker.

This woke Dipper up right away. If Ford was worried about something, then it was worth worrying about. Unlike Mabel who freaks out when they're out of sprinkles.

"What is it," Dipper asked as he grabbed a notebook and clicked his pen.

"I was monitoring worldwide weirdness levels," Ford started, "When I noticed that the weird radiation in Gravity Falls suddenly spiked exponentially, and seems to be growing stronger."

"Is this more weirdness than normal?" Dipper asked as he furiously took down notes on his pad.

"I'm afraid so," Ford replied, "For the last time the readings were this high was right when the rift broke."

"Wait," Dipper said. His hand tightened around the pen so tight that it cracked. "You mean that Weirdmageddon has returned?!" His hands started furiously sweating.

"No, no" Ford said. "These current readings are nowhere near the level that Weirdmageddon was at. But they are very similar to the readings right when the rift opened, before the weirdness wave."

Dipper calmed down. "So what does that mean?"

"There could be several explanations," Ford replied. "A; a new dimensional rift had opened somewhere in the confines of Gravity Falls. Now, considering that there have been no reports such activity, and if it exists, then the rift would be located somewhere underground." Dipper continued to scribble notes in his book. "B; Bill somehow returned and in his physical form. But considering the fact that he was destroyed several years ago, that seems highly unlikely. Finally, C; the multiverse just shifted, amplifying the natural weirdness and such an action would have no negative consequences whatsoever."

Dipper finished his notes. "So what do you want me to do?"

"If A is true, then there could be major repercussions. I want you search for any sort of dimensional rift in the vicinity. Inform me of anything you find."

"You got it, Grunkle Ford." Dipper said.

"Goodbye, Dipper."

"Bye, Ford."

Dipper hung up the phone and walked to his cork board. He pinned up a map of Gravity Falls and circled key locations. He then stood back to observe the map, chewing on his pen.

"So I guess a good night sleep is out of the question?" he heard the voice of Mabel say from behind him.

"Did you just get here?" Dipper asked, not letting his sister break his concentration.

"Yeah," she replied. "I was gonna go to bed, but it looks like you're in Agent Mystery Mode."

"Then go sleep downstairs," Dipper said dismissively, waving his hand.

"Oh, fine," Mabel said with a pout. "Just don't complain when I have a sleepover."

"Deal," Dipper said. Mabek quickly grabbed her things and walked down towards Soos's break room.

Mabel closed the door behind her in a huff. "He always does this! Every summer it's something different. He gets completely wrapped up in some stupid poop-headed mystery and leaves me behind." She paced the room with her face twisted in anger. She sat down on the couch and sighed.

"All I wanted was one summer that where we spend time together. At least before we head off to college." Mabel laid down onto her pillow, drifting off to sleep with a frown on her face.

Little did she know that a shadow levitated itself in front of the moon that was positioned right in the center of the window, casting a triangular shadow across the wooden floorboards. The center of the shadow opened up into a circular eye. The eye moved up and down as the sound of malicious laughter echoed throughout the room.

The purple-clad armored figure bent over the Interdimensional Iconic Oscillating Transport, or IDIOT for short.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" a feminine voice said behind him. The figure turned to see a woman in a red robe. Eight eyes peered from underneath the hood. She held a plate in her hands. Atop the plate was a slice of pie.

"I have to." The figure said. "He is in Dimension 46'/. I can't do anything here in Dimension 52." He took the pie from the woman and consumed a piece. "If neither of us make it back, I want to say thank you, Candace."

"Don't call me Candace," the woman said. "She died when he turned. I am the Oracle, the profit of the future."

"Well, thank you anyways."

"Let us hope this works."

The armored man climbed into the transport and fired up the engines. "Goodbye, sister." And with that, the transport flew into the air, out of the temple atop the mountain and into the skies. The figure pressed an orange button on the main console, opening up a rift in front of the IDIOT. The transport flew through the rift, closing it behind it.