Broken glass glitters in the parking lot

She wanders aimlessly

Broken glass glitters in the stream

He wishes fruitlessly

Broken promises float through her mind

Regrets beget tears

Broken promises haunt his dreams

Regrets beget recriminations

Messages fly from her phone to his

Questions without answer

Messages without answers sit on his phone

Questions he fears to answer

Visions of what could have been

Haunt her dreams

Visions of what should have been

Haunt his days

Glances shared across the office

Wishing for a future

Glances over the orchards

Wishing for peace

Watching the starfish glide across the glass

Drowning in sorrow

Watching the birds fly across the sun

Burning with regret

Invitation extend with fear

Why should I

Invitation accepted with fear

Why not

Waiting in line for her cup

Coffee cures most things

Waiting in line for his cup

Coffee cures nothing

Sitting in a comfortable corner

Waiting for him to approach

Standing in the shadows

Waiting to approach her

She rises

He walks

Arms wrap around each other

He kisses her on the forehead

Arms squeeze the other tight

She lays her head on his chest

"I'm so sorry"

"I miss you"

"It was always you. I promise"

"I know"

Flick your wrist