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Chapter 1

(What she doesn't know)

Jareth watched Sarah and her friends celebrate her victory in his owl form, perched on a branch outside Sarah's bedroom window. As he watched he knew the dark haired girl and his subjects were completely unaware of his presence.

'Enjoy your celebration Sarah. This story is far from over,' The Goblin King thought to himself. With one last look at his opponent Jareth took to the air and headed back to the underground.

Sarah finished celebrating with her friends and climbed into her bed; a smile on her face. "I'm never making a mean wish again," The green eyed girl announced as she laid her head on the pillow. Tired from her adventure she yawned. "At least I won and Toby is safe." Closing her eyes to get some much needed sleep she had one last trail of thought. 'I got the adventure I secretly craved but I'm glad it's over. No more Goblin King trying to steal my brother.'

Jareth arrived back in his throne room feeling very pleased. Things hadn't gotten exactly as planned but he'd get the result he wanted.

"You're in a rather good mood considering you just lost to a human girl," Nolen commented seeing the King enter with a smile on his face.

Jareth smiled arrogantly at his captain. "I haven't lost anything. Sarah may have won the child back but I still get her."

"How?" The dark haired man asked.

"Because Nolan, Sarah is no longer completely human." He watched as the dark eyed man looked at him suspiciously. "Sarah was bitten by a Labyrinth Pixie."

"She could be…"

The king raised his hand to stop his captain from becoming too alarmed. "I had Hoggle give her a peach to send her into a dream. The fruit nullified the poison from killing her. It will speed up her transformation but the girl will be fine."

Nolan watched as the king walked to his throne and lounge casually in his throne like he normally did. "There's something you aren't telling me."

Jareth produced a crystal and gestured his captain forward with his hand. Nolan wasn't completely sure he'd want to see what was in the crystal but reluctantly approached.

"You're very suspicious of me," The wild blonde haired fae commented.

"I have years of watching your games to know only a fool isn't wary of you," The captain replied flatly as he walked over; his cape flowing gently behind him. "You are always up to mischief."

Jareth smirked knowing how true the man's words were. "Look." Nolan looked into the crystal and watched as the picture of a vanity table appeared. "That is Sarah's Vanity." Nolan shifted his eyes toward the King and watched as Jareth pulled a ruby ring from his pocket.

The king gently took the ring and slipped it inside the crystal. A moment later it appeared on the vanity table. "The moment the ring is back on her finger a spell will take affect keeping any mortal boys at bay. In two years, after she turns seventeen, I will claim her."

"You cannot…"

"Awe but I can," The Goblin King interrupting knowing the Fae captain was about to argue he had no power over the mortal girl. "She's no longer human. Her transformation is the result of the Labyrinth which makes her my subject. As the Champion of The Labyrinth she is given the title of Lady making her acceptable as a bride for me."

"Bride?" The captain said openly surprised. "She's but a child."

"For now yes which is why I will give her a couple years to mature," Jareth replied. "The girl is resourceful and clearly not a mindless twit. She has strength and…she's a beautiful girl. Sarah will be an even more beautiful woman."

"What if she doesn't wish to marry you? You did take her brother and force her to run the Labyrinth," Nolan said crossing his arms and watching his king.

The fae King gave a casual shrug. "It matters not. I am king and as such I can have any woman of Nobility I want." He looked into the crystal and Sarah's sleeping face shown back at him. "Sarah will simply have to learn her place. Whether she likes it or not I will have her."

The captain watched as the king's face went from calm and casual to stern and even hard. The captain didn't need his king to say anything else. Nolan knew his king could be very calm and even kind when he wanted to be but he could also be a force to be reckoned with when he became determined about getting his way. Watching the king the fae man knew there would be no stopping The Goblin King from obtaining the once human girl.

Nolan looked into the crystal with sympathy for the dark haired girl. 'For your sake don't fight him Lady Sarah. You may regret it if you do.'

"Nolan see to it a guard keeps watch over our future queen."

"As you wish, sire." Nolan gave a respectful bow and then left the room.

"You may think you have won Sarah but it is I who will be claiming the real prize. I won long before you did." Pleased Jareth tossed the crystal up into the air and watched it dissolve. 'I wonder how quickly I can speed up time without alerting my father,' Jareth wondered a moment later.

Sarah yawned and slipped out of bed. She changed out of her Pjs and quickly slid on a pair of skinny jeans and a red sweater as she got ready for school.

The dark haired girl sat down at her vanity table and reaching into her drawer she pulled out a hairbrush and red clip. Not looking at the table she dropped the clip on her vanity top and proceeded to brush her hair and pull the top back to pin up in the clip.

She reached down and feeling something next to the clip her green eyes looked down and was shocked to see the ring she'd given the old man. She quickly secured the clip into her hair and then picked up the ring.

Tears entered her eyes as she held the ring she'd never thought she'd see again. "Thanks Hoggle. I don't know how you did it but thanks." She slipped the ring on her finger and swinging her legs to the side she quickly slipped on a pair of black socks and knee high black boots. Finished she stood up and headed down the stairs to breakfast. The day was off to a good start. If she'd have bothered to look toward her window she'd have noticed the unusual sight of a white barn owl in the daytime perched in her tree.

'Hoggle?!' Jareth internally screamed. He wanted to immediately transform and inform her it was he that had returned her ring and not the dwarf she'd wrapped around her finger. Grudgingly however he stayed where he was; not wanting to reveal himself before it was time.

'Enjoy your freedom for now Sarah. I will rule you soon enough.' He watched her leave her room and then left her window to return to the underground.

The King had known she'd find the ring and wanted to watch her place the ring on her finger. While he didn't know why the ring was important to the green eyed girl he didn't actually care. As long as the ring was on her no male would get close to her as anything more than a friend; ensuring the girl stayed innocent until he claimed her as his.