Chapter 4

(Stubborn and blind)

Sarah yelped as she hit the floor within the oubliette. "No!" She yelled and jumped to her feet. With the oubliette completely dark she couldn't see a thing. She made her way around the walls of the underground cell and began beating. "Let me out of here! You can't keep me in here! You have to let me out!"

The Goblin King arrived in his study appearing by a table. Angry he struck out and caused the marbel chess set to go flying and crashing to the floor; breaking several pieces.

"I trust her ladyship didn't take it well?" Nolen watched as the kings eyes looked his direction as he openly glared at his captain. "How long do you plan on keeping her in an oubliette?"

"How did…"

Nolen cocked his head to the side and looked at him, "How long have I been your captain; much less known you?" The king scowled and turned to face the window. "I trust by your movements you didn't lose your anger completely at the girl?"

"No. I sent her to an oubliette when I felt myself becoming too angry. I was afraid I'd hit her," Jareth admitted crossing his arms.

Nolen internally smiled. Jareth was known to be very violent when he was angry and never gave any thought to who he hurt. The fact the king had forced himself to restrain himself and send her to an oubliette was promising. "It's probably best not to hit your future queen," The Captain agreed. "Women don't tend to like it."

"She's so damn stubborn!" Jareth complained. "She actually had the audacity to order me to take her home!"

The dark haired fae man watched as the king began to pace around the room angrily and allow his thoughts to be known as he spoke out loud seeming to forget he wasn't alone.

"I'm not going to tolerate this but how do I deal with her? If she was anyone else I'd have her whipped and in stocks."

"You still could," Nolen suggested.

"That's just it I can't!" Jareth said frustrated before flopping down in a high backed leather chair sideways. "I want to hurt her and force her but…"

"Harming the girl does not normally gain a happy marriage," Nolen commented. He watched as Jareth materialized his riding crop and began to tap it on the arm of the chair as he thought.

"I have to punish her but how?" He asked as a gloved hand rubbed over his chin. "How do I corral her without actually causing bloodshed?"

Nolen internally groaned. 'Does he really not realize he actually cares about her?' He listened to the king verbally think over a few options before deciding to take a chance at making a suggestion.

"Majesty while I understand you're upset; so is your bride," The captain began. "Instead of figuring out how to harm her, without causing scars, perhaps you should think more about how to gain her favor?"

"Gain her favor?!" Jareth said shocked. "She's mine!"

"In your eyes Sire. Lady Sarah has just lost her family and been brought here by a man I'm sure she believes only wants revenge."

"I do not…" Nolen raised an eyebrow at him. "Alright maybe I am a little agitated she won but…" Nolen crossed his arms. "Damn it, she was supposed to lose!"

The captain watched as the king abruptly walked toward the window and transforming into an owl flew away.

"Fortunately for you she didn't lose or you couldn't marry her," Nolen commented watching the fae in owl form fly away while shaking his head.

"I have to get out of here. Where's Hoggle when I need him?" Sarah asked as she tried to press against the wall hoping to find a way out.

"That would get your friend in far more trouble than he already is," Ian informed her. Sarah turned around suddenly noticing there was light.

"How did you find me?" Sarah said surprised.

"His majesty uses oubliettes a lot when he gets mad at someone. However since he didn't actually want to forget you or put you in danger this was the most likely oubliette he would have sent you to," The fae guard replied. "Shall we?"

The dark haired girl didn't hesitate and quickly entered the hallway the captain was standing in. "I thought there wasn't supposed to be a way out of an oubliette," She commented entering a stone tunnel.

"Many don't have a way out except for his majesty," Nenet informed her. "However this is only a temporary oubliette."

"Is there any way I can get home from here?" The green eyed girl said with a voice full of hope.

"Even if you could he would simply bring you back. However the answer is no," Ian replied. "Now I understand that you are upset my lady but you are not the only one."

"What could Jareth possibly be mad about? Other than I beat him," Sarah said crossing her arms agitated.

"You turned him down Lay Sarah. That doesn't tend to sit well with a Fae let alone a Fae King," Nenet warned.

"No I didn't! I fought to get my brother back." Turning on her heal she started down the path with no idea where she was going.

"She doesn't understand," Nenet replied.

"Agreed. We must get her to her room in the castle," Ian replied. "Before his majesty realizes we've come for her already." Nenet didn't argue and the two Fae guards headed after their charge.

Jareth landed in the Labyrinth and transformed into his fae form.

You are troubled The Labyrinth said sensing his mood.

"Sarah is here."

Yes. We sense her presence. The Labyrinth said pleased. When will you bring her to us?

"After I calm down," The king replied. "She doesn't want to stay. Barely here and she's already making demands to leave!"

Do not be concerned my King. Sarah is ours and we will not allow her to leave. We need her as we need you. There were a few moments of silence before the labyritnht spoke again. Jareth walked over and leaned against a tree. She is afraid.

"What?!" Jareth said instantly concerned. "I left her in an oubliette she should be fine."

She is in the castle now. Why is she afraid? We would not hurt her.

"Castle?" Jareth let out a groan realizing Ian must have fetched the girl. "I'm not so sure it's you she fears so much as it is me. I may have gotten a little upset with her."

You will not harm our Queen.

"Don't be so sure." With that Jareth vanished and headed for the castle.

Silly king. He cannot see he loves our queen.