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Long corridors, filled with silvery orbs on shelves...

The flash of several spells from all directions as a dark room suddenly filled with fighting...

A man with a grin on his face even as he fought; seconds before he was hit with a spell himself and tumbled through a black veil...

Pain bursting in his scar, agony running through his body as a foreign presence took over his body and used it to speak-

Harry awoke suddenly that morning in his bedroom at the Dursleys', staring up at the ceiling blankly, for a moment wondering where he was.

He was sweating heavily and panting as he fought the tangle of sheets in his attempt to get up.

"Just a dream," he tried reassuring himself. "It was just a nightmare..."

He looked around the room.

"Then again, being back here is pretty much a nightmare as well..." he muttered.

Harry glanced at the clock and saw that it was about time for him to be up anyway so he gave up on any attempt to fall asleep again, regardless of how much he truly wanted to.

He took a shower, took his time dressing and made his way slowly down the stairs, not really in the mood to deal with his relatives, but also desirous of some breakfast.

From the moment he set foot in the kitchen, both Vernon and Petunia glared at him, while Dudley seemed to be avoiding his gaze.

"Well then," Harry said in a fake tone of cheerfulness. "good morning to you too..."

He promptly moved over to the cupboard, took out some bread and marmalade and made himself some toast.

"What do you think you're doing, boy?" Vernon growled.

"Getting myself some breakfast. One needs to eat food to live, you see." Harry answered, biting into his marmalade toast.

"That is my food that I bought. Who told you that you could have any of it?" Vernon seethed.

Harry took another bite of toast before answering.

He was not in the mood for any of his uncle's nonsense.

Not after that year of hell that he'd just been through.

"Since when do I have to ask your permission to eat?" Harry raised an eyebrow. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm not the frightened little child that you used to lock away in a cupboard anymore. I'm not about to tolerate any more of your nonsense."

"My nonsense?" Vernon looked as if he was about to turn that ugly shade of puce that he always did when he was furious, usually at Harry.

"I had a rough year at Hogwarts this past year. It might have loosened a few screws. Push me further and everything is instantly going to come down and I just... might... snap. Just like my murderous godfather." Harry felt a pang in his heart at the mention of Sirius, but he ignored it.

Vernon got up from his chair and stalked over to Harry.

Dudley actually put down his fork and Petunia ignored the loudly whistling kettle to watch.

"What makes you think you can just waltz in here and threaten my home and my family?"

Harry stared back at him, unwavering.

"I'm not making a threat. I'm making a promise. Who knew that all those years of neglect and emotional abuse would have taken its toll?" Harry shrugged. "Combine that with Lord Voldemort's various attempts on my life and I'm just a ticking time bomb, aren't I?"

"Why you ungrateful little-" Vernon looked as if he would like nothing more than to throttle him.

Dudley looked between the two as if he was watching a tennis match.

"Grateful that I didn't actually starve to death or die from Aunt Petunia giving me blows around the head with a bloody frying pan? I sure am. Though you... you should be even more grateful. Who knows what people would say if your nephew had died of neglect?" Harry seethed. "Not to mention a host of highly... upset witches and wizards, understandably upset over mere Muggles killing the Boy-Who-Lived. The kinds of magic they'd use on you..."

Vernon twitched.

The old man stepped out of the ground floor flat in London's Chinatown district and took in the sights around him of the people going about their business.

He sighed. "They have no idea what lurks among them... a great evil..."

"Master, are you sure that you will find the one that you seek?" a small green turtle-like figure floated over to him, hovering just behind his shoulder.

"I am certain of that, Wayzz. Normally I would not interfere in the affairs of the magical world especially one that is not my own, but this is far too great a threat to ignore."

"You have not intervened in the past when other dark wizards sought power by unscrupulous means, Master. Why are you stepping in now?"

The old man stepped back inside, shut and locked the door behind him and turned to address Wayzz.

"Voldemort's main target is a fifteen year old boy, apparently marked for death before he was even born. The boy will need all the help he can get against a monster like that."

"What about this boy... this Harry Potter... actually deserving it? Power corrupts, after all and he already has powers through being a wizard-"

"If he does not deserve it, then he will not receive it, dark lords or not. As you said, he does have magic of his own, so I am sure he could find some other way to defeat him. The Miraculous would help greatly, however."

Wayzz nodded, seemingly accepting his Master's determination to complete his newfound mission.

"How will you find him?" he asked, after a few moments of silence. "Normally you do not seek out a specific person to bestow a Miraculous to."

"I will find him, my dear Kwami friend. I am sure of it. If he passes the first test, I shall test him further, just to be sure of this. Voldemort's terror will not stop with Britain if he wins here, which makes this all the more important."

The man grabbed a satchel, put a few things inside and waited for Wayzz to fly in as well.

"Let us go, my dear friend. I have a great feeling that today shall be the day that we meet Harry Potter at last."

He smiled as he left the flat, shut the door behind him and set off into the London streets.

"You... you dare say that word in my house?" Vernon snarled.

"What word... magic? Witches? Wizards?" Harry taunted. "I know a lot of magical words, you see. Would you like to hear some more of them?"

"Say one more word. I bloody dare you." Vernon clenched his fist.

"Just test me. Just bloody try to test me." Harry seethed. "I have very little to lose right now."

"Perhaps you should leave for the day," Petunia said stiffly, interrupting Harry and Vernon's quarrel. "go clear your head. Come back in the afternoon, long after Vernon's gone about his business for today."

"I'd rather he not come back at all," Vernon muttered darkly.

"For once, I agree with you." Harry retorted.

Petunia shot him a dark look.

"Get out. Now." she spoke sharply. "I don't want to see you back here until at least six PM. I don't care where you go. Just don't bring any trouble back with you."

"Gladly." Harry grabbed up the last of his toast and ate it as he stomped his way up to his room.

"I'll go into London for the day. Forget staying in Little Whinging." Harry went for his trunk, pulled out his wand, his wallet, and a money pouch, putting them all into his rucksack.

Once done, he darted back down the stairs and was out the door without any sort of greeting to the rest of his so-called family.

Harry got off the Knight Bus in Diagon Alley and it immediately hit him how much the place had changed since he had last been there.

It was downright depressing.

Many of the stores were boarded up, with wanted posters of various Death Eaters now known to be loose covering the windows.

The colourful displays of spellbooks, broomsticks and potion ingredients were hidden behind large posters from the Ministry of Magic giving advice on several protective measures...

He hadn't even reached halfway down the Alley before he decided that it was too depressing for him and after getting some money from Gringotts, left it to head into Muggle London, a place he had never spent much time in, especially with family like the Dursleys, who never took him anywhere with them unless they had no choice.

He actually found himself having fun and forgetting the troubles ahead of him as he ate a second breakfast at a restaurant, went to a museum and spent some time in a library, trying to learn a bit about some of the subjects he would have studied if he had remained in the Muggle world.

It was closer to two in the afternoon when he found himself finally leaving the library and heading out to explore some more.

Something in his mind told him to head over to Chinatown, so he decided to go there.

The Dursleys were adverse to not only magic, but anything that wasn't British as well, so he never had much knowledge of foreign cultures as he grew up.

Some of that had changed over the years, especially with the fiasco that was the Triwizard Tournament and the Quidditch World Cup that had taken place in the summer before it, but he still felt lacking.

His stomach rumbled.

"Perhaps I can find a good restaurant over there and have my lunch there..." he thought.

When he found himself in that area, he took in the decorations around him.

All of them were bright and colourful; a stark contrast to Diagon Alley in its present state.

Ahead of him he saw an old Asian man emerge from a supermarket, carrying two bags of groceries and starting to cross the street.

In the distance, a car approached.

As it got closer, Harry noticed that it was speeding with the driver apparently fighting to regain control of the car.

The old man he'd seen crossing the street earlier wasn't out of the way yet and the car was only metres away.

People around him started to scream in terror, noticing what was about to happen, but none of them moving to do anything to help.

Before Harry knew what he was doing, he ran out into the road, drawing more screams from the bystanders and barely managed to pull the man out of the way of the out of control car before it ran over where he had been seconds earlier.

Harry breathed heavily, his eyes closing slowly as he slumped against a wall.

The old man got up, stretched and retrieved his scattered groceries.

"Thank you for saving my life, young man." he said.

"I.. it was no problem, sir." Harry suddenly looked sheepish, scratching the back of head nervously. "I couldn't just stand by and see you get run over. Are you okay? It was still a pretty hard fall for us both..."

"I am fine. Might I know the name of the young man who saved my life?" the old man asked.

"Harry. Harry Potter, sir..."

"As for me, my full name in Chinese may perhaps be too hard for you to pronounce, so you may simply call me Master Fu." the old man smiled at him.

"Okay... Master Fu..." Harry nodded, smiling back weakly.

"Are you two okay? I tried so hard to stop, but something went wrong with the car! I don't know what! I'm so sorry!" the driver of the car, who had finally managed to stop it several metres after where he would have ran over Master Fu ran over to check on them, looking frantic.

"It is okay, my friend. Young Harry here and I are quite fine and are in good health." Master Fu spoke reassuringly, before turning back to Harry.

"I was just heading back to my flat to make myself some lunch. Would you care to join me? Consider it my way of thanking you for saving my life."

Harry thought it over for a moment.

This man was just a Muggle and an old one at that. What could he possibly do to hurt him that Voldemort couldn't? Besides, if anything happened, he still had his wand with him...

"Okay then. I'll come." Harry nodded, accepting the invitation.

"Wonderful! Come, Harry. Follow me. My flat is not far from here." Master Fu motioned for Harry to follow him.

"Welcome to my flat- for now at least." Fu said as he opened the door.

"What, don't you live here?" Harry asked as he looked around at the minimally decorated living room.

"I do not. I am just here on vacation. I enjoy travelling quite a bit, you see..."

"So... where are you from then? What sorts of places have you seen?" Harry asked.

"I am Chinese, born in a city there which was long ago called Amoy, but is now known as Xiamen. I have not been back to that part of China since I moved away as a young man, however." Master Fu explained.

"I see." Harry nodded.

He looked across the room and saw a chest with Chinese inspired designs sitting on the coffee table.

Master Fu noticed him looking at it and smiled.

Walking over to it, he pressed a button and watched Harry's reaction as the chest began to open up.

"What is that?" Harry raised an eyebrow as the box's several compartments revealed themselves.

"A very special jewellery box," Master Fu smiled serenely.

Harry watched as he opened the boxes one by one.

Four pieces of jewellery were contained within, although, Harry noted, there were spaces for seven.

A fox tail necklace, a bee-themed hair comb and a pair of ladybug print earrings, as well as a black ring with a green paw print set in its centre, both of which, sat slightly raised above the first two he noticed in the box.

One of them in particular almost seemed to glow as he looked at it, drawing him into almost a trance.

"These are nice," Harry said as he shook his head to clear it. "where did you get them?"

"It has been so long since I had them, that I do not remember exactly." the old man shrugged. "Would you like to hold the box to take a close look?"

Harry nodded, carefully taking the box from him and simply gazing at them, resisting the urge to reach out and grab the one that seemed to be calling out to him.

Fu watched the teenager as he examined the box and its contents.

Something flashed in Harry's eyes as he watched him.

"Perhaps he senses that the jewels are no ordinary ones..." Fu thought.

"Those are some... nice pieces, as I've said before. Why... why are you showing them to me though?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"They are just a few of the many interesting things I have collected in my travels over the years. I have also accumulated many interesting tales as well. Perhaps you would like to hear some while our lunch is being prepared?"

"I can help you, if you'd like..." Harry offered.

"It is not a problem at all, Harry. I invited you here because you saved my life. This is the least that I could do for you in thanks." Fu smiled.

Harry shrugged. "It's not a problem at all for me. I'm a decent cook."

"Ah, but can you cook Chinese food?"

"Ah... no." Harry looked sheepish.

Master Fu chuckled. "Thank you for your offer of assistance anyway. It shall not be long. I already had some things prepared."

He took the box back from Harry and set it back on its place on the coffee table, closing it as he did.

As he left the room, Harry's gaze lingered on the now closed box.

Something bugged him about his contents.

He couldn't shake the feeling that the jewellery it contained wasn't any ordinary jewellery.

As if there was magic inside them.

He shook his head to clear it.

There was no way.

Master Fu was merely an ordinary Muggle. He couldn't have possessed any magical jewellery...

Could he?

And if he did, did it mean that he knew about magic and knew who he really was?

No, no... perhaps Sirius' death really had been the last straw in unhinging him.

He was just being paranoid...

"Thank you for the lunch, sir..." Harry said as he tucked two containers of food that Master Fu had given him into his rucksack.

"You are most welcome, young man." Fu waved as he left and watched as Harry went down the street.

As soon as he disappeared from sight, Fu closed and locked the door behind him.

Wayzz immediately phased out from his place inside the locked drawer.

"Well, Master. You have met him personally and have had a decent conversation with him without interference. Do you think he is worthy of a Miraculous?" the turtle Kwami asked. "Can he handle it?"

"I believe so, Wayzz. From his words and actions today alone, he would be worthy. He has also handled so much and shown that he is capable of things that many beyond his years could never hope to achieve, Miraculous wielder or not."

"I suppose. And he was so polite and well spoken for one so young, that has been thorugh all that he has!" Wayzz mused.

Fu smiled.

"Exactly. This is the first that I have had such close contact with a chosen prior to them receiving a Miraculous and I do not regret that. I know all that I need to know about him now."

He walked over to the chest and opened it again, lightly running his fingers over its contents, his hand stopping above a particular one.

"And I believe that I know just which Miraculous will work best with him."

Everything seemed normal when Harry awoke in his room at the Dursleys' once again the next day.

He glanced at the clock and saw that he had slept in rather late.

The house was unusually quiet for this time of day, especially for a weekday, so he found himself venturing out of his room to investigate.

All of the Dursleys were gone.

Vernon to work, Petunia to... wherever and Dudley was likely off causing some trouble with his friends.

That knowledge made his mood improve just the slightest bit.

After taking a shower and washing his hair (which still looked like a rat's nest despite being freshly washed), he returned to his room, not yet noticing that something was in the room that had not been there before.

He was already fully dressed and hair dried before he finally noticed it.

"What is it?" he thought, moving closer to have a look.

It looked like a smaller version of the jewellery box that Fu had shown him yesterday.

What was it doing here, all the way out in Little Whinging?

On top of the box, was a note, written on a small, white piece of paper.

"You have proven yourself worthy of it. Use it well. P.S. Come visit Paris when you can after you're done." Harry read aloud.

Harry blinked.

"That's Fu's handwriting. What does he mean by visit Paris- is that where he lives?" he wondered.

He opened the box and his eyebrows raised as he saw what was inside.

Taking up the fox tail necklace, he let the chain run through his fingers as he examined it.

Suddenly, it started to glow.

Harry dropped both the box and the necklace in his shock and found himself taking several steps back from them.

When the light subsided, there was something floating in the middle of his room.

It spoke to him.

"Hi there, young man! My name is Trixx! You must be my new Chosen!"

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