All The Things She Said 
Rating: R
Pairing: G/OC, H/G/OC (Maybe!)
Disclaimer: I dont own this at all. I give those rights to Mrs. Rowlings. ~hehe~
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Timeline: End of Ginny's last year at Hogwarts. 
Summary: Ginny is coming home at last from her very last year at Hogwarts. Her 
family has not seen her for over a year. She wrote telling them she was staying 
during the holidays and breaks and they couldnt' visit cause of ...reasons. Anyhow, 
lol she has a little suprise for them that they weren't exactly expecting. 
I'm sure noone has though of this odd enough pairing. lol Ten points if you can 
guess where I got the song! I LOVE the song btw, I recommend it. It just FIT.

I'm in serious sh*t,
I feel totally lost
If I'm asking for help 
It's only because

	Running around the room in a panick, Ginny searched nervously for her 
favorite tank.
	Ginny stuffed one more shirt into her suitcase before plopping down onto it 
to make it close properly. "Sam!" she yelled, her hair, now just an inch past 
her ears bobbing as she bounced on the suitcase, trying to make it closed. 
A voice shouted to her from the bathroom.

	"What Ginny?"

	"Can you come help me shut this suitcase before you go back to your 
dorm. I promise to help you pack." she said in her sing song voice. She watched 
as Sam came strolling out of the bathroom, cocky attitude very present while 
smirking and walking towards her.

	"Honestly Gins, do you really need to pack all that girly stuff?"

	Ginny gave her best horrified look. "Why of course! I gotta look pretty!" 
she laughed with Sam. "Besides you know you like it." she grinned before hopping 
off. "Now will you please help me with this.....oh and your zipper is undone, just 
thought you might like to know." she laughed pushing down on the case while Sam 
cursed and pulled up the jean's zipper before helping Ginny to close it without 
everything popping out.

Being with you 
has opened my eyes
Could I ever believe 
such a perfect surprise?


	Ron sat on a railing in the middle of the Hogwarts Express Station. 
The train was due to arrive any moment. He sighed looking at his watch again. 
The whole family had come along since this was Ginny's last year returning to her 
family from the school of magic. Next year she would be free to find a suitable 
job and start living her life with the help from her learnings. He felt a hand 
on his shoulder and looked over to his best friend who simply smiled before taking 
his hand back and leaning against the railing that Ron sat apon. He'd thought it a 
great idea when Harry suggested that he join them. After all, if she still had 
that crush on him it would be priceless seeing her face. Only one problem that 
stood between setting up his friend and his sister...


	Ever since the first day at her last year at Hogwarts, in every letter 
almost all he'd heard about was Sam.

	Sam. Sam. Sam. 

	Honestly, you would think she would want to talk about her studies or 
the way things were going at school, but nearly all that came out was, 'Oh me 
and Sam did this today' or 'Sam didn't feel too well' or 'I just can't believe 
how lucky I am to have Sam here with me.' He had a feeling that his sister 
wasn't telling them something. Something like that Sam was actually her boyfriend. 
He sighed again. He so didn't need this. And after all that, she had asked Mum if 
it was alright if 'Sammy came and stayed with them cause she would miss her best 
friend all the time if not'. Of course Mrs. Weasley had agreed, wanting to meet 
this 'Sam' herself, her letters from Ginny nearly the exact same as Ron's. 


I keep asking myself,
 wondering how
I keep closing my eyes 
but I can't block you out


	Ginny watched Sam fidgit nervously as the train neared the station. 
"Are you ok, sweetie?" she asked carefully watching as Sam smiled at her before turning 
back to the window.

	They hadn't talked much on the way back except to reanimate the last year in their 
minds, recalling the classes and teachers as well as the end of the year party. She 
remembered her friends reactions when she first introduced them to Sam and then 
when she informed them that they had decided to start dating. She had left that out of 
her letters to her family, but she planned to tell them today once they were there. 
She knew Sam was extremely nervous having never even seen her family before, but 
tried to calm her companion and reasure that her family would be very happy to 
meet them both after changing so much this year. She smiled remembering meeting Sam 
for the first time on the train to Hogwarts. Wild unruly hair in two different 
shades, a cocky little smirk that seemed to say 'I own the world, I just dont feel like 
ruling it today' and a funny sense of humor. She knew immediatly that she wasn't going 
to let this friend go. Different was always good, espeically with her past at Hogwarts. 
Not many people made friends with her after her first year, and that had been hard until 
Sam had transfered from America. She learned that her best friend had come from her 
favorite city, Miami. She always wanted to go and Sam promised one day to take her which 
thrilled her to no end. The only thing offsetting about Sam what the choice of clothing. 
Nearly always low riding baggy pants and white, black or green tanks. Sam had been sorted 
into Ravenclaw privatly so had started added blue to the 'wardrobe of little color' as 
Ginny called it. 

	She giggled at that thought pulling Sam's gaze from the window, a curious smile 
accompanying it. "Just what you giggling at Gins?"

	"Nothing. Just thinking of this last year." she smiled and received one in 
return. "Oh look!" she squealed and moved to sit next to Sam, taking the hand nearest 
to her. "We're here." 


Wanna fly to a place 
where it's just you and me
Nobody else so 
we can be free

	Ron sat up as he watched the train roll in and come to a slow stop before letting 
out the rest of it's steam as students began filing out. He stood up strait, looking 
around for his sister to exit the train. It was Harry who spotted her first. The very 
first thing he noticed about her was her hair. It was short, very short, but not as 
short as her companion's. He saw someone follow her off the train and tried to get a 
good look at him, but the people passing blocked his view and the next time he saw the 
person he groaned as their back was to him. Ginny was standing in front of who he presumed 
was Sam, pushing hair out of his face. He could see her laugh and couldn't help but smile 
too. He had to admit he'd missed her. Turning to his friend he tapped him smiling.

	"Oy, Ron, I see them!" he said and pointed to the couple, of whom Ginny was still 
fussing over Sam's hair. She kept pushing it out of his eyes and smiling, then laughing 
as it fell back. Ron took the moment to study Sam. His hair was two different shades, 
the bottom of it pitch black while the layers that fell over the bottom half were copperish 
blond mixed with brown. A similarity to Ginny's locks, which to his suprise were now short. He 
also noticed that in her hair, attatched by a small black clip was what he presumed to be 
a small lock of Sam's hair. It hung freely nearly meshing in with her own tone. He watched 
Ginny take Sam's hand and waved to her, trying to get her attention. "Ginny! Hey Ginny overe 
here!" he yelled.

All the things she said
All the things she said
Running through my head
All the things she said


	Sam sighed and exited the train behind Ginny, who was still fussing over both their 
hair. "Gins it's fine. Im tellin ya you look great!" Sam said trying to assure her.

	"I know I know, so you keep telling me," she smiled back at her companion then started 
messing with Sam's hair again, listening to the accompanying sigh.

	She watched as Sam fidgited. "Ginny are you sure this is ok? I mean, what if they 
dont like me."

	"Sam, they're gonna love you." she smiled leaning forward a bit, "Just like me." 
she reassured and watched Sam smile back, the tension leaving for the moment. Taking a hand 
in hers she smiled once more, "You look great." 

	"Ginny! Hey Ginny over here!"

	Ginny's head snapped up to see her brother smiling and waving at her. She smiled 
and pulled Sam's hand along with her towards her family, spotting Harry along the way 
and grinning even wider.


All the things she said
Running through my head 
This is not enough
This is not enough

All the things she said
All the things she said

	"Here she comes!" Ron yelled and the rest of the troupe turned to watch Ginny and 
Sam's approach. A few people blocked their veiw as the two came toward them but quickly moved 
aside. Ron spotted Sam and looked to Harry, obviously thinking the same thing. Both of them 
seemed to mentally and somewhat physically relax as did the rest of the family that had been 
tense over Sam's arrival as the two approached.


And I'm all mixed up, 
feeling cornered and rushed
They say it's my fault 
but I want her so much
Wanna fly her away 
where the sun and rain
Come in over my face, 
wash away all the shame


	"Hey!" Ginny squealed hugging her mom quickly, leaving Sam to stand for a moment alone, 
looking around nervously. Ginny made sure to hug her entire family before hugging Harry tightly 
then pulling back and taking her friend's hand once again.

	Ginny smiled and looked to Sam slightly nervous herself. She could see nervousness 
mirrored in the blue eyes across from her own green ones. She turned back to her family and 
took a deep sigh before speaking.

	"Everyone, this is Sam," she said, pausing to look once more at Sam before continuing 
with a nervous smile. "My girlfriend." 

	The silence that followed before the storm of Chaos was deafening.

When they stop and stare - 
don't worry me
'Cause I'm feeling for her 
what she's feeling for me
I can try to pretend, 
I can try to forget
But it's driving me mad, 
going out of my head

Mother looking at me
Tell me what do you see?
Yes, I've lost my mind

Daddy looking at me
Will I ever be free?
Have I crossed the line?