All The Things She Said PT.3: Stolen Kisses and Settling in Rating: R (light f/f sexual references here kiddies! WATCH OUT! lol) Pairing: G/OC, H/G/OC? Disclaimer: I dont own this at all. I give those rights to Mrs. Rowlings. ~hehe~ Distribution: Here there a little of everywhere. lol and my site. U want it YOU ASK. thnx! Timeline: End of Ginny's last year at Hogwarts. Summary: Ginny is coming home at last from her very last year at Hogwarts. Her family has not seen her for over a year. She wrote telling them she was staying during the holidays and breaks and they couldnt' visit cause of ...reasons. Anyhow, lol she has a little suprise for them that they weren't exactly expecting. Im sure noone has though of this odd enough pairing. ***********************************************************************

It had been a week since the girls had come home and everyone seemed to be settling in just fine with Sam around, though Ron still teased her a bit when he got the chance. Sam knew he liked her just fine though. She ususally woke up before Ginny every morning, taking the extra time to shower and today was no exception. Ginny woke to an empty bed and heard Sam humming in the shower. She giggled, standing and pulling her hair up into a ponytail before making her way downstairs into the kitchen to grab some breakfast for her and Sam. Making her way up to the shelf the pulled open the cabinet door and grabbed a box of cereal out before getting out the milk. Turning she gasped, almost dropping her food. There, in the door way stood Harry, in only his boxers, hair a mess, glasses askew as he rubbed one of his eyes and yawned. He smiled at her before moving to stand beside her and opening the fridge, rummaging around. 'You have a girlfriend.' she reminded herself as she felt the heat that spread through her at his nearness. Moving towards the table she turned and grabbed two bowls and spoons then began to pour the cereal into the bowls before she felt a presence lingering over her shoulder. Turning her head slightly she quickly turned it back seeing Harry standing behind her, aware that he was fully awake. His breath came in gentle puffs against the back of her neck and his voice was nearly a whisper but the deep tone it carried sent shivers down her neck. "Good morning, Gin. Sleep well?" Behind her Harry was having a hard time himself keeping from touching her, his hands kept moving out of their own accord, begging to run themselves up and down her arms. 'She has a girlfriend.' he kept telling his body but it didn't seem to listen as his hands came to settle on her upper arms, light and slowly running up and down, the small hairs on her arms prickling up to attention from his touch. Ginny could only nod, lest she loose her voice. She knew she couldnt' trust her voice not to shout out to him to touch her again, touch her more so she kept silent and quickly returned herself back to her task. Harry must have noticed because he reached past her, his arm brushing hers, warm against her skin and she had to close her eyes before watching him withdrawl it, taking and apple from the table before her. She heard him take a bite and turn away again and sighed deeply. 'Finally.' She thought, 'I don't know what has gotten into me. I haven't thought of Harry like that in a very long time....'

The two stayed this way for nearly ten minutes, what seemed like hours to them, not speaking to one another, simply eating their respective breakfasts and Ginny having made Sam's knowing the girl would not be long to wake after her. She suddenly heard a loud sigh behind her and heard Harry jump from his perch on the counter where she could feel he'd been watching her for the last few minutes. She assumed he was leaving, thankfully, before she felt his hand on her arm again, firm this time, before he was turning her to him. "Ginny...." he started but couldn't find the right words when he looked into her eyes. They were distracting him as was her mouth. Before he realized what he was doing, he'd placed his hand on the back of her neck and was leaning down to meet her lips with his... Ginny pulled back slightly and Harry paused, ready to pull away. At that point, Ginny told her mind to shut up from it's rambling on and screaming at her and leaned forward herself, kissing Harry for the first time in her life. His lips were warm on hers and they moved so softly against her own mouth that the temptation to deepen the kiss was too much and she gave into the desire, opening for his tongue as it slid into her mouth, a taste of the paradise he offered. Harry's hand snaked around her waist, the one behind her neck still in place. He couldn't believe just how sweet she tasted. Running his hand further around her back he pulled her in closer, his tongue taking her silent unexpected invitation and sweeping its way through her mouth, the taste of honey, cereal and Ginny taking over his senses.

From her spot in the doorway, hidden in the shadows from the two, Sam was a torrent of different emotions. The smile on her face told the one that ruled over all though. She was happy for them. It was cute, the two finally giving in. She'd liked to watch the battle going on with amusment but she was sure they were as tired of it as she was. She was personally suprised Ron had never tried to get them togather, but he was quite dense when it came to it. Another emotion tormented her though. She loved Ginny with all she had and though she knew it had to end she wished it didn't have to. She would miss her so much and seeing her girlfriend with someone else pained her. She was happy she was good at wearing masks to hide her thoughts or her face would have been covered in wrinkles. Watching Harry's hand moving downward she thought it best for her to put a stop to this before someone else did. She didn't think anyone else might have understood.

A throat cleared from the doorway and Ginny and Harry jumped apart, both red as Ron's hair and she heard Ginny gasp and watched her face take on a frightened and regretful expression. "Sam! Oh my gosh, Sam...I..I dont know what to say. Im so sorry it just happened! I-" Ginny was cut off by Sam placing her hand up a smile on her face and a leer taking over. "I just thought I should stop you two before someone else came in here to. That would have been embarrassing if you'd gotten any farther." she giggled at the expression on her girlfriends face and sighed. "Ginny, im not angry with you." she said. "Actually I completely understand." she smiled knowingly and grabbed her bowl of cereal that Ginny had made for her, now sogging up and skipped lightly out the backdoor leaving a confused Ginny and Harry behind in the kitchen. The two looked at each other before quickly taking their things and making their separate ways. Harry to the living room and Ginny to the backdoor after her girlfriend.

Stepping out into the back, Ginny sat silently next to Sam, who was on a bench on the porch, her legs crossed, her smile still present and her mouth full of Cheerios. Ginny sat nervously for what seemed to her like hours until she finally got the nerve to speak. "Sam, I-" Sam laughed, cutting Ginny off. "Look Gin, its fine! Honestly I'm ok with it. I...I've been meaning to have a talk with you anyways....about us."she said quieter. Ginny looked at her knowing exactly what was coming.

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