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Schuldig speaking in people's minds



Faded Chapter One


"God this is so boring," Ken complained in a loud whisper.

He yawned audibly, not shifting his gaze from the two men that were talking. Surely if he was far enough not to be able to hear the two men's conversation very clearly, then they wouldn't hear his whispering or yawning.

Ran turned to glare at the young man next to him, "Shh."

"I think my butt fell asleep," the brunette continued to complain, ignoring Ran's hinting for him to shut up.

Ran shook his head, his attention turning to the two men, yet still talking to the other assassin, "Stop complaining, Ken. This is a mission after all."

Ken shrugged, "Some mission. Why'd I even bring my bugnuks if all we're doing is sitting here, watching the drug exchange or whatever go on?"

"Safety reasons, for when your being loud gets us caught."

"We're not going to get caught," Ken said, absently flexing his hand and watching the sharp steel of the claw reveal itself, "And if we do, at least something would happen."

"Our mission is not to get caught," Ran reminded him, "This is a stakeout, not a killing spree."

Ken cursed under his breath, "Perfectly done by one person, so why'd I have to come along?"

"Youji had a date, and Omi had school stuff to take care of. That left you and me available for the mission. As for two of us, rather than one, that is once again for safety reasons but--"

"But it seems your over-active mouth only lead you to danger," a nasal voice spoke up.

Ken and Ran both froze, and turned to where they'd heard the voice. Schuldig only smirked, and stooped down to where the two sat hidden behind the bushes and out of site from the two gang members doing business a little ways away.

"So, how's the stakeout going?"

The two Weiss members remained frozen. If they attacked, they would reveal themselves and botch the mission. Yet it wasn't as if they would let a Schwarz member just sit with them and chat. Wait...was chatting all Schuldig wanted to do?

"Of course not. I agree with Hidaka that sitting here is just no fun," Schuldig replied, "So I'm gonna mess things up."

The German then stood up, dusting pieces of grass and dirt off his pants, and sent out a telepathic call to the two gang members. Instantly the two men glanced over to where Ran, Ken, and Schuldig were. Ran turned to give Schuldig one of his death-glares, which only earned a smirk in reply. Ken readied his bugnuks, a fierce battle-ready look on his face.

"It's only two armed punks, you think you can handle them for me?" Schuldig gave a short wave and ran off, leaving Ken and Ran to clean up the mess that he'd created.

One of the men charged, his knife poised to stab into Ken's chest. Ken gracefully moved out of the way, dodging the attack and turned plunging his claws into the attackers back and ripping through flesh. Ran did similar with the other man, slicing him across the chest and watching him fall to the ground.

Ran's eyes narrowed, and he adjusted his grip on his katana and ran towards the bushes where Schuldig had disappeared. Ken saw what the redhead's motives were and followed after him. The area was almost like a park. Trees and bushes were everywhere, except for the dirt path that lead to a road. The two assassins searched the area for the foreign redhead.

"Up here," a voice that was distinctly the German's, taunted from above.

Both Ken and Ran looked up to see Schuldig sitting on the branch of a rather sturdy looking tree.

"You were looking for me?" Schuldig asked, glancing down at the two, and hearing as their thoughts raced with ideas to get up the tree to kill him, "But don't you know that if kittens climb trees, they usually get stuck?"

"Then you'll just have to come down here!" Ran growled.

Schuldig snickered at Ran's new line of thoughts, "You're not actually going to throw your katana at me, are you? I thought you only threw it at helicopters?"

"If not a katana, how about this?" Ken asked, picking up a heavy medium-sized stone and throwing it forcefully at the German.

Schuldig fell backwards and out of the tree, managing to dodge the stone, and yet still landing on the ground on his feet with an almost cat-like grace. As soon as he had righted himself, he had to jump out of the way of both Ran and Ken's attacks.

"Hmpf, and here I was thinking that at least one of you would thank me for stirring up some thing tonight," Schuldig said, once again moving out of the way of another attack.

"Like either of us would thank a member of Schwarz for anything!" Ken shouted.

Schuldig chuckled, using his quick speed to run behind Ran and catch the man's wrist that held the katana. His arm hooked around Ran's other arm, and he moved the katana in place right in front of Ran's throat. The captive Weiß assassin's body tensed.

"True, true," Schuldig agreed, "But if you charge at me again, your friend here is going to have his neck sliced by his own weapon."

Ken cursed.

"It would be amusing to just do it anyway, just to see your reaction," Schuldig continued, "I hear you like bloodshed nowadays, hm?"

Ken's eyes widened slightly, and then he glared, "Let him go, and get your ass out of here before the bloodshed is caused from me ripping through your body!"

"Maybe you didn't hear me before," Schuldig said, "You're in no position to threaten me."

And with that, he sent out a telepathic attack, knocking the two Weiß members unconscious. Schuldig let Ran's body drop to the ground, when he released the grip on the redhead. He put his hand to his head, groaning in pain as a headache almost immediately began to set in. He glanced at the two assassins, then turned to leave the scene.

He kicked the katana mid-stride and watched as it fell to the grass just a few feet away. His gaze shifted from the weapon to the redhead who wielded that weapon, and he paused for a moment. A smirk spread on his face, as a new idea popped in his head. Perhaps he'd take a kitten home after all.


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