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Schuldig speaking in people's minds



Faded Chapter Two


He knew something was wrong in the moment that he woke up. He couldn't quite put his finger on what was bothering him, probably because he couldn't remember the dream he'd been having that he was sure had actually been a vision.

Trying to push the bothersome thoughts out of his head, Brad went about his morning routine of getting dressed and trying to look as immaculate (and sexy) as ever when he left his bedroom.

As he made his way toward the kitchen, a sound coming from the living room made him pause, trying to identify the noise he was hearing. ... The television? Yes, perhaps when Schuldig had come home the previous night after carrying out the orders that their latest employer had given Schwarz, he'd left the television on. That slightly angered Brad because he didn't much like people turning lights or other electronics on and then leaving the room without turning them off. Call it a pet peeve, if you will.

However, as soon as he entered the living room to shut the television off, what he saw in the room did cause a slight expression to appear on his face, before returning to the day-to-day expression-less mask he wore.

Just as he had first thought when he had waken up, there was definitely something wrong here. Perhaps it was the fact that there was an unconscious Weiß assassin on his living room floor. Or maybe it was the fact that the German he had thought to be asleep, was actually awake and watching the television that Brad had meant to shut off upon entering the room.

The American glanced from the redhead that was unconscious, laying sprawled on the floor of the living room to the other redhead that laid lazily on the couch his attention on the television.

"What's this?" Brad asked Schuldig as he nudged the unconscious Ran with the toe of his shoe.

Schuldig sat up slightly, looking at the Weiß assassin and mock-gasped, "Why-- How'd that get there?"

"Precisely the question I had in mind," Brad glared, crossing his arms.

Schuldig shrugged, letting his gaze shift back to the television. Brad moved over to where the television sat, turned it off, and remained standing in front of the electronic. Schuldig groaned, throwing the television remote at the American.

"Why is there a member of Weiß in our living room?" Brad asked, a strained calmness in his voice.

"He followed me home. Honest," Schuldig lied.

Brad frowned, putting a hand to his head, "Did I not tell you last night that I wanted you to simply complete your mission as requested and then return home immediately? That did exclude bringing rival assassins home for me to find in our living room the morning after."

Schuldig blinked, "You didn't say that I couldn't bring--"

"Well he's not supposed to be here!" Brad interrupted, anger seeping into his voice, "What the heck do you think this is? A not-so-secret hideout of Schwarz?"

Schuldig chuckled, despite Brad not meaning for anything he said to be funny. At that moment there was a low groan that caught both Schwarz assassins' attention to be focused on the redhead lying on the floor. Ran slowly opened his eyes and sat up, blinking in confusion at the very unfamiliar surroundings he was in.

As soon as he caught sight of Schuldig and Brad, he was on his feet in a split second. He looked around frantically for anything to use as a weapon to ward the assassins away, but surprisingly --even though he was in what he assumed to be the Schwarz residence-- there was not a make-shift weapon around.

There was no time to be looking around and admiring the tasteful furniture, electronics, and other decorations in the room. His brain was on full alert and as much as he tried to not look intimidated at being at such a great disadvantage, he knew he had to get out of here and fast.

"Ne, Fujimiya...there's the door," Schuldig gestured toward the exit, "Brad says you can't stay, so get out."

"He's staying here," Brad spoke up.


Did you drop a piece of your brain last night? He most-likely doesn't know this exact location, but letting him just leave will allow him to know where we live.

Sehr richtig.

You've really screwed up here.

So shoot me.

Don't tempt me.

So scared.

In the silence between the three, Ran chose to make his move. Rather than trying to attack one of the men, he ran for the door. Brad was quickly there to stop him from opening the door. Rather than hit the Weiß redhead as his first intention had been, he instead grabbed the younger man holding him in an arm lock.

Knock him out with your telepathy.

Hell no! I'm already suffering a migraine from doing that last night.

If you don't, your entire body is going to hurt more than your head.

Schuldig groaned audibly and sat up on the couch. Glaring at the American, he sent a telepathic attack at the Japanese man. Ran went slack in Brad's hold, but rather than let the redhead fall to the ground, he picked the younger man up.

"Get Farfarello out of his cell," Brad ordered, "That will be the place that we'll keep Abyssinian."

Schuldig obediently stood from the couch and walked to where Farfarello's 'bedroom' was. Brad followed behind, carrying the unconscious Weiß assassin.

"Rise and shine, Farfarello," Schuldig announced after he had unlocked the door and stepped in the room.

A single amber eye opened upon hearing the sound of the German's voice. The eye glanced from Schuldig, to Brad, and then to the man in Brad's arms.

"Nah...not a playmate," Schuldig answered Farfarello's thoughts, "At least not today."

Maybe I should have you be his victim for today,

That wouldn't go over well.

Schuldig made quick work of undoing the straps on Farfarello's straight-jacket, setting the Irishman free. As soon as Farfarello stood from his make-shift bed, Brad set the unconscious redhead down on the mattress.

Farfarello glared, "Why is that going to sleep in my bed?"

"Because your room has locks to keep him confined in the room," Brad answered, his eyes giving the readable expression of daring Farfarello to question his decision for Ran to stay in the Irishman's bedroom.

"It also has a floor for that can also be used for sleeping purposes," Farfarello argued.

"Let's get out of here before he wakes again," Brad said, turning to leave the room and ignoring Farfarello's remark.

"Hey...what if Fujimiya stays here more than a day? Where's Farf supposed to sleep?" Schuldig called after the American.

"Your room," came the reply.

"Oh great," Schuldig glanced at the Irishman, "Slumber party in my room, I guess."

"For it being your room...I doubt the 'slumber' part will actually occur," Farfarello said flatly.


Author's Notes: Translation time~ 'sehr richtig' means 'very true' or 'very correct' or literally 'very right'. It's pronounced 'zehr rishtig', the 'r' in sehr actually sounding like the word 'air', because that's how you pronounce 'r' in German, unless the word begins with that letter. Uh...that's your German lesson for the day. Tune in next time~ ^^;;

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