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"Nobody ever says it, but they do believe it. Ron and Hermione always look at me with shame and blame anytime they don't think I am looking. Dumbledore says he doesn't, but then again, he would. He just doesn't want me to do something stupid, like I just tried. He needs me to be his pawn. His power play."

Snape felt thoroughly bewildered. "What do you mean Dumbledore needs you to be his pawn, or power ploy as you call it?" He asked exasperated, trying to with all his might to keep the anger from his voice. He knew the child probably only felt like this because of the guilt. But what he didn't expect was the child's answer.

"I know about the prophecy, sir."

Again, Snape was stunned...

Chapter Six

Snape was shocked to the say the least. 'How?' was all he could think. He didn't know what to say to the boy. Though, after the initial shock wore off, did the anger come. It hit him like a bolt out of the blue. 'Albus!' he seethed. He knew it was the barmy old coot that told the child.

"Did Headmaster Dumbledore tell you this prophecy?" Snape asked, just to be sure that he did not assume inaccurately. He waited for the teen's response, and was rewarded with a slight nod. Snape hmphed harshly. Only regretting his little noise when the boy flinched. "Sorry," he murmured.

"I kind of knew, sir, I mean about the prophecy. Not exactly what it contained, just that there was a prophecy." Harry explained. "I kept seeing the door to the Department of Mysteries in my visions…and when I saw the vision of Si…Siri…um…my godfather being tortured, it was because he wouldn't get the prophecy for him….Why, sir, why didn't he just get him the prophecy?" Harry didn't realize that he had a few tears falling down his cheeks. Severus did see them, however.

"Harry…" He paused so he could figure the right words to say. He might as well just tell the truth. "A prophecy can only be taken by those who it was meant for." Snape stopped when he felt a shudder go through the child in front of him.

"Besides," he heard Harry whisper. "This vision wasn't real! How stupid of me to fall for such a…a…stupid trick."

Harry took a deep breath to calm himself. He was barely holding on to his emotions. He was almost being consumed with hatred for his enemy, as well as himself. Especially for himself.

"I should have just…" Harry stopped himself. He didn't know what to say exactly. He didn't know what he should have done. All he knew is that: it was over, and it was all his fault.

"Harry," Snape started, but was interrupted by a sob. He looked at the child in front of him. The child had taken to wrapping his arms around his midsection and curling into himself. 'A defense mechanism.'

"I should have just let him possess me!" He uttered most likely to himself, but Snape had heard him, and was startled by the depth of conviction in his voice.

"What do you mean, you should have let him possess you?" Snape asked startled. He had heard that the Dark Lord had indeed tried to posses the young man, but that he couldn't hold on to the possession. But what could Harry have meant by that statement. "Of course, you shouldn't have let him posses you!" He held is tone calming but stern.

"YES! I SHOULD HAVE!" Harry screamed hysterically, sobs coming endlessly now. "He would have killed me, if I had! I just…I don't want to be here anymore!" Snape's heart stopped. This boy truly wanted to die. 'But why?' Snape couldn't understand.

"WHY?" Snape said loudly back, trying to startle the teen into focusing on him. It worked. Although still sobbing, quite hysterically, the boy's eyes flashed for a second and focused on his own.

"I already told you," Harry said dully. "Everything is my fault! Everyone just…just uses me, they all do, and I hate them, I hate everyone! And most of all, I hate my…." He stopped himself. He didn't mean to reveal that much. He just let out a howling sob and began to shake quite violently with his sobs.

'Well,' thought Snape, 'This is new!' He felt sympathy for the child in front of him. He didn't even realize what he was doing, he pulled the child into his arms and wrapped his arms around the thin frame. He felt the teen tense underneath him, but relaxed quite suddenly, as if all the fight had finally just left him. Harry's breathing was coming in short breaths and Snape knew he had to calm him down.

"Harry," he called softly, one of his hands starting to rub soothing circles on the boy's lower back. "I need you to try and calm down. It is okay to cry, but please try to slow your breathing down. You can't really afford to pass out from hyperventilating with your body as weak as it is right now!"

He continued to rub his back, while speaking softly into the child's ear. Eventually, the child's breathing became quieter and slower, evening out. Snape continued his ministrations until he was sure the boy was calm.

"Harry?" He called the boy softly. No response. He suddenly panicked and looked down to the boy in his arms. What he was afraid of, he couldn't exactly identify, but as he took in the sight in his arms, he blew out a sight of relief. Harry had fallen into an exhausted sleep.



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