Chapter 1


Why am I running from a billionaire, a detective, and a clan of mythical creatures? Would you believe I was actually cool and were their mutual enemy? No, well shit. Truthfully, I just want out of New York. Manhattan specifically. But is it easy? No, it has to be the most impossible a person could want. Like how the fuck can one city be so big.

"There you are." David Xanatos smirked.

"Why did it have to be you?" I groaned while looking for a way out of the corner I had gotten into. Goliath was getting too close. He had good intentions, but he wanted to live here. I didn't.

"This has gone on long enough." He frowned.

"I wouldn't have to do this if you had just let me go!" I growled as I scaled the fence.

He blasted the fence and I flew into the alley I was trying to get into. I groaned and tried to get up, but someone lifted me up.

"I have your daughter, sir." Owen told him.

"I'm not your daughter! Let me go!" I hissed and kicked at him.

"Thank you, Owen." He said and looked at me. "And as for you, you're grounded."

"You're already holding me prisoner. I don't see what else you could take from me." I glared.

"TV, Internet, visiting the Clan." He listed.

"…" I snarled.

"Owen, tell Maza we've found her." He said.

"Yes, sir." He took out his phone.

He took me back his castle and Fox was waiting for him. "Did she sneak out again?"

"And she stole my credit card." He kissed her.

"I knew I shouldn't have done that." I muttered.

"Maybe one day, you'll make your escape." Fox chuckled.

"I don't belong here!" I sneered.

"Go to bed, Talia, you're cranky." David told me.

"I'm not cranky!" I snapped.

David looked at Fox and she smiled, shaking her head. "Owen, take her to her room."

I glared at them before Owen took me to my "room." He closed the door after he pushed me inside. I sighed and changed into my nightclothes. I paused and looked at my arms. Twin scars ran down the veins. I pushed the sleeves back down and got into bed.

I was on the floor surrounded by moving shadows. Blood and bleach overwhelmed my nose. Thunder shook the house. It was getting hard to breathe. I was barely awake.

I was at school, sitting through a lesson.

"What a pitiful sight. Tell you what? I'll grant you a wish." An impish voice asked.

Someone my age was talking to me. They looked happy.

I didn't want a wish. I wanted to sleep. "N-no…"

I sat on the floor, trying to ignore the shouting and ate my meal.

"Oh, don't be so modest. You must have something you want." It said.

I lifted the glass to my lips and tried not to spit it out.

I wished.

I woke and tried to get the smell of blood away from my nose. My mouth was dry from sleep and sudden fear. My heart pounded and I checked my arms. Clean. What was that?

"Talia? Mister Xanatos would like to see you in the dining room." Owen told me through the door.

"Fine." I called.

I got dressed and shook off the nightmare. I think. It made way too much sense. Ish. I found David waiting for me. My stomach growled at the sight of food.

"Talia, you can't keep running away." He told me.

"If you haven't noticed, I'm not happy here." I unwillingly took a seat next to him.

"I want to help fix that." David said.

"You just want me to stop running away." I told him while filling my plate.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"I want to go home. My real home." Even if I didn't remember where it was.

"You can't." He said softly.

"What you mean I can't go home?" I growled.

"Your old home burned down months ago." He had the gall to look upset.

"Liar! You're lying!" I shouted, storming off.

I found my way back to my cage and flopped onto the bed. Someone opened the door. It was Fox. She sat on my bed.

"I know it's been hard adjusting to living with David. He's done some bad things in the past-" She said.

"And is going to in the future." I added.

"I'm not going to deny that he has his own plans. But he has no reason to lie about your home." Fox smiled.

"Sure he does. It'll make me stay." I told her.

"If it makes you feel better, we'll go to your old house." Fox bent to look at me.

"Fine." I huffed.

She left and I took out the letter from when I first woke up in Manhattan.

Your name is Talia. You're in Manhattan, New York. Have a good second life.


For the first few months, I lived in shelters. Then I got tired and angry that this was my second chance at life. Then I just got tired of life. I tried several times, but I always got caught or something dumb stopped me. Like a dog wanting pets. Then I found Xanatos' castle…

"Talia, lunchtime." Owen called.

"I'm coming." I sighed.

I followed him and found both of my "parents" waiting. "Absolutely not. Fuck you, David."

"Don't talk to your father like that." Fox warned.

"You want in on this?" I asked sharply.

"Talia, stop it." David growled and I held my tongue.

"We were talking," That just leads to great things, doesn't it, "and we decided to take you to your old home at the end of the month."

"Fine." I turned.

"Where are you going?" David asked.

"Out." I said.

"You're grounded." He reminded me.

"I'm not your kid!" I growled.

"I adopted you." He said coolly.

"Talia, eat your lunch." Fox demanded.

"I've gone hungry for longer." I mumbled as I sat down and filled my plate again.

I ate several helpings and then I had to go train with David again. I hated training. He just kicked me around and said I was improving. I was exhausted after training and went to bed.