Chapter 42

Alex's Birthday

We landed in the Great Hall. My family was waiting for me. Elisa waved at me. I waved back. Adri was there too. That was nice. I thought she would've been at home or something.

Alex jumped on me. "Tai home!"

"Yup, I'm home now." I picked him up.

"Yay! Tai home for my birthday!" He nuzzled me.

"Birthday?" I repeated.

"His birthday party is later. It's still early morning. Let her go see the clan, Alexander." Owen told him.

"Mine!" He whined.

"Alexander." He said again.

He huffed and went back to Fox. She whispered something in his ear. He made grabby hands at me. She hugged him. That calmed him. I waved one last time them followed Owen. We went to the common room. Hudson and Bronx were watching TV. Brooklyn and Lexington were playing a racing game. Goliath and Angela were talking. Bronx sniffed the air.

"Hey, I'm back." I said.

"Talia!" Angela hugged me.

Bronx barked and ran to me. He licked my face. I laughed and pushed him off. Everyone else soon got up and greeted me. The rest of the clan came and said hi to me too. I noticed Demona wasn't there.

"Where's Demona?" I asked.

"She went to Scotland with Macbeth. The city was a shock to her. Her hatred of humanity seems to have dulled a bit. She remembers her part in the massacre and not much else. Goliath told her she is allowed to come back to the clan." Hudson said.

"Really?" I frowned.

"Should she return to her hatred then she will be exiled." Goliath told me.

"Why Macbeth?" I asked.

"He promised to keep an eye on her and explain her immortal life to her. We told her what we knew. It unnerved her." Hudson paused. "But she still had questions."

"I guess that makes sense. I better get going." I said.

"Alright. See you later, Talia." Goliath smiled.

Owen took me back to my room. Adri was there. I nuzzled her. He kissed us good night and then left. We laid in bed.

"How you feeling, Tai?" Adri asked.

"Gimme kiss." I demanded.

She lightly kissed me on the lips. "There."

"Hmm, fine!" I pouted when she wouldn't give me more. "I have nonhuman instincts now. Rolling in dirt and roaring. We don't know the full extent of it."

"Do you think… making a den would help? Like somewhere dark to nap?" Adri thought.

"There's not enough dirt here." I said.

"We'll find a place." She told me.

"Uncle Peter wanted to talk to me. I'll have to see what that's all about." I remembered.

"Yeah… Hey, Tai? You know in the vision you had babies?" She looked at me. "Do you want some?"

"I hadn't really thought about it after Sarah… But I think so. Not right now though." I added.

"That's fine." She nodded.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just planning for the future." She said. I nodded.

"Cuddles now." I whined.

Adri made good on her promise on all cuddles and kisses I wanted. We slept late. Puck woke me up around lunch and we went to go buy Alex a birthday gift. He wanted to come, but I told him it was a birthday surprise. He accepted it reluctantly. We got him a new video game and a stuffed fox. I put them in a shiny red bag and covered it with tissue paper.

Fox and David let Alex have two parties. Alex had his friends over for his first party. It was right after lunch. They played games and ate doughnuts. I nibbled on the food. The guests left after present time. Alex got a lot of stuff. New tech, novelty items and some summer time toys. We clean up and got ready for dinner. It was hamburgers and pasta salad. While Owen got Alex ready for the family party, David pulled me aside.

"There's some people I want you meet." He said as we went into a side room.

A group of four was sitting on the couch, waiting for us. Two men and two women. One woman had copper skin with a yellow undertone. She had medium brown eyes and freckles across her nose and upper cheeks. Her black hair was in a ponytail. She wore a light purple hoodie. The other was blond with shoulder length hair and turquoise eyes. She had a mole on left cheek. Her necklace was red with a white pendant. She wore a light pink shirt and pants. The man sitting next to the blond on the couch had dark brown skin. He had medium length brown hair. He had a mole near his left eye. They were hazel. He wore a white shirt and jacket. The last man was lean-ish, built like a track star. He had a heart shaped face and his hair was black. His skin was copper with a light gold undertone. His eyes were sea glass blue. He wore a blue tee shirt.

"Mistress!" They cried, standing up.

"Wait." David held his hand.

"Are these the robots? Puck said you only made one." I asked.

"I told Alex we would make a girl one too. The blond is Caity and the one in blue is Kai." He said.

"Hi, Mistress." Caity waved.

"Then who are the other two?" I looked at them.

"We don't know where they came from. They're half human. The girl is Zara and the boy is Ragen." David finished.

I realized I met all of them in my... dream, I guess. I knew who was what fox now. Before I got too deep into thought, Zara spoke.

"Can we go play now?" Zara asked.

"Yes, you can go Alex' s party." David waved them off.

They looked at me.

"Yeah, go ahead. I'll be there soon." I told them.

Caity wanted a hug then it started an avalanche. I was smooshed in the middle of a group hug. I let them all hug me. Kai and Ragen barked at each other. I shushed them. Zara nuzzled me. It took a minute for them to get it all out.

"Talia-" David started.

"Not now, it's Alex's birthday." I left.

We went to the party. The room had steamers and a happy birthday banner hanging up. The balloons had a cartoon character I didn't know on them. The snack table was full of treats. Ragen was eating some chocolate pretzels. In the center was the cake. It was strawberry. Alex was being entertained by Elisa. The Mazas and Matt were also here. I saw everyone was wearing party hats.

"TAI!" Alex yelled.

"I know, I'm here now." I petted his hair.

Alex clung to me. I took him with me as I talked with everyone. I met Theo and Claire. Theo was a lion and Claire was a panther. Alex declared it was cake time. He blew out the candles then Owen cut it. We ate. I sat on the couch with Adri. Then it was time for presents. He opened them all excitedly. Alex had got several different toys and books. Adri got him a wooden car to paint. Then he got to my bag. He ignored the video game and showed off the fox. He named it Squishy.

Then our parents cleaned up the wrapping paper. I finished up my pretzels. Zara and Kai were playing with Alex. Zara was in her fox form. She was white with black ears and a stripe down her back and a couple spots on her face. She circled Alex and Kai and they ran away from her. I smiled, a happy feeling fluttering in my stomach.

"Dance time!" Alex looked at Fox.

"Alright, Sweetie, let me go get the radio." She left.

She came back with the radio. It was a giant old one with a CD slot and a cassette slot. But it was loud enough to hear. The CD was put it and the music played. Alex danced with me first. Slowly, more people joined. Adri drank some juice while she waited. Kai and Caity were learning how to dance from Puck. Golaith and Elisa danced. Alex got tired as the night went on. Puck took him to bed. I think he had good birthday.