Gargoyles: Timedancer;

Vessels Epilogue

Sixteen Dances Later…

Brooklyn, Fu-dog, Zafira, Kebechet and I looked down from the rooftop.

"Fulminous venite!" my younger self yelled at Wotan. A massive blast of lighting issued forth and sent him flying backwards, into the fountain.

"I can't believe I did that," I commented dryly.

"Geeze, Benuthet!" Brooklyn's younger self yelled, helping the past version of me out of the fountain. "What the hell?"

"Mixing magics is dangerous," he said. "I took a chance."

"I'd say it worked out," Zafira said to me.

"You know the Phoenix is about to reappear and will be going to the day we met," I said. "If you want…We could jump in before they see us, and make a life with the Mayan Clan."

"I love that you make the offer," Zafira said. "But wherever we are together, that's our clan now."

"You…Blasphemers!" Wotan yelled. "What have you done to the Eye?"

"It was not meant to be a conduit for mortal Magic," My younger counterpart said staggering to his feet. "Channeling it like that triggered a primal reaction from the Eye. It is essentially a piece of the Third Race after all."

"What?" Brooklyn's previous self asked as my doppleganger helped him to his feet.

"It shapeshifted," he explained. "It is the eye of a shapeshifter, and by channeling my magic through it, I made it shapeshift."

"You know," Brooklyn's present self said, quietly. "New Olympus is a lovely island, according to Goliath. I bet you two would be great there."

"Perhaps," I said. "But I'd rather stick with you, if it's all the same to you. You're more fun. And besides. I wouldn't have met Zafira without you."

"Yeah," Brooklyn said. "Look, I don't think that—."

There was a burst of orange light as the Phoenix reappeared above them.

"Last chance to join the Maya," I said to Zafira.

"I'm good, my love," she responded.

"No, no!" Brooklyn's younger self snapped. "This has been a long freaking time coming, you stupid flaming chicken. First you drag me all over history. Fine, I can live with that. THEN, you make it impossible to find out what happened. THEN YOU DRAG ME TO CARPATHIA, TEASE ME, TAUNT ME with a girl who, I don't know…Might actually like me for once, but that's not enough for you. You had to let FREAKING DRACULA MURDER HER!"

"And now this," he continued ranting. "This psychopath here gets to have the Eye of Odin, because…That's what history says. Well screw that! History bites!"

Stunned silence from the younger counterparts of myself, Brooklyn, Fu-dog, and Wotan

"I'm not playing his game anymore," Brooklyn's counterpart said, folding his arms. "He can leave without me. I'm not leaving the Eye of Odin with this freak."

The Phoenix stared coldly at him. It started to flap its wings.

"Brooklyn, look out!" my younger self yelled, and lunged at the red gargoyle. The Phoenix snapped them up in a single bite. Fu-dog's younger self yelped and jumped into the flames after them. The Phoenix vanished.

Wotan stood there in stunned silence. Then began laughing wildly.

Zafira drew her sword and stepped forward.

"Not yet," I said. "Let him enjoy his supposed victory."

"After all," Brooklyn said. "After what we've been through? I kind of feel sorry for him."

"After de Landa, the Erlkönig, Apophis, an army of Nagas, three Hunters, Whiro, a vampire, and a voodoo queen," I agreed. "I think that we can handle one Visigoth sorcerer on a power trip. He really doesn't stand a chance."

Wotan fired a blast at the fountain, blowing it apart.

"All right," Brooklyn said. "That's about enough."

I nodded and pointed my wand.

"Se-kebeb," I said. A blast of ice struck Wotan and slammed him into the ground. Brooklyn and Zafira leapt on top of him, and pinned him down.

"What!?" Wotan yelped.

I reached down and removed the Eye of Odin from his socket. His body glowed and reverted back to normal. I slipped the Eye into my satchel.

Brooklyn and Zafira joined me, and Brooklyn held out his fist. I made a fist of my own and tapped his with mine. A sign of brotherhood he had taught me.

The sha trotted up beside us.

Wotan staggered to his feet and held his staff. He began speaking in his gutteral tongue again.

"Zeheb," I said casually. A mystical hieroglyph appeared over my wand, and Wotan's spell rebounded upon itself, splintering his staff apart.

"You…" Wotan sputtered.

The five of us turned towards him, our eyes flickering.

Wotan gasped, and turned and ran.

We all smirked. The Phoenix reappeared above us.

"Ah," Brooklyn said, walking over to me and Zafira. "Good."

He hugged us tightly.

"And so we don't have a repeat of the Temple of Apophis incident…"

Before I realized what Brooklyn was doing, he drew back his fist and punched me in the face. I staggered back in surprise.

"New Olympus," Brooklyn said. "It's just right for you two."

He snatched up Fu-dog and leapt into the flames, the Phoenix vanished, leaving Zafira, Kebechet, and myself standing alone on the Roman street.

"So…," Zafira said. "He…left us behind."

"I suspect he planned it since our arrival here last week," I said. "He didn't want us to spend the rest of our lives bouncing along the timestream with him. I don't blame him."

"So…New Olympus then?" Zee asked me.

"I can't think of a better place to start a new life, with the gargoyle I love."

Never The End..