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(165 Words)

One Piece Of Clothing

It had been itching in her fingers for quite some time.

Every single time they'd met right before court, Olivia's eyes had flickered down for a brief second, her gaze wandering over that single piece of clothing. Barba never noticed this glance, or didn't know what it was about, and she never acted on the impulse that seemed to make her fingers twitch.

Until today, that was.

They'd been out for lunch earlier, and now they were standing in front of the courtroom again, for the seemingly thousandth time. However, for the first time, she reached up, her fingers gently wrapping around his tie. He'd went for a casual one today; dark blue with white polka dots, and she found that she liked this one.

Looking up into his eyes, a small smile played around Olivia's lips while she straightened his tie, her fingers lingering for a moment before they turned and walked into the courtroom, side by side.