I watched a documentation about a cruise some time ago and there was a married couple that reminded me of Barson XD So this happened :)

I hope you all enjoy it!

Love Like This

"Liv, stop doing that! We have to paddle in the same rhythm!" Rafael exclaimed in frustration, glaring at the swimwest-clad back of his wife while their kayak slowly started to drift and turn with the tide of the fjord as its occupants continued their uncoordinated paddling.

"I'm sitting in front, Rafael, you're supposed to adapt my rhythm!"

Olivia half-turned in her seat, making the kayak sway worryingly, and the two of them stared at each other for a long moment. "Who pushed past me when it was time to get in the boat, huh? You! That wasn't true to the democratic spirit of our marriage."

She rolled her eyes and turned away, gripping her paddle tighter. "Stop talking, Rafael, and start paddling!"

"Stop acting like you can order me to do stuff!"

"You're actively preventing successful teamwork here, Barba!"


The wind carried their loud voices over the water, somewhat disturbing the peace of the nature surrounding the fjord and drawing the attention of another part of the kayaking group. While harmonically paddling along the shoreline, Jesse and Noah gazed over to where they could see Olivia and Rafael's kayak drifting and exchanged confused glances.

"What's up with them again?"

"I have no idea. I feel like they're dealing badly with having to share the hut with us and not being able to... ew."

Noah closed his eyes for a moment while Jesse grimaced at the thought. "Jess. Those are pictures related to my parents that I never wanted to have in my head."

"Maybe they'll be happier again when our hut is free tomorrow," Jesse answered with a shrug, causing Noah to groan, and she glanced over her shoulder, a smirk spreading on her face. "Then we'll have our privacy too, Benson. Don't forget that."

Another loud yell echoed over the water and the two of them turned their kayak a bit to have a better view of the scene. "Is she throwing seaweed at him?"


Jesse sounded a little too gleeful to him, but he decided not to say anything; instead, they just watched with great interest as Olivia flung another handful of a greenish, slimy mass at her husband, who dropped his paddle into the water when he rose his hands in an attempt to shield his face. Once Olivia had no more seaweed to throw, he suddenly started splashing water at her.

"Okay, I thought we were having a vacation with your parents, not with some teenagers," Jesse commented dryly, and Noah could only snort as Olivia and Rafael started an outright water war, splashing water at each other, half-yelling, half-laughing, their movements causing the kayak to start swaying again. Jesse and Noah could see it coming, and a second later the kayak did indeed tilt enough to capsize, throwing Olivia and Rafael into the water. A snort came from Jesse and Noah already wanted to tell her off for laughing instead of wondering if his parents were okay, but a Olivia and Rafael surfaced a moment later, laughing and pulling each other close for a kiss. It made him smile, watching them make fun of their mishap together, and Noah glanced at Jesse's back, thinking about how he hoped to find love like this, too.