Upon the Sands

I see the ship, I watch it fly,

Reaching up towards the sky.

Gone for reasons unknown to me,

But no longer in the sand it be.

Another ship is setting down,

Resting on the sandy ground.

What bounty is there to be found,

By ruined ships this place surround?

A graveyard of wars so long gone,

While the galaxy, it spins along.

Bitter wind is this world's song,

And here I stay, for time so long.

Waiting for the time to leave,

To escape the touch of sand-stung breeze.

To see the stars as I so please,

But for now, fate I appease.

Throughout the length of Jakku's day,

Scrap for food, no wage or pay,

Steadily making my way,

Reminded still, "my name is Rey."


Fun fact, this poem was spotlighted on FanOrbit dot com's review of The Last Jedi. Feel free to check it out if you want.