Chapter One: The Beginning of the Worst

Warnings: Blood, violence

Unknown POV

I hate them. I hate them all. I've always been cast aside and I never said a word. I've been neglected by the ones that I thought had loved me, but this will end today. No longer will I accept my pitiful loneliness. The nations of the world will remember my name and cower in fear when I make an entrance. They will bow to me, their one true king, and regret every time that they ignored my words. I will reign supreme! I will be the strongest nation in the world!

I've already gained some strength on my own. No one ever realized that I had magical abilities, which I'll be using to my advantages. I've strengthened my magical powers immensely. At this point, I should be stronger than those other nations with powers. Now, I just have to use them for my own benefit.

There is a world meeting today and I plan to take action. If everything goes to plan, I'll be able to kidnap the strongest nations of the world and bring them to the abandoned hospital that I cleaned up for them. One by one I'll break them, torture them, end their lives, and take their land for myself! It's perfect!

Now, all I have to do is put on my clothes and sneak into the building. I've managed to get past the guards plenty of times. I'm surprised that they don't know that I memorized the building's layout, the positions of the guards, and the ventilation system. It's just something you have to know if you want to sneak in.

I stand up and walk to my closet. After sifting through my clothes, I found the outfit I made. I took out the outfit and slipped on the black bodysuit first. It fit perfectly and covered my entire body from the neck down. Next, I put the ski mask on over my head. Just to be certain that my face would be unrecognizable, I also put a plastic Halloween mask on my face. The mask I'm using is very popular with people who want to keep their identity hidden while stating their opinion online. If I'm not mistaken, those people are part of a group called Anonymous.

Whatever, I'm rambling. I grab the thick brown cloak I made and drape it over my shoulders. The hood is very baggy and almost covers the mask. The cloak is also long on me and just barely touches the floor. I slip my arms into the long sleeves of it. Now that I've done that, I pick up the black gloves and put them on my hands. They are a perfect fit so I guess you could say they fit like a glove!

I laugh at my joke and continue on. I open up my drawer and put on my socks. Afterwards, I slip on my black boots. Finally, I grab my voice changer and put it inside my mask.

"Testing, testing," I said. A deep scrambled voice was omitted. No one would be able to recognize me. Just to be certain, I use my magic to make myself a bit taller. Only enough to make my identity unreadable. Now that my outfit is done, I have to put my supplies in my pocket.

I turn to my drawer and pull out the necessary things I need for my plan which included a baseball bat, rope, and other necessities. Once I pull out everything I need, I put it in the many pockets inside of my cloak. I'm finally ready for the meeting.

They'll never be able to figure out who I am.

I step out of the door and head for the meeting place, ready to enact my master plan.

England's POV

The meeting will be beginning soon, or at least that's what Germany has been saying for the past hour. Our spring break is over so we're all even more irritable than usual, which has caused some senseless arguing. I can't say I'm not a part of the senseless arguing though since I spent the first twenty minutes fighting France. Then again, we are always at each other's throats during meetings. It's funny how this is the same man that I raised the boys with. Of course we still had our petty disagreements back then, but we still had our love for each other and the kids. Now, we're just sour ex-husbands.

I still kind of care for him, but not like before. I wish we could settle things and return to the way it was before. We are different people now, so I doubt we'll ever be lovers again. He has changed and I have changed as well. If only I still had the loving man from before.

"Everyone shut up!" Germany yells, snatching me from my thoughts. "We haven't started the meeting and there are already fights, which is incredibly unprofessional! We are adults here, so I expect all of you to act accordingly!" All of the fighting nations ceased their pointless bickering and sat down. "Now, if everyone is here, we can begin."

Currently, Germany, Japan, Italy, America, France, China, Russia, and I are here. I can't help but think that someone is missing.

"Wait, dudes! Canada isn't here!" America shouted.

"You're right, America. Should we wait a few more minutes before beginning?" Japan asked. Germany nodded.

"I'm sure he'll be here in a few moments," Germany said.

Quietly, the door cracked open. That must be Canada. I turned around to the door. Why didn't he just come in? Is he waiting for someone to let him in?

"You can come on in, bro!" America said.

The door swung open and was quickly slammed shut. A man in a brown cloak had entered the room. He had a strange outfit along with a mask. He uttered something under his breath before he stepped closer to us.

"Who are you?" Japan asked, concerned about the mysterious stranger.

Instead of replying, he reached into his cloak for something. Instantly, I pulled out my gun and pointed it at him. Several other nations did the same.

"Answer the question, weirdo!" America aggressively shouted at the stranger. "I'll shoot if you don't comply!"

"I'm Canada," the stranger said in a robotic voice.

"I don't believe that! Prove yourself!" America yelled at the man.

"Let me pull out my ID," the man muttered, reaching into his cloak.

"No! I don't trust that!" I exclaimed. "What if he's reaching for a gun?!"

"Sir, pull of your mask!" Germany roared. The man quickly put his hand into his coat and we all fired instantly. Instead of the bullets hitting him, every single one deflected off of him. It was as if his entire body was bullet proof!

"What the hell?!" America screamed. The man finally pulled out the thing he wanted, a baseball bat. It looks familiar, but I can't quite figure out why.

Before I had time to think, he sprinted to America and swung his bat at America's head with great strength. Immediately, America fell to the ground unconscious, maybe dead. It's hard to tell.

Italy screamed in terror. Germany ran to Italy's side protectively, but nothing could be actually be done to protect him from stranger. We only carry our guns with us and he's invincible to them so we are completely vulnerable. At this point, we might as well submit to him. I don't want to go down without a fight, but we can't fight someone who's invincible.

I ran to hide under the table, luckily unnoticed. I must look like a coward, but it was the first thing I could think to do. From under the table, I saw the stranger continue with his murderous rage. France, China, Japan, and Russia dropped like flies. Their blood poured out of their heads and stained the carpet in crimson. The metallic, sickening smell flooded my nostrils. Every breath was filled with the putrid fragrance. Their bodies looked impossibly pale. He killed them!

This stranger is murdering us and all I can do is hide. Sure, nations can't die permanently unless their body is completely destroyed or their heart is injured severely but that doesn't excuse him. The experience of being "dead" is absolutely terrible. You fear what will be done to you as you're in your most vulnerable state. It's a hard experience to describe, but every nation dreads it. And now, it looks like I'll be experiencing that dreaded experience soon enough.

I feel frozen as I helplessly sit under the table as the unknown person walks up to Germany and Italy. Germany pins the man down and tries to punch him, but the stranger is left unharmed. The madman manages to escape Germany's grasp and instead gets Germany kneeling down.

"Wh-what the hell?" Germany sputters out. The man whispered into Germany's ear. Germany's eyes widened. "Why can't I move?!" he yelled.

"Magic, idiot," the man said. He stood up and put his hands around Germany's head. "Any last words?"

Germany stared straight into Italy's eyes and opened his mouth to speak, but a loud crack came forth instead and the German's head was twisted at an uncomfortable angle,

Italy's eyes widened in terror and his best friend fell to the ground lifelessly. I saw tears flood from his eyes and he started to tremble.

"W-Why do you h-have to do th-this?" he stuttered.

"Everyone thinks I'm worthless and the people who are supposed to care about me treat me like I'm nothing! I'm going to prove that I'm worth something by becoming the strongest nation in the world!" he shouted.

"B-But you don't need to d-do this!" Italy cried, but he was silenced once the man pulled out his bat and struck Italy's head hard. Italy fell to the ground limp.

Now it was just him and me.

He turned and stared at me angrily. With an incredible amount of force, he yanked me out from under the table and held me by the collar. He turned swiftly and slammed me into the wall.

"Did you really think you could hide from me, England?" he told me. His voice was void of emotion. Then, it suddenly changed into rage. "You've always looked down on me, treating me like I'm stupid! This mistreatment ends today!" he screamed. He whipped out his bat and started to swing blindly at me. He struck my shin and probably broke it. Instantaneously, I screeched in pain. He continued swinging everywhere but my head. The man swung at my knees and broke them as well.

It hurts like hell, but I'm too filled with pain to move away or defend myself. Each torturous swing failed to kill me or knock me out. He swung at my arms and legs repeatedly. Each time, I cried in agony. It felt like an eternity.

"I bet you're ready for me to give you mercy," he muttered to me.

"Y…yes….please," I barely managed to speak. It came out as a whisper almost inaudible. A bit of blood dribbled out of my mouth.

"That's a shame. You're not going to be given any mercy in a long while. I'd rather you suffer for how you've treated me," he said without a single bit of humanity. He picked me up and set my weak body on the meeting table. "Now that you can't move on your own without feeling excruciating pain, I'd like to have some fun."

The stranger got on top of the table with me. He pulled out a knife and cut of my shirt straight down the middle. I tried to lift my arm to push him away, but instead I ended up hurting myself worse. I screamed in agony. The man laughed at my pain.

"You can't escape from me. It won't be so bad so just relax. I'm only going to poke around at your organs a bit!"

"N…no. D…Don't touch me…please," I begged.

"Your voice is getting on my nerves. If you won't talk properly, don't talk at all." After he said that, he yanked my tongue out of my mouth. In one clean slice with his knife, my tongue was detached from me.

"There, that's better. Do you want a snack?" I didn't answer. Blood was pooling in my mouth and it felt like I'd drown in it.

"Here you go!" he said and shoved the severed tongue into my mouth. Blood was still pouring out of me rapidly and my tongue being shoved in my mouth didn't help. Blood flowed into my throat and I accidentally swallowed my tongue. The tongue was too big for my throat, so I started to choke on it. The man sat and watched instead of helping.

I couldn't breathe at all. I tried to gasp for air, but none came in. My body fought to get some necessary air into my lungs. No matter how hard I coughed, the tongue wouldn't budge from my throat. Perhaps this is for the best. He can't torture me while I'm dead. Of course, I'll regenerate afterwards and I'll be at his mercy, but for now I can rest.

Spots started to cloud my vision. My lungs hurt immensely from being deprived from oxygen, but it'll be over soon. Eventually, I felt weak and tired. Finally, my body has given up. I lay down on the table and allow myself to relax my tired body. Who knows what the man plans to do with us. Considering what he just did to me, there will probably be torture. Right now that doesn't matter. My body goes limp as my mind fades into the calming void of death.

AN: Wow, I'm a horrible person. I plan to make this a multi-chapter fanfiction, so be ready for that. Also, in case you couldn't tell from this, the story is going to be incredibly gory and violent. It'll probably get worse as it goes on. This story was originally Trapped on Wattpad but I changed the title and a big chunk of the story. The antagonist, setting, and bits of the plot are different. I hope you enjoyed this first chapter!