Heavy rain beat down on the street of Mirkwood, as lamp posts lit the town. Hopper laid on his couch dozing off to the sound of a static radio and the constant rainfall. It had been a successful year for Hopper. After he helped Joyce find her son, he became known as the town hero and was now solving more new cases involving Hawkins Lab. Aside from receiving the town's attention, he also captured Joyce's. They started dating a month ago and everything finally started falling into place.


Hopper quickly jumped to his feet grabbing his gun that was nearby. He slowly made his way to door, and looked out of the peephole.

"It can't… No. It can't be.."

He opened the door to see a young girl standing there, Her pink dress drenched from the pouring rain. She stared blankly at him until she noticed the gun in his hand. She then began to back away cautiously, shaking her head.

"Wait. It's okay, You're safe here" He reassured her, placing his gun into his holster.

He then opened his hands to show her that he was no longer carrying a weapon.

"Come on in. You need to get out of that cold rain" He motioned.

She smiled slightly and proceeded to walk in.

"First things, first, we need to get you out of that soaked dress."

Hopper scratched his chin "Hmm. Well I don't think I have any clothes that are your size.."

He rummaged through his drawers looking for anything that could possibly fit her. That's when he spotted an old box in the corner of his room. This box was marked SARAH and he hadn't touched it in years. He brushed the dust off it and carefully opened it. He picked up a sweater and the matching pair of pants. A single tear fell but he quickly wiped his eye and ran back to where the girl was sitting.

Hopper handed her the clothes "Here. I found you something"

The young girl eyed the clothes curiously as she remembered that it wasn't acceptable to change in front of other people.

"Bathroom?" she finally managed to utter

He pointed down the hallway "It's over there"

After she changed and was settled, Hopper then began to bombard her with questions.

"Where did you come from?"

"Are you okay?"

"What happened?"

She analyzed the worry lines on his forehead. She could definitely tell he was stressed out but there was just so much that she couldn't tell him. It was best to keep him safe, even though she knew the answers to his questions, she would have to keep it to herself.

"Do you have eggos?"

"Oh yes food! You must be starving! Wow okay let me see if I have anything" he frantically searched through his cabinets and refrigerator.

"Sorry kid no eggos, but I can make you a turkey sandwich"

He handed her the turkey sandwich and watched her devour it quickly

"Long time no see Eleven, wish you could tell me what happened and where you've been"

She avoided his gaze and looked down at the ground "Can't"

"Alright, fair enough for now. You should probably get some rest though. You can sleep on the couch for tonight" He said handing her some blankets.

He then began walking to his room


He turned around quickly "Yes?"

"Mike. need to see Mike"

"Oh you're talking about that Wheeler kid? Yeah, we can see him tomorrow if you want" He replied rubbing his eyes. "But time to get some sleep it's like 3 in the morning"

El grabbed the blanket and held it close as she smiled. It had been a full year since she saw Mike and the gang. She missed her friends and couldn't wait to catch up with them. Her smile soon fell though as she remembered why she came back to Hawkins in the first place. She was there on a mission. She had to keep everyone safe.