As Mike exited the ferris wheel, he pushed through the crowd "El? Where are you!?" he yelled

He saw no sign of her, or any of his other friends for that matter

He scanned the crowd thoroughly, "Lucas? Dustin? Will?..


but with no luck he gave up.

"The guys probably went back home, and maybe Eleven just wasn't ready" He thought.

A defeated expression crept upon his face as he stared at the ground, sluggishly walking out of the fair

"Maybe we're better off as friends, if she even still wants to be that. Ugh, she probably didn't mean what I thought she meant. I ruined everything, I'm such a loser."

"What happened?!" Hopper yelled racing down the street in his pick up

"I don't know! one minute he's fine, the next minute he's throwing up some weird crap, then out of nowhere he passes out!" Lucas answered from the bed of the truck where the three of them accompanied Will

Eleven slowly nodded her head "Littles"

"What the?" replied Dustin gripping tightly to the truck as it bumped up and down

Hopper eyed the girl from his rear view mirror "Eleven in order to help Will you have to tell us everything you know, okay.."

She nodded again. "The littles want out"

Lucas furrowed his brow "What the heck are littles?"

Suddenly Hopper understood "Babies!.. Oh no that thing laid babies!"

"What thing? The demogorgon? But I thought El killed it?!"

The truck suddenly came to a halt in front of Hopper's place. He rushed to the back of his truck and picked up Will in his arms.

Dustin spoke again "Hop, but the Demogorgon is dead right?, RIGHT?'

As they ran into his house Hopper paced back and forth lighting a cigarette "Not before it could do some serious damage"

"What do you mean?" Lucas questioned

"When Joyce and I went to go rescue Will, we saw something attached to his mouth making it's way inside him. We quickly took it out of him and we thought everything was okay, but apparently that's not the case."

Lucas grew disgusted "So the demogorgon was actually a she and laid eggs in him?"

Hopper puffed a cloud of smoke, frantically pacing "El what do we do?"

Mike stared blankly at his ceiling lost in a sea of thoughts

"Maybe I should call her"

He shook his head "Wait.. no, no, that's too pushy"

"Hmm.. maybe I should apologize to her?"

"I don't even know what I'd be apologizing for though?"

"Sorry that I'm a complete idiot and just assumed that you liked me back"

He slapped his palm to his forehead "Ugh.. what was I thinking"

He tossed back and forth in his bed doing his best to decode her actions

"Hold on, did she even get home safely? I know she doesn't know the town very well yet"

"No, I shouldn't have let her leave alone at night"

"Okay okay.. calm down, she's probably fine"

"Like she has super mind powers and stuff, she can take care of herself"

He looked over at his alarm clock, it read 10pm

"But... I'll just go quickly check just in case"