Underground in the Fae Realm:

"I can feel it. Things will soon come to a head and when they do we must strike first and fast otherwise all our planning over these last ten centuries will be for not. Are you ready?" The red robed woman said, her voice echoing throughout the massive underground cavern.

"We are ready!" Came the resounding cry of thousands of voices in reply.

The red-robed woman lifted up her spear, "We will own this world and the next! For the Blooded!" She shouted.

"For the blooded!" Thousands of voices echoed the sound of their cheers causing dirt to fall from the cavern ceiling as it shook.

Meanwhile in Phoenix, Arizona:

"Honey, you know you don't have to go. Phil and I don't mind the two of you traveling with us." Renee said as she watched Bella pack her suitcases.

"I know mom but Gemma and I both agreed that this was something we wanted to do. Besides we both bought the tickets and Gemma promised me that we would go to Hawaii over summer break since it's a short flight from Forks." Bella replied sending her mom a smile.

"Well I know I can't win against Hawaii. Just promise me to be careful you know Gemma's always quick to get into trouble and she usually pulls you along with her." Renee cautioned causing Bella to chuckle at the accurate description of her twin sister.

"She always gets us out of it too though. Don't worry so much mom, we'll be fine. Besides you have to remember that Charlie is the Sheriff in Forks, so Gemma won't be able to get into too much trouble." Bella replied.

At the same time in a club in Tokyo, Japan:

Gemma glanced around the club feeling a bit bored as she sat at the bar ordering another drink with her fake ID.

"You look like you're having fun." A husky male voice said from over the bar causing Gemma to look up from her watch. Looking over the handsome bartender who was definitely checking her out Gemma felt a smile grace her lips,

"I'm starting to."

The bartender smirked at Gemma as he handed her the drink she had ordered, "My shifts over in ten minutes if you want, I can show you around tonight."

Gemma took a sip of her drink acting like she was thinking his offer over before smirking at him, "I'll take you up on that."